Revolutionary Committee of acts

    After his release, Nizhny Tagil Kolchak to establish solid revolutionary order in the rear of the Red Army at the organizational meeting of the interim the Executive Committee of the Soviet of Workers 'and Peasants' Deputies with the 29th Infantry Division of the 3rd Army was formed Nizhnetagilskij Provisional Revolutionary Committee, which concentrated in his hands all power - both military and civilian.     In Nizhny Tagil branch of the State Archives of the Sverdlovsk region preserved a unique foundation of the Revolutionary Committee, reflecting various activities Read more [...]
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Revdinsky pond

If by train to get to the station Revda pass village station and the old part of the city, then after 3 kilometers you will come to the dam Revdinskogo pond. Pond This was formed by the construction of Revdinskogo plant in 1734 on the river Revda, near its confluence with the Chusovaya. It is a narrow body of water about 10 kilometers long, stretching from north to south between the wooded slopes of the mountains. The depth of the pond up to 10 meters, on the banks many capes, bays, especially on the east coast. Here are located holiday homes and camping sites. On any of the green fields of the Read more [...]
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Revda oblast town, located 47 km west of Sverdlovsk, in that part of the Middle Urals, where the geographical border between Europe and Asia, on the railway Sverdlovsk Kazan. Furthermore, Revda through art. Podvoloshnaya has access to the railway Sverdlovsk Perm, Highways regional and local bind city as with the nearest settlements, and with the regional center. Revda with its surroundings an important part of the Sverdlovsk urban agglomeration and at the same time, relatively independent Revdinsky Industrial node. As the history of the formation, and the current state and prospects of development Read more [...]
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The guys believe in the tram

    Interest in urban Electric transport combined three young tagilchan: Oleg Kozlov, Maxim Barsukov Igor Vasiliev. They were introduced by site "Taghilsky tram" and published it information.     Thus was formed the initiative Group, which was soon supplemented three other like-minded people. The meeting of the deputy head of the administration of VA Belov, conversation was constructive initiative immediately recognized the Director "Gorelectrotrans" VF Goncharov. Already on March 19, the initiative Group a nonprofit public organization without Read more [...]
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Reality and construct

Twice I tried to read Zahara Prilepina. And both unsuccessfully. Last time did not so long ago, when he graduated to write an epilogue to the "disappeared" Anton Gasimov. Even before the release of the "disappeared" in the format of the book I published a postscript in his own LiveJournal, not explaining his appointment ( And got an ironic comment: read your text and began to read the "disappeared" in the "Ural" for the 12th year. Hard to wade through sentences and paragraphs in which are boring description. In your review, I think, once betrays a desire Read more [...]
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Flora and fauna of the Polar Urals

Polar Urals vegetation is rich and diverse. In the mountains, a short distance you can find the dead coniferous taiga, mixed forests, lush subalpine and alpine meadows with grass and flowers in the height of a man, the harsh alpine and arctic tundra. Change of vegetation zones is clearly seen both in the western and the eastern slopes of the Polar Urals. Forest climbs mountains to an average height of 450-650 meters above sea level, and the river valleys are even higher (up to 750 m). At the European hillside forest boundary on the 100-150 m, and in some places up to 250 m lower than in Asia, due Read more [...]
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Told documents

    In the first weeks after the victory October armed uprising in Petrograd visited hundreds of delegations hours to learn the truth the policy of the Soviet government. Delegates local soviets, factory committees, Staff of the Red Guard, military units also sought support in Petrograd Military Revolutionary Committee. Recently found unique materials Petrograd RMC on the arming of the Red Guard many cities and towns of the country, including the Lower Tagil.     Among the documents Petrograd artillery warehouse found invoice for the grant of arms of the Red Guard Nizhny Read more [...]
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I’ll tell you about my father

    Read in your newspaper on August 30 "Local History box" paper factory director museum SI Hlopotova "Rising from the ruins"And I remembered a long time. This publication was about restore factory Kuibyshev (former Demidov) after the 1917 revolution. And just then worked there, my father Paul Antonovich Pin, was assistant chief, then seven years Chief of forging and machine shop, up before the fatal 1938.     Maybe it would not be worth now almost half a century later, once again stir up black pages of history. Innocent victims rehabilitated families Read more [...]
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Declassified: in the service of the state

     This is a real sensation of the public security organs in Nizhny Tagil partially published their story: the facts and the fate of people working in different time in this secret structure!     In late 2008, was published in book called "In the service of the state. Public security organs of Nizhny Tagil". Its author Vladimir Kashin. Incidentally, he gave one copy of our paper with the inscription: "Tagilke" with respect to your high mission!".     The edition of only 500 copies, so almost immediately book become a unique Read more [...]
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Was painted in Paris

    This exhibit in the museum Fine Arts has always attracted spectators. In fact, Ilya Efimovich Repin we know as the author of large paintings, a little less like a painter. And that's really about it experiences in the arts and crafts we know is not for everyone. Nonetheless dish, stored in our museum, really painted by Repin. Read more [...]
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Wide-open land Amalia Rossadovich

     For many of the older generation tagilchan name Amalia Joseph ' Rossadovich associated with the first children's enthusiasm this romantic science of archeology. After all, to Amalia Josephovna in local history Museum resorted boys and girls in 1950 – 1970–ies with a request to take them excavations of settlements and sites of ancient man.     And what was, in particular, and my, then a girl, surprise when the story of the archaeologist Amelia losifovna start with a question: "And if you are doing the morning exercises?" Willpower, stamina, Read more [...]
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Cannibalization and the employment of special settlers in the Urals

    Remembering the tragedy of our people in the period of Stalin's dictatorship, we are accustomed to believe that the greatest number of repressed falls on 1936- 1938 years. But in fact, most of the victims on the altar of Communism brought the peasantry in the late 1920s early 1930s. On the destruction of farmers across the country, we have learned from many recent works. Our task is to investigate the process by the example of the northern regions of the Ural region and Nizhny Tagil.     Since the beginning of the policy of rapid industrialization on the peasantry Read more [...]
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Currently, the Christian community in the Urals heterogeneous. It cites a number of unorthodox movements. The most significant of them - Believers. In the Urals, they are called Kerzhak or examined. They generate lots of walks every rumor tales. Like, do not dress like everyone else. Drink, eat naosobitsu. A stranger and a little water to drink of its dishes are not served. It is. But this is not the main difference between the dissenters. Secessionists do not accept many of the customs and rituals of the "official" Orthodoxy. But more than that: they do not like the relationship of the Orthodox Read more [...]
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Think about your Motherland

    YCL - 90 Age young. There is something to remember, something to be proud, and not ashamed to look in the eye. All generations with times in 1918 contributed to the history of the country has its own unique page and the current anniversary - serious reason to remember the six orders of the Komsomol and of her own youth. Read more [...]
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Early Stories

Today marks 105 years since the birth of AP BondinaHolding pen almost forties, Alexey already had a huge stock of life experiences, rich experience in production, excellent knowledge of labor, life and psychology of their future heroes. But the basics of literary work had a rather vague idea. Life circumstances are such that the range of his cultural ties has long remained very narrow. Before the revolution of the Urals, interested in literature, there were very few. From the intelligentsia of the time Bondin in his position was far. And after the revolution did not immediately hit the Read more [...]
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District Palkino. River Grille. Navel and Paw Mountains

To the west of the station Sverdlovsk-Sorting diverge two branch lines (on Druzhinino and Cousineau), and each of them has a stop Palkino (the distance between the total 100 m). Here, on the hills along the banks of the Iset River, located vintage Ural village now village Palkino. On an electric train from Sverdlovsk to Palkino only 15-20 minutes away. On the outskirts of the village rise Palkinsky Stone Tents consisting of granite rocks. They stretched 300-400 meters to the south-west of the village, this ridge is crowned by a tower. Two kilometers to the southwest is Palkino moor. Iset here forms Read more [...]
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District Irtysh

"Explore the landscape in the spatial relationship and identifying trends in their development through successive passage of the individual phases, it is possible to predict the effects of a deep and human intervention in nature". At the moment, the media once again raised the issue of resumption of project activities on the redistribution of the Siberian rivers and the direction of the water masses in the south of the country and in the countries of Central Asia and Kazakhstan. Relevance of the subject demanded take stock of the long-term observations of the stationary nature of the Read more [...]
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District of Upper Dubrovo

In the eastern prisverdlovskom area clean and dry mixed forest, famous for mushrooms and berries, small clean streams and ponds. Particularly well here in the spring and fall. To get to work village Top Dubrovo, it is necessary to go to the station Kosulino. The village known abrasive plant, and for the village, in the forest, Sverdlovsk geophysical Observatory. In the village go Brusyanku river, and then along the path along the telephone line through the field you go to the observatory. Geophysical Observatory is translated here from Sverdlovsk in 1936. It consists of Ural head aerological station, Read more [...]
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The schemes of complex use and protection of the river Ob

For the river Ob reservoirs and its basin Russian Research Institute scientists embracing the use and protection of water resources to develop a scheme embracing the use and protection (SKIOVO-Ob), and standards of permissible exposure (NDV). Upper Ob basin aqua management reports on the conduct of the period from 21 to 25 January 2013 public hearing of the project. Presentations were made by the developers (FSUE RosNIIVH). Public hearings on the project is scheduled for: 21.01.2013 at 11:00 at Novosibirsk, Reddish Avenue, 18, the great hall; 22.01.2013 at 14:00 at Tomsk, ul. Shevchenko, 17, 4th Read more [...]
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Different fates of two generals

     Birthday of the Russian army was on the same day as that of the Sovetskoy- 23 February. Then, far in the winter of 1918, strengthened and formed the Workers 'and Peasants' Red Army.     It is time to ask the question: why the army day still celebrate the 23rd, and even weekends it done? After the first regular troops in Russia were formed by Ivan IV the Terrible in the XVI century. They were archers. And Peter I built an army in the Western manner. So that momentous day on February 23 should raise the glass to not only for the Soviet and modern Russian army Read more [...]
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