Spyderco Bill Moran Featherweight

Author Alexander aka AlexScar Created - November 2005  Spyderco Bill Moran Featherweight Fiksed first appeared at me from Spayderko. Initially, he took it as EDC, but always thought that it should be such a perfect combat knife for urban life.  Excellent done carefully. Zitelevaya handle. On the sides and top of the insert craton. Pear-shaped form was to improve the ergonomics of the knife, but for some reason it is more convenient to keep it reverse grip. In direct Enough for the most important, forefinger and middle finger felt an emptiness that creates some discomfort, and sometimes Read more [...]
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Microtech UMS (Uniformed Military Services)

  The author - Ivan   This is the only Maykrotek that I unconditionally loved. The others, even iconic mini juice to the soul does not lie, and this ...     Held back from buying price - in St. Petersburg almost 300 Baku Commissars. Through the barriers - a little less, and on the internet, I do not like to fly - the fear that there will be something wrong (well, not like it there, or what troubles will) have fun then ... And then rolled luck - selling new acquaintance, neyuzanny UMS a third cheaper price shopping - well, I took without hesitation.    Nearest-and-i-n, now I understand Read more [...]
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Check out the nature of the club. October 2005

Author: Alexander (St. Petersburg) So true. I honestly did not even hoped Piterskaja nayf-get-together will make, as last year, visiting session in nature. Summer is over (probably flashed) catastrophically fast. That is already selected a fall. And fall is not easy - gold. I think everyone would agree with me - Fall 2005 in St. Petersburg was a miracle as well. But still together. And surprisingly quickly. If the topic at knfe.ru. aboutthe first meeting was of the order of hundreds of posts, and the organization of the trip - about a month, then the second session - on the strength Read more [...]
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Large kitchen knife from Roselli

Author: Andrew Lokhov. Created review: March 2007 Review posted with permission of the author Editorial correction - IvanIn the world of knives there is a strange trend - if it comes to the knife, it usually hunting, tourist or a folding knife and rarely kitchen. They even much less popular than daggers, but in practice are used much more frequently than any other category of knives and daggers together.Information about kuhonnikah very little, I have experienced in my own skin when set out to buy a knife for cutting bread. As it turned out, cut the bread, especially fresh-baked or stale, Read more [...]
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Sheath of kaydeksa

Anatoly (Thom) Material posted with permission of the author The original article is http://thomknives.narod.ru/kydexsheath/kydexsheath.htmFirst a little bit about the material. Kaydeks - thermoplastic material, easy to shape when heated over 70-90 degrees C while maintaining the overall structure of the material. Plastic is very durable and at the wrong manufacture sheath can gradually blunt knife RK (reportedly on CKD forums). Usually sold in sheets measuring 30x30cm. Sheet thickness 0.06 "/ 0.08" / 0.093 "(1.5 / 2/2, 4 mm). For light enough knives 1.5mm kaydeks, heavy Read more [...]
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Victorinox Nomad

Author: Fet Created - January 2006 Published with permission of the authorWicks "Nomad" appeared in my quite long, about 2.5 years ago. What nozhemanskaya collection can do without the genuine Swiss Army knife, as they like to call it in stores? Possible of course that the collection and will cost, but the farm knife is indispensable. In the role of EBC it I did not catch on, but often carry it in your bag as an extra, and I do not remember any attacks on nature, on which I had not brought along this Wickes. The reason is simple - its functionality. Relatively inexpensive knife Read more [...]
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A Roundup of the first and second Chinook — 2

August 16, 2006 Author - Alexander (St. Petersburg) About aesthetics and practicality Ivan did not like how the first Chinook, so I do not understand the second. In the first Chinook there was a certain concept, an idea around which was tied all design decisions. With my experience in the use of the first Chinook available here. In the end, the creator of Chinook James Keating developed this knife as part of Martial Blade Craft. As I understand it, this program is associated with a knife fight, but not with lemon slicing thin, transparent slices. Aesthetics? It is clear that there is no Read more [...]
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With a dog on a knife

According to the materials KNIFE.RU This branch Knife.ru lived on for almost 2 years, from 28 February 2003 to 16 February 2005. I thought about it and decided to have some of her comb and even put on Knifelife, because it deserves. Since this opus - the fruit of collective work, and I edited one, just warning respected authors - fee not wait ;)  Ivan.   Benjamin (z) HipHere is the deal - a lot of people was to carry a knife. And it's nothing for it does not happen, because all the certificates. I feel naked and exposed. Burden three blades, two - in the car. Security has not increased Read more [...]
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Boker Magnum Generator

sec: Vit_213 Created review December 20, 2006 Review posted with permission of the author  TTX from the manufacturer: The total length of 19.8 cm blade 8.2 cm Weight: 150 gr. Steel 440CMeasured:Folded length 117 mm, thickness 12 mm, without clips. Immediately foresee disgruntled shouts of "Phew, magnum, cheap, China, etc., etc.Know. And he bought me "in the appendage" to two more "serious" Boker. About one of which I spoke herehttp://www.knife.ru/Forum/read.php?f=1&i=151527&t=151527. Bought solely for looks in the picture, just liked.And when I Read more [...]
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Author: AlexScar Created articles - July 2007Oh yes is not over, but not over. I slept a little small ...While living in Uzbekistan during the Soviet years, the factory knives somehow was not familiar. The kitchen worked pchak handmade outdoor use homemade balisong, or a neat little knife, made from his own chisels. Old Soviet Army Knives were a rarity, and the particular success somehow did not use. More often than knives bought at the market, and if there was any special needs, you ordered or made themselves. I was no exception. Knives do without frills and excesses: undertook a chisel Read more [...]
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machete Cayman

        Last weekend had a chance in the holiday mode ottestit kukreobrazny knife "Cayman" from the MTR in the two-day format kebab, rolling in booze and back. This knife has served me for a while, and had been in fact - last winter was cutting something (also on kebabs), but the load was not very serious. At this time in our ranks apart, yet sturdy veteran was young and healthy being 18 years old, had a feeding all these years, and in sport. This fact contributed to the further testing of the jet - "Cayman" rubilos everything, everywhere, well that plots around the Read more [...]
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Mcusta LMC-1305

Author Vit_213 Created Review: January 25, 2007. Review posted with the permission of the author.  When I stumbled across it on the network, one half of my brain said - I WANT! And the other replied - Fig find, and if they find, figs buy: o)And so, after a persistent search, a little hesitation, lengthy negotiations and bargaining, Green was stabbed pathetic product from a company called Mcusta LMC-1305.  Mostly spravochka for those who do not know what the series LMC.Mcusta has issued a special limited edition (Limited Edition) folding knife, designed on the basis of images of the traditional Read more [...]
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There once was a knife

Author: Egor LosevCreated: February 2006"I was born not in pain, not in anger, nine months - not years"Vladimir Vysotsky What am I so ugly? Well, like that, just that day, a locksmith, Vaska, lanyard his ass, again came up with a hangover. Handles he went shaking, so he screwed up with the workpiece, the liner is too long left. And then, Picker Helena Petrovna, that from her cutting edge withered, with his, apparently, had a fight, the mother of his mother, and I dragged the screw. Oh dragged that the wooden plate hryast and cracked, though hardly noticeable. So, "Mom did Read more [...]
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Author - Kalabin Alexander (Alexander St. Petersburg)   Chinook - made a big reliable ... like a helicopter. Brief characteristics of the blade (by the manufacturer):- Model name - Chinook (C63).- The company manufacturer - Spyderco (USA).- Designer (modeler) - James Keating (James A. Keating).- Length of blade - 95 mm.- Length of cutting edge - 84 mm.- The thickness of the blade at the butt - 4mm.- Long knife in the open position - 217 mm.- Length of knife when closed - 124 mm.- Steel Blades - CPM 440V.- The hardness of the blade - 56-57 HRc.- The material lining the handle - G10.- Weight Read more [...]
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Weaving leashes

Author: AlexScar Date: January 20, 2006Since ancient times people were weaving, knitting, wound knots on their knives and bladed weapons. Sometimes it had a practical sense, sometimes purely decorative, sometimes just a passing fad.Appointment depends on the Lanyard. Sometimes the sword knot forms a loop that you can throw on hand to reduce the risk of losing the knife in an emergency. On a small knife or a knife fight with a short stick, thick woven lanyard can fill the void in the palm of your hand, increasing the length of the handle.Also it can be used for easy and fast retrieval of Read more [...]
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Bolo Machete from Soyuzspetsosnascheniya

            Machetes were taken avtopohod (3,000 km), and was used in the daily work of smashing the camp. Previously, he was imprisoned in the studio 'chopping'. Ironically, the first thing that happened to make this knife - cutting chicken. Rated 5 with +. Although a little big, but cuts and 'overcome' cartilage and bone like butter. So the shape of the blade, in principle, can be considered suitable for cutting.          Device coped well with the preparation of the various poles and stakes for the canopy, on the dissolution of dry kindling churochek, Read more [...]
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Author: Alex Anushkin aka Relic (Narva, Estonia)Published with permission of the author.   SOG PENTAGON appeared in my one and a half months ago. Honestly, he was the subject of my longtime dream, which I have long been salivating blew. But our "advanced" Estonian legislation that permitted to import for sale, such as the Household Economy, "crowbar", as SOG TIGERSHARK, suddenly decided that all knives longer than 8.5 cm, are knives. Law-abiding shop owners preferred not to stand on the slippery path, refusing to bring me SOG PENTAGON to order. Honestly, I have lowered Read more [...]
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Photo report of the meeting 24 February 2006

Author: Alexander (St. Petersburg) Date: February 2006 Beginning of the meeting. Unpack the gifts, the first exchange of courtesies, understanding menus, etc. .Came more to come and Herr President (Ivan) coordinate their movements over the phone. And all the people fit and appropriate. SashaAn - who else came? Brand new come! SashaAn happy - so everyone is happy. The first attempts to photograph our knives. Pen test.YarkiyNik (Nikolai) with squiggle "response to Chamberlain" Kolya turned out, no ... therefore flourish in this picture ..... Flourish without Nicholas. Thing Read more [...]
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Spyderco Spyderfly

 Author: Alex Anushkin aka Relic (Narva, Estonia)   Published with permission of the author    The thought of buying a balisong visited me for a long time. Not that I'm a fan "flipping" when hour after hour luminaries walk and swing their butterflies, revealing them in all possible ways. No. Again, the best quality "butterfly", of which I have heard only from firms Maykrotek, Benchmeyd and Cold Steel (their model ArkAngel). Well, Besides from them, there were a variety of Chinese and Spanish butterflies for a day, who quickly becomes loose and flew axis, so that Read more [...]
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Advanced Fixed Combat Spoon

Author: SilverCreated: June 28, 2005Recently, the media slips information about using the Russian special forces new domestic miracle knife, which has unique properties. This - AFCS («Advanced Fixed Combat Spoon» or, in translation, "Advanced Combat awkwardly Spoon"). The complex consists of two arms products- Mini AFCS and AFCS. The samples differ only in size, Mini AFCS is designed for use in urban environments and has an increased use of secrecy. Her idea came from the leading designers for a long time, but only now been embodied in the metal. AFCS is a three-quarter grind Read more [...]
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Site "Survival in the wild nature", glad to see you. If you come to us, it means you want to get complete information about survival in a variety of extreme conditions, in emergency situations. Man, throughout the development, sought to preserve and protect themselves from the various negative factors surrounding it - cold, heat, hunger, dangerous animals and insects.

Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

The main theme of the site, "Survival in the wild nature" - is to be ready to be in the wild, and the ability to survive in extreme conditions.

The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).