Cave of Victory

In part there is a ten-privhodovoy thickness, the longest glacier in the caves of Bashkiria. Its area - 720 m2. The cave is developed by tectonic cracks latitudinal and trending. On this day, the length of the cave is 8130 meters, of them 230 - under water. Floor area - 39,400 square meters. m., volume - 229900 m3., an average width of 5.4 m moves, the average height - 7,1 m. Inmove to the cave is located in the right side of the plain p. Kinderli, at the base of a rocky outcrop at a height of 94 m above the river level Zilim. It has a trapezoid shape, size 12,0h7,0 m, and faces south. The cave Read more [...]
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Cave Laklinskaya

At the time, described the cave Laklinskyuu Simon Pallas. Wrote that the cave is so large that fit inside most highest pine. In fact not a big cave. Login is a archway, with the outgoing to the bottom of the course. On top, above the entrance there is a cross-cutting move in the rock of he a ring widths of about 3 meters. Once upon a time in ancient times it was the entrance to the cave, but then the stream that formed the cave Laklinskaya found out below.Cave Laklinskaya refers to the type of caves vserasprostranennomu Southern Urals it is formed in the limestone rocks. The total length of its Read more [...]
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Cave Kueshta

Cave Kueshta washed eponymous creek Kueshta. Gypsum, which is formed in the cave Kueshta are Kungurian stage Perm. It's more than 300 million years. Cave Kueshta has one corridor, which like beads strung on a thread 4 halls. Height of moves is not very big, because in some places have to go, or even ducking down on all fours. Quite a lot of rubble to regular gypsum caves phenomenon. As gypsum and anhydrite are very myagenko rocks. With all of this takes a continuous chemical leaching of gypsum and anhydrite, and the cave is constantly evolving.The truth is not the case for a long time on the Read more [...]
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Cave Kutukov-Sumgait

In the walls of the well is a huge number of niches and moves. The upper part of the shaft is exposed to erosion and is subject to rockfalls. Below 20 meters, the start portion, the walls of which are covered with ice year round. On the days of the well all year round snow. On the days of the first well in the subsequent descent begins, 35-meter shaft. Which leads to the lower level of the system. Once upon a time Galleries lower tier system outputs to a large underground river. Unfortunately, due to the rise in groundwater levels caused by construction Yumaguzinskoye reservoirs, underground tier Read more [...]
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Cave Kurgazakskaya

Cave Kurgazak or Kurgazakskaya located on the left bank of the river Ai, below the village of Megeve. By the banks of the river leaves the log in the right side of which, at a distance of a couple of hundred meters and the cave begins. Cave Kurgazakskaya not much. The total length of the passages it is 357 meters. This cave corridor type and consists of 3 rooms, connected with each other by corridors. From cave Kurgazaskaya fully available for at least some person without special training. Cave Kurgazaskaya stands on the thread of the popular rafting route along the river Ai, on to it as they say Read more [...]
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Cave Komsomolskaya

Entrance to the cave begins at the base of the karst outcrop, baffle creek bed, in narrow slit, at an angle of 45 degrees and a powerful obstruction of boulders. For obstruction begin corridors and small rooms, leading through a gallery opening to siphon at a depth of 78 m. Throughout the caves traces of mud and debris, brought here by water. During the vernal snowmelt cave completely flooded waters, which later slowly out through the narrow siphons. In Komsomolskaya can meet fascinating phenomenon, icicles and growths of clay.For the passage of the cave is quite 1st of days. You can reach it Read more [...]
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Cave Belfry (Bell). Serpievsky Cave Castle

Currently, the cave is a true pilgrimage. Justified it first in that cave to the Bell is not difficult to reach. Pretty down to 50 meters along the path from the clearing where you bring a bus or car. In the cave, the various lovers of unusual, places of power and other extraordinary crap arranged altar where to put small coins, candy and the rest of the offerings. Which naturally adds cave Bell beauty. Well at least the trees do not grow in caves. And that would be all festooned with ribbons.On the walls of the cave there are some scratched with a sharp object icons resembling runes. That's Read more [...]
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Cave Averkieva pit

From the bottom of the well on the steep descent from the blocks of limestone stone staircase lined with a few steps leading to the horizontal part of the cave, consisting of a system of narrow passages and huge caves. The total length of the passages Averkieva pit 130 meters, maximum depth of 28 meters. In the northern part of the cave all the distant part of the cave takes a huge underground lake. The depth of his right by the shore of 1.5 meters, width 6 and a length of about 10 meters. In the southern part of the cave is the next cave. Its length is 24 meters maximum width of 12 meters and Read more [...]
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Pechora River Shipping Company does not pay salaries to employees

The prosecutor's office is trying to assist as you can. Due to the non-payment of wages in the shipping company "Pechora River Shipping Company" Pechora transport prosecutor's office in February accepted response. The company does not take the necessary measures for the timely payment of wages. Debt has to 90 employees of the company. Pechora transport prosecutor's office in relation to the executive director of shipping company "Pechora River Shipping Company" made the decision to initiate an administrative case stipulated by paragraph 1 of Article 5.27. The Administrative Code (violation of labor Read more [...]
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Pechora (Novgorod, Kama-Pechora) dies

Pechora (Novgorod, Kama-Pechora) dies transit route along the watershed between r.Vogulkoy (Elovka tributary flowing into Beryozovka, bass. Kama) and r.Volosnitsey (a tributary of the Pechora River), 4 km long. In ancient times, dies used for the migration of tribes Kama and Pechora basin. For a long time served Cherdynskii merchants to transport goods. At the mouth of the marina was Elovka Yaksha 70 barns (capacity up to 400 thousand. Pounds. Bread). Permanently rented to the merchants to-rye contained services for the carriage of baggage. Actively used until 1918. Lit .: Krivoshchekov IJ Dictionary Read more [...]
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Pechora PARKING archaeological. memory. Resp. Komi, 30 km north of the city of Naryan-Mar, lower reaches. Pechora (Bolshezemelskaya Tundra). Refers to the type nedolgovr. parking. Excavations have been conducted. Ceramics dating back to the second floor. IV first floor. III millennium BC. (Developed Neolithic). Located in the upper reaches of one of the lion. tributaries of the Pechora River, near the shore of Lake. Material (pottery, flint implements) assembled on a small area to dispel the dunes of a cult. layer overlain by sand bars. Ceramics (approx. 100 fragments) belongs to the large thick-walled Read more [...]
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Pechenegs (Badzhinaki have of medieval. Eastern. Patsinaki authors or the Byzantine writers) tyurkoyaz. people, according to Arab writers, VIII- early. The IX. roamed the steppes of the Aral Sea region and the lower reaches of the Syr Darya. In the mid. The IX. P. were driven out of the Aral Sea region nomadic Oguz (Guz, Torquay). Regular. P. weight goes to the west of the Volga and the Don and 875 roams the borders of Kievan Rus' (according to the Nikon Chronicle). Part of the AP is in the Volga, having settled on the northeast. periphery Ur.-Volga steppes, on the ter. between Samara and Luke Read more [...]
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Printer revolution

    Now we have a pretty know in detail about the birth of a revolutionary Print Nizhny Tagil: found the first room newspaper "Work" for 1906, we heard a few leaflets, proclamations, proclamations and even satirical works during the First Russian Revolution. But we have little know about the people who risked their lives, created underground printing presses and printed them revolutionary publications. We have already mentioned Publishing Lebedihina. And found, collected by crumbs on separate memoirs new facts on the activities of one of the underground printing Bolsheviks Read more [...]
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Petukhov of p-tion n. to Coorg. region. Located 178 km to the south-east from Barrow. P. was DOS. at the end of the XIX century. as art. in relation to the page. railway near the village. Yudino.S entering railway in P. of land-hungry region. c. Russian immigrants were arriving to-rye in 1897 formed the townsmen Ascension, where the population of 750 people. In 1899 there is an association village. Yudin and Ascension quarter. The result was an Yudino Ascension of Petuhovskoy par. Ishim y. Tobolsk Province. In the beginning. XX century. here developed trade with / x Manuf., p. zd repair with Read more [...]
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ROOSTERS Alexander

ROOSTERS Alexander (25.8.1939, p. DiaNovosti Belozersky district Coorg. Region. 13.06.1976, Kurgan), painter and graphic artist. Graduated Sverdl. thin. School (1963). 1963-76 worked in Kurgan. Author of a series of watercolor landscapes Bash. (1974), paintings Zauralye Workers (1969), Bread Zauralye (1974), Still life with dry flowers (1974), a portrait of the poet K.Hudyakova (1970) and others. Prod. are PGHG, Magnitogorsk State. thin. Gallery, Tyumen. thin. Museum fig. claim., Coorg. region. thin. museum and private collections. A. Lit .: Lviv, Lutsk O. Alexander Petukhov. Barrow, 1989. Author: Lions Read more [...]
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Petrograd MOUNTAIN, PETROGROMSKY TYPE OF MONUMENTS archaeological. memory., playground met. Manuf. Sverdl. region., Pyshma, pos. Sagra, p. Poldnevaya tributary. Iset. Inst. E.M.Bers. PG plateau occupies three of the eight stone tents stretched chain from west to east along the ridge of the Petrograd. The height of the stone tents 8-14 m. Ref. material constitute findings of two cultures: Itkul (V-III centuries BC.) and petrogromskoy (second floor. I millennium AD.). Of facilities at the sites recorded 18 bases met. horns. Remains locked horns under the ash pan in the gray-brown humus with a high Read more [...]
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PETER CULTURE Culture bronze era titles. given by Naib. characteristic archaeological. complex settlement. and burial at p. Petrovka, located on the lion. bank of the river. Ishim in North-Kazakhstan region. PK preceded Alakul Andronovo culture kult.-ist. community, dating back to XVII-XVI centuries. BC, occupies a large ter. Zap., Sev. Ts and Kazakhstan, Yu-Zap. Siberia and southern. Trans-Urals. In addition, PK participated culture doseyminskoy (Seima-Turbinsky transcultural phenomenon) era Lv. region. Max. active role belonged Abashevo and early Abashevo-Sintashta (Abashevo culture, Sintashta) Read more [...]
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Sergey Petrov

Sergey Petrov (24. 09 (07.10) .1902, Kaluga 23.04. 1962, Moscow), historian and participation. CET. and the Second World War. Of the family servant. Graduated from the Institute of Red Professors (1934). From 1928 to 1931 worked as associate professor in Eq. Communist University are senior and scientific. employee in Uralistparte in Sverdl. From 1940 to work in Moscow. Author of works on the history of US beginning. The twentieth century. History roar. In 1917. Vol .: Bolsheviks in the Urals revolution of 1905-1907. M .; Sverdlovsk, 1931; Fighting dutovschinoy. Chelyabinsk 1937. Lit .: Gavrilov Read more [...]
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Mikhail Petrovich Petrov

Mikhail Petrovich Petrov (08 (21) .11.1905, der. Monashevo now Elabuzhskij district of Tatarstan 29.11.1955, Izhevsk), UDM. writer. Outcast. WWII. Rod. to cross. family. Graduated sovpartshkolu and UDM. Pedagogical Inst. He worked as an employee of the gas. UDM. Commune w. Hammer, cond. book publishing house. Reprinted with 1927 Max. Math. books of short stories and essays tooth for a tooth (1931), Through the Fire (1932), Sb. Spring poems (1934), the play servant (1931). On the subject of romantic poem Italmas P. (1945) composer Korepanov-Kamsky write one. ballet. In the novel Before the Dawn Read more [...]
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Peter I, the magnet-ore and Demidov

Famous name Demidov. The slightest move everyone who wore it, traced and races­historians did not publish a single country. Because Demi­parliament's granting, of course, was not so much a phenomenon of the Urals and Russian not only a world scale. For more, you can praise the family. And for that alone Nikita Demidov and his sons built in the Urals to the unusually short ne­period from 1702 to 1745 more than twenty major (even by European standards), iron and copper plants. And for an amazing revving, skill «amass day­gu»They did not add up in the capsule, and forced Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).