Hiking Gear | The survival encyclopedia - Part 2


The tent should be waterproof to protect them from wind, snow, rain, and keep warm. It should easily and quickly with the minimum of tools are placed. Made of lightweight canvas or percale. The roof should produce a thin rubberized percale (odnosloyki), half of the two-layer percale. Climbers often use "Shuster." It has a flat roof and is set to ax, retains heat well, and little exposed to the wind, but very low, often the roof sags and then pass water. We recommend using a shortened poludatskoy tent or improved "Shuster" with a gable roof. They are mounted on a Read more [...]
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Tactics hiking in the far north and in the taiga

In preparation for the campaign map is scheduled only a general direction of the line route. Directly in the campaign route specified. The correct choice of the way in some sections of the route, the successful execution of day plan. At the beginning of the campaign, when each party has a large backpack or laying open sleigh, to bypass the steep ascents and descents. Even lost in the distance, the group will be given before plot, keeping force participants. At the end of the route, where one side is significantly reduced weight, but on the other - all participants are physically hardened, Read more [...]
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Ice hammer

tool used by mountain climbers, hikers and for driving and removing of rocks and ice hooks for cutting steps and notches in the ice while overcoming steep (up to 70'') ice slopes, as well as a handhold on the ascent to "Cats" on the steep ice slope.Ice Hammer: 1 - "Beak", 2 - peen, 3 - strap, 4 - rubberized grip LM has a metal. the head with a blunt (striker) and pointed ("beak") ends on the metal. handle long. approx. 35 cm, covered with rubber (see Figure). The characteristic shape of the "beak" LM provides reliable fastening Read more [...]
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Supplementary feeding of animals. Hares

Hares fed by dumping aspen (eaten bark and twigs), hanging various brooms (mostly willow), hanging beams forest hay. Important for Whites have salt licks, so it is recommended to strengthen the salt chunks at a height of about 50 cm in the forks of trees, in holes in the stumps, in a special split. According to AS Rykov (1966), for every 100 hectare hare land should be put on saline soils. Need a hare in winter is about 100 g branches and 50 g hay per day (Kuznetsov, 1967). Hares fed hay in winter (best clover), oats, peas, grain waste, cabbage, carrots, silage and other feeds. Aftermath Read more [...]
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Summer day rarely goes without Rain. Know the rules of conduct in the storm is very important, because their violation may lead to tragic consequences - lightning. The danger of lightning is an electrical charge that affects not only what it gets, but anyone who is or what is next. That is why during the storm should immediately stop the movement and seek shelter. Safer to wait out the storm in a hollow, ditch, pit. If there are no grooves, to lie down and wait until the storm stops. You can also set up a tent in the open, preferably before the rain to under the tent was dry. During Read more [...]
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Description. Evergreen tree of the pine family, up to 50 m stem red-brown, up to 1 m in diameter. The needles are dark green, spicy, remains on the tree until 3-5 years, is single. Seed cones (female) during flowering purple, male Antheral yellow. Spruce live up to 300-500 years. In Perm region there are 2 types of spruce, Siberian and European. They differ mainly cones. Spruce cones are elongated and bifurcated scales. In Siberia - they are rounded, entire. Spruce - the main tree species of dark coniferous taiga. This dense forests of spruce and fir. Occurs spruce in all areas Read more [...]
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Sorrel small or Schavelek

Ryhlodernovinny perennial with threadlike roots and root suckers. Stems are erect, in height from 8 to 45 cm, branched inflorescence. Basal rosette leaves petiolate, lanceolate, 1-6 cm long and 2-15 mm wide, submerged or elliptical terminal lobe and two side usually narrower and shorter blades pointing upward or bent up, stem leaves are short or sessile, lanceolate or linear. Sockets of silver. Inflorescence - panicle branched rather thin, often longer than the rest of the stem. The plant is dioecious. All Sepals green, pink and green, reddish, erect. Fruits are 0.9-1.2 mm long, brownish, Read more [...]
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So catch a winter carp

Carp - is fish, which is always a%, held in the heart of the angler first place - and in the winter and summer. Catching first carp usually confined to adolescence and angling big and fierce in battle carp becomes a matter of mature years. In winter in the ordinary fisherman catches are bream, bream, roach, rudd, blue bream and some other members of this family. In recent years, "assortment" carp becoming prey lovers is expanding. The number of species (about 1700) Carp - the largest among all of our freshwater and marine fishes of the family! This fact alone should make the novice Read more [...]
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Basic properties of the local varieties of items

Each channel of the valley can serve as a bed or to the river. During periods of high water river overflows its banks and floods the valley - this part of the valley is called the flood plain, which is sometimes enormous. River channel, usually on its course has a number of deep confined spaces (reach) and transitions (rapids). River bends called meanders. The concave coast course faster water washes ashore, deepens the channel, and here river has the greatest depth. At the opposite, convex coast course medlepnee here deposited sediments and form shoals. The axis of the river that runs Read more [...]
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Prevention and treatment

The polar regions of the Earth are harsh physical and geographical conditions, which on the one hand, prevent the spread of many diseases, and on the other - have high requirements for human health. Low temperatures for most of the year, with frequent storm winds, intense space and geomagnetic disturbances, impaired normal for the middle latitudes of day and night, the changing nature of power, the distance from their homes - this is something with which a person faces in high latitudes. In the Antarctic, the impact of adverse factors contribute almost complete lack of calm weather in the coastal Read more [...]
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Common mole voles

Status. Common species in the region. Distribution. In the Saratov region found in all landscape areas east of the Volga. For example, in the south of the Left Bank meets in Prierus Lansky-sands (around with. Dyakovka) in floodplains, B. and M. Uzen Erusla-on. On the right bank distribution is uneven. So, in 1949, recorded mole voles around with. Pudovkin Krasnoarmeiskii (El-patevsky et al, 1950). It is quite common in the steppe beams in the neighboring districts of the Ulyanovsk region, a high incidence in the valley. Tereshka, also form stable settlement in the southern border region Read more [...]
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Seasonal workers

On the surface of the earth, except in the tropical rain forests, feel the seasonal changes of weather, but they do not appear anywhere in such a harsh manner, both in the area of broadleaved deciduous forest and taiga. Winter life in the forests dies, and the further north you go the longer the off season. The sharp decrease in the amount of light and heat, pulled out at the time the forest, aggravated snow cover, the whole long winter closing ground and radically change the way of life of animals. Not surprisingly, that the inhabitants of these forests were seasonal workers. Northerners are Read more [...]
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Saving Wildlife Fund

Developing hunting sport, we must simultaneously take care of the development of our country's hunting, which is a branch of the national economy. For the purpose of conservation, reproduction and sustainable economic use of state hunting fund held a range of activities. Under state hunting fund means all are in the wild wild animals (birds and animals) with fishing or hunting and sporting significance. Maintaining and increasing the state hunting fund, the conditions for the development of hunting, which is one of the most popular, versatile and useful sports.Do not assume that preserve Read more [...]
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in the campaign. Providing B. - One of the most important activities of SHE, control and rescue services, tourist clubs, tourist, trip-and-skills, disciplinary and other commission-Union. Federation of T. B. oriented software DOS. guidance and instruction-methodical. samodeyat documents. T. and planned in the first place, "Rules of the tour. sport. campaigns. "                   B. Ensuring provides performance of an extensive complex of works and activities in the general system of organization, preparation and conduct of tour. hiking, travel and competitions. Read more [...]
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Ropes and knots

When moving and obstacles common use of nylon rope core (thickness of 9-11 mm, length 30-40 m) and support (thickness 5-7 mm, length 30-40 m and 4.5-5 m) hover different crossings organization up or down a steep slope, with insurance on dangerous rock, snow, and other sections of the route. The success of the rope is largely determined by the ability to properly tie knots and binding. Fig. 15. Tying knot weaving Nodes to connect two ropes. Ropes of the same diameter connected node directly ("sea") or weaving (Fig. 15). With different thickness of ropes used other nodes Read more [...]
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Rifle hunting

The final moment of hunting with a gun - shot on game. Rifle hunting extremely diverse. The following methods are different than rifle hunting. 1. Mobile-dynamic methods, the hunter does not wait, and looking for prey. This group includes the following types. Brodova hunting. One of the most common methods is that the hunter scours the most characteristic habitats of game and shoots seen animals. This method is mainly used for production of small and medium-large game (hare, waterfowl). The success Brodova hunt depends on knowing the habits of the game, the ability to determine its location, Read more [...]
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Rhode TURGENIA Hoffm. — Turgenev.

T. latifolia (L) Hoffm. - Annual plant 15-50 cm tall. Distribution: European part (south-east), the Caucasus. Contains flavonoids seskviterpeioidy and higher fatty acid established structure. Allocated 36.4% fatty oil NZ fruit, essential oil. Found coumarin, poliatsetileiovye Comm. Medicinal. Therapeutic action - a diuretic - Hopes. h Food. Edible: shoot (young). Read more [...]
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Rhode STELLERA L. — Steller.

S. chamaejasme L. - Herbaceous perennial to 50 cm high. Distribution: Eastern Siberia and the Far East. Contains diterpenoids, lignans, flavonoids, 1.6% of Hopes. hours (including biflavonoidy), coumarin 0.3% in oversight. hours (including furokumariny), carbohydrates, and feiilpropanoidy (Jin, Micetich, Daneshtalab, 1999), higher aliphatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, other aliphatic and aromatic Comm. established structure. Allocated fixed oil, tannin 3.1% IE iadz. h 21% saponins are found in the underground. h, vitamin C. Medicinal. Therapeutic action - tonic (complete), anti-inflammatory, Read more [...]
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Rhode SCOPOLIAJacq. — Scopoli.

S. camiolica Jacq. - Herbaceous perennial to 80 cm high. Distribution: Caucasus. Contains alkaloids to 1% in the underground. h, coumarins, flavonoids, carbohydrates and phenolic acids established structure. Drug (podz. hours). Indications - ear, nose and throat: with Meniere's disease - salt alkaloids hyoscyamine, scopoletin, in preparations Aeron (Mashkovsky, 2000), symptoms and syndromes: with motion sickness - in a preparation Aeron (Mashkovsky, 2000), infections / infestations: in rabies, diseases of the eye: the eye disease - Subtitle. h In the experiment, exhibits antibacterial Read more [...]
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Yellow ground squirrel or gopher-sandstone — citellus fulvus lichtenstein. Habitat

Colonial and settlement types. Settlement yellow gopher have more or less distinct colonial character. Group allocation norms particularly evident in the early release of animals from hibernation until the so-called intermediate holes, most of them temporary shelters summer gophers. Dissemination of animals within the area is not solid, but in the form of separate arrays, between which there are uninhabited spaces - large tracts of sand (Muyunkum, Kyzylkum), gravelly-clay watershed (central areas Ustiurt Betpak Dala) and at the same time, it is suitable for dwelling squirrels habitats. Read more [...]
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