Zope — fish with a blue back

Blue bream (Abramis ballerus) - widely representative bream. He looks very similar to its wide-telogo relative. Its name, this fish received a distinctly blue scales on the back and above the lateral line. Of bream it easy to distinguish the shape of the mouth: the mouth too zope retractable, a tube, but the top, allowing you to take a writing surface. In contrast to the bream, blue bream never goes into the salt or brackish water, is found only in large, fairly full-flowing rivers and reservoirs. As is the case with roaches, large artificial reservoirs zope found better conditions than they Read more [...]
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Giant Sequoia

Giant tree, more durable and larger than the sequoia, is rightly termed by Mammoth tree. Up to 120 m in height and 20 meters in diameter. The reserve USA - National Park Mammoth tree stump is arranged on it with a dance floor and a hollow, turned into a small restaurant. Thick crust Mammoth tree bark like redwoods. Young shoots first blue-green, then become reddish-brown. The needles are bluish-green with two white stripes, 5-15 mm long, 3 mm wide, nearly three-sided, with the tip at the end, the lower part of his tight to escape, but the top few behind him. Needles are to escape spiral, Read more [...]
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Woodsmaster — Move and Navigation

In this series you will see how to make a compass, how to navigate by the sun, shadows, hours, and other characteristics. All of these skills will help you not to get lost in the wild and probably get to your destination. Episode 4: Primitive Navigation and Wilderness Travel - Orientation in spaceDownload:letitbit.net Read more [...]
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Winter hunting — no longer a problem. Decide

It is now very few people will be surprised to hear about the winter spearfishing. Not long ago, just something 30 years ago, the concept of "hunting fish underwater in fierce cold" was completely unrealistic, akin to fiction or fantasy. Then pioneers was not for that, no personal experience or someone else's, there was no suitable equipment for such hunts. We have driven by a desire to see the underwater world in entirely different than the summer, conditions, and, most importantly, an unwillingness to sit at home, waiting for the summer. Modern underwater hunters no less Read more [...]
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White dogwood

Shrub with erect, up to 3 m long, bright red, switchgrass, sometimes leaning to the ground shoots and oppositely arranged leaves. Elliptical or egg-shaped, with pointed tip on top of the leaves wrinkled, dark-green, blue-gray bottom, both sides covered with hairs. Blooms almost all summer. Yellowish-white flowers clustered in corymbose, slightly convex inflorescence 3-5 cm in diameter. In August, the fruits begin to ripen - white with a bluish tint globose drupe. Purple-red fall foliage and fruit on white background gives her bush Derain elegant look. Found in forests but rivers and streams Read more [...]
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What to do after a tick bite?

With the arrival of spring warmth and outdoorsy people Kebab-stay awake and are active in the lives of young inhabitants of forests, parks and meadows - ticks. Scientists predict that this year will sharply increase the probability of contracting tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease (Lyme disease). Because that's what this year is the peak of biological activity of most of the population of ixodid (Ixodidae) ticks that cause these diseases. In the summer of 2009 there will be more adult mites. But next year will be more of the larvae, which means less risk to humans. How to protect yourself Read more [...]
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Weather prediction by the stars

Signs of bad weather If the stars are shining on steady and not blink - it indicates the presence of thin cirrus clouds, which means that soon deteriorating weather. If the stars are cast in the blink red and bluish light - it indicates the approach of prolonged bad weather. If the stars are twinkling strongly, and in the morning the sky is covered with clouds - can happen in the afternoon thunderstorm.     If the stars are visible on a clear day is bad, - it points to the approaching storm. In the summer time. If the Milky Way looks dull - to bad weather. Read more [...]
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Water-salt metabolism in the Arctic

On the face of dehydration - a process that occurs only at high temperatures, when the body is fighting the overheating have to expend a lot of water on the formation of sweat. It would seem that in the Arctic, a person is fully insured against dehydration. And yet at low temperatures water losses is so great that poses a serious threat to the body. No coincidence that many polar explorers complained constant feeling of thirst. The reasons for its addition to the lack of drinking water may be different: sweating caused by heavy physical work in a warm, hindering the movement of clothing, low Read more [...]
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Vole public

Status. Rare, sporadically distributed species. Distribution. Inhabits lowland plains, in Russia, the most numerous in the North Caucasus and the North Caspian. In the Saratov region social vole lives in the south-east and east of Volga, The northern limit of the species range. On the left bank of the river. M. Uzen around Huth. Vetelki Aleksandrovogayskogo district vole noted earlier (Davidovich, 1964). Interpretation post AA Matrosov, this rodent in the border zone with Kazakhstan Aleksandrovogayskom found in the area and at present. At the present time, for the shafts of irrigation channels Read more [...]
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Siberian Arguziya

Perennial herb with creeping rhizome and erect braid sinuous spreading branched stems 10-35 cm tall, densely appressed pubescent or hairs. The leaves are alternate, oblong or almost linear, sessile, grayish of pubescence. Flowers in few-flowered little curls at the ends of stems and branches. Calyx grayish, with five sharp lanceolate lobes, which are 2-3 times shorter than corolla tube. Corolla funnel-shaped, with a tube 6-7 mm, densely woolly outside, with limb to 8 mm in diameter, cut into five ovate or oblong, obtuse or acute lobes. The fruits are ovoid, about 8 mm long, apex depressed, Read more [...]
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Useful tips about mushrooms

Do not eat too many mushrooms (in whatever form that may be). Although edible mushrooms and tasty, though they require a good digestion the best mushrooms, eaten in immoderate amounts, can cause people with low and irregular digestion difficult and even dangerous indigestion. The aging of mushrooms before cooking them, you should always remove the lower, spore-bearing, layer hats: the plate of mushrooms - a plate with sponge - sponge, which in most of the mature mushroom becomes soft and can be easily separated from the cap. Mature spores contained in a variety of plates and sponge mushroom ripe, Read more [...]
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Tundra and forest-tundra: orientation

In the tundra light dim, diffused. Distant objects appear close and, conversely, the small blade of grass tussocks - a relatively large and distant. Orientation in the tundra is very difficult because of the lack of roads. In her snowy expanse not meet even the beaten path. But left in the tundra trail is very long. Often, the only reference in the tundra, which can sometimes help in choosing the right direction are houris - artificial ridge of stones piled on the shore as a distinguishing mark. Read more [...]
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Thuja occidentalis

One of the most common park trees. Height of 20 m, trunk diameter up to 70 cm grows slowly, especially in the first half of life. Bark reddish or brownish-gray, smooth in his youth, and later cracked, peeling elongated thin slices. Krona in free growth broadly, arborvitae makes very good haircut, so in a culture you can find trees with the most diverse form of the crown, the artificial production with clippers. Young shoots are flat, green, in the third year are round, reddish-brown. Thuja branches in the horizontal plane (on this basis it is easy to distinguish from the biota, branching in Read more [...]
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Thunder broom

Mistletoe (Viscum album), as well as oak, in ancient times, is the subject of superstitious veneration. Magicians of ancient Gauls - Druids worshiped her. The reason for such worship, according to Pliny, was the fact that a growing on oak was considered heaven sent, a sign that God himself chose this tree. Mistletoe grew, blossomed remained evergreen, while the oak (or other, shelters her tree) shed their leaves in the winter. Its leathery leaves are well maintained and autumn storms and winter cold. In the midst of winter in the mistletoe was seen round, white, shiny berries. Mistletoe does Read more [...]
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The universality of spinners

Versatile lures, suitable for various fishing conditions, - units, and among rotating these are absent. It would be foolish to use the spoon in situations in whichtechnical characteristics, it obviously can not be applied. And, yet, look for versatility one of the most popular among anglers trolling: «Aglia». Some may ask, "Why spinners company« Mepps »? Because «Mepps» surely is one of the first places in the top ten firms producing quality and cheap spinners (sort blesenny consumer goods). If spinners firm Daiva Hopkins, Silver Creek, Lure Jensen relatively expensive and for Read more [...]
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The road through the forest

Now all the way from the river to the left Schild people Forest village lies in front of me on a piece of paper. I walked this road many times before and I know it, painted from memory, and I can set this figure different signs, noting certain memorial sites and meeting ... Not far from the Schild ran across my path Menevia creek. I always stay here and smoke, here ended in possession of people and began ownership of the forest. After Menevia creek were bridges. Walkways around the stream were steep banks and viscous bottom, and it was more like in a location for a peat ditch. The Read more [...]
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Rhode ALCHEMILLA L. — Cuff.

Herbaceous perennials, 5-50 cm high. Distribution: Arctic, the European part, the Caucasus, Western and Eastern Siberia. Contain flavonoids to 2.5% in the leaves of A. xanthochlora Rhotm. (Syn. A. vulgaris auct.) (In H including catechins leykoantotsnanndiny) karotiioidy, carbohydrates and trnterpenondy called phytosterols (Sokolowska-Wozniak, Krzaczek, 1993), nitrogen Comm., Phenolic acids, and higher aliphatic hydrocarbons established structure. Marked tannins to 11.3% of the Subtitle. Part A. xanthochlora. Found steroids, glycerides, phospholipids, vitamin C. Medicinal. Therapeutic action Read more [...]
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The hunt for otter

Otter is found in almost the whole of Russia, except for the tundra of the Far North. However, almost everywhere it is extremely small. Lives otter on the banks of rivers, lakes and ponds, especially loves live Wildland deaf rivers and fast flowing rivers, still waters and shoals rich in fish. Otter eats mainly fish. It also kills frogs, crayfish, small rodents, not large animals, birds and their eggs. At full winterkilling reservoir, which is home to otters, it goes to the other pond, overcoming sometimes Dividing Range mountain. Usually, the otter is not going away from the water further Read more [...]
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Second in the bunch is at first amazed and dumped stones or straying during fall of the first

This error is third in the overall statistics (see Fig. 7). It is distributed evenly by category difficulty climbing, but significantly distinguishes athletes II level (50% of all cases). Approximately half of the marked NA occurred at a time when there was a bunch of the lower or working without lanyard directly under the leading bunch and frustrating first leads to the death of several people. The second half of the National Assembly, relating to the parsing error, it is necessary to defeat the belayer rocks ejected by the host. Both groups of fatalities attributed mainly lack of Read more [...]
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The behavior of the loss of orientation in the forest

Anyone who goes into the forest, must know how to behave in case of loss of orientation, because of this unfortunate situation is almost no one is safe, except that hereditary hunters - hunters, for which Taiga is the second house. There are many cases when you lose orientation and wandered in the wilderness of the forest, even those who went to a lot of forest trails. Lose orientation, and easier to get lost, you can differently. It's one thing if it happened somewhere in a small suburban forest surrounded on all sides by familiar roads, fields, etc. In these circumstances, it is impossible Read more [...]
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