River Sysert. The Village Of Kashino

River Sysert, right the inflow Iset, starts from a small lake in Sysert wetland area on the border of Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk regions. The river flows through a hilly plain, where cultivated fields alternate with mixed forests. Its length is 76 km, the basin area of 1250 square kilometers. The largest tributaries of the North Sysert (essentially, this is the second source of the river, Black river and the heater. Attract numerous artificial ponds, forming a chain. On the right Bank of the river stretch mountains Ilyinsky. Here you can collect samples of iron ores, granites, slates. In the valley Read more [...]
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The Sylva River

Article Samary - C. Molebka - village. the Suksun - n-Ust-Kishert mountains. Kungur. The route length of 300 km, duration 8 - 10 days. Many tourists tend to meet interesting monument of nature in the Urals region - "Sylvenskii reefs", the remnants of coral reefs once existed the great Permian sea. The reefs are located in the valley of Sylva is the largest tributary of the Chusovaya river. Sylva (Komi "SIL" "VA" - melt water) originates among the wooded ridges of the foothills. A quick and relatively affluent in the early summer, the river flows among the picturesque Read more [...]
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the river is the left tributary of the Salt shaker Plascore.

Salt shaker - the river is placed in the Mordovian and Tokarevskaya areas of the Tambov region of Russia, is a left tributary Plascore (the pool Don). Proceeds from villages Pavlovka, Mikhaylovka, Semenovka.Has a number of hydraulic structures. Near the village of Mikhailovka built pumping station, now defunct. Built on the river dam: Horned, Bottom, Lawrence, Ilmen, Pugachev, the Bull, in the villages of Romanovka and Semenovka.  . Reference information. Length 13 km The basin area of 74.5 km Swimming pool: sea of Azov River basin: the Bityug, don Mouth river Placque Position: Mikhaylovka Read more [...]
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River Sinara

The main tributaries of the river Sinara are Bagariak, left and Karabolka on the right. During radiation tragedy 1956 across the river was the so-called East of the Urals radiation footprint.  However, the current background then usual. As translated Sinara? Nezaniesla Sinara rises were not Turkic languages, as it versprochenen najuzhnom the Urals, and Finno-Ugric. Once in the North of the southern Urals lived aminoate nation. "Sinara" output of the Komi language, as "a key spring river". On patiraki stand such settlements, as Tubuk, Buli, Uskova, Ust-Karabolka, Carino,Ust-Bagariak. In Tubule Read more [...]
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SIM River

Larger tributaries on the right: mignard, Asha. Left: Kurjak, Lemeza, Inzer. SIM downstream navigable. The river can be divided into two parts. Mountain, from the source to, Asha and plain, from Asha to the mouth. On your way to SIM regulated 2 ponds reservoirs in towns SIM and mignard. Is the name of the river SIM. There are several hypotheses concerning the origin of the hydronym SIM. From Sims, guard bars in the grass that put Bashkir pathfinders, to sume, esum the pool, the deepest place. This is actually the SIM and is in the lower reaches. Rafting on the river SIM. SIM river rafting. Read more [...]
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The River Serga

There in the Urals small rivers, which represent the remarkable beauty of the corners of our region. These rivers include the river Serga and its tributaries Bardem, Demid and numerous streams. Length Sergi 113 kilometers, the area of the basin 2170 square kilometers. Serga is clean, clear water, beautiful beaches, wooded and gently sloping, steep, and rocky. The river in General shallow, although in some places the rocks of its depth and up to several meters. Width changeable from 8-10 meters up to 20-30 meters on the dams. On the shores of the many convenient places for rest and fishing. Route Read more [...]
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The River Saldibar

Initially flows South-South-West, along the slope of the ridge Cartooon around him, turns to the North-West. In the main all tributaries vipadaut Saldibar right, because in the mountains concentrated catchment. At the top of techenie river Beas, Kanatas, Cotulla etc. In the middle reaches Saldibar perceives the right large tributary, the river Sarva arising from the lake-well. All the same legend above rightly people created. The water in Salle green. Very fine. Poslepodne Sally, water Saldibar significantly arrives. As translated, Saldibar? As translated, saldibar? The Russian language Bashkir Read more [...]
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The River Sakmara

The food at the river Sakmara in the main snow. Annual water consumption in the Sakmara in the estuary area is 4400 m3. This river exceeds the Ural river, which flows into, 1100 m3. The river Sakmara leenee in late November, early December. Opened Sakmara in the middle of April. The main tributaries of Summary are right, bringing in the river water with zilairskogo plateau and Common Syrt: Fortress Zilair, Zilair, Large IR, Kasmarka, Salmis. In the Upper reaches of the Sakmara river mountain, with rapids and shivers. On entering the plain Sakmara bottled in width up to 80 m and acquires the disposition Read more [...]
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river Zavala right tributary of the Khoper.

Zavala is a river in Russia, flows through areas 2 areas: Voronezh and Tambov. Is the right tributary Khoper. The length of the river 285 km, the basin Area is 7720 km Meals in the main snow. Zavala originates in the Tambov region. Flows on the terrain rugged ravines. The tortuous channel, for a leisurely and relaxing. In the Wake meet the rubble, there are ducts in the mouth is flowing. The plain of the river wide, the banks intersected by ravines. The floodplain woodland. On the banks grows artificially made Savalsky forest, an area of more than 7000 hectares of Its creation began in 1875. On Read more [...]
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The river is the Octave of the left tributary of the Dnieper

The octave - river in Smolensk region. Left tributary of the river Dnepr. Access roads to the river is not enough, flows in Vyazma and Dorogobuzh areas. Length of Osmy 104 km with a catchment Area of 1530 km2. Its origins takes in the South-West vyazemskoy a hill near the railway station Zhdanovka Vyazemsky district of Smolensk region. The mouth of the river Octave is in the West town Dorogobuzh, where it flows into the Dnieper. Right tributaries: Giza, Semliki (Coin), a Large Kostra, Small Kostra, Recta, AmigaOS, Wieliczka, Abramov, Borovinka, Sereno, Scramle. Left tributaries: Korea (Corelca), Read more [...]
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the river Oskol left tributary of the Seversky Donets.

Oskol the river flows through areas of Belgorod and Kursk regions of the Russian Federation and in the Kharkiv region of Ukraine. Is the largest left tributary of the The Seversky Donets (Belgorod and Rostov region, Russia). The total length of the river is about 472 km, the basin Area is 14800 km Originates in Tiscom district of the Kursk region of Russia. The width of the river varies from 10 m to 40 m, on certain sites achieves 300 meters. The river bottom is uneven, the depth ranges from 0.4 m to 10 m-dependent rapids and flatwater. The flow rate slow to 0.2 m/sec, the rifts achieves 1.2 m/sec. Read more [...]
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River Minyar

At the confluence of the rivers built and the Church of the presentation of the virgin. The temple was built in the early 19th century and in the current time restored. The Church serves as a real decoration of the surroundings. Once on the river minyar stood the village of woodcutters and charcoal-burner Tops Mignard, are the sources of the river. 12 km from the mouth stood the village of the repressed people of Bienski bridge. Local inhabitants it is still called Bielski bridge. At the current time on the banks of the river full enseleni. Designated wild and deaf. In a huge water minyar is a Read more [...]
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The River Miass

Properties of the river Miass. The river Miass begins at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level. When this differential channel of the river Miass is more than 500 meters, because the river flows into the plain. The length of the river Miass is 658 km Starting in Bashkiria, the river Miass flows in the Chelyabinsk region. On the river Miass will fall into the river Iset, North of the town of Kargopol already in the Kurgan region . The main tributaries of the river Miass: Atlan, Big Cialis, Susela. They all fall into the Miass on left hand side of the mountains. On the river Miass posted by town Read more [...]
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the river Matira left tributary of Voronezh.

Mature - river in Tambov and Lipetsk regions. Length - 180 km, basin area - 5180 km Left tributary of the river Voronezh. The source is located at the village of Big Mature near highway eagle - Tambov. After the village Jablanovec (where it empties into the river Plavica) becomes wet. In the Lipetsk flows into the river Voronezh (opposite Sokolsky; left tributary). The river is mostly snow. Leenee Mature in November - early December, opened in late March - early April. Average water consumption is 39 km from the mouth of 11.7 m/s. In 1976 Mature created Matyrskoe reservoir for the needs of the Read more [...]
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The River Is Small Katav

Small Katav flows from Masaka to the West , in the plain between Masaka and ridge Bunks. Small Katav here from the source of the river Great Inzer separates the lower watershed. At intermountain plain flows North-East. Merged with the river Great Katav referred to as Dainichi, in other words, the merging of the 2 rivers. This is a beautiful glade, located between the ridges of Masak, Bunks and Sigala. It reveals excellent views of mount Great Solomon (1427). In Dvojnikah once was a village of the same name coal burning and station Beloretskiy narrow-gauge steel road. The river was not fused. Runs Read more [...]
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the river is Small Zelenchuk left tributary of the Kuban.

Small Zelenchuk is a river in the Republic of Karachaevo-Cherkessia, is a left tributary Kuban. Small Zelenchuk mountain abounding river medium size. The river's length is 59 km from the source of the river Maruhi - 123 km)Reka flows in a northerly direction in a narrow gorge. You receive the connection of the rivers maruha and Accout, which are the glaciers descending from the ridge Run, which is part of the Caucasus mountain range. Connect both river 5 miles below the village Kardonikskaya. Small Zelenchuk runs virtually parallel to the great long Zelenchuk, narrow plain, surrounded by large Read more [...]
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The River Is Shallow Satka

Small Satka river is quite small. All over the mountain, with transparent nezapyatannoy water. The river two tributary creeks Karelka and Large Bakal. The sights of the river Malaya Satka. For alloy applicable in a huge water downstream. Any fascinating objects in the form of rapids or waterfalls on the Small stake no. In the districts of the river is a fascinating attraction of the Park Zyuratkul Fountain. In late winter, when they come anticyclones in the middle of cold weather, the river is Shallow Satka in the upper reaches premarket, resolute which are formed ice. How to get to the river Shallow Read more [...]
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River Lemeza

River Lemeza one of the most beautiful rivers of the southern Urals. Begins on the southern slope of the ridge Amsar, near the village of Lemeza, Katav-Ivanovsk district, Chelyabinsk region. The length of the river 119 km will Fall into the SIM, Iglinskiy district Republic of Bashkortostan, near the village of Tekeeva. In the upper and middle reaches Lemeza is a mountain river. Below and to the mouth of the character of the river Lemeza becomes flat. Large tributaries Lemez right: river Bearish, river Kusyk, river Icing. Left: Transverse and Berdych. As translated Lemeza? By A. K. Matveev, geronilla Read more [...]
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River Kusyk

Flows Kusyk almost always strictly to the South and 22 kilometers after the start of the fall into the river Lemeza opposite colorful rocky mountains. Lower black river threshold Lamaze. Kasik is after Ikena and Bearish one of the main tributaries Lemez. Near the mouth, on the right Bank was once the eponymous village of woodcutters Cisyk. Still, it was called Pietra or altered on the Bashkir way Pister. Around the village, along the river for a long time was conducted large-scale logging. To Kasuku as many such forest villages led narrow-gauge steel road. For a long time in the forest behind Read more [...]
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The River Kurak

In addition, there is another river Kurak in the Urals. It is a tributary of the Great Cornel. As translated, kurac? The title of the river Kurak formed from Bashkir "cures" "meeting date". Unknown etymology of the name. Maybe there is, on the shores of recidential was some fundamental meeting. Maybe because elastica 2 rivers, Shem, and smoker occurring above the Sims pond. The routes on the river Kurak. Kurak breathtakingly colorful and comfortable river. Soutenable. And also flows between low toy rocks. Malehankih polenta very relax. In the middle reaches smoker is an abandoned village Dark Read more [...]
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