Do not believe it …

Many hunters find great lovers invent. This is composed of a great many jokes. Only composed of people who know little about the world around us wild.They can not imagine what amazing events occur at times on hunting and fishing.Like yesterday, I remember a teacher of Russian language and literature, which, commenting on our works, where we shared impressions of flown summer vacation, picked up my notebook and categorically stated to the whole class: «Yes! .. In fact, the author has the right to fiction, but that so shamelessly lie…» I blinked, not understanding what this is Read more [...]
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The center of the world

Once I went on the hunt for Goose Lake. In the other side, as I said, a hunter, is "the navel of the earth." I decided to try to find out what this place is. End of September. The weather is beautiful: in the morning sun. The forest is very dry - the rains were, but rarely.Photo by Dmitry Schanitsyna Lake had to walk about five kilometers along the old logging roads, yet not too overgrown. Forest were taken only in the winter, because of the way were two marshes. One of them was almost entirely lined with decking from roundwood. Before I went hunting down this road, and I must Read more [...]
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Cases and weekdays Vologda hunters

VV Caplin in 1977 graduated game management Kirov Agricultural Institute. Since September 1979 he is working in the Vologda OOOiR.S 1981 - Chairman of the Board OOOiR. Honorary member RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz. Honored Worker of hunting. The expert of the international category for assessment of hunting trophies CIC.Photo by Vladimir Kaplina – Vladimir V., tell our readers about Vologda society of hunters and fishermen? – Year of foundation – 1894 minutes (time off in 1937–1944). District offices – 18. Members of the Society – 15,350 people. Read more [...]
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Freeze-up and behavior on thin ice

Natural phenomenon of formation of solid ice on the surface of ponds is surprising and is primarily due to the properties of water – unique fluid. So, at zero temperature, all the water molecules in some extent linked to the endless chain, so that in this state the liquid is a compound with the amorphous characteristic properties. However, when the water cools below a certain temperature value, ice formation begins – in fact, this means that the chains are broken into individual water molecules with their distribution in the crystal lattice. The water from the liquid Read more [...]
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Short moment pervozimya

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Every time before the arrival of winter comes a short period, when extensive and deep lakes and reservoirs is still splashing water and small ponds, quarries and lakes have grasped the first ice. It is possible to see the first winter anglers.It is very important not to miss this time. For the period pervoledya in small bodies of water in short and transient than at large. Small ponds – ponds, quarries, old women, small lakes – usually shallow and usually abundantly overgrown with aquatic vegetation, so is much faster in the fish comes oxygen Read more [...]
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Live indicator of clean water

Photo Anatoly Mailkova This fisherman rarely catches the eye because of their secretive lifestyle. It usually inhabits small rivers, rarely bite the bait, and the locals, especially boys who fish in these rivulets, it is often called bulls.The appearance of the fish (and it is not longer than 8-10 cm) is very kind. A short, flattened body from top to bottom with a very large head, mottled coloring with numerous dark spots and stripes, huge pectoral fins, especially strongly conspicuous, a big mouth, lined with small teeth. It has something of a tadpole. The scientific name – Read more [...]
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Autumn has come!

Part 4: Minnow End of October — While the fore again goes minnow. It is no secret that this fish schooling and almost never found in the singular. Pescara perfectly exist in water bodies of oblong form in virtually stagnant water, but still feel better on the course, and especially interesting to catch them in small rivers and streams even.On the fast current minnows defended behind cover, though, moving around the bottom at rapids, minnows still remain in the bottom layer with a very weak current and move behind cover, not because they can not cope with the current, but Read more [...]
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The new, familiar, habitual

Volkswagen manages to make machines that nice ride, but it is extremely difficult for them to say anything unbanal. This is the case with the next VW Touareg.The current generation VW Touareg can be described as almost perfect great crossover for the city. Few people come in head to climb on This polished, handsome in Forestry wilderness. When it is not a new generation of models, and a restyling, both in case VW Touareg-2015 attempts cleverly tell machine only lead to Development from author of an inferiority complex. AT come Read more [...]
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Features winter fishing from ice

For the present anglers cold is not a hindrance. On the contrary, severe weather make it hardened, and most memorable fishing. Assuming a constant honing fishing skill and winter, he will always be with the fish.For each of the winter months – their conditions of fishing. Much of this depends on the type of reservoir. In ponds, quarries and small lakes fishing is dobychliva mainly pervoledyu. Then, due to lack of oxygen the fish practically ceases to peck. On the rivers and large reservoirs, the picture is different. Here most of the fish continue to bite variable activity Read more [...]
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Routes northeast

Continuing the conversation about fishing routes suburbs, this time looking intently at the north-east. In this area, especially evident Plescheevo famous lake. Although it is located in the neighboring Yaroslavl region near Moscow fishermen rightly regard him as their pond. Plescheevo – one of the most beautiful and majestic lakes in central Russia. It affects not only the eye neohvatnym water space, but also a considerable depth, which reaches more than 25 meters. And in some places the depth increases gradually with distance from the shore, and here and there stranded Read more [...]
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There is a tradition — to remember the veterans!

This good tradition lives in Saki district organization of the Crimean republican society of hunters and fishermen for 12 years! Every second hare hunting next season are veteran hunters devote arranging for them real holiday. It all began in 2000, with «light» the hands of the then chairman of the regional organization of Saki KROOR Sergei Feofanovich Karlashenko.– Remember when it was time for our veterans alarming, especially in moral terms, – Karlashenko told me in an interview. – After all, some people in our «Square» State agreed Read more [...]
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Fish soup with broth

Photo by Aleksey Shaskolsky Lower Amur thoroughly blew cold as a draft in the unheated oven, a hard gale. Five days later, he howling, splashing in the estuary in the old Babkin trough, breaking three sheets ahead of time exposed zaezdki, with the buildup and valiant whistling away on the shore throwing fragile fishing boats – boat boats yes.He ran as often happens in early September on the Amur, unexpectedly– unexpectedly, and the Internet missed the storm, and weather reports about him silent, and yet there they were silent – This unexpected and do not need Read more [...]
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Winter care

Part 3. How to prepare for zhivtsovoy fishing from the ice? With the advent of the first opportunity to get out on the ice knowledgeable anglers attempting to catch a pike or walleye using zherlitsy. Why zherlitsy? I think for two reasons. The first reason is that most anglers do not believe in the productivity of spinners. Second, you can arrange several zherlitsy area and wait for a bite, not particularly bothering to search for active predator.For zhivtsovoy catching zherlitsy need. All «working» zherlitsy design reduced to the basic scheme, which involves the use Read more [...]
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Fish delicacy

In our time, ingenious technology and surrogate products is likely to buy a fish, smoked in a smoke, a carcass doubtful freshness and soaked in some chemical called liquid smoke alder. Not trusting our trade and producers of smoked meats, many fish prepared at home. Naturally, in this case, the angler is much easier. The fish that he caught a own hands, usually fresh. That what we offer in the shops and markets, it is usually repeatedly frozen and thawed. Often, this fish is more like something soft and liquid enclosed in the skin and scales. This is something the bones stick Read more [...]
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Pike on the eve of the winter

Each year, before the reservoirs otsepeneyut until the spring under the ice shell, falls a week or two or a few quiet days with cloudy weather, when it seems that everything in nature stood still lurking and waiting for the inevitable trials of cold and hunger. This time, though not very comfortable to stay near the water, is the best times for hunting with spinning and bait fish for the biggest pike and perch, which, as if anticipating a long post, actively absorb everything that moves in the field of view, and that is suitable for size to be swallowed. And there is no mercy Read more [...]
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«The history of the second. Return to Dream «

Dear colleagues! We invite you to watch the film, which is the result of new hunting and fishing adventure is already very well-known writers on our site. Photo: Boris Sokolov In the story, the video features represents a continuation of the film «Test dream»Which was shown on the site OHOTNIKI.RU three years ago. Now you can see the story of the second journey of his heroes in the land of forests and lakes - in Karelia.It should be noted that from the «Test dream» film «History of the second. Return to Dream» It differs markedly. In the Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

The weather in the capital region last week was characterized by relative stability, constant light day and night frosts, which contributed to the end of the reporting period to strengthen the ice to a safe state in most of the small ponds. And even once the snow is almost no impact on this process – and so opaque pervoledok due to freezing in the snow-water monolith «porridge» It turned out to be covered with a thin snow-white blanket that to minimize the penetration of light under the ice cover, even at shallow depths. It would seem like freeze-up character Read more [...]
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Fates «crocodile»

Only real cyclists, just as gambling and passionate as anglers know what singing tires on asphalt, smooth running smart car on a foggy morning highway surrounded by silent forest. When choosing between bicycles and cars, I always choose the number one, if there is any way to get to a lake or river and do not pull the hernia… Motorists, of course, have the opposite opinion. Comrade Pasha went through a tricky, but cheap. I found somewhere in the garbage of the old ladies' bicycle frame, acquired the part of elders on the market and gave it all handyman. During some activities Read more [...]
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Such different foam …

Part 3: Equipment fishing with bait foam Over the long history of fishing lures produced a lot of different types of effective under certain conditions, lures and ingenious techniques to work with them. And the possibility of foam as wide as it is a unique way to feed his fish, which ultimately leads to a predicted not only bite «notebooks» predators, but it allows you to fill up the bag and fishing «peaceful» trophies. Of course, the basic techniques of fishing with spinning on ogruzhennuyu at the head of foam bait jig is speed wiring. In general, Read more [...]
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Rights without responsibilities

It is possible that some hunters seem strange, my attempt to appeal to the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin by "the Russian newspaper hunting." It is no secret that the Russian president is not interested in hunting and hunting only national newspaper, is not likely to read. But I still try.Photo by Ilya Lipin Moreover, more and more we hear from hunters from different regions of our vast country, the fact that denying people their constitutional right to hunt, new and old, and is ”home” hunting grounds say – And you say, Putin complain! The Read more [...]
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