Socio-economic development of the Urals in the XVII century.

With XVII in., on Lenin's definition, a new period of Russian history, which «characterized by an actual merging of all regions, lands and principalities into one whole. Merge this was caused by the growth of exchange between regions gradually pa­stuschim commodity circulation and the concentration of the small local markets into a single All-Russian market» While in the depths of feudal relations were born the first stirrings of capitalist relations, hard to fight their way in the context of strengthening and further development of serfdom. These processes have evolved differently Read more [...]
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Socio-economic situation of the city in 2003

     In the personal property of citizens passed 3825 premises with total area 196.3 thousand m2. Of these, 97.2% are apartments, 2.8% of rooms in communal apartments. The average area of ​​a privatized apartment was 51, 8m2, room 34.3 m2. The average cost of one of the privatized apartments developed in the amount of 122.0 thousand rubles, one room of 57.3 thousand. Rubles.     Since the beginning of privatization in the personal property of citizens passed 90.8 thousand. Apartments, or 58.7% of the number of apartments socialized Fund (without HCC). PRIVATIZATION Read more [...]
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Socio-economic situation of the city for the 1st half of 1996

     For the first half 1996 the volume of industrial output in current prices increased compared to the same period last year by 52.8% at constant prices by 2.9%. Volume index was 96.3%.     The decline in production is not observed at all enterprises of the city. Thus, the two leading enterprise sectors of the economy the steel and chemical industries ended the first half with positive growth rates. Workers in the chemical industry generated growth of 20.9%, industry by 9.1%. In other sectors continue to decline in industrial production, but the extent of its Read more [...]
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Socialist-Revolutionary (Socialist-Revolutionary Party, the Socialist-Revolutionaries)

Socialist-Revolutionary (Socialist-Revolutionary Party, the Socialist-Revolutionaries) largest watered. Party soc. orientation of Russia in 1901-18. The launch of the Socialist-Revolutionaries W. refers to the turn of XIX-XX centuries. In 1901, he formed Ural Union of Social Democrats and the Socialist-Revolutionaries, to-ing there until 1903 and led mainly educational activities. Since 1902 org-AI AKP acted Kungur, Belebey, Alapayevsk and Lower Serginskom z-dah, 1903 in Vyatka and Sloboda. The total number of org-s existing at U. of 1902-1916, there were an estimated I.V.Narskogo, 256 More than Read more [...]
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Socialist competition

Socialist competition a form of ideological and watered. education, means of labor mobilization us. to perform Mfr. plans. In the early years. owls. SS authorities took the form of shock work on communist Saturday. Max. sweep it received during the period of industrialization. U. first shock brigades of young people appeared in 1927 To December. In 1929 there were 3582 shock brigades, uniting approx. 100 thousand. Pers. Any such forms of SS, as societies. lift, shift-counter-planning, self-supporting teams and others. In 1935 extended the Stakhanovite movement. W. became the first Stakhanovite Read more [...]
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Keeping a rose

The project "Taghilsky tray beginning of the XXI century" Meeting friends and like-minded people for a unique radeyuschie Tagil podnosny fishing, so it was possible to characterize the situation the grand opening of the exhibition "Keeping the rose" in Nizhny Tagil Museum of Fine Arts, devoted to the 265 anniversary of the Ural lacquer painting. This is the second exhibition of the "tray Taghilsky start XXI Century ". Recent years have shown that flower painting lost its leading position in podnosnom fishery, which it occupied in the last quarter of the twentieth century, replaced Read more [...]
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State of the ice cover on lakes and rivers of the Kostroma region

On the Volga River near the village and in the town of reddish Volgorechensk under the bridge appeared ravine, where ice cover is absent. The average thickness of the ice on the river Volga to 45 cm On Kostroma spill ice thickness up to 50 cm, it is gullies in the South and the North Channel about Kastinskih gate. On the river Kostroma ice thickness from 40 to 50 cm. Nemda on the river near the town and village AN kady Berezovets ice thickness from 40 to 50 cm on the ice formed nasluda. On the lakes Galichsky Chukhloma ice thickness from 40 to 50 cm. On the river near the village of Vetluga Podoliha, Read more [...]
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State of the ice cover on rivers and reservoirs Russia

At the moment, on the rivers and reservoirs of the Russian Federation persists winter mode. On the rivers Volga, Kama, the Urals in the waters of their basins, rivers and reservoirs ice thickness varies from 24 to 80 cm. In the upper Dnieper and its tributaries to the rivers Desna, Sog, Sudost, Saeima, Tuskar ice has a thickness of 15-41 cm. River north and north-west European part of Russia, Karelia, Kola Peninsula have ice cover width 30-75 cm. In the upper reaches Don, its tributaries Voronezh, Pine, Crow, Hopper, Bear on Tsimlyansk reservoir thickness of ice 15-41 cm. In the basins Obi Read more [...]
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PINE ISLAND, parking, SOSNOVOOSTROVSKY TYPE OF MONUMENTS archaeological. memory. Tyumen region., Nizhnetavdinskoye district, Lake. Small Tharman, 3 km to the south-west from the village. Yamin. Occupies the north-western. h. Pine Island sand dune rises to 2 m above the swampy h. Pam. Inst. V.D.Viktorovoy. On the sodded surface memory. clearly visible 7 housing depressions. Excavations at sowing. depression revealed that the island was settled three times. Development of the island began in the Neolithic era. From this time, a fragment of the home in the form of wide. (3.5 m) length of 5.6 m of Read more [...]
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SOSNOVSKIY Lev Semenovich

SOSNOVSKIY Lev Semenovich (1886, Orenbah., 1937, Moscow), Sov. desks. and state. activist and journalist. He studied at the school. In 1904 he joined the RSDLP. Active participation. roar. movement in ECAT., Zlatoust, Samara, Odessa, St. Petersburg. Worked in the trade unions and the Social-Democrats. editions, including a gas. True. In the autumn of 1913 was arrested and sent into exile in Chelyaba. Feb. roar. S. caught in Satka s de. In April. 1917 elected member. Uralobkoma RSDLP (b), in August. -pred. Lv. region. Council office. and Soldiers. dep., Ur. region. Council of Trade Unions, in October. Read more [...]
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Sorochinsko of p-tion n. Orenbah. region. Located on the eastern. spurs Common Syrt 170 km northwest from Orenbah. Regular. in 1736 as a fortress. In the years. Cross. 1773-75 war, she was burned Pugachev. Since 1876, S. is w / d art. line Orenb.- Samara. In the years. CET. War there were fights between supporters of the white and red movements. In the 30th C. in developed prom. processing with / x products. Myasokomb built-t. In 1945 received the status of S. In the 70s in the district early. active development of oil fields, oil production was established management Sorochinskneft. Us. 17.9 Read more [...]
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SOROKIN Lev Leonidovich

SOROKIN Lev Leonidovich (07.06. 1928 Miass Chelyaba. Region. -17.05. 1991 ECAT.), Poet, Honored. Worker of Culture of the RSFSR (1975). Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from the Lit. Inst the Gorky (1956). First poems published in the journal. Change in 1948, the first book of a great life published in Sverdl. (1952). 1965-86 executive secretary., Before. Sverdl reign. writers' org-tion, 1975-88 secretary. the board of the RSFSR. Author of more than 30 poetry Sb. Published in the journal. Our contemporary, Star, Neva, Young Guard, the Urals. With much love writing about William, Read more [...]
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FORTY Ivan Borisov

FORTY Ivan Borisov (Up to 1674, after 1729), architect. Of the cross. Proc. Sobakina (with. Yaroslavl in Red.). In 1699 came to a part of the farm Verkhoturye masons Timothy Gusev. Participated in the page. Nicholas Cathedral and courtyard seating in Verkhoturye, Annunciation Church in Tyumen, Dalmatova Mon. Of the buildings C. preserved buildings Dalmatova Mon. and barns in Verkhoturye Kremlin. Made a significant contribution to the establishment of U. Russian traditions. architecture and ideas mosk. architecture. Lit .: Macarius. Description Verkhoturye. St. Petersburg., 1854; Plotnikov, GS Read more [...]
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Soppotivlenie kpestyan-spetspepeselentsev and methods of struggle with them Soviet power

     In the mass public consciousness today coexist napyadu with many porphyry intrusions, two myths regarding the relationship napoda and power in the Soviet period there. Pe.pvyy, konsepvativno-communist, based on the presence of a plurality vpagov from Soviet rule since its genesis to the last days ppavleniya. This myth is a confirmation of hundreds of thousands of criminal and political cases, the institution in the 1930s on "specialists", "Fists", "The rules and left dodgers" in paptii and everyone else, branded "vpagami napoda". Read more [...]
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Sol-Iletsk of p-tion n. in Orenbah. region. Located on Ave. Shore r.Ilek (lion. Ural River tributary) 77 km to the south of Orenbah. Regular. in 1754 in the district of rich salt deposit centurion Orenbah. Cossack troops A.Uglitskim. From 1828, in St. I. rule was the salt pans. Since 1862 the fishery referred Ufim.-Orenbah. Excise with the statement in St. I. excise env. Since 1831, the fishery was in charge of Ch. Managing state. assets of Ufim. and Orenbah. lips. Initially, salt production was carried out openly. First mines were commissioned only in the 20s of the XIX century. In XVIII-XIX Read more [...]
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Solovyov, Pavel

Solovyov, Pavel (13 (26) .06.1917, s.Alekino Kineshma y. Ivanovo region. 10.13.1996, Perm), Energy, Corr. Russian Academy of Sciences (1981), Dr. Sci. Sciences (1967), prof. (1961). Hon. Worker. Scientist of the RSFSR (1973). Rod. family cross. He graduated from the Rybinsk Aviation Institute (1940). From 1940 he worked in Perm. Experimental Design Bureau Motors (1990 AO Aircraft Engine), 1953-88 Ch. gene. constructor. Under the arms. S. has developed new technologies and create new patterns of piston aircraft engines, dual-circuit vozdushnoreaktivnyh engines. Hero of Socialist Labour. Labour Read more [...]
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Sunny August in December

     It is time to recall the items of handicrafts: fancy caskets trays, jewelry and masonry products. Today my guest was the Faith Polevoy, a member of the Union of Artists of Russia, the master lacquer painting on metal.     As a child, Faith all the time to draw, but in the village Petrokamenskom, where she lived, there was no art school, so the drawing would have remained fad, if one has not read a newspaper ad for a set of the group of artists painting on trays. After high school, Vera went to Nizhny Tagil enter the School of Applied Arts. Seeing the work Read more [...]
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SOLIKAMSK LOCAL MUSICHER Regular. in 1929, is located in the former. house of governors, Church of the Epiphany, Holy Trinity Cathedral and the cathedral tower (memory. early architecture of the XVII. XX c.). In M. working fin. nature Dosov. history, history of owls. of the Society, Old Russian. Art Society, Arts. The funds of M. There are communication. 80 thousand. Units. xp, incl. collection of glazed tiles for stoves manufactured in the Stroganov workshops XVII-XVIII centuries., furniture of the XIX century., in Russian. samovars, copper ware, porcelain, paintings, manuscripts and early printed Read more [...]
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SOLIKAMSK (Usolye Kama)

SOLIKAMSK (Usolye Kama) of p-tion n. Perm. region. Located on the river. Usolka (lion. Tributary. Kama) 368 km to the north of Perm. First upominanenie C. in local chronicles in 1430 and due to the DOS. tradespeople people Kalinnikova salt pans on r.Usolke. In the XVI century. by C. took the direct route to Siberia, which significantly strengthened the Social-economic and polit. position S. was adm. c. Great Perm, founded. c. Prikamye salt production, assembly of transport routes, c. crafts and trade. By the end of XVII-beginning. XVIII centuries. due to the depletion of salt deposits, transfer Read more [...]
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Soldiers’ Committee

Soldiers' Committee the same type of elected councils org-tion, resulting in Russian. arm. during the roar. 1905-1907 and recreated after the fall of tsarism. W. their education early. in March 1917, especially after the appearance of the order number 1 in the Petrograd garrison, Soldiers legalized. someone you. Command, as well as the neck-rye tips, including Perm. env., tried to limit their impact on the democratization of the arm., but to no avail. In the first floor. March SK emerged in Vyatka, ECAT., Perm., Ufa, Chelyaba., and then the other. garrisons. Total in 1917 in the garrisons W. was Read more [...]
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