Silver bream summer

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Catch bream all year round, and on any type of bait, both plant and animal, and the artificial. In suburban reservoirs bream, probably one of the most common fish, and flocks of white bream in its superior density clusters of other fish that are of interest to anglers.Silver bream loves the quiet water with silt or clay bottom, choosing areas near the coastal thickets rastitelnosti.Obychno bream holds large schools and is able to drive away from the area lured other fish, even such a predator like perch and bait to keep the flock in one place it requires Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Photo Austro Last week was probably the first time in the rainy autumn season has been in the capital and surrounding areas relatively calm. This means that rainfall is almost stopped, the wind died down, but with the rapid growth of atmospheric pressure air temperature during the day fell far below normal. Such a weather situation led to a further cooling of the water bodies and the simultaneous fall in these excess water level and its gradual enlightenment. Particularly relevant was the termination of the autumn floods to the south suburbs. This course of events on reservoirs Read more [...]
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Why not go to the Russian foreign hunters?

The editorial addressed German hunter Edward Shlёning. He sent a letter to the president of Russia, which outlined the artificial barriers created by the Ministry of Interior on the import, temporary storage and transportation of the hunting weapon by foreign hunters who come to Russia to hunt. The letter asks the author to publish on the pages of "horn" that we do.Companies Photos Winchester  President of the Russian FederationVladimir Vladimirovich Putin Dear Vladimir Vladimirovich!The need to appeal to you due to the critical situation in the field of hunting tourism – Read more [...]
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In autumn topvoterom

Photo Austro Surface lures are used mostly in the summer, as a lazy fish hammered hot day in a thicket of grass and napping in the shade. She and «ear», That is the lateral line is not as close to the pit flop spoons and turntables. But almost in the window among the water lilies snorted hasty popper, blowing «mustache» water, pike nerves can not stand: enough across the bugger! .. And there on Cook madam…Catching on topvotery differs among the various series and the most diverse ways of fishing with spinning so that the whole process is in sight: Read more [...]
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With the blame on others

In the magazine "Hunting" published an article by A. Berseneva "Who is to blame and what to do?» (№ 6, 2013). Article lengthy, there are many questions and few answers. Photo Adrian Kolotilina On the statements of scientists, experts and the media about the need for the Governmental hunting and game management A. Bersenev states: «Today, the circumstances are such that a new restructuring throw hunting for another few years ago,». You may think that it progressed under the leadership of the MNR far ahead.A. Bersenyev «strange to read a similar argument Read more [...]
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Photo Anatoly Mailkova The first hunt for pike, my wife began after the lifting of the ban. For several years, the predator can be caught only from 15 May.The results were modest: one leaving – a pickerel. After the May holidays, however, we were lucky. On Kozlovsky dam bait pike grabbed nearly two pounds, and she lost her twin on the shore, I barely had time to throw it out of the water.My fishing victory after the incident ended. Fatally unlucky! I tossed all the years of experience verified sites, but returned without a catch. But the spouse «detached» to the Read more [...]
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When the bream is passive …

Many anglers end up catching bream in open water after a cold snap biting it becomes moody. Where does the bream in the late autumn and what gear it better to catch this time?In October, there are days when kept stable warm weather. Although wanders in large flocks bream is not as active as in the summer, he continues to eat and, therefore, are biting. The main condition for such fishing – use the nozzle of animal origin. In principle, the behavior of the autumn bream predictably. You only need to consider a number of factors such as finding his parking and relatively tactics Read more [...]
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The radio on the hunt

I'll start with the most important, with what values, it seems to me, any good hunter. There is in the nature of portable radios (radio in some circles to call walkie abbreviated), working in the forest at a distance of 5-15 kilometers. No responsible specialist never promised specific figures, because anticipate all the nuances of the terrain, time of year, weather conditions, humidity, point of a hill, solar activity, the angle of the radio with the conventional (regular) whip antenna during its use et al., Affecting the quality and range radioobscheniya another hunter (same Read more [...]
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Tackle hand and heart

With the accumulation of experience and the development of ever more sophisticated methods of fishing with spinning a variety of predators, and not only them, in front of each fisherman, sooner or later there is a problem to replace obsolete, having exhausted themselves tackle the new, more advanced functional. The main element of the future tackle, of course, must be spinning rod because of its parameters will depend on the type of use of baits, and the nature of their posting, and casting distance and sensitivity to biting, and efficiency vyvazhivaniya trophy and direction to catch a predator Read more [...]
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Catfish from Uncle Andrew

Photo by Aleksey Kolomiets Kozlovsky dam, called on the name of a small village Goats Ostrovsky District, known to many fishermen and famous for a good catch. It is quite beautiful nature, noise roll, and Great River gently caresses a lot of stones, boulders, scattered back in the Ice Age. In spring, summer and autumn nice peck pike, perch, bream, ide, chub, roach, rudd, chub sometimes. It is known that in these places are found even a catfish.This summer we came with his wife to the dam to fish and met a solid cheerful man with a fishing rod. We met and talked about fishing. As Read more [...]
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Typical day

Warm afternoon light slides along the floodplain of yellowing. The sleek mirror shoaling rivers reflected shaggy white cloud. Today, there is absolutely no wind, which happens quite often in our area at the time of the first night frosts.I sit on the shore, and then standing up and piling into the tank plump perch. Those now in the pecking just perfectly and various mikrodzhig «minnoshki». But with a little secret: perch peck at a very lo-and-stop-tional. If you do not know that in this small puddle they are, you can just run past by making a couple of test casts. Read more [...]
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Forgotten tackle?

Photo Anatoly Mailkova As before all fished on the Klyazma? There was no feeder or Tyrolean sticks or rods Bolognese, or rather, perhaps, all this was simply no one suspected that there are tackles. And it is very easy to catch a very simple but effective tackle. They called her donk. Although it was not a classic donk, more precisely, it was not at all donk. It would be better to name this rigging rods poludonkoy.On Kliazma strong (for the river median strip) and a very uneven flow, to find a site with a flat bottom and smooth the passage almost impossible. And the fish on this Read more [...]
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Secrets of Successful fishing on the channel it. Moscow

Part 1. Characteristics of the reservoir, most fish sections, especially the construction of gear.Photo Anatoly Mailkova Channel deserves special attention, at least for two reasons. The length of the channel over one hundred kilometers, only to catch comfortably from the shore, despite the very local distribution of fish, a lot of places for fishing. On the other hand, the flow regime, bottom topography, and the habits of the fish is very specific, making fishing difficult, but very interesting.For me personally, before the channel associated with the competition, the majority Read more [...]
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«Secret» Mitrich

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Such an amazing, funny and at the same time instructive story told to me by a friend of the fisherman.Rybachy he once with his friend Mitrich (so respectfully called all of this good-natured elderly person) on a large lake Canan, not far from Chita. The pond is famous weighty, but capricious carp. They sailed on the boat to the reeds, entrenched, and threw lure place rods. Not far from them is another fishermen in boats.Soon, my friend and Mitrich started and then pulling polukilogrammovyh carp. And the neighbors – quiet, no bites. Some of them did Read more [...]
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Chub Yaran

Photo by the author But Makhno on, Sasha, to my village, the river, – suddenly rang one evening Sergey – comrade in the fishing «Unfortunately». (So ​​he called himself in his book, given to me). Surprisingly, this proposal was because the man was gone, gone to work completely. And we did not go with him to the aforementioned fishing «misfortune» from the still strong zamaterevshego ice on which then famously whistled machine rainbow plumes snowy crumbs.Yaran River that is in the Kirov region, according to Sergei, still pure, empty of people Read more [...]
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Laika and time

The cornerstone on which to build a competent and successful breeding of economically valuable (not decorative) animals, is productivity. When applied to hunting dogs is their field (working) quality. A photo  Pavel Gusev from the archive Continued. Start Read more here.It is a centuries-old uncompromising, tough, even cruel selection made in this direction «servants Ostroushko» hunting husky with its unique working qualities.At a time when the Huskies have not used in sport hunting urban hunters and their breeding was carried out in the areas of professional hunting Read more [...]
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Gusto goes bream

Part 1. Lifestyle effective bait and tip.Photo by the author  This fish is perhaps the most numerous fish inhabiting the basins of the Baltic and Caspian Seas, while it is superior to all the relatives of endurance, resistance to disease and undemanding to a habitat. Bream are often found in lakes and reservoirs, in the vast reaches of the large rivers and small streams in the turbulent rapids rocky shoals and lilies overgrown oxbows and shallow bays – we just have to know what times of her life, she prefers a particular refuge.On special bream usually no one is guided Read more [...]
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In memory of Oleg Gusev Kirillovich

Photos from the archives of POPC 83, died Oleg K. Gusev - editor in chief of the oldest in our country the magazine "Fishing and Hunting", a professional game manager, PhD, a wonderful journalist. In 1953, Oleg K. graduated from Moscow Fur Institute, specialty Game Biologists. Later he became a well-known scholar and writer. Here's what he wrote about the beginning of his luminary domestic game management and his friend VV Dezhkin: "At the beginning of a professional career Oleg unexpectedly lucky. At the time of distribution of the institute, threatening "taburetnym paradise" Read more [...]
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Procedure in Russian? .. (Part 2)

Part 2Photo Anatoly Mailkova Here and now, perhaps, appropriate and necessary «look around». For example, in the civilized Germany.With only 14 years of a German citizen has the right to keep the bait… After 40 hours of training and exams. Docks on fishing tell the disciples all about all sorts of gear, tortured knowledge about fish fresh and salt water, insects and plants that meet the fishermen in the water and around the water, found in detail with environmental legislation, will teach all the state legal regulations concerning nature and ichthyology . The Read more [...]
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Amazing kuropatoche kingdom

Photo by Leonid Kostyukova One summer I was passing through Moscow on a business trip and decided to ring up the evening friends hunters. The first call Vitaly Efimovich Schwartz ended categorical invitation to visit. I arrived on Leninsky Prospekt, Schwartz met his wife, we had lunch, and then a hospitable host offered to stay with him overnight. In the morning I left for Minsk, and on the way back after a week again called in to Schwartz. After that, visiting Moscow, almost every time I visited with him.The following year, in the autumn of E. Vitali with his friend Sergei, and Read more [...]
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