Camping | The survival encyclopedia - Part 6

How to dress in a campaign

Four steps to protect the body from the cold.    Make the ascent, storming the cave or passing water routes people constantly under the influence of many different adversities. The most stable and permanent is cold. The role of central heating in our body carries the blood system, it delivers heat from the interior of the body to the surface. In response to the external cold exposure (HW) in the body include protection mechanisms (thermoregulation) increase the heat production of the body.    First thermal protection - constriction of blood sosudovna body surface (goosebumps), and this reduces Read more [...]
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Shuttle Search

This search often is an operation to take part in that typically involved a relatively small number of qualified lifeguards. In the search we must carefully examine not only the route of the injured group, but also slopes toward the possible fall in the fall. Usually collections are on the side of the trough and a lobby, survey Available at movement on them, which, however, is extremely dangerous, and reduces the visibility range. Move better, to buttress limiting the corridors, and the motion of the group to anticipate and eliminate the possibility of rock falls in the lobby, where there can Read more [...]
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Hieracium zontikonosnaya

Perennial korotkokornevischnoe gray-green plant stems and leaves are covered with short simple stellate hairs. The stem is 30-70 (100) cm tall, 1-4 mm thick. Basal leaves among 5-6, oblong or lanceolate, obtuse or acute, up to 23 cm, smooth-edged, yellowish-green on both sides with soft, simple hairs 0.5-1 mm long, stellate bloom, stem leaves at number 2 (7), linear-lanceolate, acute, with dense stellate hairs and scattered glands. Inflorescence szhatozontikovidnoe later ryhleyuschee, 150 (100) baskets, flower stalks without simple hairs or black with scattered simple hairs scattered pieces Read more [...]
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Supplementary feeding of wildlife

Top-dressing Wild animals are widely used for many reasons: - To save the game from starvation in hard times, when there is little natural food or are difficult to access; - To attract the animals in certain parts of the land, where it is easier to ensure their safety, free grazing, trapping or shooting; - To prevent Spend agricultural or forest crops; - To keep the animals and birds of migrations; - To account for game-feeding; - For the treatment of wild animals micronutrients, medicine and so on Dressing of game most commonly used in hunting. One of the main conditions of effective feeding Read more [...]
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Passion for homology. Chapter 7

And ended up really soon, and pregadko, on the northern shore of the third lake, where we raked Tihomandritse on the evening I do not remember what day. There were visible distant pipe plant on the south side, you hear a distant noise of the railway, on the banks of the fishermen were rare or hung on the lake surface of the rubber lodchonkah, and some in car cameras. To be honest, kind of all this, I brought no joy, sadness pressed. Rights was a worm ended Roman holiday, again entered by the rule of everyday life, and something good will definitely come to an end. Slug Constantine, or, for Read more [...]
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rope knots, equipment and devices for attachment to rope (Cable) strapping countryhovochnoy tourist, cargo, and for power transmission. 3. slide freely without load and automatically fix its position on the rope (cable) in its application or jerk. Used to create footholds when climbing steep or steep slopes of the lanyard, organizing countryhovki, when transported and rescuers. works. As 3. used diff. "Grasps" nodes and devices (Fig. 1), a single-acting clamps without handle (Fig. 2) or with a handle - for ease of movement (Fig. 3), the double-acting clamps, allowing the free movement Read more [...]
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Mora Clipper 840 knife

Description:Mora Clipper 840 knife One of the most popular knives Mora Clipper 840 special demand from buyers. The blade is made of carbon steel, holds an edge well. After applying the desirable wipe dry. Rubberized plastic grip prevents slipping the knife in his hand at work. This provides additional reliability with a knife. Plastic cover allows the knife to be in a humid environment. Read more [...]
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Management raft

Management raft significantly different in that the normal density has its own speed in the flow. To direct it to the appropriate part of the river (of course, with the current) accounts or rest against the bottom of the river six or shovel special oars - stern and bow Row, or by placing a raft at an angle to the flow, to maintain this position with the steering oar. Work of six, should make them forward as far as possible from the body, so that, having to push, lift poles passing raft point it stops. Any inhibition directly sixth excluded: a raft piled on a pole and knocks out of his Read more [...]
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Alder bearded

Tree up to 20-25, sometimes up to 30 m in height with broadly crown and dark grayish-brown bark of the trunk. Leaves shirokoobratnoyaytsevidnye or round, large, up to 10 cm long, dark green, fluffy spring on both sides, later glabrous. Catkins of male flowers, located at 3-4 in the top of the flight, the bloom in early spring. Female flowers are collected in spikes sitting on pedicels 3-5 at the base of the shoots. When ripe (by October - November) they turn into cones that open only in early spring next year. Fruit - small-seeded nutlets, equipped with narrow wings, - poured out knobs and Read more [...]
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Forest and human health

The air outside the city contains about 78% nitrogen, 21% oxygen and 0.03% carbon dioxide. This amount of oxygen accumulated in the atmosphere for many millions of the Earth due to the period of life and plants, mostly of forest vegetation. Trees also need oxygen - their foliage (needles) and roots. In loose soil enough oxygen to the roots of life, but if the soil is compacted by frequent visits to people or permanent grazing cattle, the trees suffer oxygen deprivation, are ill, they shrink the top of the crown, slows or stops the growth. Small specific weight, but an important part of the earth's Read more [...]
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Food and drink

Nutrition during a long stay in the extreme, as they say now, the conditions should help anglers still works, good mood and health. Traditionally, national fishing publications urge beginners not to drink alcohol on the ice. For a variety of reasons. In part because of the fact that the fish have a very fine sense of smell and can smell the alcohol left by drunken angler nozzle and scare them. We have this problem will not conceal. After all, you can bet your big bets that persuade the reader of this book drink Ice vodka - funny and even stupid ... Everyone knows what it is fraught. However, Read more [...]
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Fishing from autumn to spring

In the preface, the author of the routine we have long tradition justifies and explains what inspired him to take up the pen and why, he began to "dirty their sheets." Lesson is pretty boring. And hardly anyone is interested so-and-so stories of some of the feelings experienced by them to fishing from the ice, which, he suggests, should be of interest not only novice anglers, but also (and individual thoughts and stories) experienced associates on passion. Besides lengthy discourse on the pages of books on fishing and its secrets usually have unpleasant consequences for the author, Read more [...]
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Peat fires

Fires can occur from spontaneous combustion of peat. Underground (peat) fires are in the woods with thick peat soils. Peat is burned to the depth of the dried layer. Acrid and suffocating smoke and the smell of burning peat spread over a considerable distance. This fire is hard to notice, as smoldering peat. Smoldering temperature reaches 500 ° C, the flame does not show outside, and is distributed under a layer of moss, and if inadvertently get on a deceptive moss, you can fall into the fire and died. Together with turf burn the roots of trees, and the trees lean in different directions, Read more [...]
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Next, you have to dump the tree. how to do? Initially, around the bushes are cut down, and in the winter snow tramp, paving the path length of about 5 m at an angle of 45 ° in the opposite of the intended direction of fall. Then evaluate what can happen when this is not stuck there felled trees in the adjacent, not a tumble down some of them, if not broken off large branches, etc. (so it is best to choose the gap in the trees standing nearby.) Determine the direction of the fall tree because of its inclination, do nadrub from this side (but not in any way a ring or multiple sides!) depth of approximately Read more [...]
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Family rabbit. Hare

Harehare - The animal the average, the length of his torso, from 50 to 65 cm in the winter coat is white, but the tips of the ears are black. In the summer, color of fur - gray-brown. Hares are found throughout the forest, steppe and tundra zone of the USSR. Southern border of their distribution is from the Far East around the border of the USSR and Mongolia, further to the west through the center of the Kazakh SSR, Kuibyshev, Saratov, Voronezh region, to the north of the Ukrainian SSR, the Byelorussian SSR, the central regions and ends at Kaliningrad. Outside the USSR, hare live in Scandinavia, Read more [...]
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Chapter 11. Vendredi treize

Storm under Izberbash. - A funny ending. - A wonderful vision. - I zipped past Uyaly. - Indecent behavior unfamiliar boat. - As I ran aground. - Oh-in scabby I do not remember - that I groaned, and then woke up, I woke up and it immediately groaned. Ached all so that you can not tell where more. Like me all night vertuhaev sadistic gang worked, though no sadist, I do not remember and do poorly reflected. If the dream, why hurt and shakes? If reality, why not terrible, and even heat, though it hurt? Bewildered eyes open, stratified dream and reality, and I was sweating a little, after Read more [...]
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Estimate of the distance

In the estimate of the distance people in an emergency situation, always err on the side and never overestimate the distance in the direction of reducing them. Thus, when the distance to any object "by eye" untrained people in true distance of 0.5 km can be mistaken by 10%, from 2 to 4 km - 20%, and over 4 km error can reach and even exceed 50%. Therefore, when driving, especially in difficult terrain, you must constantly keep track of the distance traveled. Such measurements are made, considering a couple of steps. The method is simple, but you'll need to know at least approximately Read more [...]
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Encyclopedia mushroom picker

Entsiklopediya mushroom picker Author: Craftsmen AP Format: pdf Size: 19.9 MB Year: 2005Entsiklopediya mushroom picker is a unique publication, containing interesting information on a wide variety of fungi, including those of the obscure. The book gives detailed descriptions of more than 400 species of mushrooms - edible, conditionally edible and poisonous, and "tasty" finale - the original recipes for mushrooms. Many of the new reader will learn about recycling and storage of these gifts of nature. Besides encyclopedia teach you self grow mushrooms. Ha color insert are "portraits" Read more [...]
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Effect of training athletes

In Fig. 6 total statistics of the National Assembly (see also Table 1.) Associated with the erroneous performance of certain techniques, represented by group training athletes. By analyzing these data, it is possible, in addition to materials of the previous section, we note the following. 1. III level athletes most peculiar error on ice-snow areas (72%). Characteristically, the defect in the development of a technique for overcoming these slopes affected in the future and the athletes I and II categories (see Fig. 6). In urban preseason training on ice and snow always seems to remain Read more [...]
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Dubrovnik ordinary

Perennial herb 15-30 cm tall, covered with erect hairs, with a woody stem at the base and curved or wavy reddish or pale green branches. The leaves are opposite, ovate or oblong, 1-4 cm, krupnogorodchatye on the edge or blade (by 4.9 wide rounded or sharp-edged or notched blades on each side of the sheet), bright green above, paler below, both sides pubescent rasseyannno , with short petioles ciliate. Flowers 10-13 mm long, with a purple rim, assembled in two spaced-pyatitsvetkovye whorls, forming a common racemose inflorescence. Calyx broadly, entirely or only pubescent on veins, with five Read more [...]
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