the river Conducia right tributary of the Seversky Donets.

Conducia (Kondracke) - river flows in area 2 countries: the Russian Federation and Ukraine. In the RF flows through the Rostov region. The river Conducia is the right tributary of the river The Seversky Donets. The river length is 244 km, the area of its basin - 2 320 km river Begins at the Donetsk ridge. The river is mostly of snow. Average consumption of water in the lower reaches of the river 3,74 m/s. Covered by ice at the end of November, and the ice breaks up in the middle of March. On the river is the town of Reddish Sulin. With the lower course of the river is navigable. Species of fish: Read more [...]
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River stake description and characteristics

Stake river the basin of the Barents sea, flows on the Kola Peninsula, Murmansk region of the Russian Federation. Locations: , Cola, p. Dairy, p. kildinstroy, p. animal-breeding sovkhoz, p. shongui, p. Saami, p. Magnetites. All of the above locations are placed exactly at the river. Route: Federal highway Murmansk - St. Petersburg, through the above locations. Feature of the surrounding area is very hilly. The coastline is composed of stones, rocks and pebbles, very occasionally outcrops. Forest height of 7-12 m, the base of which is birch with an admixture of spruce, pine and Rowan, suitable to Read more [...]
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The River Koiva

Article Ust-Tescos - Los. Beads - settlement of Cuss-Alexander - mountains. The Chusovaya river. The route length of 180 km, duration 5 to 7 days. Water trip around the Basin is better to start from the station Ust-Tescos (on the railway Nizhny Tagil - Solikamsk). 1 - 2 days are dedicated to the construction of the rafts. From the station of Ust-Discos, going in a westerly direction, group after 2 km you will come to a bridge on the Basin. Below the bridge - deaf taiga, and you can easily find deadwood for rafts. It is necessary to consider features of Koyva (the winding, narrow passable part, Read more [...]
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The River Coelho

The source of Helgi is lake Chebarkul. The river ravninnogo. Flows through polurealnoy location surrounded by low mounds. Many stretches of Sawada. In some places Coelho extensively spreads, reaching a width 200metrov. The bottom is sand, smooth and flat. Attractions Of Helgi. Near Coelli are eminent Koelginskogo primarycare in which a high concentration of pure white marble. In nastoyascheevremya then extracted to 45 percent of the Ural marble, development of which began in the first half of the 20th century. As translated, Helga? The title of the river has roots in Turkic languages. The ancient Read more [...]
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River Katav

After 20 km from the source, in the tract Dainichi, Big Katav connects to the river Small Katav, flowing into a Large Katav on the left. Place Douniama called poprostu. The two streams are joined. Once there was a village of coal burning vaigasi coal for Katav plants. Then there was a station on Beloretskiy NGR. Now there was only a wide meadow with beautiful landscapes around. In Dvojnikah river, then called Katav, turns first to the West and crossing the plains between the ranges of the Bunks and Sigala goes to  North. Between the main array range Sigala, his spurs-stepchildren  the Read more [...]
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the Kalitva river, the left tributary of the Seversky Donets.

Kalitva - the river flows in the Rostov region of the Russian Federation. It is a left tributary of the river Seversky Donets 117 km from the mouth. Other names of the Big Kalitva, White Kalitva. The length of the river 308 km, the basin area is 10 600 km of the River appears on the southern slopes of the don hill. The power of the river in the main snow. At the mouth of the river is shipping. Near the confluence of the river Kalitva in the Seversky Donets is the eponymous town White Kalitva. The left tributaries of the river birch (Berezovka), Large (Large bearing), alder. Right tributaries of Read more [...]
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River Lodge

At first Kaga flows in the main to the South, and then, finding the path through the gorge ridge Kraka flows in a westerly direction. Proceeds Kaga not populated areas. The river is the Northern border of the Bashkir municipal reserve. The tourist center is fed by a huge number of pristine streams flowing from the mountains. Fishing on the Kaga. In Kaga fish specific to the type of the rivers of the southern Urals - grayling and brook trout kutema. You should keep in mind that brown trout and grayling are listed in the Reddish book and catch them Smoking. Attractions river Lodge. At the mouth Read more [...]
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the river Kawalerka right tributary of the Unit.

Kawalerka - river in Rostov region and Krasnodar territory, right tributary of the great UOM. Length 78 km, the catchment area of 695 km Originates in the Rostov region, near the village of Shahumyan, flows from East to West in the Krasnodar region where it flows into It between the pages Kislyakovskogo and Kushchevskaya. Precaut location Egorlykskogo district of Rostov region and Kudikamo and Krylov areas of the Krasnodar region. River steppe, for actually missing, the coast is very overgrown with reeds and other marsh vegetation. Of fish in the river is: white fish, pike and other Water salinity Read more [...]
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The River Iset. City pond

River Iset crosses the Sverdlovsk from North-West to South-East, connecting the three main reservoir in the city: Top-Iset, City and Negnevitsky ponds. Through the Iset spanned several bridges. The old of them on the street Dekabristov (previously known as Royal), the youngest-Cheluskintsev street. The banks of the Iset river all the time are improving, getting better. The change is especially noticeable in the city centre, on city a dam. Instead of the old stone walls and narrow sidewalks here now square with the Historical and Geological alleys, river dressed in granite, lawns with flowers. A Read more [...]
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River Inzer

In the higher part of the basin Inzer is dominated by spruce-fir forests, lower Inzer - pine and birch, and to the North-East of the river  broad - leaved (oak, lime). In this regard, river rafting Inzer very exciting,because you can see immediately on several forest communities, gradually transitioning from one to the other. The meaning of the word Inzer. According to one version, the interpretation of the word Inzer rises to the Hungarians that our first Millennium lived in the southern Urals. I.e. Inzer - Hungarian river. In proof version, one of the villages in the lower reaches of the Read more [...]
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The River Icing

The total length of the river is 52 km. The main tributary of Ikena in the upper course of the river is Yamashta. Yamashta transferred from the Bashkir language as "evil". The title is justified mad after all its in great water. As a means of Iceni. On certain maps Iceni referred to as "icing". In fact, this error cartographers and true is all the same "icing". The word is translated from the Bashkir language as "double" From the "IR", "two". This is due to the fact that in the course of its own flow, the river is divided into two branches. Flows into the river Lemeza right in the village of Upper Read more [...]
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river Izhma

Izhma (Isiva, Komi Republic, Isiva) is a left tributary of the river Pechora, the pool The Barents sea. Flows in the Republic of Komi. The length of 531 km, the basin area of 31 000 km Izhma originates in the South Timan ridge, flows North-West. In the upper shore is covered with forest, in the lower reaches along the banks more meadows and wetlands. Channel izgibistye, in the upper and middle reaches of the watercourse there are rapids and rocky shoals. The greatest threshold - SEL-Coset (Heart) - is below Sosnogorsk. From the mouth of the Ukhta Izhma shipping. In the lower reaches of the Izhma Read more [...]
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River Zyuzelga

On the banks of Zyuzelgi is a huge kolichestvonaselennyh pt. Including the regional center Sosnowski area seloDolgoderevenskoe. As translated Zyuzelga. Historical documents are different options here rivers Izyulga, Yuzelga, Yuzya, Izyulge, Yuzelga, Yuzyuzelga, Izyulka, Izyuzelga, Izyulga, Isyusilga, Uzyulga, Zyuelga. Which is translated from the Russian Bashkir gives double title of the 1st value. The word "Elga" in the Bashkir language represents a small river. The word "Uzes" on one of the Bashkir dialect means the same thing. So Makarov "zyuzelga" little remade in the Russian language, the Read more [...]
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River Zilim

The river Zilim largely by snow. Freezes in the middle of the river Zilim November - early December. In shallow waters in the upper reaches of the river in extreme cold Zilim freezes and forms a thick icing. In fact, this phenomenon occurs not only in the river Zilim, and throughout all the Southern Urals in late winter, when installed in February frosts. Water flow in the river mouth Zilim 38.7 m3. Zilim opened in the middle of April - early May. River Zilim divided into two parts, the mountain, from the source to the village Tashasty. And plains, from Tashastov to the mouth. In the lower reaches Read more [...]
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River Zigaza

Zigaza River is a major tributary of the river in his Zilim  upper reaches and falls into his left 183kilometrah from its mouth, or 25 kilometers from its source. Its still inogdanazyvayut Huge Zilim.  With all this samZilim called small, as the confluence of the debit Zigazy more samogoZilima. The difference  very tangible, poskolkuZilim almost twice the least polyhydramnios. The length of the channel Zigazy also greater than that of Zilim. Of course, we're faced with vserasprostranennym finomenom when a large river at the confluence with a lower, yet takes eeimya. But the main Read more [...]
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River Ёrsa

Ёrsa (Ёrga, Ёrsha) - right tributary of the River Pechora, pool Barents Sea. Takes place in the Republic of Komi. Length of 206 km, basin area 2 520 km2. Ёrsa originates in the hills to the north-east of Ust-Tsilma, flows to the west, the water collecting numerous tributaries. In the middle and lower reaches of the flows in the middle of the marshes, the channel is in a zigzag manner. Ёrsa empties into the right duct Pechora Labazsky Bowl. Naikrupneyshie tributaries - Summer (left); Blind (right). Food snow and rain.   Background. Length: 206 km Basin area of ​​2 520 km2 Pool: The Read more [...]
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Elan river right tributary of the tierce.

Elan - River Volgograd and Saratov region of Russia, is a right tributary of the River Tersa. The total length of 218 km of the river, 37 km from their accounts for the area of ​​the Volgograd region. Starting the river and most of its channel located on the territory of the Saratov region. Elan river flows into the river near the town of Tersa with the same title Elan. Title of the river came from the word "Elan" means "pasture, meadow, herb rovnenkoe place." The river originates west of the village Lipovka Kalinin district, after the formation of the channel from multiple streams flowing Read more [...]
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The Dnieper River

Dnipro - 3rd in length and river of Europe. Previously, the length of the Dnieper was 2,285 km, after the construction of the cascade reservoirs in nearly all places straightened channel, and the length was reduced to 2 201 km. Basin area - 504 thousand. Miles from their borders of Ukraine - 291,4 thousand. Km. Dnipro - the usual lowland river with a leisurely and measured current. Has izgibistoe channel forms a sleeve, shoals, islands, channels and shoals. Divided into three parts: the upper course - from the source to Kiev (1 320 km), medium - from Kiev to Zaporozhye (555 km) and lower - from Read more [...]
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Desna River left tributary of the Dnieper River

Desna - The left tributary Dnieper. The river flows through the territory of Russia and Ukraine. Length of the river Desna - 1130 km, it is the very long tributary of the Dnieper. Gums source is at Smolensk hill near the town of Elnya in a peat bog with the title "Blue moss." On territory of Russia takes place in Smolensk and Bryansk regions. By regions  Ukraine - in Kiev and Chernihiv regions. The mouth of the Desna River is in the north of Kiev, where it flows into the Dnieper. The catchment area is  88 900 km. Right tributaries Gums: Make Mena, Zamglai Belous, Sudost, Boldachevka, Gabya, cropped, Read more [...]
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River Derkul left tributary of the Seversky Donets.

Derkul (Derkul) - the river flows through the area 2-countries in the Luhansk region (Ukraine) and on the border of the Rostov Region (Our Fatherland). Is a left tributary of the River Seversky Donets. The length of the river is about 165 km. The area of ​​the basin is 5180 km. Derkul occurs in flat terrain. The river banks are steep and precipitous places. Title river Derkul means "river gully" or "narrow river", which corresponds to the relief peculiarities surrounding areas. Virtually anywhere you can simply wade. For frisky. The river originates in the western foothills of the Don ridge Read more [...]
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