First railway locomotives Gornozavodsk

After the first experiments with Cherepanovs locomotives in the Urals came a relative lull. Skinny Russian state treasury barely cope with the construction of a strategic railway line St. Petersburg and Warsaw. A Crimean War 1853-1855's finally undermined the country's finances. In connection with this broad construction of railroads in the Urals has been undertaken only in the 70s of the XIX century. Branch Perm Ekaterinburg Nizhny Tagil was launched in 1874 It was built by the best engineers of the time VF Golubev and BA Rippas. For starvation wages -30-50 cents per day worked on a construction Read more [...]
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First Komsomol 20s

    Every spring and summer the square at the CDC "Contemporary" tested various trade fairs. In those days, are usually crowded. But this is not attracted to my attention. I regret to see the majestic Memorial monument to the first Komsomol members of the Lower Tagil mounted opposite "Contemporary". During fairs at its foot and on the stairs there is a brisk trade, and anyone do not care about the fact that it is impossible so to treat its history.     Why is this much I affected? I was familiar with the first Komsomol 20-ies of the last Read more [...]
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The first spring flood in the Rostov region on the Don

  Over the weekend, as a result of surges in the Sea of ​​Azov and the Don River as a consequence of the rising waters came flooding of several localities of the Rostov region. Emergency situation formed in the territories of Azov, Neklinovsky areas and the town of Azov. In the inundation zone were 21 settlements with a full population of more than 5,000 people and over 2,000 households. In the town of Azov and the Azov district authorities decided to introduce a state of emergency. For the provision of assistance to the affected population and evacuation for 19 hours on March 24 was Read more [...]
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PERVUSHIN Ivan Mikheevich

PERVUSHIN Ivan Mikheevich (01/09/1827, pos. Lysvenskiy s da Perm. Y. Perm. Lip. 29.06.1900, s.Mehonskoe Shadrinsky y. Perm. Lip.), A mathematician, a priest. Rod. in the family of the clergyman. He graduated from the Kazan Theological Acad. (1852). 1856-84 taught at Perm. Theological Seminary and served as a priest in the village. Zamaraeva Shadrinsky y. Perm. Province. Shadrinsk (1884-87), and c. Mehonskoe Shadrinsky y. AP showed that the number 2 in 61 power minus one (261-1) simple (it is the most used. Prime, Izv. While still in mathematics called number PA) amounted Table. prime numbers up Read more [...]
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6 Grishanin and Catherine Vazhenina filmed in the village Snegirevo house on the same yard with the owners. Under a canopy put Workbench. Whole days of Constantine planed, hewn, sawed, glued dressed boxes, chests with unusual carved caskets with zamudrennymi locks. Work helped: everything in life is becoming clearer and simpler. Hosts litsezrev his skill, ordered him to put trim to the windows, carvings decorate powerful chests, bunk, her shrine. The rent paid off. Neighbors came with orders for boxes and chests. Vera Katerina and Sergei helped Grishanin. He gets off the gate houses thread, put Read more [...]
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Pervouralsko STOCK COMPANY OPEN Chrompick

Pervouralsko STOCK COMPANY OPEN Chrompick chemical company with br. range of products. Original titles. Business Shaitansky chemical zd, founded. in 1915 approx. Pervouralsk Perm. lips. The first products -bihromat sodium (sodium potassium bichromate) and potassium dichromate (potassium potassium bichromate) was no. in a quantity of 135 tonnes in 1915-19. After civil. War zd was restored in 1920-24 significantly expanded, which allowed each year no. to 3000-3200 tons of sodium and potassium bichromate 700-800 m. In the 1930s, based on the reconstruction of organized Mfr. sodium sulphide, chromic Read more [...]
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PNTZ In 1730-32 on the western. slope of Eq. Range 40 km from the ECAT. Demidovs was built chug.-lit. and iron-zd, won titles. Vasilyevskaya-Shaitansky after Vasily Demidov, the grandson of the founder of the dynasty. Regular. products of the company have been cast iron, sheet metal and iron host. casting. After civil. War of 1918-20, nationalized and destroyed zd has been restored, refurbished flatting and auxiliary shops and beg. Manuf. ostrodefetsitnoy new products, locomotive flue pipes. The first trumpet meter length Mfr. in the beginning. 1920, and the company received titles. First Level. Read more [...]
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Pervoural'sk oblast town, situated on the western slope of the Ural mountain range in the vicinity of the watershed, which forms the border between Europe and Asia. City is on the right high and steep bank of the river. Chusovoi, 46 km west of Sverdlovsk, on the main electrified railway Sverdlovsk—Kungur Perm and is connected to the railway line with the Revd. The territory administratively subordinated Pervouralsko, are also areas of electrified railways Kazan Moscow and Sverdlovsk Chusovaia Berdyaush (West-Ural). Pervoural'sk runs through Siberia-Moscow highway with heavy freight and passenger Read more [...]
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PERVOURALSK city ​​region. subordination Sverdl. region., located 46 km to the west of ECAT., at p. Chusovoi in the immediate vicinity of the dividing range, according to the rum-passes geogr. The boundary between Europe and Asia. The first settlement. arose in 1732 when p. at p. Shaytanka V.Demidovym Vasilyevskaya-Shaitansky s iron-smelting, yes. In 1760 there was built the Upper Shaitansky iron-zd. In 1915 he was put into effect the chemical zd by Mfr. chromium compounds and sulfuric acid. Residents of the village. engaged forge dressing yellow. utensils, Mfr. c / x tools. Mn. were tailors, Read more [...]
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Pervoosvoiteli edge Tumasheva

Capture of Kazan and Siberian kingdom dramatically changed ha­characters of the colonization of the Stone Belt. In fact, before these events, there was a frontier zone, guarded garrisons rare, and any settler was forced to reckon with the danger and threatens daily disastrous foray armed hordes. Dare to live here or Cossacks tumbleweed that themselves were, in fact, just­boynikami, or those who are in this troubled area tried, of course, firmly at the risk, establish trade exchange. Koh­yes same Ural territory became almost the middle of the bridges­Markov land, the settlers already Read more [...]
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Initial colonization of the Urals man

Check-Urals man was long and difficult process. It took place at different times and from different areas and the nature of­Call of discontinuity. Populated places that were left, then re-mastered. This was largely due to changing geometry­graphical environment: in an era froze­tions arose glacial, mining and water-ice barriers in the interglacial epoch barriers water [26, p. 21-22]. Ancient monuments in the Urals date to the Mousterian drevneka­alternating century (Paleolithic). They are still rare and are found on all pro­Pulling from the Ural Mountains to the South Polar Read more [...]
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City championship has gone beyond

     Open Championship City Figure Skating "Tagilskaya icicle" held in the Palace of ice sports behalf VK Sotnikov.     – Past few years, these events have gone beyond Nizhny Tagil. This year, the fight for first place came the young skaters from Ekaterinburg, Chrysostom, Orenburg, Krasnouralsk. Unfortunately, this year's participants less than usual, about 250 people, as our Championship City coincided with major competitions in Pervouralsk – said figure skating coach school sports "Satellite" Anna Boldin.     Age Read more [...]
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First Olympics

    In 1924, our city conducted the first Olympics. Whereas in Nizhny Tagil district council consisted of the city and settlements north and north-east Sverdlovsk region. Therefore, the competition athletes came Nadezhdinsk (Serov) Alapayevsk Petrokamenska, Kytlyma. Tagil set by two teams: team of the city and the HDD (Perm piece of iron road).     77 strong, smart, tanned participants Olympics marched along the paths of the city park. That day of athletics and water tracks, sectors for jumping and throwing, football and basketball arena saw the words Mayakovsky "muscles Read more [...]
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FIRST RUSSIAN REVOLUTION Democratic roar. 1905-1907, to the paradise led to the modernization of watered. system of Russia. W. rise roar. movement early. not since Jan. 1905, and in May, when there was 37 strikes a slave. 35 thousand. participation., ie 2 times more than in the preceding 4 months. In March 1905 in Alapayevsk during the strike originated first in the country the Council office. dep. In April. The Council was formed in Nadezhdinskoye, and then under dec. titles. in Motovilikha, Nizhny Tagil, ECAT., Ufa, Zlatoust, Izhevsk and others. Y and z-dskih pos. U. Their total count in the Read more [...]
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The first music school

    The first musical School in these days of spring meets the 75-year anniversary. More 3000 young tagilchan got here music education. Many graduates have become professional musicians and continue creative life, begun in the native land.     Children's Music School №1 one of the oldest in the area and is the first in our city. Back in 1935, when in the Lower Tagil just started construction industrial giants, the opening music School was a great cultural event. Thanks to the energy and remarkable organizational ability of the first director Alexandra Alexandrovna Read more [...]
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FIRST WORLD WAR global armed conflict between the two groups in the state-of the division of the world in 1914-18. Had a significant impact on the Social-economic and polit. At position D W. prom. in 1914 moved to MY. military products, increasing its Mfr. to Ser. 1915 2-4. Perm. zd MY. large-caliber shells, Izhevsk rifle. Stable working state-owned met. s-dy. Negative impact on the work of the local prom. disorganization of the w / d of transport, lack of office. hand, the lack of fuel and raw materials. In the first year of the war as a result of mobilizations with ur. z-ing took 22.3% of the Read more [...]
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First Love

Currents of the highest frequencyEvening that last Friday, have all gathered, BabShura instructed: - Do you have any youth and urban, but hands you grow from the right place. Will not get lost. Sunday will be back uzho. A zaplot not it right there? Yes, do not forget about the chickens. Oh, the guest, the house current I did not sleep! - Do not worry you BabShura! Go to health. Everything will be fine. While she linked the own node with goodies, I came out of the house to see what there is to zaplotom. This is local - the fence. From the gate to the courtyard garden. And there with 3 sides Read more [...]
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The first woman doctor

Read more [...]
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The first global exhibition industry took place in London

        In the middle of the XIX century, the urban population of England is brought to agriculture, which was the result of intensive industrial development of the country. The monopoly position of England in the field of industry and trade reached its peak. Trains won over all other means of land transport. Industrial expansion was observed throughout the world. The railway network in Europe and America has increased several times. In 1851 in Russia was opened railway Moscow Petersburg. Worldwide marine screw steamers began to replace sailing ships. Freight Read more [...]
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FIRST ARMY OF LABOR military formation of Cr. Arm., Used in 1920-1922 in the cum. x-ve. Created under specific conditions early. 1920 Owls. Rep., winning a number of decisive victories in French. CET. war started peaceful households. page. However, the danger of a military attack persisted. This made it impossible even partial demobilization of the arm. Initiative on the use of military units in cum. x-ve proposed PBC 3rd Army (com. M.S.Matiyasevich, pers. P.I.Gaevsky PBC), supported Lenin (see .: MSS T.51, p.115). January 15. 1920 Co-vet office. and the cross. Defense renamed third arm. the 1st Read more [...]
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