Perm State University. Maxim Gorky

Perm State University. Maxim Gorky opened in 1916 as a fin. Petrograd University. In 1917 he converted to Univ. The first rector prof. K.D.Pokrovsky. As part of the Univ functioning Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics., Physics, chemistry, Geol., Biological, Geogr., Ist., Philology., Law Faculty of you, 64 departments, postgraduate, doctoral, 3 special council to protect the Doctor. and 5 for the Protection of Candidate. diss., CB, problem lab., natures. Inst, EC, 5 muses. 2 uch.-experienced x-va, Biological Station, a botanical garden, a statutory publishing house, recreation center, a sports Read more [...]
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Perm State Technical University

Perm State Technical University (Until 1992 Perm. Polytechnic. Inst), founded in 1960 on the basis of Perm. mining, heavy machinery evening. in-tov and tehn. Faculty of Perm. State. Univ. The first rector prof. M.N.Dedyukin. As part of the Univ 10 ft-ing, Regional interdisciplinary p. retraining, Experimental Design Bureau, the tempo, rep. Engineering and Technology p. Powder Metallurgy, p. scientific. information technology, scientific-methodical Intercollegiate c. vneuch. work, regional c. Intern. cooperation, a subsidiary of Berezniki and others. division. 78 departments Univ has 1200 teachers Read more [...]
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Perm State THEATRE Regular. in 1926 as a theater servant. modezhi. Open 3/14/1927 performance Battleship Potemkin by G.Shengeli, 1931-38 I-th Level. Theatre office. youth based in Sverdl. worked in Kizel, Lysva Krasnokamsk. Since 1938, bore the name of Komsomolskaya Pravda, 1940-51 Molotov region. AMD. At the root of the theater stood Gurieva KA, Nikitin BM, Noskov EA The repertoire in Russian. and foreign classics, plays owls. authors. Recognition received performances: Our youth on V.Kinu (1933), C. Goldoni Servant of Two Masters (1934), Storm Ostrovsky (1936), Chekhov's Three Sisters (1947), Read more [...]
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Permian hatches

Perm disappointed seekers dungeons. It was not one of the "nail"Around which grew to legends, stories and messages. So the core, for example, was a famous tower Nevyansk for Sverdlovsk mysterious house Kharitonov for Solikamsk – Voivodship ancient house. There were, of course, bewilderment may be that our search is in Perm has become less honest, maybe some kind of historical mystery in the life of the city as an impermeable cap covering any events associated with the underground space? In "Permian province news", Sensitive to small sensations, for many years, not a single Read more [...]
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PERM (SYLVENSKIE) Tatars ter. group of Tatars living in DOS. in the bass. p. Sylva and living in 80 villages. in Perm., Lysvensky, Berezovsky, Kungur, Orda, Uinskoe, October, Suksun, Kishertsky and Chernushinsky district tries Perm. region. In 1908, P. () T. totaled 30 thousand. pers. According to the census of 1989 in 80 villages region. had the same number of Tatars. Besides P. () T. in Perm. region. live (preim. in servant. pos.) Tatars recent (XIX XX centuries). come with ter. Tatarstan and others. Regions of the Volga-Kama region. Only region. 150 thousand. Tatars: 111 thousand. (74%) with Read more [...]
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PERM (Barda) Bashkiria

PERM (Barda) Bashkiria sowing. group head. people (see .: Bashkirs) inhabiting ter. Barda district of Perm. region. Regular. place of settlement Wed for p. Tulve, a tributary of the Kama River. In 1908, P. (B). B. representing the tribe Hayn, totaled 37 thousand. Pers. According to the 1989 census there were in Bardymsky district of 25.5 thousand. Pers. (85% of us. District). In addition to PA (B). B. in Perm. region. live Bashkirs recent migrants Bash. Regular. anthropological type PA (B). B. suburalsky, lang. Tatar, close to Mishar dialect, religion Islam (with end of the XVII c.). Ancestors Read more [...]
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PERM Decembrists

PERM Decembrists Populist rev.-org-tion. In 1880 on the initiative of the student of Kazan University, the local native V.F.Kazakova in Motovilikha originated circle. It consisted of high-school students, seminarians and clerks VG Kuznetsov, E.V.Popov, A.I.Kuzovnikov, V.Gribel, A.Gulin et al. Subsequently circle widened. At the end of 1881 he was involved group Motovilikha slave. V.I.Pershin, V.F.Ermolin et al. Most active period of 1882-1883 in the activities of the org-tion. Recognized hands. at this time was V.A.Pomerantsev expelled from Kazan University for participating in student demonstrations. Read more [...]
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Perm Printing Factory GOZNAK

Perm Printing Factory GOZNAK leading enterprise Mfr. special types of paper, built in 1936 in Krasnokamsk Sverdl. region. For 1930-40 th f-ka MY mastered. communication. 60 tehn. complex types of paper, including performed tasks related to the 1947 currency reform in 1957 by the decision, made in the beginning. page. Goznaka printing factory in Perm, on the square. a swarm in 1959 was relocated Krasnokamskaya. In 1964 the company received a new Author. Perm. Printing Factory Goznaka. The company continuously improve Mfr .: in 1967 commissioned a paper machine for the production of banknote paper; Read more [...]
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Perm region (1940-1957 Molotov)

PERM REGION, (1940-1957 Molotov) formed on October 3. 1938 (spun off from Sverdl. Region.). Located in the Urals, h. STORE. W. slopes 68% lost. covered with forests. Chap. p. Kama, the climate is temperate continental (Wed January temperature. -15 To -18 C, in July 16-18 C). Pl. 160.2 thousand. Sq. km. Ts Perm. Includes Dr P. authors. env. In the region. '25 Population. 1939 2100 thousand. Pers., Was 40%. 1999 2978.6 thousand. Pers., Was 78.1%; nat. Ingredients: Rus. 83.8%, 4.9% Tatars, K. P. 4%, Bashkir 1.7%, 1.5%, Ukrainians, and others. MineralsPotash and others. Salts, oil, gas, coal, peat, Read more [...]
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PERM Regional Philharmonic

PERM Regional Philharmonic Regular. in 1936 as a fin. concert-tour desk Sverdl. Op. theater, then converted to Perm. Dep. Sverdl. Philharmonic. In the late 30's became an independent concert org-tion. Her first cond. Belokopytov AA In 1993, the creative team was represented by F. Soloists Ensemble Singers of Russia (thin. Arms. Honored and conductor. Worker. Arts of the Russian Federation Vladimir Novik), Russian quartet. cum. tools Loaf (thin. arms. Zgogurin OV), pop ensemble Illusion (thin. arms. Nar. art. Danilin RF VN), the illusory theater Smile (hud.ruk. Bastryakov VI) show group of Appetite Read more [...]
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Perm Circumnavigation

Perm village South -Kamsky-Osa-village Anna's White Mountain village Kalyakina village Mazuvyako Kungur -selo Kylasov Perm Trail bike (can be on mopeds) Length of 333 km. Duration of trip: 6-8 days. Best time to go: June and August.Circular route passes through the battle Pugachov units with the imperial troops, through settlements,  which once worked mint and other plants, gives a good idea about the economy and the nature of the south-west of Perm  edge.Perm-n. Yugo-Kamsky. 60 km The description of this section of the route is given in the route Rostral Votkinskaya HPP  Village  Read more [...]
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PERM DISASTER defeat owls. troops in the district of Perm (29 11.1918 06.01.1919) as a result of implementation of the plan white com. (Prick. Commander V.G.Boldyreva from 10.09.1918) to connect to the forces of gene la E.K.Millera S. and traffic on Moscow. The task entrusted to the Siberian arm. (Com. P.P.Ivanov-Rhinow), Ch. blow inflicted ECAT. group (com. R.Gayda), the role of distraction and Bound level assigned Perm. group (com. S.N.Voytsehovsky) total 68.5 thousand. bayonets, 5.2 thousand. sabers, 230 machine guns, 70 guns. They were opposed by units of the 2nd Army Eastern. fr., 5th Level., Read more [...]
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Perm wooden sculpture

Perm wooden sculpture phenomenon in Russian. cult plastic. In the XVII century. work was done in the tradition of Old Russian. Thread (volumes compiled, forms the planar frontal compositions and immobile). Traditional multicolor painting. For works of the XVIII century. Characteristic features of the Baroque style. In end of the XVIII c. appear to work with elements of classicism. In the XIX century. People developed a primitive form of baroque vary. The meeting focused PGHG approx. 370 memory, incl. work D.T.Domina, N.T.Filimonova, N.M.Kiryanova. Lit .: Serebrennikov NN Perm de roaring sculpture. Read more [...]
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Perm province

Perm province formed by the decree of December 12. 1796 instead of Perm. governorship established May 7, 1780 (the Siberian province). Incl. ter. Rec. and east. slopes Avg. and North. D is subdivided into 12 y. Bordered on the west by the Vyatka Province., On the north by the Vologda, on the east by the Tobolsk, on the south by Orenbah. and Ufa. Ts Perm. Pl. 291 thousand. Sq. miles. Population. PG at the turn of XVIII -XIX centuries. 940.2 thousand. Pers., According to the 1897 census 3018.3 thousand. Citizens in 1897 accounted for 6% of us. Ab absolute majority of us. cross. (95.2%). Nat. of the Read more [...]
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Perm State Art Gallery

Perm State Art Gallery opened in 1922 on the basis of collections thin. muses., until 1927 was part of the Permian. State. muses. First cond. A.K.Syropyatov. Great contribution to the development of music. N.N.Serebrennikov made from 1925 to 1949 and headed it until 1960 worked Ch. custodian. The funds, there were more than 40 thousand. Units. Mts., of to-ryh collection Stroganov icons, icons and cum later. iconographic primitive early XVIII. XX century. Cult wooden sculpture XVII-XX centuries., Manuscripts and early printed books. Eng. claim of XVIII-XIX centuries. represented by Mfr. Russian Read more [...]
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Perm State Medical Academy

Perm State Medical Academy 1 is formed (14) Oct. 1916 as a fin. as part of Physics and Mathematics. Faculty of Perm. Univ. Since 1917 becomes f-that. In 1931, transformed into independent higher Account. institution. The first rector N.F.Bolshakov. As part of the Acad. Four Faculty: medical, dental, pediatric, Postgraduate Medical. 71 Department of the university employs more than 400 teachers (50 Drs and 350 PhD. Sciences) and 6 thousand students are studying. Annual Vol. is more than 1 thousand. specialists. In Acad. developed scientific. School, received recognition at home and abroad: surgery Read more [...]
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Roll call of enterprises

"We were forge weapons Victory"     1 What was the contribution to the victory former "secret" factories and industries?     2 What is today proud labor groups? FSUE ""Uralvagonzavod":     1 The world's largest Ural Tank Factory №183 Comintern was established in August 1941 to address the State Defense Committee. At its territory evacuated 13 companies from western regions of the Soviet Union is more than 3 000 units Equipment and about 70 thousand. On UTZ under leadership of Yuri Maksareva first time in world created Read more [...]
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Roll - Suitable for plain rivers form of bottom topography formed deposits sediment, usually in the form of wide ridges intersecting channel at an angle to the general direction of flow, causing its deviation from 1 bank to another. In other words, the melkovodny section of the river bed, usually having the form of a shaft with a gentle slope facing upstream, and the steep &# 8211; downstream. Prerequisite for the formation of sills is uneven scour aqua flow. Rolls are often found in areas of expansion of the floodplain, near the mouths of tributaries.Read more [...]
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PEREYMINSKY BURIAL archaeological. memory. Tyumen region., Tyumen district. Located on an elevated ridge of the southern shore of Lake St. Andrew's. against the second Pereyma. Consists of weakly expressed mounds with diameters of 6 to 10 m, elongated along the edge of the terrace. VN Chernetsov excavations in 1952 excavated 13 graves. By the nature of the rite of burial PM divided into two groups. Regular. group consists of burial under mounds, often collective. Near the burial pits at the horizon were the ancient sacrificial bonfire complexes with vessels decorated with comb-Corded patterns, Read more [...]
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Pass in safe hands

   "First working shift carried change Volkov. Supervisors Crimping stand Comrade. Timashov and finishing mill Comrade. Agzamov under the guidance of the master Volkova about five o'clock in the evening on Sunday, January 25 rolled the first batch of round billets".    This news report 25 years. As much as on the issues Steel Mill products heavy section shop. In record time, just one year, the builders erected a powerful rolling mill "650", And just as quickly mastered distributors it metal production, the necessity of public economy of the country. Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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