Domestication of moose

Moose - economically valuable animal. It provides excellent meat, great skin, which are made of the best grade suede and majestic horns are coveted and expensive trophy hunters. See moose in nature take great aesthetic pleasure. Especially majestic males fall mating season, with their unusual horns and powerful independent menacing behavior. But not only attracted people hunting. Moose has long been the subject of taming and domestication. Man seeks to make a pet moose that can give meat, skin and be mount. In the USSR, the domestication of elk began to engage in Yakutia, in central Read more [...]
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Disharmony of motor activity

Both foreign and Soviet researchers in brief periods of weightlessness in the subjects were found changes in muscle tone and poor coordination of movements. So, if it enters the target pencil when inscribing crosses diagonally with open and closed eyes in weightless conditions revealed a common mistake: the displacement of hits up and right. Such loss of coordination found the following explanation. On the ground, a man raising his hand, overcome by muscular effort to the weight of course, but the inertia of the masses. Under the conditions of weightlessness, when the "disappearing" Read more [...]
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Determination of the time of day by color

Even in ancient times, people noticed that plants are able to tell the time. Like all living organisms, they have a "biological clock" that govern their lives. In plants, there is a kind of mechanisms for determining the time. They arose as a result of their development under certain conditions for generations. Flowers respond to the daily alternation of periods. So if you were without the device showing the time, the flowers you prompt the time. Space communications Previously, scientists have assumed that changes throughout the day in the arrangement of stems and flowers of plants Read more [...]
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Hunting-game animals

On the vast territory of the Soviet Union there are more than 130 species of game animals. Many of them have large value for trapping (sable, marten, squirrel, muskrat, etc.), and their skins are highly appreciated in the domestic and overseas markets. Some species of fur animals with valuable fur, not now play a role in hunting, as their population is small and hunting them is prohibited, such species include sea otter (otter, beaver or Kamchatka) and Beaver River. Several centuries ago, these animals were carried out in Russia in large quantities and trade they bring significant income to Read more [...]
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Dandelion shershavolistnaya

Perennial herb 10-50 cm tall, usually rough from the harsh fork or stellate hairs. The stem is simple with a basket (sometimes with 1-2 branches and baskets with 2-3 respectively), leafless, rarely with 1-4 small leaves at the top. Basal leaves oblong-lanceolate, entire or shallowly lobed, like stem pubescent 3 to 4 separate hairs mixed with bifid. Flowered baskets are arranged singly on the tips of stems and branches, not drooping. Bracts pubescent bifid hairs, sometimes mixed with simple hairs. All the flowers in the basket of reeds, bisexual, yellow. Fruit - achene, top cross-wrinkled, Read more [...]
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Crankbaits, jig the bait, quot;porolonkiquot; that better and more effective?

In this chapter, I want to sum up the two seasons, during which I worked specifically on the fishing lures silnozaglublyayuschiesya several models, and to those features which allows you to catch at a depth of six or more meters. My goal was to identify the advantages and disadvantages compared with foam and jig baits when fishing at a depth of 6-8 m Were used for the experiment different types of "Jiggs" and foam "fish" (cargo weight-heads 26-28 g). Their rivals were silnozaglublyayuschiesya wobblers.I was not able to identify the advantages in the "rubber" different Read more [...]
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Rhode ARMORACIA Gaertn., V. Mey. et Scherb. — XPEH.

Herbaceous perennials, 40-150 cm tall. Distribution: European part, the Western and Eastern Siberia, the Far East. Contain tioglnkozidy, flavoiondy Mr. carbohydrates ustaiovleiioy structure. Allocated mustard oil to 0.2% NZ Subtitle. Part A. sisymbrioides (DC.) Cajander. Detected alkaloids, saponins, vitamins B, B2, C, PP. Patient (A. rusticana PG Gaertn., V. Mey. Et Scherb., A. sisymbrioides). Therapeutic action - anti-inflammatory, expectorant - Subtitle. hours Statement - diseases of the digestive system: the hypofunction of the stomach, liver - Subtitle. h, kidney and urinary tract: Read more [...]
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Compass and how to use it

It's not hard to lose the orientation of the debris of dead trees in the forest thicket overgrown with thick bushes, where the untrained eye everything seems monotonous green chaos and difficult to distinguish conspicuous terrain and the dissimilarity of the situation. Astray've both beginners and experience tells taezhnikam. In such cases, people will start trying to mind a variety of ways of orienteering. He recalls how on the countries of the world are building their dwelling ants, and where abundant stands resin on the bark, and which side of the trees are covered with thick moss. Read more [...]
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Rhode MARRUBIUM L. — Shandra.

Herbaceous perennials, annuals least 20-100 cm tall. Distribution: European part, Caucasus. Contain mono-, di-, and triterpenoids, flavonoids do1.1% in oversight. Charles M. vulgare L., fntostern-HN, as well as nitrogen-conn., phenolic and higher fatty acid established structure. Highlighted the essential oil to 0.2% and tannin to 6.5% ne oversight. Charles M. vulgare, fatty oil. Found alkaloids nridondy, coumarins, saponins, days Mr. triglycerides, vitamin C. Drug (M. vulgare). Therapeutic action - diuretic, cholagogue, sedative, stimulating appetite, hemostatic, anal-geziruyuschee1 - shoots Read more [...]
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Fireplace in the campaign and expedition. Kindling a fire

The conditions in which a bonfire, can vary greatly. In the hot July weather, when there was no rain for 2-3 weeks in the forest can start a fire even fail to shake off the cigarette ash. In wet weather in the fall or winter, problems with fueling the fire may have even experienced travelers. The criterion is the ability to ability to kindle a fire with one match. However, any skill in this case is relative. So, one of the authors of this article, the past 30 years has always lit a fire with one match, and recently he had to spend the whole 3. The sad thing is that it is very difficult to Read more [...]
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Description. The shape of the body is similar to the protein, but differs in the shorter and less bushy tail, a short ears without tassels on the ends, the presence of subcutaneous cheek pouches that open in the corners of the mouth, and a kind of longitudinally striped coloring. Five black stripes along the back separated light reddish-gray or whitish spaces. The upper surface of the head brownish, round eyes wide white ring, interrupted by dark reddish stripe running from nose to ear, buffy flanks, ventral side whitish. Body length of 13-15 cm, a tail of about 10 cm During the year the color Read more [...]
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Chapter XXII. The second day of the mid-winter in Antarctica

Ration in midwinter. - Triumph went better than last year. - Accident. - Marine humor. - Hunger pangs. - "Washing by Browning," and other methods. - Salt fat sour. - New alarm out- due to poor ventilation. - Night Watch. - "back needle." - Day of the air. - Seals. - Abbott cutting the tendons of three fingers. - Again seals. - Birthdays. - The cold wind. - The poor state of shoes "Next Saturday, the day of the mid-winter, will end at last our expectations and we are the first time in four months, go to bed without feeling hungry. Past two weeks, we only know and think. Read more [...]
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Chapter 2. The preparatory phase

Bivachok grow roots. - No bad faith. - Turluchnaya hut. - The first night on the beach. - The family drama. - In anticipation araloterapii Doprezh only - organization. Order. Scheme. Lists. Checkboxes. Otherwise, that was all over, here on this beach. Beach, baldness, not overstepped ... Rhymes - a miracle. Since the day this poetry in his head and spit. All the same beach, the same bald, baldness, and this you will not be overstepped ... I gritted his teeth and shook his head - no good. Stuck like a limpet to the PVCs. The first thing skorenko put downwind hump weightless, Read more [...]
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L. scoticum L. - Grassy mnogoletink 15-70 cm high. Distribution: Arctic, the European part (north), and the Far East. Contains coumarin 0.1% in the underground. hours, flavonoids, carbohydrates, as well as phenolic acids and fenilpropanondy established structure. Allocated 0.9% of the essential oil from the fruit. Found poliatsetileiovye Comm. Drug (podz. hours). Therapeutic action - lactogen-tion. Indications - disease of the reproductive system: with dysmenorrhea, meth rorragiyah, diseases of the nervous system: the fatigue, paralysis, pain: the headache, symptoms and syndromes: the vertigo Read more [...]
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Capercaillie ordinary

Capercaillie ordinary - a representative of the largest forest game birds. He belongs to the order of chicken, the suborder actually chicken, grouse family, genus grouse. Common Capercaillie view is divided into three subspecies tailed grouse, living in the central and eastern regions of Russia; taiga dark wood grouse, living in the northern and eastern parts of the country, the Western European black-grouse, living in the forests west of the country. Common Capercaillie cock in some areas called Glushak (Smolensk region), jamming (Ostashkov District), deaf as a post, Mokhovikov (northern areas), Read more [...]
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Robinson shipwrecked

We are a long way behind in the wake of Robinson Crusoe, overtook him, and often, and distilled. We opened up some of the mysteries of vegetation, and during our journey through the fields and forests, something we have to learn to do. Finally, check the following: can we be true or not Robinson? In Zulu and Swazi tribes living in South Africa, there exists the custom every young man who has reached fifteen years to be recognized as an adult and a warrior has to prove that he is a good Robinson. The body of the young men painted with white paint, give it a shield and a short spear, and announce Read more [...]
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Buckwheat edible

Annual, reaching a height of 70 cm, with straight branching reddish stems. Leaf blades 2-6 cm long, ovate-triangular or heart-shaped, pointed at the base with a triangular notch between shirokotreugolnymi, blunt, down directional blades coated buds on veins, lower leaves long, upper - sessile. Flowers in racemes on long axillary peduncles forming the top general many-usually corymbose inflorescence. Perianth red, pink or white, with ovate lobes about 3 mm long. Fruit - brown, sharply triangular, sharp-nut at both ends smooth dull edges, exceeding perianth of 2-3. Flowers in July, fruits ripen Read more [...]
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Rhode ERUCASTRUM C. Presl. — Rogachkov.

Single, biennials or herbaceous perennials to 130 cm high. Distribution: European part, the Caucasus, Western Siberia, the Far East (invasive). Information available for E. armo-racioides (Czern. ex Turcz.) Cruchet. Contains higher fatty acid established structure. Allocated to the fixed oil from the seeds of 37.2%. Flavonoids are found. Food. Edible: seeds (fatty oil). Nutritional supplements. Spice. Materials. For the manufacture of paints: Seeds (fatty oil). Read more [...]
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Maintaining water and salt balance

Maintaining water and salt balance is essential for survival in the wilderness. To do this, follow these guidelines. It is necessary to remember that a significant fatigue sharply inhibited the secretion of the salivary glands. Therefore, due to the dryness of the mouth occurs false sense of thirst. To eliminate it, should increase salivation, initiating cancer products containing various organic acids (apple, cranberry, lemon, etc.). Good thirst-quenching drinks are green tea, Ira (skimmed sour milk diluted with water) and mare (fermented camel milk product). To reduce the craving to keep Read more [...]
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Grass swallows

In our woods can often find a plant with small yellow flowers. It celandine large (Cheledonium majus), nipplewort or zheltomlechnik - a close relative of poppy. Translation of his Latin name means "dove-grass." Even in ancient times noticed that with the advent of celandine bloom swallows and fades in the autumn, the time of their departure. It is a perennial herbaceous plant with a short rhizome and root branching core, red-brown on the outside and yellow inside. If broken or scratch the underground part of which appears bright orange milky juice in the stems and leaves, he painted Read more [...]
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