PETIPA Nadezhda

PETIPA Nadezhda (03 (15) .02.1896, -21.02.1977 Petersburg, Moscow), actress, Nar. Art. RSFSR (1955). Rod. in the family of the employee. Mother, a ballerina of the Mariinsky Theatre, the granddaughter of Marius Petipa, paternal sculptor M.A.Chizhova. Graduated from Moscow. Philharmonic School (1917). Starting stage activity associated with the theater and the suburbs of Moscow. 1924-31 worked in theaters in Lipetsk, Voronezh, Simferopol, Kazan, Irkutsk, Khabarovsk, Vladivostok, Krasnoyarsk, 1931 in Sverdl. Drama Theatre. Distinguishing actress, master of realistic scenic portrait. Roles: Lidia Read more [...]
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PETER-TAU (YULDASHEVSKOE) settlement, memory. Anan'ino, pjanoborskoj, bahmutinskoy des cultures. in. Resp. Bash., Ilishevsky district. Located 2.5-3 km from the village. YULDASHEVA in the estuary. Xun, on a high promontory under the name. Breaker, or Peter-Tau. In archaeological. literature of PA-TG Math. from the end of the XIX century. after publ. F.D.Nefedovym results of his excavations. Total Sq. AP-TG approx. 4000 m. m. On the floor side is protected by a double system of ramparts and moats, and on the north-west cape surrounded by the annular shaft forming the citadel. Inst. design Ext. Read more [...]
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PETENKIN Vasily Nikiforovitch

PETENKIN Vasily Nikiforovitch (1783, St. Petersburg. 1850 Votkinsk), a leading Representat. architect. rus. classicism U. first floor. XIX century. Rod. freedmen in the family, he studied at the surveying uch-School and in the drawing of the fleet at the arch. Ch.Cameron and A.Zakharov. From 1811 he worked at Goroblagodatsky z-dah. From 1822 until the end of his life he was the architect. Votkinsky h-huh. PA reconstruction by Kama-Votkinsky s da gene. Plan Votkinsk, buildings hospital church. Lit .: Alferov NS Architects of the old Urals. Sverdlovsk, 1960. Author: Kozinets LARead more [...]
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Song is often (or sooner)

Song is often (or sooner) one of the DOS. types of Russian folk. lyrical songs. At a certain thematic difference is more. common in musical and poetic systems and songs progolosnyh. However (Popularly referred to as cheerful, humorous, funny, etc.) differ optimistic, life-affirming emotional tone, a specific system of musical and thin. images. Contents due to the reflection of domestic peace in Russian. cross. tunes, usually accompanied by a characteristic priplyasyvaniem, pritoptyvaniem (in the dance), the content of the songs is revealed through expressive of facial expressions Read more [...]
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SONGS PROGOLOSNYE ancient genre in Russian. folklore, its origin is related to earlier periods in Russian. history. Title progolosnye, ie lingering, long, determine the nature of the chant. Progolosnye lyrical songs were created as a poetic form of expression of the relationship people. to the outside world, aesthetic and ethical ideas of patriarchal cross. Ideological and thematic composition of PP infinitely varied, can be identified as DOS. love and family, Delete (bandit) Soldiers., Burlatskii, yamschitskie, prison, etc.. Each group has its own theme, plot situations, his lyrical. Lv. PP generally Read more [...]
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Perun and gave them power to Hercules

Read more [...]
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Prospects for the development of natural parks

At the current time in the Chelyabinsk region is the design and creation at various stages of the subsequent national parks: Nature Park "Turgoyak" - Area 23.7 thousand. Hectares. - Includes monuments of nature - oz. Turgoyak and river Kushtumga. - 516 species of vascular plants. - Neolithic site on Lake Kysykul. - Peninsula of Faith - a place of pilgrimage of the Old Believers. Nature Park "Zigalga" - Area 84 thousand. Hectares. - The core of the park - mountain ridge Zigalga with well-preserved areas of mountain tundra. - Well presented glacial landforms Read more [...]
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Perovskaya Vasily

Perovskaya Vasily (11.9.1795, p. Pochel Chernigov Province. 12.08.1857, Alupka, Crimea), statesman. figure, Orenbah. military governor (1833-42), the gene-l-governor Orenbah. and Samara (1851-57). He studied at the Mosk. University, those school kolonnovozhatyh., participated in World War II 1812 In 1833 appointed Orenbah. lips. military governor. In this role, proved to be an energetic administrator and a military figure, an active promoter of the policy of the king, made in the south-east. outskirts of Russia. With him in the region evolved. x-raising, manufacturing industry., trade, merchants, Read more [...]
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PERM Vychegodskii

PERM Vychegodskii titles. people and land in the bass. p. Vychegda. In ist. literature of the second occurs Author. PV Perm Malaya. For the first time it is used, according to VNTatishchev, to the power of the book 967 In Chronicle PV listed among the nations, who paid tribute to Russia. In 1264 PV called Novgorod parish. In XIV-XV centuries. land PV gradually become dependent on Moskov. gos Islands; in 1333 under a contract with Novgorod Prince. Moscow began to receive tribute from Vychegda and finally, in 1471 Novgorod completely abandoned his possessions PV in favor of Moscow. In the XIV century. Read more [...]
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Great Perm

Great Perm Faculty of History and geogr. term for the land of the Upper Kama region. For the first time in Russian. chronicles mentioned in 1324, after 1708 disappears from the official doc-. Depending on the time it was given to dec. value. In the first half of the XIV. XV century. an independent ter.-watered. Association of us. rodanovskoy culture between the rivers Kama and Vishery from Colville. After becoming a part of Russia in 1451 and up to 1505 the principality controlled book. Velikopermskimi, formerly. appanage Prince. from the city Vereya (1451-81 Vol. Mikhail, 1481-1505 Vol. Matvey). Read more [...]
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PERM (1940-57 Molotov)

PERM (1940-57 Molotov) city, region. c. Perm. region. Located in the Urals on the river. Kama, in the estuary. Chusovoi 1386 km to the east of Moscow. Regular. in 1723 as a settlement. when Yegoshikhinsky Cooper s de at the village. Yegoshikha. In 1780 the village. received the status of to-ing became p. Perm. governorship, and in 1796 Perm. lips. In 1781-97, 1807-31 P. residence management of mountain s-ing W. P. Development contributed to its favorable location on the road from c. h. Russia in the eastern. region., the development of the shipping company on the Kama, p. Lv. gornoz-dskoy railway Read more [...]
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PERM secret societies (circle A.I.Ikonnikova)

PERM secret societies (circle A.I.Ikonnikova) illegal watered. org-tion. Formed in Perm in late 1860 early. 1861 Originally radical group in Sec. with A.I.Ikonnikovym part of the Educational Association of the local intelligentsia. Vlyanie significant for the issue of a roar. org-tion had exiled to Perm pers. Kharkiv and Kiev secret of the Society P.Efimenko. The structure of the hands. c. the Society also included A.Voskresensky, A.Morigerovsky and others. Num. org-tion amounted to approx. 40-50 people. On of set itself the task of promoting a change of the existing system in Russia. To this Read more [...]
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State Choreographic College

State Choreographic College created on the ba. Leningrad. Acad. Choreography uch-conductive im.A.Ya.Vaganovoy in 1945 first feature film. hands. EN Gendenreyh. The School prepares art. ballet classical dance. In 1992, a contingent of pupils of was 290 people, incl. Representat. United States, Japan, Mongolia, 48 teachers, among them 4 Honored. school teachers of the Russian Federation, 2 Nar. Art. Russia, Honored 1. Worker. claim-in. For years. existence prepared 900 Art. Ballet. In the formation and development of UCH-conductive great contribution Nar. Art. USSR Sakharova LP, Nar. Art. RF S.I.Sidorova Read more [...]
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PERM ELECTRICAL PLANT (AO Evestur) Regular. in 1946 in Perm for repair of electrical equipment, in a rum-cum. x of dire need. In 1953 the company was DOS. the first low power electric motors., the nomenclature to-ryh every city expanded. By the 1980s, zd became Mfr. asynchronous motors for dec. automated systems and devices, small washing machines, centrifuges, collector motors for welding equipment, cream separators, consumer electronics. Based on its own electric company no. kitchen appliances: electric coffee, grinder, universal kitchen machine. Max. s fame brought do Kama electric and electric Read more [...]
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PERM Experimental Jewelry-cutting factories

PERM Experimental Jewelry-cutting factories Regular. April 29. 1969 All-Russia. of CMV memory protection. History and Culture at Perm. region. Dep. Zd MY. jewelry, souvenirs based on the traditions of ur. Stone Carving Art Society of selenite gypsum, soapstone, jade, obsidian, turquoise and others. Among the products of mass production: breast ornaments, necklaces, earrings, pendants, bracelets, rings, toilet boxes, needle bar, souvenirs, and so on. D. In the beginning. 1970 thin. s da based on the study of enamel Usol'e developing technology jewelry painted on enamel, later received wide. fame. In Read more [...]
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PERM plywood mill

PERM plywood mill built in 1948-1956 in Nytva district of Perm. region. PFK major present-day. company with annual vol. 118-120 thousand. Cube. m plywood and communication. 140 thousand. Cube. m flakeboards (DSP). At night processed approx. 1500 cubic meters of timber on regular. zero waste Mfr. For the first time in the practice of industrial plywood. country built outdoor cooking bass. for hydrothermal processing of raw materials, commissioned mechanized line peeling, mechanized Sizer et al. objects. In 1958 the beginning. Manuf. plywood for export, in 1963 MY mastered. large-scale veneer, beginning Read more [...]
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Perm Opera and Ballet. Tchaikovsky

Perm Opera and Ballet. Tchaikovsky one of the oldest Russian. theaters. Beg. their work November 24, 1870 production of the opera Ivan Susanin by Glinka (A Life for the Tsar). The first two seasons in the theater troupe performed P.M.Medvedeva posing op., Op you and drama. Since 1894 in the repertoire incl. Only op. performances. In 1895, op. the theater was taken over by the mountains. theater management. Since 1902 surrendered to private entrepreneurs, and so on-you. The first op. season after roar. and civil. war theater opened in 1920 In 1926, the theater formed ballet troupe, which put in Read more [...]
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PERM SHIPYARD KAMA Regular. in Perm in 1931 for Mfr. river vessels. In the 1930s, built for rivers. W., Siberia and the Moscow-Volga Canal 135 powerful tugs. 150-200 hp and 50 boats. During the Second World War Vol. armored, corps artillery shells and mine-sweeping products. In 1950 again moved to the mfr. river and lake tugs. In 1970-80, spending radical reconstruction, the plant was started to produce Nefterudovoz river-sea class, seagoing tugs, trawlers seiners, service boats, as well as an extensive range of goods cum. consumption. Zd executed orders of Mongolia, having built 400-hp and 800-strong Read more [...]
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PERM Regional Museum (1938)

Perm regional LOCAL MUSICHER (1938) opened in 1890 as a scientific-Ind., 1924 Perm. State. Its origins were mining engineer N.N.Novokreschennyh (1st prev. Council muses.) F.A.Teplouhov archaeologist, botanist P.V.Syuzev zoologist S.L.Ushakov, MD P.N.Serebrennikov, naturalist C. I.Sergeev et al. In M. working fin .: nature Dosov. and owls. history. The funds of M. There are approx. 500 thousand. Units. Mts., from which one 210 thousand. falls on archaeological. collection, incl. material from the Paleolithic period to the first Russian. village, incl. metal castings famous perm. animal style. Numismatic Read more [...]
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Perm animal style

Perm animal style (Shamanic images Chud scapular, religious casting), bronze. thin. VII in plastic. BC XII century. BC Distributed in the forest and forest-tundra zone northeast of the Europe and the West. Siberia from the Kama-Vyatka to the watershed basin of the Yenisei-Ob. Study of a CCD beg. in the context. XIX beginning. XX century. All Inst. converge at the local origin of a CCD Apparently, we can talk about several. c. the emergence of this style, eg., Tomsk-Narymskaya Ob Kama, mining and forestry Zauralie. ANBalandin celebrates intimacy drevneur. graphic manner which was reflected, in particular, Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).