Government policy and the class struggle in the Urals in the XVII century.

During the XVII century. internal policy of the tsarist government IME­la several directions. The main one was to ensure the interests of the feudal class, which served as the enslavement krestyanst­Islands, tougher laws aimed at suppressing any action against the existing social and state B­tem. Strengthening the central government, gradual transformation estate-representative monarchy absolutist activate the external policy, all it took to increase cash receipts kaz­Well. This resulted in an increase in taxes on the population and expansion­of the machine squeezing taxes, Read more [...]
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Slider Ivan

Slider Ivan (1729 ECAT. 05.16.1766, Barnaul), heating engineer, inventor of the first universal heat engine. Rod. in the family of the employee. With 14 years worked at a factory-dah ECAT. From 1747 he lived in the Altai. In 1763 developed a draft ognedeystvuyuschey machines for s-dskih needs. In 1765, it was built by the universal model. Acted approx. 2 months., And then was stopped due to a fault. Passed years. Before P. ideas were put into practice. Vol .: Memorandum II Polzunova chief Kolyvano A.I.Poroshinu Resurrection plants, to which was attached a draft ognedeystvuyuschey machine (April Read more [...]
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POLENOV Konstantin Pavlovich

POLENOV Konstantin Pavlovich (1835 Sineshensky y. Kostroma Province. 1908 ECAT.), A talented host. hands. and societies. figure. In 1852, with the greatest evils. Medal graduated from Moscow. University, and then surveying fin. Acad. Staff. In 1859, at the suggestion of P. Demidov was appointed head teacher of mathematics and Vyisky tehn. uch-conductive in Nizhny Tagil. Since 1862 worked as the manager of dependence of-Shaitansky and 1864 Lower Salda iron-h-huh. In 70-90 produced a radical reconstruction of the company. Raised the level of dams, established four hydraulic turbines instead of water Read more [...]
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Minerals of the Tyumen region

Field (Mineral) - a natural accumulation of minerals, which, in quantitative and qualitative terms may be the subject of commercial development at the present state of the art in the present economic conditions (mine industrial). Other clusters, which in their data could be developed only if the changed technical and economic conditions relate to non-industrial fields, differing in this respect from the occurrences. By the size of stocks it may be large, medium and small. By origin distinguish endogenous, exogenous and metamorphic deposits. Geological body - it is different in shape, size and mode Read more [...]
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Polevchane and polevchanki. Tough night Aesculapius (about VA Dobrokhotova)

Aramilsky of settlement, which was part of the 5th, Polevskoi, medical district, Vsevolod returned not himself nor punktovy paramedic Lobanov, nor any member of the committee of public weal not notified in time, neither he nor the local doctor and the head of this section, any county rural council of appearance in diphtheria and scarlet fever settlement. Costly slobodchanam their gullibility. Justice, of course, punish the guilty: Lobanov was dismissed from service, and the candidate rural municipality and the clerk Misharin Priakhin fined. But doomed to severe illness and death aramiltsev these Read more [...]
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Polevchane remember. Unwritten tale Bazhova

Pavel Petrovich was born in Bazhov Syserti. Now this city. And bazhovskie times this town was called Sysertskoe plant and was the administrative center Sysertsky mining district, which included and Seversky, and Polevskoi plants (which Syserti called Field). In the tales of PP Bazhov has a wonderful way of grandfather Slyshko. His prototype was a resident Polevsky plant Khmelinin. But not only the stories Khmelinin gave Bazhova material for his famous tales. Pavel Petrovich start dating and talked with residents of all Sysertsky District, whose memory is also preserved much of ancient times. In Read more [...]
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Polevskoi literary

Remember the poem Pushkin "October 19"? On the anniversary of the Tsarskoye Selo Lyceum poet, overcoming sadness, inspired by memories, exclaims: My friends, perfect our union! He, like the soul, indivisible and eternal And it is symbolic that it was October 19, 1990 in DC Seversky Pipe Plant, the first literary celebration of our city, which is called "Literary Polevskoi". Its initiators were members of the literary association "Dawn". How many guests then came to us. Moscow even had. Editorial "Workers' Truth" released a supplement to the newspaper, Read more [...]
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Polevskoi in the works of the researchers of the XVIII century.

1723 is significant for Urals industry, since this year began construction of several large factories, including copper Polevsky that in the XVIII century. represented the best of the Ural metallurgy. Soon Polevskoi plant built and blast furnaces that produced iron. But the glory of this time Polevskaya plant brought still copper production. His successes were largely determined by the high quality ore, especially Gumeshevskogo deposit located near the plant. The first descriptions of Polevskoi plant were made by official stewards of the Urals industry VI de Gennin and VNTatischev. Then in the Read more [...]
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Polevskoi Baiyun (about VN Surenkove)

Here it is the language of the mother-land. Here it Polevskoi Slavic and non-Slavic alloy Russian dialects. History itself emanates from the ancient fables of the Urals Vladimir Nikolaevich Surenkova, writer, local historian, journalist, artist and stone-cutters. The narrator was amazing. In this I was able to convince the comfort on the odorous fir branches, scribbled on a hot coal "bath", At night fire in a forest near the Grand Lake Shchuchye. I found myself on the lake with white lilies in a two-day hike in the summer of 1995, a group of experienced and very young tourists. A group Read more [...]
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POLEVSKOY city ​​region. subordination Sverdl. region., located 51 km to the south-west by ECAT., in the bass. headwaters. Chusovoi. Occurrence of us. points, making GP, refers to the first floor. XVIII century. From the beginning in 1718. operation Polevsky deposits were built Polevskoi Copper and Seversky iron-smelting and iron- s-dy. Pos. Gumeshki, Polevskoi and Seversky quickly evolved Gumeshevsky copper mine because of the production of malachite gained worldwide Izv. In 1757, after a long period of treasury management s-dy Polevsky (later Seversky) mountain env. were transferred A.F.Turchaninovu. Read more [...]
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Polevskaya highway

Paved trail Sverdlovsk Polevskoi starts at the tram stop Vtorchermet (8 km) and goes directly to the village of Mountain Shield (20 km) (counting kilometers on all paths and highway hereinafter given from the city center (post office). The terrain is flat, and only left the motion visible undulating hills covered with dense pine forests. This Elizabethan array continued Uktusskih mountains to the south. Outside the village Mountain Shield in south-westerly direction away you can see the top of the Azov-bluish mountains, although it has more than 30 kilometers. In the area of ​​the village Kurganovo Read more [...]
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Polevskaya cultural nest. Polevskoi music

Admiring the beauty of a diamond can not be said that one of its faces is better than another. Meeting with real talent, a sin to take it one-sided. Ural city Polevskoi rich people artisans, and in everything that goes out of their talented but skillful hands, is not just the feasibility and usefulness, but also a special beauty, harmony and music. Cultural life Polevsky same age of the city. K with­Unfortunately, almost did not spare its documentary evidence, and only in the last decade, give us a more or less complete picture of professionals and enthusiasts who have left an imprint on the Read more [...]
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Polevskaya Chronicle

Entre Rios and Iset Chusovoi Russian settlers began to develop in the XVII century. In 1675, a farmer from the village of Bear Sarapultsev Tarasova SARAPUL under the city on the Kama founded at the confluence of the river in the river Aramilki Sisert Aramilsky village. First residents also came with Kama from Sarapul, Fish settlement, Chusovaya Boroughs, Wasps, Kungura, as well as Ukraine. In 1680 on the river at the mouth of Chusovoi Techa River was founded Chusovskaya village (now a district of the village Kurganovo). In the same year on the river Uktus were based village Uktusskaya, Fomin and Read more [...]
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Six months of hard labor for poaching on the Amur

In October last year inhabitant of the Khabarovsk Territory citizen N. went on a boat "Amur-D" without municipal registration number, in the district of the village Nizhnetambovskoye. There, from the Amur River using illegal fishing gear fishing net, he caught three copies of Amur sturgeon, without for all that the respective permits for production of sturgeon species during the spawning season. As a result, aquatic biological resources of Russian Federation has suffered great damage in the amount of more than 25 thousand rubles PROSECUTOR Komsomolsk region of Khabarovsk Krai support public prosecution Read more [...]
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POLAZNINSKY STEEL WORKS I.L.Lazarevym built in 1797 as a pig on the river. Polazna lion. tributary of the Kama river, the site of the present-day. pos. Polazna Dobriansky district of Perm. region. Stocked iron Kizelovskij s, yes, to-ing delivered alloy and iron was altered in two bloomery p-tuples (12 hammers and 12 horns). In 1800 it was Mfr. 39 thousand. Pounds. iron, in 1860 59 thousand. pounds. In the second floor. XIX century. zd developed relatively slowly. In 1907 he was Mfr. 344 thousand. Pounds. iron. After graduating civil. War zd because of unprofitability and obsolete equipment has Read more [...]
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POKCHA s. Cherdynsky in the district of Perm. region. Located on the river. Colva. Emerged as one of the fortified Constitutional ap tribal c. In 1472 was taken in Russian. troops under arms. Proc. Fedor motley, to-ing in 1481, after the destruction of P. vogulichami, built a new city, who was until 1535 n. Great Perm. In XVIII-XIX centuries. P. was c. barzhestroeniya in Verkhnekamye. Here to build ships for the transport of salt. From the beginning. XX century. PA residents are engaged in DOS. c / x Mfr. AP Math. high yields of winter rye (up to 40 centners per hectare) and potatoes (up to 500-600 Read more [...]
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Pokrovsky copper smelter

Pokrovsky copper smelter Regular. in 1757 by Count Alexander Shuvalov on p. B. Eek in Orenbah. lips. Had three smelting furnace and 580 employees. In 1768 the plant was purchased by IB Tverdyshev and JS Myasnikov. For 1757-74 smelted approx. 30 thousand. Pounds. pure copper. During the Cross. War 1773-75 zd burned and no longer recovered. Ter. formerly. s da now belongs to the village council Dmitrievskiy Zilair district Bash. Lit .: Gudkov GF, Gudkov ZI From the history of the South Urals mining plants XVIII-XX centuries. Historical, regional essays. Part I. Ufa, 1985. Author: Gudkov GF, Read more [...]
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Church of the Intercession in Ufa

In 1821 almost dostroennoezdanie suffered from majestic ufimskogopozhara that drew off his consecration. V1823, the Brick Church of the Intercession bylaosvyaschena; chapel in the name of Nicholas Chudotvortsaosvyaschёn in 1817 (now Adjacent Nikolskiyprestol). The iconostasis is made in 1860-70 ~-err. master FA Korolev, nagrazhdёnnymza job silver medal ImperatorskoyAkademii Arts. In the church bibliotekehranilos huge number of ancient books, Wh unique book with avtografamitsarey Peter and John A.. Za300 odd years at the altar of the Intercession iNikolskoy churches was buried mnogosvyaschennosluzhiteley, Read more [...]
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Patrons and sponsors

When Peter began to form a semi-official system of favoritism, which flourished under the reign of Catherine II. Patronized no secret (except for secret affairs, of course), but openly. Nourish «strong» begging even in official letters. Lucky Tabor is one of the reasons for success of the iron case Demidovs. Patrons Nikita Demidov were many and various. And those who sincerely «ill» for copper and iron plants, and such who patronized the personal benefit for themselves, for their help extorting bribes. The costs of bribes were certainly a considerable share in the cost Read more [...]
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Generation of our grandfathers and fathers created a powerful industrial base Russia

These are people who dedicated their lives to work for the good of the Fatherland. One of them Pavel Kulikov, born in Nizhny Tagil, winner of the first Five-Year Plan for iron smelting in the Urals.    As described in the book “Nizhny Tagil” (Wed-Ur. book. Publishing House, 1977), the first five-year plan was approved in 1929 and was immediately put forward the slogan “Five-year plan in 4 years!” His picked Tagil blast-furnace operators. Master the first blast furnace Druginyn caused by competition of his father. They then challenged the team master Kulikov. Read more [...]
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