Under the ice blockage

I descended the ridge crest, the river separating Yuklya Kumankuchu and that the merger Rassoshina form. On the left there was a first rising noise, then a roar, and visible from the top portion of the shaft Yuklya swept water.Yesterday I could not climb up the the flood plain of the river to cherished Putikov and pulls out «inheritance» to see to Kamchatka writer Anatoly Kleshenko. The riverbed in many places was blocked by ice dams formed from accumulated sludge, consolidated by night frosts. Water on reaches above the dam is frozen, but More ice is not Read more [...]
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In the swamps of Louisiana

The method of hunting for alligators to some extent resembles our catching big pike on zherlitsy1 million alligators inhabit Florida, a little less - in the neighborhood, in Louisiana. Louisiana called «Pelican State»Where the brown pelican — the official symbol of the state. The bird is shown in Press and flag. On west borders with modern Louisiana Texas on north — from Arkansas on east — from Mississippi on south — from The Gulf of Mexico. This state is characterized by an abundance Read more [...]
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Winter visitors

Gluhozime meter of snow ... safely hidden under an all weeds, depriving the wintering birds of affordable food. Burian, feeding finches, redpolls, repolovov, exhausted and unable to provide them at least what some seeds. In the valleys fell new newly-fallen snow,On mountain ash away - bullfinchesAll the screaming that good nightSnow turns pink from the morning! ..                         Alexander ProkofievGluhozime meter of snow ... safely hidden under an all weeds, depriving the wintering birds of affordable food. Burian, feeding finches, redpolls, repolovov, exhausted Read more [...]
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How to get to Ushytsya ruffs?

The largest ruffs (by the way, and minnows) found in ponds with standing water, and not rivers. Those anglers who catch specially ruff and refer to him as a fish noteworthy, well aware that the catch in ruffs not the middle of winter so simple. Moreover, now generally quite difficult to call good «ershiny» water. Apparently, in the overall decline in population ruff influenced several environmental factors. Of great interest causes Fishermen called «royal» ruff. There are still bodies of water, Read more [...]
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Berlozhnaya profit

"The wind blows from the east, he svezhiy.Skoro Ichigo obuet noga.Skoro human blood and wash medvezheyBudet holy taiga ..."L.GumilevPhoto by Yuri Loginov Staying without a working dog — mountain. A for the hunter-fishers — especially. Although long known that good long dog live. Busey was still alive, but to work longer He suited. MALES he was noble, Petrovic was already the second in the fall of Busko Buseya renamed to have been respectful. So he bastard on Klitschko and older ceased to respond. He knew his worth! Read more [...]
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On the eve of the flood

Roach and ide move in the spring river, if not met by artificial barriers in the form of dams and networksPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov Around in mid-March fishing on the environment, there are fermentation about where to go to fishing, since the spring warmth opens up new possibilities. FROM on the one hand, I want to get on biting bream and pike-perch with last ice. FROM the other, the practice of previous years suggests that maybe it is time to the mouth of the river to watch the beginning of the famous course and ide roach.Therefore, Read more [...]
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Chevitsa river Langeree

Taimen is found throughout the basin Tymi. This fish loves bright cold water.Photo Nicholas Gornastaleva.V Tymi usual large noble fish salmon trout. Meat trout is white and tender, is a delicacy. Intrigued by this powerful and quite rare even for the Sakhalin fish, I once with my partner Anatoly Jakubowski purposefully went to Langeree. This is a very beautiful mountain river with and numerous rifts deep holes in the north of the island. The river flows in the mountains, and one portion of it, about 35–40 km long was rarely visited Read more [...]
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On the nature of a profit

With the arrival of sunny days of summer there are more opportunities for outdoor activitiesHunting or fishing in the warm weather adds to the pleasure of the country conducted by time. In addition, during the summer days become passable, many protected corners where it was not possible to get to the other seasons. To get to them, in most cases, requires an appropriate vehicle. High popularity among fans of country trips are SUVs because of the good permeability. However, regular trips require considerable costs, which could spoil the mood avid nature. Save succeed in reducing the number Read more [...]
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Bell hope

"If the echo of far away - frost grow stronger," - I remembered the words of his grandfather Normaykina, returning to zimovё. I turned my head and I saw with shore in a hurry to see me Koresh. Running up, he lifted his face and I looked: «Say, what name? ..»— Not I am running about whether that day? — I patted his withers. — Enough already.Coat the dog was elastic, dense, like wolf. — Wow the Wolf! — I sincerely admired and his tireless and broad chest, and, most importantly, — Read more [...]
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The first voice of spring

Spring came to the Great Russian PlainRight in arable land hides shylyA wandering – and for half an hour,Like winged bells,Slowly she goes to heaven.Sergei Smirnov. Lark.The clouds thinned and the sunshine faltered ice «coat of mail» fields, the first "black island" open land in the endless "sea of ​​snow." All day spring sun struggles to expand the boundaries of the "islands" to win another piece in white spaces, raising clouds of steam into the air. The earth seemed to breathe, just about ready to wake up from a long winter sleep. This vapor rises higher and sits on the Read more [...]
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Wings over the silver country

Hunting trips outside Russia exclusively for the hunting of the pen is still uncommon for our huntersThere are, of course, fans of bird hunting, traveling regularly to them in the Old World, mainly in the Balkans. But the undisputed leader in providing a wide variety of bird hunting, is today the new lights and indicators, and especially Argentina. Simple arithmetic calculations show that hunting in this country today is not more expensive hunting trip to Belarus, which is often chosen pen lovers from Russia in the last decade. But the Belarusian prices every year all the more painful bite, and Read more [...]
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Berkutchi — lifestyle

Despising millennial evolution, they communicate on an equal footing with caution because of the birds - a contemporary of the cave bear. Photo SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Who are these miracle-hunters, who are called and berkutchi kuzbegi? By what principle they distinguish Balapanov, tyrnekov, shogelov? Why play on the wild swinger Cello — and moorinhur accustom to saddle?STATE OF MIND— «Winged tiger» look at West mountains, at Khovd river in Kazakh community about Bayan, — tells Dorzhhuu elderly, who, Read more [...]
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In the archipelago of Lake Ladoga

Frequent fogs conceal the outlines of a diverse and unique in its grandeur of large and small lakes, countless archipelago, Lud, reefs and fjordsBut as soon as the fog dissipates, eyes the wonderfully picturesque sight. Rocky coast with niches and cornices, bearded lichens and mosses delicate, interspersed with bald granite out of the water. Bizarrely rugged steep cliffs and gentle, narrow and winding channels affect wild and primeval freestyle.Bizarre lake shore dotted with bays, small creeks, narrow crevices, littered with boulders, similar to fjords. The same deep bays, but only the sea, characterized Read more [...]
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Lakeside pervolede

Somehow quickly after rains lighten the horizon, and then the sky opened and immediately became clear and high. Photo Anatoly Mailkova.5-7 cm - safe ice thickness to leave it one person at a low temperature. And from the smell dizzy. I think: «It's time to ice…» But by River still went gray waves, even in the cold view. Only crystal bead coastal duck and waddle neboyazlivye quarreling crows. The ice here was not thicker than three centimeters. But ponds and Lake has risen.The second day I staying with parents. Read more [...]
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Selecting a carbine

Most hunters who complete five years' experience of "possession shotguns, think about purchasing rifles. Their friends are beginning to advise, they do recommend that only they possess themselves, considering their opinion the ultimate truth.In central Russia and the near abroad enough any "nemagnumov" line of 7,62: .308Win (7,62x51), 7,62x54R, .30-06Spr (7,62x63). How many people, so many opinions. I can not classify themselves as connoisseurs, or the more experts in the field of hunting weapons, but still based on their own experiences and those of my friends want to make observations Read more [...]
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More precious than gold, bright silver

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Countless hordes of sturgeon sunk in Oblivion, but Yet there are still treasures the lower reaches of the river. «Expensive gold bright silver». — it says so avid zhereshatniki about this fish. Asp, without exaggeration, is a real jewel for enthusiastic anglers about and it will be discussed. Personally, I happened to catch asp and on small rivers and peals in the vast delta of the Volga, but wherever was caught by this voracious predator, always all his capture — Read more [...]
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Roach at the end of the freeze-up

Cchitaetsya catching roach - is simple enough and do not need to invent anythingThat opinion exists, apparently, because roaches spread almost everywhere, and fish in the diet of omnivorous and unpretentious, so catch it there is no difficulty. But it is not so.More timid first steps of spring, cold and evil, using her indecision, no, no yes and yes nakinetsya night frosts Cities misfortunes. He does not want to give Zimove promorozhennaya ground and bound water spaces. Lake ice swollen, blackened, but gained strength under the night frost, still allows the angler brave to go on a perilous journey.On Read more [...]
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Singers elected Russia

In April, when spring is in full swing, nature awakens from a long sleepAnd solitude and silence. Only sleepy blackbirds How reluctantly was finishing his singing;From meadows ascends pair of twinkling stars ...At my feet in the water reflecting ...AK Tolstoy. On tractionIn April, when spring is in full swing, nature awakens from a long sleep. Tired of the winter silence, filled with the sounds of the forest in a hurry. Dry crackling drop kidneys, dripping on the dried out at the foot of the tree foliage birch sap, monotonous drone of bees primroses. But it all – only accompaniment to the Read more [...]
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Russian ear of British fish

While all relaxed and rested, we are drivers looking for any opportunity to go fishingPhoto: SHUTTERSTOCK Planning a trip to Open Championship Wales Orienteering in As a competitor, it is hoped that busy their schedule an opportunity to go fishing somewhere, but I can not I expect to happen to catch on such a large number of reservoirs.Lucky to drivers. Russian Sports Committee for the team of Moscow has allocated a bus, where the 25-man squad and 20 support groups made a fascinating journey. Drivers proved to fishermen and We Read more [...]
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Trout — Fish Dream

Ideal for exploring the rapids rivers — inflatable catamaran. Fit all: the goods, tackle and crew.  The first time she had Andrew went. He even I realized that it was for the fish. I am seen only her body — dark golden, bruskovatoe in specks, well, like a mermaid from a fairy tale. The first time he saw a fish, possibly last. Hitting the melenko blesenke intended for grayling, was strong. But do not pike — This seemed to be right surface. A here even fishing line sag. A then it began. Spinning Read more [...]
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