The attraction of the north

    At the beginning of this century Academician FN Chernyshev wrote: "Our north almost until recently was the stepson of science for the sake of research which has been spent minimum amount of resources and scientific Labour".     Time careful study Far North - the Kola Peninsula, Yamal and Gydan, Taimyr, Kolyma and Chukotka - all remote corners of the country - it is only after October Revolution, when there were directed the first Soviet expedition. Now the number of such large expeditions. The challenges before them, many and varied. And ochered- first Read more [...]
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Tributaries Shelon

Many tributaries River Shelon small and do not exceed the length of 50 km in length. Large influx of two - is the river and the river Mshaga Sitnya. List of tributaries of the most Shelon from the source to the mouth is posted below. left tributaries of the river: - River Strupenka - length 35 km; catchment area of ​​210 km; is located 18 km from the mouth of the river Shelon. - River Mshaga - length 106 km; catchment area of ​​1540 km; It is 19 km from the mouth of the river Shelon. - River Krutets - length 14 km; is located 42 km from the mouth of the river Shelon. - River Police - length Read more [...]
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Tributaries of the Ufa

The main tributaries of the river Ufa right: Ufaleyka, Sergey, Sars, Usa, Izyak. Left: Aye, Yuryuzan, Saldybash. In the middle reaches of the river Ufa  overregulated Pavlovsky reservoir. The river is navigable from the town of Ufa Karaidel to the mouth. Bashkirs called Ufa River (Ufimka) still river Karaidel, ie dark or dark river Itil.  Once the sources of Itil, mergers and Akideli Karaidel, ie Snow white and the Dark Itil. At the confluence of Snow White and Ufa is perfectly visible boundary between light and dark threads. At the current time on the ground of Bashkiria in use two Read more [...]
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tributaries of the Oka

Oka is comfortable aqua transport method in the European part of Russia. Streambed and its tributaries, the river connects a huge number of villages, villages and towns. In fact, all tributaries of the Oka River from the mouth to the source listed below: The left tributaries of the river Oka: 58 km from the mouth of the river Oka River Seimas (length 42 km, basin area 548 km); 87 km from the mouth of the river Oka River Kliazma (length 686 km, basin area 42,500 km); 145 km from the mouth of the river Oka River Chucha (length 22 km); 152 km from the mouth of the river Oka River Visha (length 33 Read more [...]
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Tributaries of the Great.

River Lofty - The main artery aqua Pskov region. All tributaries (not including streams and rivers nameless), from its source to its mouth are presented below.   The left-hand tributaries of the majestic (tributaries of the first order): - Kamenka River - length 10 km; - River Mirozhka (Mirozha) - length of about 7 km; - Schepets river - the length of 30 km, the basin area is 233 km; - River Smolinka - length 12 km; - Kudebi river - the length of 82 km, the basin area of ​​760 km; - River Vyada (Veda) - length of 83 km, the basin area 1,160 km; - River Kuhva - length 106 km, basin area Read more [...]
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Tributaries of the White (Bashkiria)

Inflows River Snow White from source to mouth. left tributaries of the river (km from the mouth of a snow-white):83 km: River Xun - the length of 209 km, the basin area of ​​4500 km. 85 km: River Minishte - the length of 17 km. 110 km: River Base - the length of 123 km, basin area 1590 km. 144 km: River Kuvash. 178 km: River Yevbaz - the length of 27 km, 332 km: River Chermasan - length of 186 km, basin area 3970 km. 387 km: River Karmasan - length of 128 km, basin area 1780 km. 475 km: River Dema - Length 535 km Basin area 12,800 km. 502 km: River Bersianka - the length of 48 km, basin Read more [...]
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tributaries of the Volga

River Volga conditionally be divided into 3 sections: the upper part of the Volga - Volga, from the source to the mouth of the Oka, the middle part of the Volga - from the mouth of the Oka River to the mouth of the Kama River and the lower part of the Volga - from the mouth of the Kama River to the mouth of the Volga. Larger tributaries of the Volga River in its upper course: Selizharovka &# 8211; length of 36 km, the basin area 2 950 km; left tributary. Darkness &# 8211; length of 142 km, basin area 1,850 km; left tributary. Tvertsa &# 8211; length of 188 km, basin area 6,510 km; Read more [...]
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Prites Rogue

 About Stone Rogue slozhenomnozhestvo different stories. In an old time of Chrysostom,  Kusa and Satka plants along the river splavlyalibarki with metal,  part of their constantly razbivalaso Stone. Many things potomvynosilo saves on water. Found here and officer sword. And in Russian vremyadazhe two boxes of blades, with production Zlatoust plant. Receive their tribute Rogue finished after kakpriehal here Zlatoust plant manager, the father of Russian Bulat Anosov figured. How to build dir, special fencing of larch logs, diagonally across the river that taps for tons of stone.  Hitherto, Read more [...]
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Natural Park Muradymovskoe Gorge

Little detached from the rest of the world, with its microclimate. Where the summer air insist on grasses. Where pine and linden climb old mountains. And if you raise your head and look up, you can see the how in the fathomless sky soaring osprey. But the main domain Muradymovskogo gorge, not counting the tranquil landscapes are his cave. Altogether there are 36 in a natural park in some of the pictures they found an old man. The cave Pigeon grotto and found parking Mesolithic era. Muradymovskie caves today are great deal of work for archaeologists, paleontologists.  Work on the study of Read more [...]
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Natural Park Kandrykul

In 2001 he was drafted lower the water level in the lake, which foresaw the natural flow regulation. Since July 2002, when he was initiated discharges into the lake, and the true time the lake level dropped by 1.5 - 2 m, which has freed up about 50 m of shoreline. In 2006, around the southern shore where the posted recreation, organized places of public recreation, additionally installed benches, pavilions, changing rooms. Lasted for cleaning work of the coastal zone of the lake from the dried stumps of trees. Completed fencing the water protection zone on the southern shore, made and information Read more [...]
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Natural Park IremelHotel

Area of ​​the park was 49,338 hectares. Is it a lot or not much? If you take the area of ​​the largest in the Southern Urals South Ural Nature Reserve, it will likely only the fifth part of its territory. But on the other hand area of ​​the new nature park IremelHotel covers the whole area Iremel array as adjacent areas, for example Ridge Avalyak. The territory of the park consists of several different areas. From the recreational, mountain comes to Big IremelHotel and where the main tourist traffic is oriented to the reserve, which entered IremelHotel Small. Back entrance without permission Read more [...]
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Natural Park Aslykul

Natural Park for many years now as a division Davlekanovskiy forestry is not a legal entity. Motivated park does not receive funding. Initially defined by the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Bashkortostan area of ​​the park can not be perfectly protected from the lack of specific state rangers. In the coming years need to solve this dilemma by organizing State Park, the park giving legal status and motivated funding also see question reducing the area of ​​the park.  According to the website of the Ministry of Nature RB.Read more [...]
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Polar Urals

Ural Mountains was considered as a separate unit of orographic after a thorough examination of the area Severoural'sk expedition of the Academy of Sciences and Uralplana in 1927 *, which led to the discovery of entire ranges and such significant peaks, as the highest mountain in the Urals Falk. Previously, the Polar Urals area belongs to the northern Urals. However, the Polar Urals was so peculiar to the orography, terrain and climate, it was decided to allocate it in a special area of ​​the Urals. Title Ural Mountains was given to the proposal of the expedition Severoural'sk BN Gorodkova. Read more [...]
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Accept only girls

Nizhny Tagil was the first and for a long time the only Russian center for the manufacture of iron painted lacquerware. Trays sold at many major fairs, they have purchased and exported in large quantities outside the Russian state of European and Asian merchants. Trays decorated with floral motifs, bouquets of flowers, strange birds and landscapes. At the same order Tagil masters made special, very expensive trays that are completely lost their utilitarian function - to be a kitchen, dining items - and became only an ornament. We are talking about the trays with painted scene, the surface of Read more [...]
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Signs of the holiday

   Each holiday has their signs. New Year is one of the all your favorite. And signs of his special    Changing the goals and aspirations but there is a tradition in metallurgy new year meet ahead of schedule and with quality performance production task.    Prepare to meet New year starts well. How to meet New Year in the company?    Newspapers 1940-1950's approach the New Year holiday is not felt. As if it does not exist at all. However, since it was, in fact authorized celebrate new year and decorate Christmas trees were obtained later. Read more [...]
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Appendix №2

    This card index can be requires local historians, those who are engaged in history of the church on earth Tagil. They can be interesting to refer to the original sources. We can say that the card index compiled in 1998 year. Some funds, such as the 144th, recycled. Chapter "Education" Room cases are on the new registry redesigned. So you should treat it with caution: look at what is now the case. In this can help archivists NTGIA (Nizhny Tagil State Historical Archives).Number YearAddress F.op. h.  L.The content of the documentSorrow MONASTERY1 1920 99,1,61, Read more [...]
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Appendix №1

    This index card included in basically documents that were not used operation. Some of that is here, applied, but the best part is not in the work. They are required to fully disclose the history of Orthodoxy in the Tagil earth.Number Address Summary document and Date1 F. op.  g. n. 211.1, 41,1i 2 Protocol for lease religious institutions of church buildings. Resolved take after inspection commission engineering. May 5 In 1923.2 211,1,41, 18,19, 58 26,28,29,44i Correspondence admotdela NT and admotdela Ektb. On carrying out the registration of church societies. Read more [...]
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French adventure in the Urals

Ural metallurgy to build and develop the hard work of not only domestic but also foreign specialists. They participated in the construction of the first factories in XVIII-XIX centuries helped install new machinery and equipment, trained Russian workers. Metallurgy of the Urals and Europe and has been linked by common technologies, and human destinies. An example of this French master with sonorous name Grandmontan. About them tagilchane first learned at the exhibition "Metal staples Time and Destiny" in the memorial.Yellowed, spotted with small, "beaded" letters archival documents reveal Read more [...]
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The Adventures of «Madonna»

In the summer of 1971 in the Sverdlovsk art gallery with great caution was delivered carefully packaged flat box. Meet him as an honored guest, and the long-awaited, came all the available mix of people. Still it has returned to the Urals, the place of his second birthday, the picture, the fate of which is truly amazing, largely mysterious, and certainly wonderful. It has long been the subject of heated debate, and have not resulted in a single decision, why it was kept for more than forty years in the vaults of one of Moscow's museums. And the history of the painting began, however, it must begin, Read more [...]
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Challenging ringing (about RM Vtorygina)

The city lives Polevskoi restless man ethnographer Rima M. Vtorygina. Love to bazhovskim places in reverent attitude to the local fairy-tale nature of psychic impact on work with children Polevsky and other cities in Russia and the CIS and foreign countries, come with their delegations in the possession of the Mistress of Copper Mountain, he has no equal. Excellent knowledge of the literature on Bazhova, his literary heritage, an understanding of the importance of preservation of Russian folk culture in its various forms allow public men retired to an active correspondence with scientists and collaborate Read more [...]
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