Patriotic tragedy

Posed Cyril Strezhnev "White Guard" (Vladimir Kobekin and Arcadia Zastyrets based on the novel Misha Bulgakov) - it's a disaster, by definition, in the highest, the Aristotelian sense. Downright text: transition generous heroes from happiness to misfortune and of mandatory catharsis at the end. Strategos leads everyday use example: sculpture Michiya Argos kills culprit death of Michiya, falling on him. As you know, sculpture (like brick) for no with this on his head no one falls. But the heroes of "The White Guard" did not wait for the fate of the current triumph of justice in this world - is rendered Read more [...]
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Stepchildren history (Volkovskoe workshops)

     In the new economic conditions more acutely the question arises about the monuments of the domestic industry. Need to preserve them in time worth bothering needs no proof. Such work has already been carried out in all the advanced capitalist countries. In particular, one of the British magazine wrote: "Yes, they were often dark and satanic, but the structure and machinery of early industrial period at that time were exciting, romantic and attractive. They can charm no less than any Saxon church or house of Tudor period, and this increasingly gaining universal acceptance".     Read more [...]
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PASTUKHOV Edward A. (09/07/1934, pos. Vassilievo Gorodetsky district of Gorky region.), Metallurgist, Corr. Russian Academy of Sciences (1994), Dr. Chem. Sciences (1978). Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from the UPI (1957), 1957-62 and since 1965 at the Institute of Metallurgy, Ural Branch of RAS (1980 head. Laboratory simult. 1985-92 deputy. Cond. On scientific. Work). One skilled in the region. high-temperature metallic and ionic melts. For the first time in the domestic and foreign practice applied the method of X-ray analysis of melts. Publ. more than 150 scientific. works, Read more [...]
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PASTUKHOV Ivan (11 (23) .11.1887, Izhevsk 1918 Izhevsk), rev., A member of the RSDLP (1905) Rod. a hereditary office. family in 1900 after the end of the 2-Cl. uch-conductive worked as an apprentice turner tool shop Izhevsk arms h-huh. In 1910 he was arrested, released for lack of evidence. He worked at the Nadezhda s de, and since autumn 1913, St. Petersburg. at the Putilov factory, then s de Lessner. In July 1914 he was arrested for the roar. activities and put in crosses. Sentenced to 2 years exile, to-Rui served in s.Kolmogorovo Antsiferov par. Yenisei Province. After a roar. arrived in Izhevsk. Read more [...]
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Passengers on the Neva were taken illegally

This weekend 8 and 9 June 2013 in St. Petersburg on the Neva River employees Northwest Transport Prosecutor's Office together with the police ATS truck have inspected for compliance with the laws on the safety of navigation.  As a result of the inspection revealed the illegal passenger traffic on domestic aqua (water) transport. So, the ship "Passion" is not passed in the Russian River Register of the yearly examinations, but owner was carrying on board more than 20 passengers for hire. With all of this License to embody this kind of activity on the ship was missing. Also on this ship were missing Read more [...]
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Passport Visimsky Elder

     Elm one of the most ancient materials, which were used in our country for the letter. Everyone knows the famous birch bark have been found by archaeologists during excavations in the ancient Russian city of Novgorod, Pskov, Staraya Russa, Smolensk, Ryazan. All of them date back to the XI-XV centuries. But the bark is used for writing to a later date. In the Urals found birchbark documents even XIX century. However, there are extremely rare, and each of them has a great historical value.     The funds of the Sverdlovsk historical and revolutionary museum store Read more [...]
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Brocade I, II, III

Brocade I, II, III parking the Mesolithic. Resp. Komi, Ust-Kulom rn, p. Parch. Located on the lion. bank of the river. Vychegda in areas Kyrkosch 2.5 km downstream from the s. Parch. Memory. occupy 80-100 m. m on a slightly distinguished by their height (4-5 m) section of the floodplain terraces p. Vychegda. P.I open AVVolokitina, E.S.Loginovoy, L.G.Romatskoy. Total number of findings 2.6 thousand. They are all made of flint, with the exception of two guns of quartzite pebbles and a single-rod suspension of sandstone. Much h. Split flint and broken products selected to each other, allowing you Read more [...]
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Guerrilla movement (red)

Guerrilla movement (red) Partisan. movement in the rear white. began in the summer of 1918, it showed the beginning ch. arr. the actions krasnoarm., krasnogv. parts and neg., cut off from Ch. owls. voor. forces who are forced to move to the position of the guerrillas. They were joined by the actual partisan., Just arisen neg. Largest partisan. compounds become Lv. partisan. arm. (Formally known as Free Ur. Neg.) And Birsk partisan. br. Lv. arm. formed in mid-July 1918, Beloretsk s de Verhneuralskiy y. Orenburg province. and its District. Beloretsk mountain env. owned and operated krasnogv. units Read more [...]
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Guerrilla movements (WHITE)

Guerrilla movements (WHITE) armed struggle against the Bolsheviks in the spring and summer of 1918 was preim. rebel guerrilla. White finished the regular army was not. Illegal military groups during the fighting unfolded in neg. In DOS. they occurred in a setting of natural recovery. cross., office., etc.. groups of us., opposed the dominance of owls. authorities of the indemnities, prodotr., repression, etc. Ch guerrilla forces White W. broke the rear battle order red neg. with V., from Siberia and Trans. One of the major foci belopovstancheskogo movement began in Zlatoust. Ufa Province. Anti-Bolshevik Read more [...]
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Steamboat dilizhanets

    Construction of the first Russian steam locomotive was completed in about August 1834 on Vyisky "mechanical Factory" project under the guidance of a talented self-taught inventor, the main mechanical plants of Nizhny Tagil District (from 1823 g) Yefim Alekseyevich Cherepanov, son serf laborer Vyisky village.     The first demonstration ppered tagilchanami and factory bosses "Steamship Impuls"Or "land steamer"As it was known locomotive held on September 5, 1834 under the leadership of son Miron Efimovich Cherepanov. Father EA Cherepanov Read more [...]
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Steam ark of the covenant of the drowned

Real Ghosts Convergent acute angle bay Kama Reservoir underlined coastal mountain, leaning to the water wide of the Permian Komi cheek mound in the cedar bristles. From the south it is flying boom especially for longish gornozavodskogo Urals dam. Point where the flock fast horizontal pin to the primary imperative Landscape Drawing sudden perpendicular - smoked factory chimney. Ring in the octagon, a bit of heel rises straight from the Kama water as if supplies breathing air sunken Atlantis, gone into the thick icy gloomy and mysterious time civilization that once was amazing feral edge wonders Read more [...]
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Locomotives to paint in bright colors

In the postwar period (1945-1950 gg.) When tagilchane, like the entire country until 1947, lived in the "cards", food products prepared with coupons. Ideas about them today's young people do not have. Do not know about the queues and occupied in the evening until the next day. They stand in the cold or in bad weather in grain stores and stalls. And the older generation it should be remembered. We have a train station, in Nizhny Tagil, apron hanging bell ringing to alert passengers of the departure of the train. One call to get ready for departure, the train leaves two calls. It was a signal not Read more [...]
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Locomotive as a gift

    In mechanical-repair shop Uralvagonzavod accustomed to working with heavy equipment and bulk metallurgical production, which comes here to upgrade. Therefore, the locomotive of the XIX century, looked in the spacious shop with high arches like a toy.     And yet it is precisely this locomotive invented 170 years ago Cherepanov, serfs breeders Demidovs father Yefim A. and son Myron E.. As History shows that in August 1834, the first Russian steam locomotive was "launched on kolesoprovody". He was carrying 3.5 tons of cargo from speeds up to 15 miles per Read more [...]
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Vasily Parin

Vasily Parin (18 (31) .03.1903, Kazan 15.07. 1971, Moscow), a physiologist, Acad. Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1966) and the Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR (1944), Dr. med. Sciences (1941), akad.-secretary. (1947) and Vice President (1966) Academy of Medical Sciences of the USSR. Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from PSU (1925), since 1932 head. department at the University, from 1933 to SHMI, from 1940 dir., from 1941 he worked in Moscow. P. scientific founder. school psychologists. Publ. more than 320 works, including 8 books on the physiology of circulation, space Read more [...]
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Paris, 1900

This unique medal is stored in the collection of electrical housing and operational control number 7 Metallurgical Plant Viktor Blokhin. She - a symbol of recognition of the Urals mountain glory at the first World's Fair in Paris in 1900. Russian mining department here was one of the most extensive. Of the Tagil and Lysvinskogo gornozavodskih districts Lunevskih coal mines were exhibited coal samples of iron and manganese ores, gold, platinum, copper, malachite and other minerals. And although the Ural plants looked "not with the desired fullness" exhibition made such a strong impression that Read more [...]
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Parahodny dilizhanets

First Russian steam locomotive - 150 yearsConstruction of the first Russian steam locomotive was completed around August 1834 on Vyisky "mechanical factory" project under the guidance of a talented self-taught inventor, chief mechanic factories Nizhny Tagil district (with 1822) Yefim Alekseyevich Cherepanov, the son of a serf village laborer Vyisky. The first demonstration in front of the factory bosses and tagilchanami "steamship Impuls", or "land steamer," as they called locomotive, held September 5, 1834 under the leadership of his son Miron Efimovich Cherepanov. Father - EA Cherepanov Read more [...]
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PARAMONOV Alexander Nikititch

PARAMONOV Alexander Nikititch (10 (22) .04.1874, s.Perelevka Zemlyanski y. Voronezh province. 13.10.1949, Moscow), painter, graphic artist, and teacher. Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from the St. Petersburg. center. uch-School tehn. Drawing of Baron AL Stiglitz (1898; teachers G.I.Kotov, G.M.Manizer, VV Mate, VE Savinskiy). 1900-1905 he taught in it. In 1905-1917 he worked in ECAT. hud.-prom. School, 1918-28 to Ur. thin. college. From 1928 he lived in Moskov. Author portraits of partisan F.Gulyaeva (1926) and writer P.P.Bazhova (1925), graphic I.Michurina, Chkalov, A. Stakhanov Read more [...]
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Paradoxes Akinfiy Demidova

Industrial miracle made by those who deftly holding a hatchet, artfully stacked in the factory wall of bricks, held ore drifts, stood at the melting hearth, some sixth sense guessing the mysterious process of turning ore into metal ringing. But we should not ignore is the role and achievements of the first Demidovs. Eugene Permjak in his memoirs about Bazhova recalls: «Pavel Petrovich said, and said more than once that someone just did not drop the Demidov in rumor and in the literature, and almost nobody raised». Himself Bazhov last years of his life much deliberated «Founders» Read more [...]
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Read more [...]
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Formal portrait, or paradoxes Akinfiy Demidova

One time I was very unhappy with this portrait. According to the then my version, Demidov Akinfii just one and a half years before his death experienced tragedy or something like that. At least, I thought that «the highest case» his audience with the Empress Elizabeth's and royal favor, and at the same time the collapse of ambition mountain ruler, frustration, and his great adventure. After all, he, fearing denunciation, had told the empress of their silver mines, and he gave them, and so destroyed the foundation of its silver mining empire, which created almost half a century. Such Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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