Wrote Field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov

This is the case in the regional archive storage has a stamp "unique." Indeed, the letter-survivor, in December he will be 185 years old. Both the sender and the addressee of the people, forever remaining in Russian history: Field Marshall, Hero of the War of 1812 Mikhail Kutuzov and Ural breeder Nikolai N. Demidov. Actually, two letters. The first graph Markov informs Demidova, got its name after the general duty Konovnitsyn letter "from his General-Field Marshal Prince Mikhail Kutuzov Laronovicha Golenishcheva-Smolensk-highest favor, you deserve it, that you and I attach herewith". Finally, Read more [...]
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Letter from the capital to Friend

And ... if you only knew razlyubeznaya Arkady Modestovich as dreary winter Province! Cold dog, of early twilight and other mantifoliya with vinegar. I do absolutely nothing. As for the ladies in our polonaise okolotke full joints: half moveshki and those excellent Virtue. To while away the evening or two, I took on your advice for "tellurium". Do you want to know my world? Sorokin again but fret muddles "Ulysses" written all English dialects, and therefore expresses itself in every way: it is the Gospel, that is bureaucratic, and even quite the Obscene - laughter and sin. Yes misquote does not Read more [...]
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Letter to Stalin

    Directing letter Comrade. KOSTROVA, which was sent letter addressed to Comrade. STALIN, we offer a 5-day period to test and give specific materials supply workers Kb In your area, and that they were issued in fact, in September, the month of October.     All materials with send us a letter in Oblsnabotdel.The sector scan execution TNA. 2 copies. Copies. Number 1 address Copies. Number 2 in the case(Signature)     A copy of the Comrade. STALIN     Tell me, please, whether work ox when he does not get the stern.     Read more [...]
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Letter to the Governor

    Winter began with a steep November frosts. But traders belongings all seemed uneasy. Vaughn guy pulls out Entrance huge bales. Lucky is he day or frost scare off buyers? And out in the yard is a young couple with a package, of which pop out of the box with the shoes. Not afraid minus twenty, went on the market here for It angle. Once the collective farm, now a Babylonian pandemonium. Food, flowers, clothes, shoes, many otherworldly entities is where life has key, it is the market place of pilgrimage urban people, young and old.     From the third-floor window gray-green Read more [...]
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Letter to the XXI century

   In the shop committee large-size plant at Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Works of archival materials have recently been discovered folder documents of the late 80-ies of the last century.    In her history is shop, and the first evidence of builders mill workers, as well as a letter of appeal to the CSC to distributors of the XXI century. It was taken on the gala evening dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the shop, in January 1989. The text is printed on the typewriter typewriter computers in the shops did not yet exist, on thick paper. In his address, metallurgists report Read more [...]
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Letters from the Front

In Nizhny Tagil city historical archives are carefully preserved letters from workers who have left the ranks of the Red Army in the Nizhny Tagil Metallurgical Plant named after VV Kuibyshev. In his letters from the front to the soldiers called metallurgists to exceeding the production program for the production of iron, steel, shells, also asked the chairman of the factory committee AS Dolzhenkova help families in the supply of their products, warm clothes, firewood. Today we want to introduce the reader to some of them. From a letter to the Red Army in the works committee Alekseeva businesses Read more [...]
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Letters to the scientist neighbor

Letter number 2 Can a machine think?The first time the question of the possibility of "thinking machines" specifically in this form was given by Alan Turing in his famous article "Computing Machinery and Intelligence" 1: «Can machines think?» This little philosophical work stately British mathematician, written at the dawn of the computer age - in 1950, is still valid even after many decades. Question, this Turing as before disturbing the inhabitants of the earth: and someone thinks about a thinking machine ecstasy and hope, and someone - with caution. Turing believed that the machine is Read more [...]
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Writer Sergei Aksakov

At the entrance to the park last Krupskaya, and now the Salavat Yulaev (how else differently?), At the crossroads again as Salavat and Rasuleva,   corner stands a tree house, known as the home of Aksakov. In this house, 1 October 1791 birthplace of the majestic writer. It should say little about the house. That house is one of the few, and perhaps the only survivor of the Ufa of the representatives of the 18th century. The house belonged to the grandfather of the writer, Nikolai Semenovich Zubov, who was an assistant governor of Ufa. It was a very highest rank, and the writer's grandfather Read more [...]
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The writer and his trail

Love your edge is different: you can simply love the place where he was born and grew up, this passive love. But there is also an effective love, when that love, you want to tell others and make them fall in love with it also. Yuri Mikhailovich Kurochkin is one of those happy-seekers who enriched themselves, enrich at the same time, and others. Kurochkin knows Ural and teaches love it. The Urals it was like it was deeply interested in the history, sought and found nuggets of its rich past, present his magnificent treasures. Pleased to recall in passing that there is a whole galaxy of the Urals, Read more [...]
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Pisanitsa URAL (stones pisantsy)

Pisanitsa URAL (stones pisantsy) monumental fig. performed on rocky outcrops in the valleys of the rivers. Vishery, Tours, Tagil, Shearing, Neiva, Irbit, Iset, Sergi, Ufa, Aya, Yuryuzan, Zilim, White, and on the lake. Large Allak and Argazi. Math. approx. 70 points where these memories. Fig. made of red paint dec. Colour: Regular. are iron oxides hematite and others. W., unlike others. regions with rock fig., Izv. only painting. Typically Fig. on the planes are arranged in groups of two or three or more figures, but the Math. and single fig. Often Fig. deposited on a rock on the way to several. Read more [...]
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Pioneer surgery Urals AA Mislavsky (1828-1914 gg.)

     Chairman Ural Medical Society NA Russian in a sketch of him, printed December 5, 1914 in the newspaper "Ural life", Wrote: "40 years ago, two charming name resounded in the Urals, a doctor Rudanovskogo in Nizhny Tagil and Dr. Mislavskiy in Upper Iset. These crowds flocked suffering not only from the surrounding countryside, but from distant Siberia. You should have seen their dispensary hospitals in time reception. Motley, heterogeneous mass of people waiting their turn to make the inspection and get advice. Just as thick pilgrims flocked from all sides to Read more [...]
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PINZHAKOV Vasiliy (1885, ECAT. 05.28.1938, Sverdlov.), Social and political activist. Of the family servants, incomplete higher education, pers. RSDLP (1904), 1918 bespart. Active participation. roar. movement. In 1905-07, on the instructions of ECAT. -ta RSDLP worked in the printing, was a fighting squad. In 1913 one of his hands. ECAT. Group of the RSDLP. Repeatedly arrested for roar. activity. After the February. roar. elected to the BP. Commission of the mountains. -ta societies. security, at one time was the deputy. prev. ECAT. Council office. dep. and mountains. -ta RSDLP. In April. 1917 Read more [...]
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Tansy - The left tributary of the river Pechora, Barents Sea. Takes place in the Russian Federation, the Republic of Komi. Length of 389 km, basin area 5470 km2. Tansy outflow from the lake. Yamozera on the Timan Ridge, near the border with the Arkhangelsk region. Flows in the upper reaches in uninhabited areas initially in the south-east, then east. To the confluence of the river is also known as the Light of the Pechora tansy (unlike Mezenskaya Tansy (inflow Mezen)). The average discharge of 55 m3/ S, more - above 800 m3/ Sec. Freezes in late October - early November, opened in late April - early Read more [...]
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CAVE LOG Located in the Lower Paleolithic p. Chusovoi (Perm. Region. Dobriansky district). Opened in 1939 M.V.Talitskim, was studied in 1951-52 and Bader V.I.Gromovym. In 1960-80 th memory. Inst. V.P.Denisovym, A.F.Melnichukom, P.Yu.Pavlovym. Stratified findings are not made. Collection of lifting material has 196 items. Fauna: mammoth, horse, sat down. deer, bison. For stone tools PL characterized by flat cores and right processed ostrokonechniki (rubiltsa), scrapers, large chopping tools bilateral processing provertki. Techno-morphological parameters collection stone tools PL can be dated Mousterian. Author: Pavlov Read more [...]
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CAVE WALL PICTURE first, Naib. early manifestations of fig. activity ancient us. U. Math. 4 caves on the South. W., in the k-ryh discovered wall paintings: Kapova, Ignatiev, Serpievskaya 2 and Muradymovskaya 2. Kapova Ignatievskaya cavities and kept up to several. dozens of fig. Pleistocene animals, symbolic signs, anthropomorphic creatures made red paint and black. Fig. these caves belong to the late Upper Paleolithic pore. These unique memory. on ter. D in their DOS. characteristics of the placement of figures in the depths of underground cavities, repertoire fig., structuring of underground Read more [...]
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Cave Shamakha

The cave entrance is a hole irregular shape. Privhodovaya part of the cave is a maze of passages watered. In winter, the water freezes here, and the border of ice moved into the cave at 120-130 meters from the entrance. Very long, about 500 meters, watered course, developing in a northerly direction, leads to the area koltsovok. Here begins a few moves in the west, north and south. Facilities in this part of the cave are small, the bottom is filled with their strong layers of clay with traces of time (repeated) streams. One of the moves, passing small grotto, stretches to the north and leads to Read more [...]
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Dry Cave Atya

Exploration of the cave began in 1959, when it was tested for a length of 200 metrov.Na this day the total length of the cave is studied moves 2,130 meters and the lowest point of the cavity is on the days of the siphon of the lake in the cave  "Unexplored." Large distance from the entrance to the distant caves - 250 m. Floor area - about 12,000 m2. The cave is a horizontal branched 3-storey karst cavity-Ponor corridor-type grotovogo complex shapes with areas of the maze. The cave entrance is on the right terrace of the river Atya, at a height of 5 m. Represents the arch, a width of 25 m and Read more [...]
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Cave Salavatskaya

Salavat cave is often confused with the cave Salavat Yulaev, which is further north on the river bank Yuryuzan. The difference in these caves with a similar title, not only in geography, and that in the cave, which is on the bank of the river Yuryuzan, according to legend, Salavat Yulaev really hiding from the royal troops. And in the cave of Gafuriyskogo area artist Arslan Mubaryakov Salavat Yulaev portrayed in the movie. It is not clear what motivated the famous director James Protazanov, decided to stay in the cave Salavat else, if you have an existing layout, but with the passage of time, the Read more [...]
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Cave Salavat Yulaev

Log in yuryuzanskuyu, cave Salavat Yulaev placed on the deepest days of the six-meter well enough. Entry width of about 2 meters, height - 1.5 meters. From the entrance into the cave leads to the reduction of a spacious corridor 3 meters high and 6 meters wide, ending in a small room. The total length of the cave is 54 meters. 5 meters from the entrance to the cave is a glacier that melts all year round. Glacier area is about 30 square meters. On the days of the well is also a snowfield pereletok not melting even in the intense heat. Difference in height between the entrance hall and the hall is Read more [...]
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Cave Salavat

Now we will talk about our Salavat cave that is in the area Ishimbai Bashkiria. People rumored to its title that it Bashkir State hero hiding from persecution royalties after the defeat of Pugachev. But let me, because this cave, called Salavat Refuge is located on the north-east of the country, in Salavat area, the home of Salavat Yulaev. For sure it is clear that it is in this cave he was hiding. Moreover, for you to say that in this cave Salavat Yulaev rode carefully on the stallion. Although there is a need to go on foot bent. But not about this cave now speech. How is it that here and there Read more [...]
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