With all due respect to my highest Leonid Pavlovich Sabaneyev, with an absolute recognition of his book "Fishes of Russia" as "scripture" fishers of all time, take, though, over the unprecedented audacity to question the validity of the assertion luminary that tench fishing is not a sport for the bait, boring and primitive, and the line is weak and timid. Xhile it is believed that line - clean the fish pond, we had the most successful at catching it Lovat - a beautiful river in the Novgorod region, and more - in a very small river Vyazma, which is not on every map you will Read more [...]
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Windproof mask

designed to protect persons in the winter and mountain hikes on the effects of wind during the blizzard, slow-tors, etc. The mask completely covers her face is oval, the slits for the eyes and mouth. It is made of solid, vapor-permeable fabric (canvas, percale, cloth) or a short-haired fur on his head is secured with straps, elastic cords or rubber bands. In the winter campaign functions VM can perform hood with fluffy fur trim, to the paradise if necessary contracts on the face in a narrow band.

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Survival in the tropics

JUNGLE Green area of tropical forests, encircling the globe at the equator, is not wide and occupies only a small part of the land (about 8%). However, they nearly half of existing trees in the world, and at least two fifths of the planet known species of plants and animals. Forest undergrowth almost eliminate the light, blocking the path of the ultraviolet. It's hot and humid, as in a greenhouse. Average temperature of +28 °, the mean relative humidity of 95% at night and 60-70% during the day with small deviations, depending on the season. The winds are very weak in the woods, is that Read more [...]
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Superior gripping assembly

Simple, rugged unit for bind rope or twine to any subject. Scheme tying this knot is clear from the figure. For tying fishing line a must, as shown in the figure, pass the running end through the large loop, or node get shaky. This node anglers use for tying lures and for tying fishing line to the reel spinning. Superior gripping knot to untie very difficult. Since it is practically weakens line, it can be use for tying hook with eye to the line.     Read more [...]
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Safety in your hands

Unfortunately, the survey and construction still taking place accidents and serious injuries, the so-called "state of emergency" (emergencies). It obliges each to acquire knowledge, how to protect yourself and your partner from any accidents; know security during transitions, migration, when applying the bivouac, while swimming in open water, to ensure electrical safety, fire prevention, protection from insect attack n animals first aid basics. Fail safe can only be achieved through comprehensive prevention. The main issue here should be: high technical, physical and moral training Read more [...]
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Cembra pine, cedar, European

Common in the mountains of Western Europe, in Russia, is only found in the Carpathian Mountains at an altitude of 1300-1600 meters above sea level. Forms a forest on the slopes of the mountains, along with larch and spruce. Preferably grows moderately moist and fresh, mostly clayey soils. European cedar rarely exceed 20-23 m in height stem bark is smooth, as a young man gray-green with age and shows cracks, color is gray-brown. Annual shoots are covered with rust-colored hairs. Crohn young trees are usually narrow-pyramidal, starts very low, old trees have a broad crown of irregular shape, Read more [...]
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Sorrel longifolia

Perennial 40-100 cm tall, with erect stems. Plate basal leaves 10-30 cm long and 3-10 cm wide, oblong-lanceolate or broadly at the base shirokoklinovidnye or rounded, rarely slaboserdtsevidnye slightly curly at the edges. Inflorescence paniculate, dense. Pedicels in the middle and lower thirds with thickened articulated internal tepals in fruit rounded-reniform, 4.5-6 mm long, cordate at base, nearly entire, all without zhelvachkov. Fruits 2.5-3 mm long and 1.5-1.8 mm wide, red-brown. Blossoms in nurse, fruits in July. Occurred in various parts of Europe and Asia, at least in North America, Read more [...]
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Snow Seekers

Shelter, built of snow, to a much greater extent than the refuge of traditional material (fabric, twigs, fir twigs, etc.), to protect the person from Kholodov lesions. Often spending the night in a snow shelter is even preferred to spend the night near the fire. The construction of a cave or house requires less time and effort than a large number of blank ICE-wood properties, cultivation and maintenance of many hours of hot fire. During the construction of snow shelters besides the main goal - to protect people from cold-O defeats - achieved a number of side, for example, develop a habit of snow Read more [...]
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Siwiec meadow

A perennial herbaceous plant from 30 to 180 cm, with short oblique rhizome and numerous thick roots. Stem erect, simple, rarely branched at the top, bottom or naked spreading hairs, top covered with appressed hairs. The leaves are opposite, thick, shiny top, lower-ovate, petiolate, upper linear-lanceolate, sessile, with a short vagina fused petioles. Flowers are in terminal inflorescences hemispherical head with a diameter of 2 cm Involucre two-rowed, herbaceous, lanceolate. Bracts elliptic, scarious. Corolla length of about 7 mm, blue-purple, four-lobed, hairy outside. Stamens four. Fruit-achene. Read more [...]
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Siberian fir

Tree, generally up to 30 m in height and 50 cm in diameter. Survives only 150-200 years, as the trunk is affected early rot. Smooth dark gray bark is on the surface of many nodules with fragrant resin. Crohn uzkokonicheskaya. Even in the shade-tree forest by the lower part of the trunk poorly cleared of branches, trees, growing in the open, it is lowered so low that the branches fall to the ground. The branches are constantly in contact with the ground can take root, and lost touch with the mother tree has died as a dwarf (an example of natural vegetative propagation, rare among conifers). Read more [...]
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Common names: hare sorrel, orpin. Description. A perennial herb of the family sorrel. Has a creeping rhizome, radical, fragile trifoliate leaves with thin obratnoyaynevidnymi leaves. Bottom leaves of reddish color. The flowers are arranged in a single, small, white on long stalks emerging from the rhizome. Rarer flowers pinkish purple. The plant height of 15-20 cm. It flowers in May and June. Fruit - box. The fruits ripen in June and July. Occurs codling in different types of shady forests, mostly coniferous. In folk medicine used grass and leaves collected in May and June. Read more [...]
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Seaside plantain

A perennial herbaceous plant from 15 to 60 cm with a rod, often many-headed root. All leaves in rosette. They are linear or lanceolate, fleshy, glabrous, rarely slightly pubescent, sometimes grooved, usually entire, but can be slightly jagged. Leafless stems (flower arrows) are usually much of opushennnyh thick (up to appressed hairs) to almost bare. Inflorescence-ears are very dense, ovoid or uzkotsilindricheskie. Bracts lanceolate, ovate or broadly ovate, acute or obtuse, scarious at the edges, sometimes sharply keeled. Calyx of four free sepals, elliptic or ovate-elliptic, membranous, Read more [...]
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Sassa Kuril, Kuril bamboo or ordinary

Sakhalin and the Kuril islands there are different kinds of shrubby bamboo, forming extensive thickets. The main differences between the species are in the structure of flowers and inflorescences. During flowering is crossing different species, thus creating hybrid forms. The most widespread and typical of Sakhalin, the Kuril Islands and Japan's Kuril bamboo ordinary, very winter hardy and the most northerly of bamboos. On the treeless hills bamboo often forms impenetrable thickets, also grows as undergrowth in mixed spruce-fir and birch forests. On the southern slopes of the growing much Read more [...]
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Rybachte us — spinning rods, lures

Rybachte us - spinning, lures Language: Russian Format: pdf Size: 81 MBLures as a separate class of spinning lures anglers have started to gain popularity in our country back in the 80's of the last century. But first the interest in them was more informative than full of pragmatism. These wooden and plastic "fish" was very different from the almost completely dominated while rotating and spoons. There were no plugs themselves any decent in our market, or their corresponding gear, nor, more importantly, the ideology, "catching these maloprivychnye bait for us. But soon Read more [...]
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Rhode ONOPORDUM L. — Thistle.

O. acanthium L. - Biennial 30-200 cm tall. Distribution: European part, the Caucasus, Western and Eastern Siberia. Contains seskviterpeiovye lactones trnterpenondy, alkaloids and other nitrogen Comm., Flavonoids, coumarins, tsiklitolov esters, carbohydrates, acyclic poliatsetilenovye Comm., As well as phenolic acids and fatty acids established structure. Marked tannins, fatty oil and 35% of the fruit. Found saponins, steroids, phospholipids, vitamin C. Medicinal. Therapeutic action - expectorant, diuretic, emetic, astringent - Subtitle. hours, tonic, haemostatic - Hopes. hours, wound healing Read more [...]
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Polar Robinson-91. Diary of Mowgli

Diary of the expedition "Polar Robinson - 91" Alexis "Mowgli." July 22. Monday. That's the day of the landing on the island. Strangely enough, but from the beginning of this venture with Robinson, I was quite sure that will pass the second round and become the third party. The truth, though not forgotten, and cross your fingers caught in the palm amulet - melenko monkey, when, after the final stage we gathered around the campfire to hear the final verdict of the organizers of Robinson Crusoe. When I read my name - a sigh of relief. All we've got twelve. One of Read more [...]
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Annuals and 80 cm high. Propagation: All. Information available for the pan T-nonicum (Jacq.) Dobrocz. (Syn. T. vulgare auct.). Flavonoids are found. Drug (nadz. hours). Indications - diseases of the digestive system: the diseases of the digestive organs, proctitis, heartburn, infections / infestations: pulmonary tuberculosis, diseases of the skin and subcutaneous fat: with skin diseases, diseases of the eye: the eye disease. Stern. For cattle, horses and rabbits. Melliferous. Environmental significance. Ornamental. Read more [...]
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S. polyrhiza (L) Schleid. - Water herbaceous perennial 3-6 mm long. Distribution: all regions except the Arctic. Flavonoids (including anthocyanins) karotnnoidy, phytosterols, and fosfolnpndy ustaiovleiioy structure. Detected mono-and digalaktozilglitseridy, sulfo and galacto-lipids. Medicinal. Therapeutic action - diuretic, antipyretic, diaphoretic, hemostatic. Indications - infections / infestations: with erysipelas, leprosy (complete), diseases of the kidneys and urinary tract: in anuria, nephritis (complete), urethritis, diseases of the respiratory system: respiratory infections, diseases Read more [...]
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Odioletiiki, grassy miogoletiiki 10-60 cm high. Rasprostraieiie: Western and Eastern Siberia, the Far East. Contain moio-, sesqui-and triterpenoids, flavonoids and phenols, and fatty acids feioliye established structure. Highlighted the essential oil to 4.6% of S. sopvety multifida (L.) Briq. Medicinal. Therapeutic action - expectorant - flowers S. annua (PalL) Schischk., anthelmintic, antiseptic, opposite razitarnoe, wound healing - oversight. hours, flowers S. multifida. Indications - infections / infestations: pulmonary tuberculosis - flowers S. annua, whooping cough - flowers of S. Read more [...]
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Rhode PYRACANTHA M. Roem. — Pyracantha.

Rhode PYRACANTHA M. Roem.  - Pyracantha.

P. coccinea M. Roem. — Shrub to 2 m high. Distribution: Caucasus.

Flavonoids (including catechins, anthocyanins), mono-, triterpenoids, carotenoids, coumarins, and feioliye acid established structure. Found cyanogenic Comm.

Medicinal. In the experiment, exhibits antibacterial activity. Melliferous.

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