Rock Kuzganak

Kuzganak is in the middle of the river Zilim, 17 km upstream from the village Tolparovo. Usually by Kuzganaka tested during the rafting on Zilim. But we can and threw up on the village Tolparovo, which can be reached by car. Track Ufa-Sterlitamak. Turn in the village on the village Tolbazy Krasnousolsk. And from there 60 km along the earth road passes through the village Tolparovo. Tolparovo Bashkir real outback. Electricity here spent just only 10 years ago. Real quality Bashkir honey. The elderly, poorly understand the Russian language. Wilderness of the nearby mountains. And one of the most Read more [...]
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Rock Ring

Karst arch has a complex shape with 3 holes. Dimensions of bolshogoiz them three by four meters, the length of the arch 5 meters. The walls and the roof of her slozhenyplastami limestone. This form karst topography is a remnant skalnogomassiva in what had previously been laid old cave. During mnogihtysyachelety water and wind uniformly destroyed limestone massif that itogeodnazhdy led to the collapse of the arch of the cave. Another, similar Rock-ring monument nature karstovyymost Kuperlya, located in the south of Bashkortostan, the river Nugush, on the ground of public parkaBashkiriya. Another Read more [...]
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Rock Kalim Usk

And at the foot of her small mountain river flows Sikasya (Sikazy). The Russian language "kalim OSCAL", "Kalim Oskan" translates as "Kalim folded" kalim fell. Legend says that from this mountain folds at the time unable to bear the unrequited love a guy named Kalim. Hardly presently know, was in fact or not. There is also a second version of the translation of the word Oskan mountain garlic. Indeed on such mountains feral garlic grows. It remains to find out how to translate the word kalim.  In the end, not enough in the South Urals colorful rocks, which, would not somebody threw himself or Read more [...]
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Fairy tale on a tray

    Celebrated 260 years unique "lakirnomu case"     I felt uncomfortable, when he went to a meeting with the teacher Ekaterinburg Palace of Children and Youth creativity Lyubov Kuznetsova. Even feeling sorry for himself sensitive: the morning dark clouds covered the sky, rain lashed mercilessly, and the wind with such force tearing umbrella that seemed at any moment you if Mary Poppins, will carry out directly from sidewalk somewhere beyond the horizon ..     But after a few minutes after I crossed the threshold of the apartment Lubov, I Read more [...]
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TALE view oral cum. prose, aesthetic base-cerned is installed on fiction (fiction not as a means thin. generalizations, but as a goal, the subject of narration). By the nature of fiction genres distinguish tales: magic, household, animals. Eng. S. W. was first recorded in 1848 P.A.Slovtsovym. Several. ur. texts included in the Math. Sb. A.N.Afanaseva (recording S.Buevskogo, A.Zyryanova, D.Petuhova et al. Only 51 text). Max. complete view on the existence of Rus. S. W. gives Sb. DK Zelenin The Great tales Perm province (Petrograd, 1914). In owls. U. S. time recorded and publ. pl. times. Lv. C. Read more [...]
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Tale of the goodness of the Great runners

     Vasily Tatischev, arrived at the place of their new plaguing, immediately grasped: primarily Uktussky urgent need to protect the plant from the bloody attacks of the southern neighbors of the Bashkirs. And he, the chief of the Ural mountain plants, immediately ordered the construction of "Chusovaya villages"That was supposed to provide to the south on the banks of the river Chusovoi quieter life. However, the reality turned out differently. From time to time raids continued. New settlements were destroyed and burned.     Two years later, in 1722-m, Read more [...]
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Shining pearls on a stone belt

    We are starting a newspaper expedition which will be held at the places where there were once the first plants, laid the foundation for a powerful Ural industry. Some of them have disappeared without a trace, not having to leave behind nothing, while others grew up in the city or have become major villages. Gornozavodsky Ural that he brought in Industry, that he gave to Russia?     Subject is immense, but some strokes will identified in today's interview with leading researcher at the Department of History, Institute of Economics, Ural Branch of the USSR, Doctor Read more [...]
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Sihirtya (Sirte, Siirt)

Sihirtya (Sirte, Siirt) legendary people inhabiting the tundra before the arrival of the Nenets. According to legend, St. were small in stature, wore beautiful clothes with metal pendants. They had white eyes, talked a little stuttering. S. houses were high sand hills. On the surface of the tundra, they come out at night or in fog; lived underground, where the dogs and drove mammoths grazed I-Choir (excavation deer). C. considered skilled blacksmiths, good soldiers. One meeting with S. jinxed, etc.. Luck. Math. cases of marriage on women Nenets C. Folk. S. mythological image imprinted features Read more [...]
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Siun Mamontov

Siun Mamontov (06 (19) .03.1903, pos. Irbitsky zd, Irbitsky y., Perm. Lip. 13.03. 1989, Sverdl.), A scientist, electrical engineer, Dr. Sci. n., prof. (1943), the first in the U. Honored. Worker. Scientist of the RSFSR (1963). Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from the UPI (1925). 1931-1986 Head. Chair of UPI, including 1955-66 Rector. Author of 230 scientific. works, including 11 monographs, 20 inventions. Shire. known method of electric three-phase metal arc (jointly. G.P.Mihaylovym a) used in defense z-dah U. in years. WWII. S. founder of the school of new types of electrical Read more [...]
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SITNIKOV Nikolai Vasilyevich

SITNIKOV Nikolai Vasilyevich (04 (17) .07.1910, ECAT. 23.06.1993, ECAT.), A theatrical feature film. Cum. thin. RSFSR (1973). Rod. family servant. Graduated from the Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture. Ilya Repin (workshops and A.A.Osmerkina M.P.Bobysheva, 1938). Since 1938 in the Ufa theater op. and ballet. There designed op. performances of The Barber of Seville D. Rossini, Mermaid A.S.Dargomyzhskogo, Kachkyn N.Zhiganova. From 1944 he worked in Sverdl. In the theater, op. and ballet performances designed: The Tsar's Bride by Rimsky-Korsakov, Boris Godunov M.P.Musorskogo, Eugene Read more [...]
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Farming systems

Farming systems a set of interrelated agrotechnical., reclamation and organizational measures to restore and improve soil fertility. On ter. W. Naib. ancients were primitive SZ .: fallow and slash and burn. Of shifting at SZ has gained acceptance in the steppe zone D, after the removal of a number of crop land was left without treatment within several. years. When the agricultural development of the forest zone using slash-and-burn SZ Liberated from the wood (cutting, burning) land several. years grew crops, and then plot and threw mastered new. After Russian. colonization while retaining elements Read more [...]
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The system of state feudalism in the Urals. Social structure. Management

In the XVI century. continued formation of the main classes of feudal society: the feudal-dependent peasants and suburban estates. In the feudal class included representatives of secular feudal imperial administration; service people «by descent» viceroys, governors, heads of military units; princes, nobles, «children of the boyars­cal» nobles and as a special class collective spiritual feudal landowners monasteries. Distribution of estates of serving people in the Urals was held in incomparable­edly a smaller scale than in the southern and south-eastern fringes Read more [...]
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Sintashta cult. archaeological. complex, incl. fortified settlement., groundwater and burial mounds, a large mound -hramovo-burial structure. Chelyaba. region., Bredy district, pos. Rymniksky, p. Sintashta lion. tributary of the river. Tobol. Titles. S. (possibly Turkic river with gravestones) is given by the name of the river. Site was used at all stages of Bronze Age. Regular. settler and funerary complexes date from the second quart. II millennium BC. on the findings of discoid Psalm Mycenaean type pastovymi warty beads and copper spearheads. Inst. VF Gening and G.B.Zdanovichem. Fortified settlement. Read more [...]
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Sindeev, Fortified Settlement; SINDEYSKAYA CULTURE

Sindeev, Fortified Settlement; SINDEYSKAYA CULTURE archaeological. memory. and culture. Sverdl. region., Garinsky borough, village. Sindeev. SG located 1 km south of the former location. der. Cindy, a high (5 m) promontory indigenous bank. Lozvy. SG occupies an oval area the size of 30&# 215, 40 m, located in the north-west. h. cape, cut ditch depth of approx. 1 m. From eastern. h. settlement preserved shaft height St. 1 m. Material with memory. presents fragments of vessels sindeyskogo type bronzes. suspension and a plaque of white metal, which is characteristic for pjanoborskoj (pjanoborskoj Read more [...]
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Symphony of working days

  Tagil industrial     When driving up to the Nizhny Tagil, the extent of his feelings at once.     You are greeted with huge smokestacks, headgears, tower cranes. Barely distinguishing factory buildings and neighborhoods of apartment houses, you already feel the fiery breath of a mighty force domain, open-hearth furnaces, coke oven batteries.     Look at the city at night: a myriad of lights that climb the mountain chain, the loose and fancy running down trembling columns fall in city pond.     Orange, scarlet and lightning Read more [...]
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Simsk pond

As they say in the literature: "... to develop Simsk prudaprinimali monotonous role of nature and man ...". So  it is. Nature has placed in the pond beregamSimskogo stately  izvestkovyeskaly, which snap into the water. Very beautiful sight when you look at their sprotivopolozhennoy clearing in a measured sunny weather. Mountain top and perevernutyeskaly in water. Fans associate many South Urals places with Shveytsarieychasto Simsk pond called Lake Geneva in miniature. Pond officially yavlyaetsyapamyatnikom nature. Currently, the pond is a favorite Simsk mestomotdyha inhabitants Sima also Read more [...]
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Simskaya Mechanical Plant

Simskaya Mechanical Plant Regular. in 1760 on the river. Sim Simbirsk merchant-breeders I.Tverdyshevym, M.Myasnikovym. In 1860 at a factory there were 2 blast furnace and staletomilnaya 14 bloomery and forge, a cupola and 17 waterwheels powerful. 250 hp Zd smelted iron, Mfr. iron and steel. During the first world. War produced ammunition. Since 1918 nationalized, partly destroyed in the beginning. 20's rebuilt and became the no. iron castings. In the years. BOB perform defense contracts fr. In the postwar period the plant was repeatedly reconstructed and re-equipped. Specializes in MY. metal Read more [...]
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Simsk mountain plant

At the plant at the dam on the river Sim, was arranged to create Molotov, all consisting of 12 hammers. In addition there were furnaces for heating iron and forges, in which different products are forged. The dam also had the saw and flour mill. Word hydro Shem, falling from a dam, used at 100! Later, the plant launched two blast furnaces for smelting Kritsa. Almost immediately after the start of construction of breeders had difficulties with land acquisition. Bashkirs Shaitan-Kudeyskoy parish headed by township heads Yulaem Aznalinym, dad who later became known Salavat Yulaev, flatly refused to Read more [...]
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Simskaya Gornozavodsk COUNTY

Simskaya Gornozavodsk COUNTY formed in the beginning. XIX century. in Ufa at. Ufa Province., Was the sole possession of the large landowners Balashov, united Simsk, Minyar, Nikolaev, Asha-Balashov s-dy, as well as mines Bakal deposit. Regular. Manuf. in the surroundings. was met. At the end of the XIX century. s on-dah env. beg. used open-hearth method Mfr. became, in 1897 built a 15-verstnaya horse railroad. road, connecting Simsk zd with w / d art. Mignard. In 1910 S.G.O. was funded. A controlling stake in the hands of the family Balashov, the rest of their hours. Purchased by commercial banks. Read more [...]
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Simeon’s Church in Ufa

Erected in 1897-1902 gg. Nikolsko the station church quickly became insufficient for the huge densely populated area. Sanctified place in the temple Simeon in a short time Ufa archpastorship Bishop Anthony (Khrapovitsky), hereinafter the founding father of the Russian Orthodox Church, a prominent ideologue and the fighter with Bolshevism. Pledged as another bishop Simeon Church - Clement (Vernikovsky). Built cross-domed church on the log stone foundation for long - 1902-03 years, a greater contribution made recognizable Ufa restaurateur DE Klyauznikov. The main altar is dedicated to St.. righteousness. Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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