The tail spines and eyes …

Part 1. Ruff - an important link in the biological chain of reservoirs.Photo by the author As soon as the fishermen do not call this a relative kolyucheperogo and goggle-eyed perch and walleye. So they call it «host» bodies of water when there is no release from it and it lacks any proposed bait, not allowing other fish to the hook. That respectfully styled king fishing soup, because I do not cook this delicious brew if you do not throw in the pot dozen or ruffs. His name and «snotty» of tenacious mucus that is difficult to remove from the fingers after Read more [...]
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A new look at the ruff

"Russian people love ruff. In my opinion, ruff - the best fish of all, do not reach a large growth. Where ruffs are many and large, there are angling their extraordinarily abundantly and pleasant. Ear of ruffs - the most healthy, nutritious and tasty food, but best of all they are - especially if large - cooked on a cold jelly, which is unusually thick. In my opinion, nothing can compare with the delicate flavor of this dish. "Photo by the author Rights Aksakov, if the boil in a triple ruff ear, with perch and roach-sorozhkami, and zakladochku – with pieces of big perch, Read more [...]
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Zherlitsy help

Pervolede. We arrived at the dam in the butt. We are five: Nikolai, Alexander, Pavel, Nikolai and me. Ice crackles - four centimeters thick. Take out the bait from the jig, it is necessary to catch baits. After half an hour I start to put zherlitsy broken line across the dam.Photo Anatoly Mailkova When fishing baits in one of the wells came across a couple of perches at 120 grams, and the desire to cook fish soup after fishing is huge, so recovering from the same rod in search «ushichnyh» perches. Dolblyu wells in different places, trying naydti at least a small flock, Read more [...]
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Chevy Grand Duke Nicholas Jr.

From December redaktsii22 is two years, as there is no contact Valeria Vitalievitch Pankratov, our regular contributor to "the Russian newspaper hunting" and the magazine "Hunting and Fishing XXI Century". Today we offer the reading rooms excerpt from his yet unpublished book "August shot" about the hunt the Grand Duke Romanov Nikolai Nikolayevich (Younger). Hunting for the Romanovs in the XIX century it has turned into a family activity. Hunted almost all members of the royal family, in addition to Alexander I.And how could it be otherwise, if the kings themselves, fathers, avid hunters, from Read more [...]
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Trophies beginning of the season

Part 2.Harakter catching roach.Photo Anatoly Mailkova Depending on the size of the reservoir, on its flow-through and the depth, the behavior of roach can be very different, so every time we have to choose the optimal fishing techniques and tactics. Strongly influences the biting light, as thin ice, and the snow is still little or not at all. On the one hand, it turns out that in cloudy weather, the biting should be better, but on the other hand, the daylight hours are very short and the peak biting is in the middle of the day. To find active fish need to consider all factors and Read more [...]
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Unhappy and happy first ice

At the heart of every fisherman always painfully acute lives waiting for the next new season. In this case, the winter. The first signs of pre-winter, light snow and frozen puddles, awaken imagination, evoke memories of their own and others' successes on pervoledyu. Inside you wake up some special inner itch, which is constantly distracted by thoughts of everyday urgent cases. Photo Anatoly Mailkova  But autumn is unreasonably long delayed, again and again, pouring yearned for recreation ground is rain, then sleet. Frost, as if trying to force spanning thin transparent Ledkov Read more [...]
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Notes hunters berezaiskogo ohothozyaistva

November 17, 6:00 PM. I am a partner in a food Serega Berezayskoe hunting Valdai region of Novgorod region. Photo by the author The farm was established in 1971, and now he was forty years old. It is located on the shores of Lake Shlino, which caught pike, walleye, perch, roach, ruff, burbot, carp. The forests are inhabited by elk, wild boars, hares, capercaillie, black grouse, grouse, prowling about his business like a wolf pack.Ivan Nadtochy economy is headed for 17 years. His hard work and enthusiasm have helped to significantly increase the number of the beast because he was Read more [...]
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Hare in French

Many hunters know: get game - is half the battle, cook out of it something tasty and original - the final hunt. Photo revrev / 20 years–25 back into the magazine «Fishing and hunting» I came across an article «Hare in French»And, possibly, «Hare-chop» – I do not remember, because note long ago lost. But the first meal cooked by the recipe to everyone in my family very much. In the future, I prepared it if was possible to get a bunny on every New Year. I prepare myself, because I think meat dishes a man's job.Another feature. Read more [...]
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North period in the works by Konstantin Korovin

In the history of exploration and development of the Russian North highlights the period from 1870 to the end of the 1910s. It is a time of heightened interest of humanity to the Arctic. General craze involves not only scientists and researchers. He is amenable to journalists, writers and artists. It is the turn of the century in the Russian North rush domestic writers KD Wore, EL Lviv-Kochetov, Vas.I. Nemirovich-Danchenko, artists KA Korovin, VA Serov, AA Borisov, LF Pischalkino, VV Bookbinders, and others.North attracted figures of Russian art and literature unique ancient monuments, unique landscapes Read more [...]
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Fishing with Santa Claus

It all started, though unusual, but plausible. Photo Anatoly Mailkova Usually Melken Friday afternoon of town, settled in a camp on the ice and, if I can, with exposed zherlitsy evening. But the road neblizkaya, not weak track, and happened on the ice went dark. Melken – place Boyko. You come in the morning – with a fishing rod nowhere to perch oneself, let alone with a pile zherlitsy can not even go out on the ice. That used to, regardless of the weather, come in the evening.All worked out where the car where tents, who and what is currently on the pret who is responsible Read more [...]
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Hunting in the pool of the ancient Indtigirki

     Indigirka pool covers an area of ​​360 thousand sq. M. km length of the river - 1726 kilometers. Climatic conditions and the vastness of space make it difficult to systematically survey the area by archaeologists. Traces of ancient hunters here and fishermen were discovered by chance and not so long ago - only in 1950, nine years later, followed by a message on the sensational discovery: just above the delta region was first found parking ancient man. Several layers consisting of residues at different times of life of ancient man, indicate that the parking lot was the abode of several Read more [...]
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Paths spring bream

Bream, roach and bleak as the sooner other fish feels spring. Then she begins to actively move in search of food and comfortable habitat. Her spring activity occurs much earlier than breamSilver bream for bait can rise up to 2 meters from the bottom. Some anglers bring bream, both in their appearance and behavior of, for bream, but it is not. The behavior towards the silver bream and roach. Both these fish are committed to great depths and shallows.ReservoirMany anglers early spring looking for roach, bream, white bream and other fish near the coast, especially in streams, rivers, where tangible Read more [...]
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My dogs

BlizzardBeginning in №6 / 2007     Belka did not come to us in this time, and with this beast, we got to know later already near Moscow, in the woods near the railway platform "Michurinets", where he once hoped I show protein its very first husky, indomitable zveroviku - Zapsib Buyan.     Alas, this, my second fishing season ended prematurely, I was forced to leave the taiga and to see a doctor after two severe attacks of appendicitis.     The operation was done to me in Moscow, they said that still have time. But then developed complications, and return to his house, a hut on the Read more [...]
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Soma Oka and its tributaries

CATCH Somov GIANT somewhere in the lower Volga - CASE MAY BE, and heroic, but not as hard as it may seem. In my opinion, a lot more need to show SKILLS TO CATCH Targeted this fish, however small, in rivers, located relatively close to the capital.Catfish wakes up in the middle of April. Flood haze forcing him to leave the channel chosen by the hole and go in search of clean water areas, upstream or spills. Such movements fatten sluggard's appetite, and with the return of "the place of residence" and a significant warming of water can penetrate his desire to feed. However, this will be a short bite Read more [...]
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Russian Borzoi — the day after

Ending. Starting at number 3, 2010The brighter the handwriting of the artist, the more chance to become a monument to an independent work of art, rather than remain graven image, which barely veiled schematic features of a real person. It was «monument» and converted Russian Borzoi. It is still veiled natural shape, but it is clearly discernible signs fantasies breeders, distort and blur natural features. Machevarianov, however, in 1876 explains the decline of the breed… low veterinary! "Plague — the terrible enemy, the scourge of canine hunters! Heart jarred when he remembered Read more [...]
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Night wanderers — burbot

PART IWe pamper motley summer den generous warmth of bright, fragrant grass rustling, buzzing bees, workaholic in the meadow and raznotsvete lennym refreshing splash of the waves. And now subtly faded days of light, grace and summer with flying geese flew over the seven seas. Long and cold nights are now eyed and Khmara fat rarely allows heavens vyzvezdit the twinkling lights of the zodiac. Vetroduy Seaver and then Ozora over the gray expanse of misty, without giving rest foamed, weary waves. North Wind Northwind willfully pulls reeds but a spreading spruce and dashing chases on lonely groves heap Read more [...]
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Read classics, gentlemen!

Who about his businessscreams all incessantly,In fact, right, a little confused.IA Krylov.       Get the next issue of the "Hunting and Fishing XXI Century", the first thing I look at the heading "departed the field," is not whether there will be a new article on the runners. The number 9 (and then continued in the number 10) published an article by Oleg Trushina "Hound: issues of education and nagonki." Do not pay attention to it was impossible gorgeous photos of hounds in polrazvorota page epigraph on a red field "More practice, gentlemen!" Oleg Trushin?           Who is he, I Read more [...]
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Find and outwit chub

     After spawning, distributed in a pack size fish, chub takes their summer hunting territory and regularly feeds on favorite "spots". Throughout the summer, the fish are biting and other trolling spinning lures.     Mandatory signs of land - the presence of areas of fast water. The exuberant blossoming of algae helps him hunting. After all, there are many algae the larvae, which are easy prey not only chub, but many small fish. Flocks plotvichek, bleak and other fish in the fast moving stream that runs near the algae, tearing them with nutritious food. Stay away from predators tihovodnyh Read more [...]
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Spring on the lake Far

WHILE Ozora frost nights and thoroughly STRENGTHENS ICE, I decided to go fishing to the mysterious forest lakes, which to me as something very mysterious to tell. Few local inhabitants of a small village, surrounded on all sides by the taiga forests, lakes and viscous swamp, for centuries this lake called long-range.     Intrigued and more stimulated by grandfather's stories, I inquired stitches-track the mysterious lakes. Go have fifteen miles. First, across the clearing, and then pass the thick ephedra, then along the ridge hump-backed - granite back - to get to the moraine pebble. With its Read more [...]
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Bear from the Estonians

Bear ran for a beer, and I began to cook shrimp. The mood is more than good. On Monday we were both on vacation and going to this thing to note. I knew that the shrimp is still not enough, and went to the balcony for sun-dried bream. But now, finally, everything is ready for the feast, there is only Misha beer. Where the hell is it?Having taken a critical view of the table, I thought for a moment and decided that in any case it is necessary to shift the bottle of vodka from the refrigerator into the freezing compartment. "Well, what if? - I asked my inner voice. - No chance, "- said my first voice, Read more [...]
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Site structure "Survival in the wild nature" is simple and logical, selecting a specific section, you will find information. You will find on our website recommendations and practical advice on survival, unique descriptions and pictures of animals and plants, turn-based scheme to trap wild animals, tests and reviews of travel gear, rare books on survival and wildlife. The site also has a large section devoted to video on survival survivalist-known professionals around the world.

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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).