Sredneural'sk founded in 1931. The city is located 15 km north of Yekaterinburg and 5 km from the B-Pishma, on the shore of Lake Iset, on the eastern slope of the Middle Urals.Timezone: MSK + 2 (UTC + 5, summer UTC + 6)Coordinates: 56°59&# 8242; s. sh. 60°28&# 8242; in. h.Elevation: 252-278 m The city's population is about 20 thousand people. Sredneural'sk young city, but despite this has been no small story. To begin with, the city got its name.Ask people on the street about the regional center Sredneural'sk nine out of ten divorced hands in bewilderment. Ask about SUGGES and then Read more [...]
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Sredneuralskaya tion of p-subordination Sverdl. region., located 24 km north of the ECAT., on the shore of Lake Isetsky. The first settlement. originated at p. Sredneuralskaya power (SUGRES), which reached the design is powerful. (150 thousand. KW) in 1939 in the cities. War in the village. was built fur. zd. In Feb. S. 1966 was granted the status of Basic. S. enterprises are SUGRES and sd metal. In the city of work and sausage ptitsef-ki, s-dy concrete products and wine, Ur. College of Metrology and Standardization, DC, Movies, sick. town. Us. 18.5 thousand. Pers. (01/01/1996). Lit .: Animitsa Read more [...]
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Among the names of talented Ural masters hydrotechnicians

Among the names of talented  Ural masters hydrotechnicians – D. Bojarski, VP Vojvodina, PE Volkova, LS Zlobina and many other – not least is the name of Clement Roerich Ushkova. He was born in 1782 in the family of a serf Nizhny Tagil plant Konstantin Ivanovich Ushkova, zealous supporter of the Old Believers. K. Clement knew that his ancestors had long lived in the village Syrovoy Podolsky district in the birthplace of the Danilov Monastery near Moscow. His grandfather then bore the name of the state and was Ushenkova peasant. In the 1740s, at a time of increased repression applied Read more [...]
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Sputnik- 2010: The flight until normal

     The current season for the fans in Nizhny Tagil "Satellite" turned tense. Back in the early spring there was talk that the general sponsor of the club – UralVagonZavod – may refuse to finance their offspring, and the team itself will continue performances only in the first division.     Fans ice team railcar fingered then options for the further fate of the team until the end of spring, finally came clear. The club management has announced that in the coming season 2010/11 "Satellite", As before, to play in the big leagues Read more [...]
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SPUNDE Alexander P.

SPUNDE Alexander P. (7 (19) .05.1892, g.Tsesis, Latvia -19.09.1962, Moscow), Sov., Desks. and households. figure, pers. RSDLP since 1909 Rod. family servant. He graduated from the auction. school in Riga (1907). Worked as a clerk at the railway. d., office. optical z-yes. For participation in the roar. Traffic was repeatedly arrested. In 1913, exiled to the Yenisei province. After the February. roar. prev. Perm. Municipal Committee, pers. Perm. Provincial Committee and Ur. Regional Committee of the RSDLP (B). Delegate and member of. Bureau of the Bolshevik faction of the 2nd All-Russia. Congress Read more [...]
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Would ask the old-timers

view Become a routine and widespread areas of the ancient name, which is divided our city. In particular, we will focus on high. I am convinced that the vast majority of citizens - of those who settled in Tagil during the war and later - do not represent that of the district Viya as Historically he did not know his boundaries and therefore called Vyey streets that do not have any relation to it . Especially impressed me with its incompetence Article V. Rubtsov, published in a room for November 19 of last year's newspaper "Vysokogorsky miner." I quote: "Perhaps only the old-timers remember Read more [...]
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Sports reporter

    In any weather, winter and summer, he was there, where he was sports. Favorite camera Vladimir Stepanovich Terentev shot sailing regattas, competitions kayakers, relay race on prizes newspapers "Taghilsky working" and "Metallurg", "Taghilsky snowflake", marathon hikes in five mountain peaks, football and hockey fights, motocross and competition glider.     His home phone number is not hushed. Always in need of his pictures. It is at Terentyeva were those shots that did not take off no other. He was a sports reporter. Read more [...]
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Sports complex clapboard: how it was

     In the early 70-ies of the need to have at the plant modern sports facilities systematically discussed the plant community. In particular, I wanted to the first time, to build at least a court-playground with artificial ice. The plant at the time was a good hockey team, for training had to rent an artificial ice in the other cities. On the factory stadium was open hockey court with wooden bleachers for games in the winter. Attempts have been made in the 1970-1971 period. to build on the basis of this court artificial ice: sketch study performed chief engineer Uksa KS Kanev. Read more [...]
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Spore length in 90 years

    The museum of history read the book aloud. Author - To prove their view tagilchane - to argue with him. Became the subject of heated debate military-historical essay by Alexander Kruchinina "Battle for Tagil in 1918"     Alexander - Chairman of Yekaterinburg Military History Club "Mountain Shield". Established 20 years ago, the organization brings together people keen military regional studies, seeking not only to learn more information and "penetrate into the psychology of a soldier".     The club has several sections Read more [...]
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Alloy traditions and modern technologies

     Annals of Nizhny Tagil is inextricably linked with the history of Vysokogorskogo mining and processing plant. In 1720, by decree of the Berg-board reaffirmed the right of Nikita Demidov to build a plant in Magnetic Mountain, which later became the name of the high wear. In 1721 started the development Vysokogorskogo field. And already in 1722 on Vyisky plant produced the first iron. This event was considered to be the founding date of Nizhny Tagil. Mining in the Urals     Mining industry in the Urals support, bringing fame and fortune throughout the region Read more [...]
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Banishment of Saul

It all started with the fact that at the end of the 20s constantly thwarted plans for the supply of wood. Village at the Ufa plateau was deaf. continuous run wild taiga. Wali Wali yes forest. Here are just a hand job is not enough. And then it was decided to bring in the labor force of the dispossessed and the repressed. So there in the midst of endless taiga Ufa plateau huge amount of settlements. Beautiful meadow, October, Kulvaryash, Saul. Next to Saul was founded in the forest and settlement Alikudrya, named also by the river Alikudrinke. People here were driven from the western regions of Read more [...]
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SPERANSKY Mikhail (01/01/1772, s.Cherkutino now Vladimir region. 11.02.1839, St. Petersburg.), In Russian. State. activist, reformer. Born into a family priest Michael Tretyakov. Speranskii the surname was recorded in 1782 for admission into Vladimir's Seminary (from the Latin word speranta hope). As the best student was transferred to St. Petersburg., The Alexander Nevsky Seminary, to-Rui graduated in 1791 became prefect of the seminary, he taught. Since 1797 in the state. service. In 1800 received the hereditary nobility. In 1803-07 cond. Department min. ext. Affairs. Since 1807, State secretary. Read more [...]
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The performance was repeated four pm

     Museum complex Uralvagonzavod stored documents, pictures and memories on the activities of the actors in Nizhny Tagil world famous Theatre Lensoviet.     Since 1941, our city has become the largest forge weapons for fighting army. Tens of thousands of evacuees Urals and western parts of the country to work at the Ural tank plant №183, stoically enduring wartime difficulties. Familiarity with the work of the Urals Leningrad New Theatre, received in the postwar years, the name of the Leningrad City Council, has begun the grim years of the Great Patriotic Read more [...]
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Performance against the background of the painting placed the museum staff reserve

This canvas more than fifty years. Unfortunately, the exact date of writing it one of the dynasty of artists and painters Hudoyarovyh unknown. Right bank of the Tagil, stretching along the banks of the pond. In the center of irregular rectangle sprawled ironworks gentlemen Demidovs. In Soviet times, the plant named after Kuibyshev, later a division of metallurgical plant. Far away from the factory buildings gleaming white office current museum-reserve. Right on the hill n-type hospital, which today survives second century Clinic Hospital. To the left of the plant manor house. Preserved, despite Read more [...]
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SPASSKY Sergey (25.08 (07.09), 1910, p. Andreev, St. Andrew's district of Smolensk region. 25.05.1979, Sverdlov.), Chemist, Dr. of Science in Chemistry (1962), prof. (1963). Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from the UPI (1934), where he worked until 1941 1941-47 on desks. work. From 1947 to Ur. branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences (1961-1971 before. Preez. UFAN), then worked at the Institute of Chemistry. Head of Scientific. directions on the synthesis and reactivity of unsaturated organic and organometallic oligomers by 105 scientific. papers, has 14 patents. Awarded hordes. Read more [...]
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SPASSKY Alexander

SPASSKY Alexander (1872, in Okhansk., Perm. Lip.?) Societies. figure. Rod. the family priest. He graduated from the spiritual uch-School and honey. faculty of Kazan University (1899). He worked as a country doctor in Serebryanskoye s de, then Sanitarian in ECAT. y. zemstvo. In 1904-05, as part of health neg. participated in the Russo-Japanese War. Upon returning participated in societies. movement. Joined the ECAT. org-tion cadets elected before. ECAT. region. com-ta. In addition, S. headed Received gas. Ural Region (later the voice of the Urals and Trans-Ural region). For publishing watered. Read more [...]
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Thanks to everyone who worked

     Celebrations of the 60th anniversary of the Nizhny Tagil Museum Fine Arts, lasted two days. On Thursday, the long-awaited opening of the hall "Tagil Madonna"And on Friday, everyone could get acquainted with the exhibition of Russian art of the first half of the XX century and take part in the festival dedicated celebrant.     "Tagilskaya Madonna" museum visitors was the Day of Protection, which, of course, can not be a coincidence. And the story of the museum director Marina Aheeva about the fate of the famous painting by Raphael Sanzio Read more [...]
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Rescuers Tatarstan prepare to meet the spring flood

On the territory of the Republic of Tatarstan Tukaevsky district and the town of Naberezhnye Chelny occur nine large rivers. This Kama Melekeska, Chelninka, Shilna, Zycha, Avlash, Urguda, Egon, Tigraush. Through these 61 rivers built the bridge, but prone to flooding and low-positioned not. Ice jams on the rivers of the area are not expected. Local rescuers note that during the vernal floods on the ground Tukaevsky urban area and the town of Naberezhnye Chelny is no threat of flooding and waterlogging in institutions, socially significant, potentially dangerous objects, objects of economy and trade. Read more [...]
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Union of Cinematographers RUSSIAN FEDERATION, Ural Division

Union of Cinematographers RUSSIAN FEDERATION, URAL BRANCH voluntary societies. org-tion that combines art film makers who are actively involved in the development of the national film industry. Ural Branch of the RF IC (original titles. Sverdl. Dep. 'Union) was established on May 19th 1958, general management with a board, Ural Branch of the RF IC and its secretariat. The first secretary. CO 'Union A.A.Litvinov. 1967-94, Ural Branch of the Russian Federation headed by SK Ya.L.Lapshin, 1994 V.I.Makeranets. Ural Branch of the UK (as of 01/01/1998) has 162 friends. Author: Kirillova NBRead more [...]
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Socio-ethnic processes, life and spiritual culture of the population

The growth of productive forces, reflected in the development of industry, the transition to producing forms of economy, contributed to further development of the tribal system. The economic basis of society was common ownership of land, other means of production were both collective and individually owned. Type of primary socio-economic unit more or less dictated by the need for joint work. With the transition to a durable residence in the Eneolithic and the predominant role of appropriating economy maternal tribal community has not lost its production function. The social significance of women Read more [...]
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