Tashkova II

Tashkova II pos., archaeological. memory. Coorg. region., Kargapolsky district. T. is located on Ave. Bank. Iset, 1 km from the village. Tashkova on the road with. Ust-Miasskoe. Occupied a lofty platform upland terraces, on a swarm were noticeable depressions 12 oval and round shape. Pos. openly and Inst. V.T.Kovalevoy. Pl. memory. approx. 1000 square meters. m. DOS. h. storage. single layer. In the north-west. h. storage. below the settlement layer overlying light-colored lenses Mesolithic (Mesolithic) layer microplates, plentiful. flakes, karandashevidnymi cores. Mesolithic layer in a separate Read more [...]
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Tatyanichevoy Lyudmila K.

Tatyanichevoy Lyudmila K. (06 (19) .12.1915, Ardatov 08.04.1980, Moscow), a poetess. Rod. in the family of the employee. Orphaned early. Was brought up by relatives in Sverdl. She began her career in 1932 as a turner. Studied at Sverdl. those in-ferrous metals. First appeared in print in 1934 with the verses in the journal. Sturm. She worked as an employee of the newspaper Magnitogorsk Worker (1934-44), dir. Chelyaba. Proc. publishing house (1944-53). In 1965-75 secretary. of the joint Russian. Author of more than 20 Sb. poems, among them Fidelity (1944), Lyric (1955), Sinegorye (1958), Malachite Read more [...]
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Tatischev Vasily Nikititch

Tatischev Vasily Nikititch (4/29/1686, from Pskov. 27.07. 1750, p. Boldin near Moscow), in Russian. State. , scientist. Rod. family mosk. the landed gentry. Graduated from Moscow. engineering and artillery school. Hands. breech the mining ind. W. and Siberia in 1720-1722 and 1734-1739. Creator obscheur. gornozavodskogo management (Siberian mining authorities). Under the arms. T. a lot of work to streamline mining laws: compiled mountain and s-dskoy statutes mandate shihtmeysteru (1735), for the Office of the Chief States. z-ing of the Board (1737). Promoted the active s-dskomu pages., Improving Read more [...]
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TAT-Boyarsky BURIAL archaeological. memory., Kirov region., Kilmezsky district. Located 100 m to the north-west from sowing. outskirt. Tat-Bojary on short hilly radical terraces etc.. Shore p. Lintel, etc.. Tributary. Kil'mez lion. tributary of the river. Vyatka. Limited to the south-east small Logue. Studied R.D.Goldinoy and N.A.Leschinskoy. T-BM compactor, contains complexes VI-VIII centuries. BC, refers to the first stage of development emanaevskoy culture. Inst. 54 and 1 burial pit. Graves expressed form 5 rows extending through the north-east of Southwest Burial committed subrectangular pits Read more [...]
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Tataurov Nikolai

Tataurov Nikolai (09 (21) 11.1877, ECAT. 13.04.1959, Sverdlov.) Stonecutter. Rod.v family servant. Graduated from high school literacy classes drawing, sculpture and carvings on the stones (1897). Worked for ECAT. Lapidary f-ke, participated in the creation of the tabernacle for the temples on the item. Sampling (1893), and the Resurrection of Christ in St. Petersburg (1907), a map of France (1898-1900, the Grand Prix of the Interna-. Exhibition in Paris), stars of the Kremlin towers and the coats of arms of the Union Republic. for Intern. Exhibition in New York (1935), maps of industrialization Read more [...]
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TATARS ethnonym learned only in the late XIX early. XX century. It is formed by the classical model of Turkic tat ~ ~ yat dates opponent, er ~ al people Tatars strangers. More BC it was borrowed by the Chinese, and all of them stood for sowing. neighbors. This ethnonym spread in Europe during the Tatar-Mongol expansion. In Zap. Europe, it refers to all the eastern. nations. In the XVI-XVII centuries. rus. all of its eastern. neighbors also called T. Later ethnonym Tatars was fixed for the Turkic-Muslim. But in the process of nation building more. Turkic peoples abandoned ethnonym Tatars (eg., Read more [...]
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Tatar folklore

Tatar folklore has a well-developed system of traditional genres: the heroic epic (epics, Bait, historical songs), folk tales and jokes (kiyatl p x m m s cl p), legends (legend-lar, rivayatll p HJK yawl p x m th l kl p), riddles (tabyshmaklar), proverbs (m x m p kal ytemn p) songs: short, story, ritual and play, sort of dance (Kiska zhyrlar, syuzhetly zhyrlar, Yola x m = Whan bey zhyrlary) . Here first of all the calendar ritual poetry. So, br. Math. are nardugan zhyrlary. In the days of going to gatherings nardugan (utyrma), held revels and masked faces, made of divination on the rings (yezek Read more [...]
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TATARKIN Alexander

TATARKIN Alexander (11.3.1946, p. Chesmensky Port Arthur district, Chelyabinsk region.), Economist, Corr. Russian Academy of Sciences (1997), Dr. Economy. n. (1987), prof. (1990), Honored. Worker. of Science (1996). In 1972 he graduated. Sverdl. Law Institute, in a rum has gone from a graduate student to the head. the Chair, Dean of the Faculty. Since 1987 he works at the Institute of Economics of UB RAS deputy. cond. Science, 1991 Dir. T. specialist in the regional economy and the optimal functioning of territorial entities of different levels, according to the socio-economic impact of the reforms Read more [...]
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Tastuba. Where they filmed Eternal Call

This led me to the fact that there were filming the first series of never-ending movie cry. It is necessary to see that this fact is given great importance here and everyone knows it. And the main mover of the whole process the head of administration, Svetlana Serebrenikova. What a welcome we had, with whom not only to meet you! Once again, convinced that in the province not only thumps, and a lot of exciting, passionate people!  By the way, Tastube ordinary people and that's all that intoxicated cattle to be seen. Well, in general the village completely normal for a live snapshot. A first Read more [...]
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I TARTYSHEVO archaeological. memory., burial mound. Resp. Bash., Birskiy district, eastern. outskirts. Tartyshevo. Open and Inst. K.V.Salnikovym. Opened two mound of six. In the mound I were two burial mound II in one. Individual burial in earth pits (in the grave mound II traced the remains of wooden logs and longitudinal recuperator) committed by the method of inhumation crouched on pr. Side of his head to the east, or VA-VA-Yu Each burial was accompanied by a vessel, worth approx. skull. Apart from these, in the burial mound 2 I found a loop-shaped bent copper wire, and in the southern. floor. Read more [...]
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Tarasovskaya settlements and GRAVEYARD

Tarasovskaya settlements and GRAVEYARD archaeological. memory. UDM. Rep. Sarapulsky rn, p. Tarasava Ave. Bank of the river. Kama. Boneyard beskurganny open N.L.Reshetni kov. Inst. R.D.Goldinoy. Around the cemetery discovered more than 10 Villages Ananyinsky pjanoborskoj-time (Ananyinsky Culture pjanoborskoj culture (community)), the repository is located on selishte IV-III centuries. BC, dates back to the II-VI centuries. BC Memory. located 1 km to the south-east on p. Tarasava on relatively flat promontory indigenous bank. Kama. Studied 1,780 graves. Slots burial cult. Villages layer, is powerful. Read more [...]
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Tarabukin (Taryn) Stepan Kuzmich

Tarabukin (Taryn) Stepan Kuzmich (1878, Zhidilovskaya par. Kozlowski at. Tambov. Lip.?) Participation. roar. movement, pers. Socialist-Revolutionary Party from 1903 Conducted roar. work in the Tambov Province., Smolensk and Voronezh years. roar. 1905-07, and in 1909 to W., in ECAT. 1912 arrest and deportation to Orenbah. Province. again in 1913-15 led roar. work in ECAT. In 1915 he was exiled to Tobolsk Province., Where conscripted. Feb. roar. met in Tyumen, where he worked in consumer's on-ve bee (pers., and secretary. reign). He took an active part in org-tion of the Executive Committee and Read more [...]
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Tanya Alexander P.

Tanya Alexander P. (13 (25) .04.1898, Moscow 23.11. 1974, Moscow), historian, Dr. ist.nauk (1927), prof. (1928) Ur. Siberian communist Univ. Of the family servant. Graduated from the Institute of Red Professors (1924). From 1925 he worked in universities Sverdl., Istpart and istprofe. The author of works on the history of the slave. movements and civil. War on W. In 1937 he was arrested. From 1956 to work in Moscow. Awarded hordes. Lenin. Vol .: Ural workers before and during the imperialist war // working class Urals during the war and the revolution in the documents and materials. Sverdlovsk, Read more [...]
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Panzer division commander ram Puganova

armored forces - 85 (Starting in the room "TP" for September 28)We continue our series of articles about our fellow countrymen-tankers took part in the fighting in time of the liberation campaign in Western Ukraine and Belarus, in the winter campaign against Finland, as well as in the war with Germany. Michael Philippovich Bolsunovsky in 1940 graduated from the Kharkov Tank-Automotive School and was sent to serve in Stanislav (now Ivano-Frankivsk), which was based 15th Panzer Division, which was commanded by Colonel VI Polozkov. The tanks were old samples, the average T-28 and BT-7 Read more [...]
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Armored columns

Armored columns military units equipped with the means of the working people, one of the forms vsenar. French assistance. in the cities. WWII. The initiators of the movement became a slave. Chelyaba. abrasive h-huh. They suggested the fall of 1941 in Chelyaba. region. beg. fundraising for TK im. Chelyaba. Komsomol. Total for this purpose has received 11.5 million rubles. On the money collected slave. Kirov s da after hours manufactured KV tanks. Established column was equipped with the best Representat. Youth, defended Stalingrad, fought on the Kursk Bulge and ended its combat history in Sofia. Read more [...]
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Dance at the turn of the century

    November 2, 2001 at the Palais des metallurgists was jubilee "Kaleidoscope" group, which, as I seems to know everything in the city. 25 years old by the standards of a significant period of amateur creativity. Ensemble "Kaleidoscope" and its permanent leaders have become the wife Krasnikova Tagil legend. Like all talented teachers, they are exceptional people. Mark Jury Krasnikova, the 50th anniversary of which is celebrated all recently. Do you know many people who do not learning in music schools, self- mastered to play the accordion, piano, trumpet, guitar Read more [...]
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Tamala s. Usolsky in the district of Perm. region. Located on Ave. Shore of the Kama river 35 km from Usolye. First mentioned in 1647 In 1726-74 worked here Stroganov Copper zd, according to official figures stopped for depletion of ores, and according to legend burnt neg. Pugachev. Until the XIX century. s. called Chieftain. There was a legend that in the XVII-XVIII centuries. is hosted bandit gang, which had its own mill (Acute mane) 1 km to the. Us. 0.2 thousand. Pers. (01/01/1996). Lit .: History of the Urals from ancient times until 1861 Moscow, 1989. Author: Nikolaev SFRead more [...]
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There, behind a birch grove

Read more [...]
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Where he was born Nikita Demidov

On the banks of Chusovoi still visible remnants of old factories belonging once Demidov and Stroganov. By Chusovoi held only commercial route linking Europe and Asia. All the products of mining plants floated on the river. Today you can find many interesting places, such as the village of Kin patrimony Stroganov mine owners, and six miles from the village Permiakov stands on the right bank of the river is beautiful, more than sixty feet in height, stone writing. It got its name from the inscription, which made it twenty meters above the water level. Over time, the inscription eroded, so that Read more [...]
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TALITSKY PARKING (OSTROVSKAYA) archaeological. memory. Upper Paleolithic. Perm. region., Verhnegorodsky district. Located near the villages of the Island and Glyadenovo on Ave. Bank. Chusovoi. Parking is open in 1938, in 1939 the first Inst. M.V.Talitskim on the Square. 24 m. m. V.I.Gromova In 1942 expedition excavated approx. 40 m. m (archaeologists MPGryaznov and A.A.Iessen), and in 1945-48 and 1950-52 approx. 500 m. m expedition Bader. Cult. layer is powerful. from 7 to 20 cm, occur in the floodplain alluvium II floodplain terraces found on the square. approx. 300 m. m. structure cult. layer Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).