Temperature and humidity

Great influence on the heat exchange has ambient temperature: high temperature limit the heat loss, low - increases it. But the human body maintains its temperature in the same range, regardless of external conditions. Such thermal equilibrium, that is, a full correspondence between the heat input and its impact, provide a special thermoregulatory center - the hypothalamus. At higher ambient temperatures (above 25 °) decomposition of nutrients in the body, which are a source of thermal potential energy decreases and at low (below 153) increases. Increased decomposition at low temperatures Read more [...]
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Tackle for sheer blesneniya (Winter Baubles)

One of the most active and, therefore, ways of fishing sport fish in the winter - sheer blesnenie. This is not spinning, some say not good at this point fishermen. Gear used for sheer blesneniya is spinning with only one thing in common: in both instances, the artificial lures called spoons. Fishing at the last winter, of course, no spinning (rotation) is performed. Lures are moving in the water by different rules and trajectories. Tackle has udilnika with carrying rings lesohranilischa, fishing line, a nod, spinners. All these elements can be of different capacity and size depending on the Read more [...]
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Survival in the Taiga

Difficult to have urban person being in the woods alone, in fact it will be surrounded by a hostile environment. Even if it is a forest, surrounded on all sides by railways and roads, will have to experience a lot of discomfort and deprivation, while stray climbs to people. There are many different benefits to the recommendations of the behavior in such cases. Mdo not have to hunt around a lot in different areas of the country, mainly in remote areas. Often holidays spent at the field in their homeland in western Siberia. Developed its principles and rules of conduct in the forest. They are Read more [...]
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Hypothermia can occur not only in the winter or in the mountains, but also in summer. Summer hypothermia body contributes to a long stay in the water, in wet clothes in the wind and in high humidity. First supercooled body most poorly supplied with blood. So first of all get cold fingers and toes, the tips of the ears and nose. Frozen becomes less active, more indifferent, he loses interest in everything around him. Prevention of hypothermia begins primarily with personal hygiene and proper fitting equipment. Clean clothes, dry socks, gloves help to preserve heat and good climate. The Read more [...]
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Stop the bleeding

The first task - to find the damaged blood vessel. In open injuries this place can be seen immediately. Depending on the type of vessel bleeding is divided into arterial and venous. For arterial bleeding is typical gushing stream of bright red blood. Venous bleeding, blood is dark and pouring a continuous, uniform flow. First aid and self-help is to immediately stop bleeding in any way: burning, twisting, bending the limbs, imposing a pressure bandage (venous or capillary bleeding). After stopping the bleeding at the wound sterile dressing is applied. Bleeding from small vessels stopped Read more [...]
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Biocenotic role of brown bears

At present positioning of the brown bear in ecosystems is of particular importance in relation to "work for the comprehensive monitoring, and in this direction initiated the first studies [26, 36, 44. 48, 113, 152]. Some researchers attempted to determine the amount consumed by a bear food, including animal and calculate rations kx calorie, etc. without acknowledgment of these field calculations and experimental data. However, without such data, these indicators are insufficiently reliable. Seasonality in the diet is associated with the time the bear (phases) of vegetation of different vegetation Read more [...]
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Sorrel horse

Perennial. Stem erect, 60-120 cm tall, grooved, branched at the top. Basal leaves with long petioles, their records cordate-ovate or broadly ovate, 10-30 cm long and 2-20 cm wide, blunt, somewhat wavy at the edges, stem leaves are narrower at the base obtuse or slaboserdtsevidnye the leaves from the bottom along the veins, as the whole plant, with buds turning into strips. Inflorescence uzkometelchatoe quite thick. Pedicels near the middle or lower with a thick joint. Inner perianth segments in fruit suborbicular, 6-7 mm, slightly cordate at the base, tapering slightly at the apex, margin Read more [...]
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Snow Goose

The place is called as snow and the northern goose. In the CIS, there is only one of its subspecies, the so-called lesser snow goose. It is a small bird, the weight of which is rarely more than 2 kilograms. Color white goose is very different from the rest of the geese, as it has almost entirely white plumage except for black primary feathers and ash-gray wing coverts. Beak and feet were red, gray nail beak. Due to overexploitation of white goose in the past now this bird is extremely small. We found only at nesting on Wrangel Island. Overwinters predominantly white goose on the Pacific Read more [...]
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Siwiec meadow

A perennial herbaceous plant from 30 to 180 cm, with short oblique rhizome and numerous thick roots. Stem erect, simple, rarely branched at the top, bottom or naked spreading hairs, top covered with appressed hairs. The leaves are opposite, thick, shiny top, lower-ovate, petiolate, upper linear-lanceolate, sessile, with a short vagina fused petioles. Flowers are in terminal inflorescences hemispherical head with a diameter of 2 cm Involucre two-rowed, herbaceous, lanceolate. Bracts elliptic, scarious. Corolla length of about 7 mm, blue-purple, four-lobed, hairy outside. Stamens four. Fruit-achene. Read more [...]
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Marten (belodushka)

Stone marten (Belodushka) has a relatively small area of the Soviet Union: the Baltic States, part Belarus and Ukraine, some areas of Central Russia, Moldova, Crimea, the Caucasus and Transcaucasia, and mountain regions of Central Asia. It is weaker than zheltodushka related to forest habitats. Although there is evidence that in some parts of the area (for example, in the Belgorod region) this predator firmly adheres oak and other trees krupnostvolnyh, but it is often found in open habitats and ravines, gullies, rock streams. Marten often settles near human habitation, is even attics, abandoned Read more [...]
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Severn is Bershna

Bursch (Stizostedion volgensis) - «younger relative" perch, very similar to him. By the absence canines in the lower jaw and smaller. In addition, Bursch stripes on the sides almost as clearly as the perch, and their number does not exceed 8 units. In times gone by meet fish weighing 3 kg and a length of 45 cm, but today even the catch industrialists instances more than 1.5 kg are not caught. Anglers goes to production and even less - up to 0.5 kg. Bursch more thermophilic than the perch, and on the latitude of Moscow on the rivers to the north is not, therefore, considered to fish Read more [...]
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By the nature of reactions are two main forms of motion sickness. The first of these occurs with pronounced autonomic manifestations (nausea, vomiting, profuse sweat, excessive salivation), joined by headache, dizziness, irregular heartbeat. In the second (hidden) form people complain mostly on weakness, lethargy, drowsiness, decreased performance. Contributes to the development of motion sickness, burdening its manifestation, a number of additional factors. They can be all kinds of smells (food, paint, kerosene), irritant olfactory system, intake of fatty and sugary foods, alcohol, smoking, Read more [...]
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Saskatoon rotundifolia

It grows in the middle mountain belt of the North Caucasus and Transcaucasia to an altitude of 1,900 m above sea level on the sunny slopes of the rocky, forest edges and in the undergrowth of light woods. Slender shrub or small tree with delicate tracery of green foliage, autumn host reddish yellow. The leaves are ovate or elliptic, 3-4 cm long, with a rounded base, thick, bottom belovatovoylochnye. In May, there are abundant corymbose brush from 5 - 8 white or creamy-white flowers, which, combined with the young leaves give bush a special charm. Black or blue-black with a bluish bloom juicy Read more [...]
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Rybachte us — Spinning

Rybachte us - Spinning Language: Russian Format: pdf Size: 95 MBThis is not my first book about fishing. The idea of writing them appeared somehow by themselves - at some time I was interested in, for example, catching walleye. Accordingly, the statistical in volume at some point gave reason to "progress report" took the form of not one or two journal articles, but something more serious. And I started to write a book about Sudak ... With pike, if guided by a direct and immediate logic, everything had to take place much earlier. About two-thirds of my fishing trips due, in whole Read more [...]
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Roe. Field signs. Description

In the winter forest, which is home to deer, the hunter was struck by the rather extensive pokopki snow with small pits traces. Here you can find bare areas with sod hooves scratched or forest litter in the form of melted oval spot diameter of 60 - 80 cm This is a vacation spot deer, or, as they call them hunters maturation. An experienced observer by the tracks on the snow surface can read and animal behavior. Quietly they rose from their "bed" and began hurrying to feed, step by moving from one bush to another, or, frightened, rushed headlong towards the nearest thicket. In Read more [...]
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Riddles seekers plants

Many mysteries of the green world around you when you can think of, good company sitting on the bright blazing fire. Give a few examples of forest puzzles, questions to think about all of the seekers of plants. Who knows more herbaceous plants, shrubs, and of trees and can call them by flowers, fruits, leaves and banter lam? What is the benefit of the plants you find most important? Name the ten plants, which use the root or leaf stem, fruit, seed flower. List the industrial sector INDUSTRY based on the use of plants. What is the use of knowledge of plants (botany)? What is the difference Read more [...]
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Annuals, biennials 10-75 cm high. Propagation: All. Contain flavonoids and acyclic poliatsetilenovye Comm. established structure. Highlighted the essential oil to 0.8% of the flowers of T. perforatum (Merat) M. Lainz., Rubber. Medication (including nadz. T. perforatum). Therapeutic action - emollient, analgesic, antispasmodic. Indications - infections / infestations, influenza, malaria, diseases of the respiratory system: when tracheitis - inflorescence, focal pneumonia, respiratory infections, ear, nose and throat: with tonsillitis, laryngitis - inflorescence pain: for toothache, gastralgia, Read more [...]
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Herbaceous perennials and 50 cm high. Distribution: European part, the Western and Eastern Siberia, the Far East. Contain phenanthrenes, and phenols, phenolic glikoeidy established structure. Detected alkaloids, steroids, anthocyanins, phenolic acids salts. Medicinal. Therapeutic action - tonic - Subtitle. h S. sinensis (Pers.) Ames, increases the potency - S. spiralis (L) Chevall. Read more [...]
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Rhode SCHISANDRA Michx. — Magnolia.

Sch. chinensis (Turcz.) Baill - woody vine up to 15 m long. Distribution: The Far East. Contains lignans to 12.8% in the cortex of rhizomes, sesqui-and diterpenoids, steroids (including phytosterols (Lee et al., 1997), as well as fatty acids and their esters established structure. Allocated essential oil to 3.1% from the bark of the stem, fat oil up 33.8% and tannin to 0.3% of the fruit. detected resin acids to 8.7% in the fruit, flavonoids and 2% in the leaves (including catechins), vitamins C, E, F. Medicinal. Therapeutic action - tonic, adap-pathogenic - fruits, seeds (State registry. 2000), Read more [...]
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Rhode PUSCHKINIA Adams — Pushkin.

P. scilloides Adams - herbaceous perennial 10-15 cm tall. Distribution: Caucasus. Flavonoids established structure. Alkaloids found to 0.3% in the leaves. Drug (leaves). Therapeutic action - a diuretic, expectorant. Indications - diseases of the digestive system: the stomach cramps. In the experiment, an alcohol extract exhibits antibacterial activity. Food. Edible leaves, flowers. Read more [...]
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