Polar Robinson-90. Diary of a witch doctor. Part 2

Day one. July 8. Sunday. So, I'm on an island, cut off from the world. After lengthy wanderings on my ship on a raging sea White I crashed in the rocky shores of the island and it was with his friend ... Or - my frail raft after the crash at sea a large ship has finally found its home here, on this desert island, inhabited by birds and beasts of the unknown ... But seriously, this morning, me and my brother to Arthur Robinson Crusoe Luzgina landed in the western rocky shore stretched, like a compass needle from the south to the north of the island Abakumiha. Old boat on the shore stood Read more [...]
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Plants, relieves itching from bites

Some plants have strong insecticidal and repellent properties and are used for many centuries to repel and destroy harmful insects. They can be successfully used during campaigns. For example, with such well-known plants such as cherry, wormwood, elder, tansy, etc. Tourists can secure a restful night. It is not always possible to avoid bites bloodsuckers. Sometimes a single mosquito bite or a gadfly to bad mood and for a long time, there is a nasty itch. In such cases, will also help plant.Dandelion Taraxacum officinale Wigg. Used for the destruction of itching and burning with insect bites. Read more [...]
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Pigweed postennaya

Annual plant height of 15-45 (100) cm, with erect branched stems, dark green, glabrous or mealy coating on the youngest parts. The leaves are alternate, with long petioles, ovate-rhombic (width equal to the length of the plate), rarely lanceolate-rhombic, coarsely unequally, glabrous, slightly shiny, beneath a dull, with a "powdery" bloom. Pentamerous bisexual flowers are collected in paniculate inflorescence. Perianth keeled, covered with fruit. Seeds are round, 1-1.5 mm in diameter, black, shiny, wearing filmy melkoborodavchatym pericarp. Flowers in June, fruits ripen in September. Common Read more [...]
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Riddle gray ball

On dry land, peremahivaya through the cracks, crawling through the grass and pebbles flee small darkish spider. The Chaser - boy twelve years of age, with a net in one hand and a pair of tweezers in the other - a step, a second, squatted: it is very interesting to show him a spider. Or rather, not the spider, and some large bright pea hanging on the end Arachnidian abdomen. Spider skedaddle his strange burden that is urine, although it kept him clinging to the uneven ground. But the spider dragged her through the obstacles and hurry as soon as possible to escape somewhere.That salvation - a Read more [...]
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Pathfinder — Mushrooms and berries in the autumn forest

Pathfinder Gleb Daniltseva - series transmission, which introduces the viewer to the skills and knowledge necessary for a successful, enjoyable and safe hiking in the woods. How to make and where to make a fire, what to do in the winter dusk and at night, any of the animals and insects to fear, and finally, how to help yourself if trouble has occurred - this will tell the author and host Gleb Daniltsev. Series 19. Mushrooms and berries in the autumn forest. In this series, you will learn how to protect yourself from starving to death in the autumn forest, get to know the very poisonous and poisonous Read more [...]
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Parking at Cape Kriguygun

Thick fog surrounded by an impenetrable wall ship. We were anchored somewhere near Cape Kriguygun. On the surface of greenish along the boards bobbing beams faded coat marine animals, birds' feathers. Patrol boat Ohotskrybvoda continued bypassing walrus rookeries. I sat on the ship in Providence Bay, from where it is headed for the island Arakamchechen manivshemu me. For three days we were photographing and filming and counting walruses on muddy beaches of the island. Then walked the next island in the strait and Yttygran Senyavin on a small unnamed island, found a previously unknown rookery Read more [...]
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Overcoming water obstacles: crossing over water

Small rivers, mountain streams can sometimes be too strong for pre-jumping, but without the backpack, not to get a leg injury (sprain, dislocation, etc.). In this case, you should use the insurance on a pole. Pole is placed in the middle of standing water, upstream. Leaning on him to push off from the shore and jump to the opposite shore. Coverage can be achieved with the help of rope railing or pole, used as a handrail. Can crossing shallow rivers by projecting stones, if they are in step or a short hop, which can take from a place (with or without a backpack). But before you use this method, Read more [...]
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Vegetable ink

Plant world is full of bright colors of various shades. What a variety of combinations of colors in the color of the meadow, what subtle transitions in the colors of autumn leaves - from green-yellow to bright red! Negros and Indians living in the nature, painted not only clothing, but also the body, mimicking the brightness of paint colors for insects and birds. We will not follow their example and smear their faces to scare passers-by. But sometimes we need to paint the thread or the patch, we mend clothes, and maybe want to restore the color of sun-bleached shirt. Obtain the required colors Read more [...]
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Operation Blade

Knife as a weapon of self-defense Household functions the knife very diverse-from cutting food, ropes, etc. before opening the cans, and multi-disciplinary function knives and multitools even more diverse, so let's use a knife as a weapon. The use of a knife in the field as a weapon against the large and dangerous animals is unlikely. There are several reasons: First, even the most modern combat knives overall small in size for effective impact. Maximum, for which they can be used for finishing it caught on hunting animals. Although all hunting regulations recommend doing this shot, and Read more [...]
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Obstacles to survival

Whatever nebyli circumstances, but if you were on the river in the spring, in the flood uchshy option to survive - is to wait when the water subsides. This can be from a few days to no large rivers and up to several weeks for larger ones. It would seem quiet and calm river, and more ... is a misconception that this river is quiet and calm. The more water, the stronger and uncontrollable. When you swim in the middle of a big river, the distance disguise speed, but closer to the coast, you suddenly notice that the speed is high enough. Enough to turn your watercraft, throw the rocks and break Read more [...]
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Noctule small

Distribution. Occurs from England and Morocco to the Urals and North-Western Himalayas. In Russia inhabits Central and Central Black Earth region, Wed Volga, South Ural, North Caucasus. Number. Quantitative indicators and their trends in the north of the Volga N. unknown. The extreme rarity of seeing a small vechornytsi in the region formed the basis for the inclusion of species in the regional Red Data Book (Svyatkovsky, 1996 a), and in Appendix 1 to the Red Book of the Saratov region (2006), "An annotated list of taxa and populations of animals that are excluded from the Red Book of Read more [...]
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Nagolovatka mnogostebelnaya or branched

Perennial herb 30-50 cm tall stems solitary or few, erect, branched, especially at the top, green or dull purple. Plant with a large number of stem leaves, the leaves decurrent, so stalk winged. Basal leaves pinnate or twice pinnate to lanceolate or narrowly lanceolate ploskovatye segments, rarely entire, bright green above, below belovoylochnye, with petioles, stem - sessile, amplexicaul. Baskets are relatively small, 1.5-2 cm in diameter, are collected by 5-10 in total corymbose inflorescence. Wrap cupped, 1-1.5 cm long and 1 cm in diameter, gray pubescence, dark purple or dark green cuspid Read more [...]
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Status. Normal, numerous species of the region. Distribution. In Russia, found on the western borders of the country to Yakutia. Was first introduced to the Islands in the White Sea, 1928, as a result of successful acclimatization modern area has a huge area. In the Saratov region is widespread on the floodplains of rivers, ponds and reservoirs. On the right bank of the small rivers avoids channels, where the flow rate is high and there are no reed and Rogozov beds (main feed rodent). On the banks of the Volgograd and Saratov reservoirs also common, sometimes abundant species. Widespread, Read more [...]
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In bright red trickle of water

Quietly, barely moving his flippers and holding the breath, wheezing not to snorkel, I was swimming along the edge of the reeds, looking for prey eye frozen in ambush striped pike, camouflaged under Kamyshin stems. I had no luck. Almost tears in the mask not drip. Pike were not going to lie. For lip reeds, I suddenly came across her dull look askance: pike after hanging in the reeds like a log, slightly leaning forward, so it seems to look sullen, cold, brutal and nasty. Pike had, but for me as God spat. That nimble big fish disappeared into the reeds, and I missed it with Matyuk, but Read more [...]
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Noxious plants

Hemlock, poison or milestones. Perennial height 70 -130 cm klubneobraznym rhizome, hollow, multi, with transverse partitions inside. Leaves are large, pinnate. The flowers are small, white, in a cyme. The whole plant, especially the rhizome, has the smell of parsley or celery. Widespread in marshy river banks, low-lying marshes and swampy meadows throughout the country. Hemlock - the most poisonous plant flora of Russia. Toxic substances are found in all parts of the plant, especially in the rhizome, they cause severe poisoning, 50% of deaths. The poison acts quickly, the symptoms of poisoning Read more [...]
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How to choose a tent

You all day to wade through the windbreak forest, and even in the rain. Or in a snowstorm, were under heavy backpack constantly praying for the speedy completion of the day. And finally, the long-awaited vacation - overnight. It was then involuntarily and realize that one of the main elements of the equipment is a tent. Only good tent possible proper rest and recovery after a hard day, unless of course you do not want such as the night bailing water dripping from the top ... So what should be a tent? Let's try to sort out this issue. For this, we consider the main types of tents and Read more [...]
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Melkolepestnik sharp

Biennial or perennial herbaceous plant 10-40 cm Stems solitary, erect, reddish or green. Most of the leaves collected in the rosette above the stem is located only a few regular spaced leaves. The leaf blades are green, soft, pubescent on both sides with long protruding multicellular hairs, basal leaves oblanceolate, 1.5-10 cm long and 0.3-1.5 cm wide, obtuse or acute, long, entire or with single small teeth. Baskets diameter 6-12 mm, a few, gathered in common apical loose inflorescence. The flowers are blue, pink, purple or violet. Marginal flowers slightly longer median of 1.5-2 times higher Read more [...]
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Ammunition for hunting

For modern rifled guns used only ready ammunition factories manufacturing. For shotguns used not only purchase, but also charged in the home of ammunition. The reasons that hunters have resorted to self-charge ammunition, may be different. First of all, do not always have to sell cartridges equipped shot the required number. In addition, the needle often do not satisfy the proportion of charges and shells ready rounds, many good guns hit only "their" bullets. We must carefully observe the rules of equipment bullets and buckshot cartridges to prevent blow-up or break the stem. The Read more [...]
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Maple Prirechny or giniala

Low, up to 6 m, tree or shrub. Leaves up to 8 inches long and 6 inches wide, usually 3-lobed, dark green, glabrous, shining, on the edge, serrate-toothed. Middle lobe twice as long as the side and strongly pointed. Lateral lobes spread out almost horizontally or directed slightly upward. Yellow, honey scented small flowers collected for 20-60 pieces in egg-shaped panicles. They appear in June and quickly wither, giving way to bright pink or carmine lionfish to 3 cm in length. Lionfish wings diverge at a very acute angle, and sometimes even touching. Seeds ripen in September - October, and Read more [...]
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Making fire

Fire is essential for survival. It provides warmth and protection is a means of signaling, boiling water, cook and store food, heats the metal to make tools and burn pots. You must learn how to make fire in any place and under any circumstances. That's why tools for making fire (though perhaps put them on the same level with the means of production and purification of water) should be paramount and permanent feature in your survival kit. If space permits, it is not superfluous addition to your collection would be a small magnifying glass and ognivo.Opyat yet, if space allows, place a small Read more [...]
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