Who, finally, put things in the forest?

Hunting dismantling increasingly moving from local skirmishes to a higher level. The highlight of the year was the scandal around the name of the Deputy of Legislative Assembly of Nizhny Novgorod region Vladimir Bulanov.Vladimir Bulanov The machinations of the disaffectedBack in March of this year in Nizhny Novgorod media reported that in the forestry near the village of Chernukha in Arzamas district, local hunters E. Makarov and E. [were beaten by the Deputy and his friends. Saying that they really cared about the forest, planted 30 ha of forest and cropland oats came to feed Read more [...]
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For odnostolpnoy future?

Smoothbore gun, from which you can make just one shot, it would seem, is a complete anachronism in our time of laser sights and rapid-fire machine guns. Especially since already many decades ago, he replaced the shotgun different modifications, and later repeating rifles. But still "alive and kicking", adnetwork and today finds its owners.photo: Vladimir Katkova From hunting periodicals it is known that single-shot rifle, it may seem strange, have a stable demand on the world arms market, so the well-known firm still produce dnothreads. Ordinary people, who acquire a hunting rifle Read more [...]
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The wild boar and the hunt for him

The enraged boar with lightning speed rushes at the hunter. Quickly he runs and is swift in action. Huge power allows the cleaver strike canines dissecting the muscles on the leg of the hunter. Accidental fall of a person when attacking a wild boar could end in tragedy.Wild boar (Sus scrota L.) in appearance is similar to domestic pigs, which are its domesticated descendant. The torso of a wild boar more massive and muscular than domestic pigs. The front part of the body of the boar is much larger than the posterior part. The head is large, wedge-shaped and extended slightly forward, with strongly Read more [...]
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Hunting areas: Myth or Reality?

The reason for writing this article was the information in the news on the site ohotniki.ruHere briefly to its text:«The Sakhalin Region map appeared with the exact designation of the boundaries of hunting grounds. The map is part of a huge development of the Khabarovsk Research Institute – layout, use and protection of hunting grounds in the territory of the Sakhalin Region. The document has already approved the governor of the island region. This work is to continue «Our Father» ohotustroystva territorial issues, planning and preservation of hunting resources.The circuit Read more [...]
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Hunting Conference at VVC

The International exhibition "Hunting and fishing in Russia" February 26, 2014 held an organizational conference "Hunter, hunting and hunting in the realities of modern Russia." It will take place at the All-Russia Exhibition Center (VVC), Pavilion 75 Conference Hall (Moscow, Prospect Mira, d.119, Metro ENEA). The conference begins: 11.00; Registration of participants from 10.00.The organizer of the conference on the state of hunting Russian and preserving the traditions of Russian hunting acted as a social movement «Russian Hunting Union» with the support of the initiative group to Read more [...]
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Hunt teenagers

Many are now writing about the culture of hunting. But as the Eastern wisdom: "How not to speak, halva, halva - in the mouth will not become sweeter." What we do not say, hunting culture, hunting culture - it does not appear. Also, spring hunters roam the meadows and fields, hunting is forbidden while running. Just firing half a kilometer of overflying flocks of geese. Our legislators believe that with the 18 years the person becomes an adult. He can drink, to entrust the car weapon. In America, up to 21 years forbidden to drink alcohol. Somehow, from foreign experience, we take the worst, while Read more [...]
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The mystery of the past

I suggest to honorable public a plate. The sign is not complete, because unfortunately. data has not filled the twentieth caliber.We were there data and reference to the fraction №№ 9and 10, but I also like not made of uselessness. Notebook with a tablet now just casually caught the eye.Text Comment table, I do not remember at all. Recording I made is: « Limit sample fractions for use in chokah». The table is traced a pattern in the sense that the finer fraction, the less weight should be weighed limit. I remember that seems to be mentioned and riving force for the shot.The fact Read more [...]
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From instinct to mind

fotolia.com It is said that Ivan Pavlov, the great Russian physiologist, founder of the theory of conditioned reflexes, once enraged for evermore to his assistants: «What do you work out like parrots: reflexes reflexes ... Where is the intelligence and the mind?»The basis of the behavior of all animals, including dogs lie instincts, conditioned reflexes and cognitive behavior, including an elementary rational activities. (Doctrine of the latest developed by Russian scientists LN Krushinsky 70-ies. XX century, while Western scholars stood on the positions of behaviorism Read more [...]
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Russia is preparing to conclude an anti-poaching agreement with North Korea

December 22 Government Presidium will consider signing an agreement on cooperation in preventing IUU fishing with North Korea.A report on the subject made by the Head of the Federal Agency for Fishery Andrei extreme. As RIA Fishnews.ru the press service of the Government of the Russian Federation, is invited to endorse submitted Rosrybolovstvo agreed with the Russian Foreign Ministry and other federal bodies of executive power and pre-crafted with the Korean side a draft agreement, as well as to instruct PAR to hold talks with Korea and to sign the behalf of the Government of the Russian Federation Read more [...]
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Encased gun in the woods outside the terms of hunting and the law

Russia's Supreme Court agreed that a walk through the woods shrouded with a gun can be considered hunting. Hence the conclusion: who caught the poacher.Revisit the attitude towards armed hunters and just people to please ask the applicant PA And in. In his opinion, it is necessary to edit the Model Regulations hunting RSFSR approved another major management of hunting reserves and the Council of Ministers of the RSFSR. Otherwise, hunters can burn any foreign, with whom will find a gun.The document adopted during the Soviet era, said that hunting is recognized for the purpose of hunting down prey, Read more [...]
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Students learn to survive under any force majeure

To fight the fire in the hold in the middle of the high seas tugboat, occupiers, and if all else fails, to escape from suffering a shipwreck taught cadets today morehodki average. All terms and conditions as close as possible to reality. A few days after the tragedy in the Sea of ​​Okhotsk to these teachings - a special attitude. From the event - Ekaterina Gladyshevsky.Looking at the huge flames, it is difficult to believe that it could have caused deliberately. At first glance, sixteen boys in overalls can be confused with fire. With courage adult teens struggling with fire and take out casualties. Read more [...]
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Protection of wildlife in hunting grounds of the Samara region is carried out from the ground and from the air

Despite the heavy snow, the regional department of hunting and fishing continues to work actively for the protection of wildlife. One of the major functions of inspectors — is to check the legality of finding the people with the weapon in favor of and compliance with the rules of the hunt. The event involved several mobile groups on snowmobiles, as well as small-engine helicopter.Air patrols hunting grounds of the Samara region first introduced - after one of the Ekaterinburg airline was awarded a state contract for rental of four helicopters Robinson. For each flight rotor helicopter is Read more [...]
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Accidents fishing vessels

Fishing vessels "Success" and "Ginga" shipwrecked off the coast of Sakhalin. The crews of the two ships were the Russians. In the first case, we saved the whole team in the second - not without sacrifice.Just two fishing boats - "Success" and Ginga", Shipwrecked off the coast of Sakhalin. Previously, they were fishing under the flag of Cambodia. The crew of two ships were the Russians. In the first case it was possible to save all in the second – not without casualties.It is known that on December 25 at 06:30 port operator "Vanino" It was received Read more [...]
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Specialists of the Russian Federation for 9 months showed no signs of radioactive contamination of fish off the coast of Japan

Moscow. Interfax - Specialists "TINRO Center" (Pacific Fisheries Research Center) showed no signs of contamination of fish and other biological resources off the coast of Japan.According to "Interfax" Head of public relations center Rosrybolovstva Alexander Savelyev, the center summarized the monitoring of radiation safety of aquatic biological resources for infection of radionuclides following the accident at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima-1"Which was held from March."Immediately after the accident, experts of the center, based on the accumulated knowledge Read more [...]
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Bait Boat + = bream

For a long time I catch a spinning, but I still have to always have a pair of moving goods by 30–45 g and several meter leashes of monofilament fishing line with different diameters and with different hooks. Enough to pass a braid in Georgia, to bind to the appropriate swivel leash – Donka and ready! It can be caught in a variety of settings. Specifically for catching bream I have always cooked two leash. Length approximately one elbow, the other – with his hand. Thickness leashes – 0.22 mm. Hook – Kamasan Carp specialist, № 4 - on the white bream Read more [...]
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Workshop twitching

 In the life of every fishing day comes when he is given a chance to learn something new in fishing. I was lucky in this more than others, I have this happens regularly. I want to talk about fishing together with well-known spinning.Spinning of the ancient capital agreed to come on the condition that our fishing will be used to catch pike and perch will snatch methods and attempt to capture video about it. And where we can drive the pike on lakes? In the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain, of course. I am not without the help of friends found a free house in Kapustin Yar, and agreed Read more [...]
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Fighting bait

It was a beautiful Saturday morning. Foliage pierced the rays of the rising sun, in the tent next to his wife slept peacefully, and in my head yesterday dobrazhivalo Chilean chardonnay. Why wake up – unclear. Another would be to sleep and sleep. His head slipped the idea to go on a fishing trip, but somehow not very much. Deciding to trust women's intuition, with the secret hope of denial, I turned to his wife.- Ol, I can go on a fishing trip to go?- No, sleep better…Great, I thought, as required. And just when I was going to fly back as the wife of a dream states:- Read more [...]
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Forty Days

Mikola Zuhar on the last fishing trip. With a recent caught fish. We met with Nicky at all, consider recently. About 10 years ago, even, maybe less. But time to get used to each other. Now that Nick was dead, I have to wean. We give it hard. I still probably do not fully understand how much lost.The most striking, I think, Kolya's character trait was a sense of responsibility. Neither of whom I had heard so often phrases «That's my fault». «it's my fault». The desire to look for a cause failure – the best way to grow, to improve. Combined with the Read more [...]
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Today we can successfully combine fishing and a family holiday

Hunting, fishing - traditional male hobbies. One bad - escape to nature fails only on weekends and holidays, when it would seem, is the time to be with family.It is very difficult to choose between his passion and loved ones. In fact, this is not required – it is possible to combine these two parts of his life.Have you ever thought about how to bring your family on a fishing trip? Surely not, because his wife and children will distract and scare away the fish can spoil all the fun. There is a way to avoid all this. Today you can, along with their loved ones go on organized fishing trips in Read more [...]
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Memorable scenes

 Catch on board Donkey is unique and gambling. Moment bite here, probably one of the most exciting among this type of gear.Storozhok quietly caving in under the pressure of currents, sudden stops, sharp bends down, then, helplessly leaning back sharply and nervously begins to shake, causing the ringing bell. Most often it takes bream likely – large. And bream take about the same, but still character poklёvki large bream characterized some solidity and imperiousness, which is determined immediately. Just sit out on the water a couple of days, you start to distinguish Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).