Flooding in rivers Oka and Moscow are expected to historical averages

Flood, flood &# 8211; is significant flooding areas as a result of the rising waters of the river, the lake during snowmelt, rainfall, wind surges. In the metropolitan area during the vernal floods can be expected river flooding - Volga, Oka, Moscow, Klyazma Pakhra. Each year in the Moscow region in the spring exposed floodwaters.  From April to May, the rise in water levels on water bodies to achieve the full marks, there is a possibility of flooding of certain areas Lukhovitsky, Kolomna, Ozersky, Serpukhov, Stoupinsky, Kashirskoe urban areas. Subjected to flooding of roads and low areas Read more [...]
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Flood events in the rivers of Russia

In the lower reaches Volga over the last day saw the rise of the level at 0.1-0.6 meters in connection inflated dumping water Volgograd hydroelectric power. The Republic of Tatarstan resumed vernal development processes with increasing water levels in the rivers 0.4-1.3 meters - Sviyaga, Kubni, Kazanka, Sheshma and others. On the river below the village Ulema Aleberdino congestion ice profit amounted to 2.5 meters of water per day, began flooding the coastal part of the village. In the Penza region in the vicinity of the village on the River Ouse cherd tributary Sura was a sharp increase in water Read more [...]
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Flood events in the Tambov region

As a result, saturated melting snow on the ground Tambov region in the inundation zone were 117 residential homes and 30 town houses in the town Kirsanov. On the scene evacuated 240 people, including 18 kids: 203 people, 18 of them children sent to relatives, 8 people are in temporary accommodation Fri. April 2 at the end of abundant snow melt water from the fields went into the river Pursovka, then took her spill. Water level rose by half a meter, which led to flooding of streets: 2nd Quay, Ukhtomskii Dzerzhinsky, the Communist town Kirsanov Tambov region. Now the water level decreased by 30 Read more [...]
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Flood events in the Saratov region

Now in the morning as a result of flood processes in the Saratov region were flooded twelve low water bridges in Ivanteevsky, Lysogorsky, Atkarsk, Samoilovsky Rtishchevsky areas and also one way in Perelyubskaya area. As a result, the water level rises in the river Bear in the town of Petrovsk flooded 69 residential buildings (in homes there is no water), organized 6 boat crossings. Prepared 3 Fri temporary accommodation, but as long as the inhabitants of flooded houses to evacuate shall be removed. Has been a drop in water level in 3 urban areas (Baltaysky, Romanovsky and Red Army) in which previously Read more [...]
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Flood events in the Voronezh region

Since March 31, on the ground of the Voronezh region regime introduced excessive readiness. As a result of a sharp increase in temperature, saturated snowmelt and rainfall in the area of ​​the region on April 1 began the second wave of flooding. At risk were seven localities of Shuberskoe, newcomer Usman Babyakovo Novousmansky district, Expanse, Bearish, Losev and Endovische Semiluki district. Flood waters podtopilo over 350 excavation sites, 20 residential and 23 suburban home located in the lowlands. In temporary accommodation to the relatives of 28 people evacuated. Also on the ground area Read more [...]
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Flood situation in the Samara region

At present, in the Samara region stored flood conditions. 6 flooded low water bridges and four infield. In Syzransky eventually saturated melting of snow and the water level rises in the river flooded Syzranka outbuildings and gardens 2-private dwelling houses in the village Fri New Rizadey and 2-private dwelling houses in the village Fri Uvarovka. In Bolsheglushitsky area populated Fri Beryozovka eventually raise the level of water in the river Big Irgiz flooded low water bridge cars. Transport traffic carried on roundabout ways. Rescuers and local governments continue to keep under review the Read more [...]
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Pavlotsky Gregory Z.

     He graduated from the Kharkov Institute of Technology (1923), a mechanical engineer.     Awarded the Order of the Red Star (1935).     From 1925 he worked at the Kharkov Locomotive Works. He rose from the quantity surveyor to the technical director of the company. From 1930 to 1931 GG trained in the United States in the field of tractor. April 1, 1935 for the organization of production of new tanks was awarded the Order of the Red Star. In January 1935 he was appointed Deputy Chief Uralvagonstroya manual, April 13 the same year, the director Read more [...]
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Pavlovian reservoir

Pavlovian reservoir built within the boundaries of Ufa plateau consisting of a limestone karst that impacted slozhnoststroitelstva. With all of this narrow canyon, formed by the river in Ufimka tolschahUfimskogo plateau not give water spill. Because, without looking at his bolshuyuprotyazhennost, Pavlovsk reservoir sufficiently narrow.Relax on the Pavlovsk reservoir favorite thing many zhiteleyUfy and nearby localities of daylight saving time. Not counting the colorful beauty of the famous fishing at Pavlovsk reservoir. With some flourishes and spear fishing at Pavlovsk reservoir. Being upstream Read more [...]
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PAVLOVSKY metallurgical and engineering plants

PAVLOVSKY metallurgical and engineering plants S.V.Stroganovoy built in 1817 on the river. Ocher, etc.. Tributary. Kama in the village. Pavlovsky now Ochersky district Perm. region. In 1863 at a factory operated 13 hardening furnaces, 6 listokatalnyh mills, 16 water wheels (130 hp) and made 189 thousand. Pounds. iron. In the following decades, keeping DOS. profile rolling Manuf., zd in tehn. respect hardly improved and in 1911 was closed due to obsolescence of equipment and the general decline of Stroganov's Island. In 1917-18 in the z-dskih buildings organized vol. braid-Lithuanians, to-ing by Read more [...]
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PAVLOVSKY Boris (05/05/1922, ECAT. 07.11.1989, Sverdlov.), Art historian, art. critic, and teacher, Dr. Art History (1966), prof. (1967), Honored. Worker. Arts of the RSFSR (1962), Corr. Arts of the USSR (1975). Rod. in the family of the employee. He graduated from the Faculty of Journalism, USU (1945) and was retained in the teaching profession. AP for the first time put on the scientific. basis of the study of fig. and decorative and applied arts W. In 1960 created in Ur. State. University are the Chair of History Art Society. AP activity has stimulated the development of art history in the Read more [...]
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Mikhail Pavlov

Mikhail Pavlov (1863 g.Bozhy fishing in Lankaran. Baku lips. 1958, Moscow), a metallurgical engineer, Corr. Academy of Sciences of the USSR (1927), Acad. (1932). In 1885 he graduated from St. Petersburg. Mining Institute, worked as an engineer on meth. z-dah Omutninsky mountain env. Vyatka Province. In the early years. the practical activities carried out reconstruction of the blast and puddling furnaces and Kirsinsky Klimkovsky s-dah. In 1890 he traveled to the U. to study the sea level. charcoal-metallurgy. Visited Seversky, Ufaley, Yuryuzansky, Kushvinsky, Nizhny Tagil, Zlatoust, Upper Iset, Read more [...]
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Peacock (PAVLINOVSKOE) settlement

Peacock (PAVLINOVSKOE) settlement pos. early stage VC. in. forest-steppe Zauralye. Coorg. region., Shatrovskii rn, d. Sopinino. Open neg. Ur. Kazakhstan archaeological. Expedition (G.B.Zdanovich). Is high (up to 12 m) mysovidnom ledge radical terraces lion. coast of the river. Iset. Pos. consists of reinforced h. settlement pl. about 2 thousand. sq. m, and unfortified Villages Square. approx. 80 thousand. Sq. m. surface memory. partially destroyed by a quarry. Hillfort odnoploschadochnoe, refers to a type of coastal cape with tradition, enclosed half annular polygonal in terms of fortification Read more [...]
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Paverman Mark Izrailevich

Paverman Mark Izrailevich (26.05 (08.06) .1907, Odessa 13.06., 1993, Moscow), conductor, professor. (1946); Cum. Art. RSFSR (1962). Rod. in the family of the employee. Graduated from Moscow. Conservatory (1930, cl. K.S.Saradzheva). 1930-34 conductor of the symphony orchestra. Mosk. Philharmonic Union RADIOKOM Press, 1938-41, Ch. conductor of the symphony orchestra. Rostov Philharmonic. Founder and Ch. conductor of the symphonic orchestra. Sverdl. region. RADIOKOM-ta (1934-36) and Sverdl. Philharmonic (1936-38 and 1943-70), in 1941-43 conductor orchestra. Sverdl. Philharmonic. The first artist Read more [...]
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Pavel Demidov

Pavel Demidov was born in 1839, for year before his father's death. He could not know or remember the parent, but it is not far from the left. Like his father, did not live long, but for 46 years has had a lot of nakurolesit. That fascinated by different industrial manipulation: sugar refining, American elevators, Murmansk fisheries, his own newspaper "Russia"Then suddenly got involved in the trade in bushmeat, bouillon concentrates and in other similar cases. Caught at all, according to his calculations, could bring a quick profit. And their Ural factories engaged in a little. All hope Read more [...]
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Pavel Demidov unfinished story

     The future governor of Kursk (from 1831 to 1834 year) Pavel Demidov, the heir to a vast industrial empire, was born in 1798 in Nizhny Tagil, which housed the main company based its ancestors. He received an excellent education in France at the Lyceum of Napoleon, in 1812 with the rank of warrant officer participated in the battle of Borodino, after which he served in the Russian Army until 1826. Two years later, after the death of his father, Pavel Demidov takes control of a complex economy. However, in the distant family nest, he was seldom in the intricacies of production Read more [...]
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PP Bazhov inscription on the stone

From year to year we with his schoolmate conducted beginning of the summer holidays in the countryside Vozdvizhenka. How to get it over with exams, so now there, to have time to plunge into the clear mountain lakes near silence Castle, not yet swooped here boisterous men with guns and dogs sumatoshlivymi. In Vozdvizhenka glass factory owned Zlokazova then, my friend was a distant relative, an old loner Ivan Nikitich. Most of his life he worked as a carpenter-shop patternmaker with artistic casting in Castle, but in his old age, all of a sudden his friends, moved to Vozdvizhenka where professional Read more [...]
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PP Bazhov at the same place

When happens to be in the long-known places, inevitably everyone stand up images of people that are met, talked, worked and lived for years. And it seems strange order of the archive memory. CCH (3) + Cu (2) S = AD (1) This formula was in the fields of the old notebook-calendar. Where it is written, for what reason thoroughly forgotten. Under normal circumstances, and it is difficult to recall the conditional mark ten fifteen years. And then where is! During the war and the revolution in each deposited in the memory so vivid that the old, pre-revolutionary, completely tarnished and sometimes hopelessly Read more [...]
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PP Bazhov Markov stone

The old owners have Turchaninova something Pietro da Marco genus interspersed go. Father, for example, Petro Markych and son Marko Petrovic. Demidov Tagil, those again Akinty yes Nikita. Looked, apparently. Such a fashion was. Noneshnego barchonka, Coy in the summer did not come in, too, listen-to, they call Mark. Well, that's their business. Working man in the little sweets. Petro see, Marco and all the master. Not to the conversation that their names be dismantled. But there is just not in the seredke our factory cottages mountain Markov one stone. That factory and think that Mark Turchaninov Read more [...]
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PP Bazhov Expensive imyachko

It's still in those years was when the old people lived here. At that, it means that the reservoir where poddernovo Gold now find. Gold this krazelitov copper was full. Take it as you want. Well, only the old people to this svychny were not. What they? Krazelitami though the children were playing, and in gold, no one does sense did not drive. Grains of yellowish sand yes, but where they? Nugget a few pounds or even twenty pounds is about, on the trail, and no one will pick up. And who is prevented, so that it only sopnet aside and care. And then there was this, listen-to, fashion was. Going hunting Read more [...]
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OSHVINTSEV Michael K. (1888, Bisersky zd 1939), eq. handyman and owls. worker. Of the family servant. He graduated from the three-year early. school in the village. Bisert and 14 years early. slave labor. Biserskogo Metz, yes. In 1905-07, participated in the roar. events, joined the RSDLP in March 1917, was elected to the executive committee Biserskogo s yes, pers. Business Council Lysvenskiy mountain env. Outcast. CET. War in the West. W. in 1918, the Commissioner of the 24th special Regiment, 3rd arm. After graduating civil. War is elected member of. Lysvenskiy raymetallpravleniya and then Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

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