Videos about fishing: Active methods of ice fishing

Winter. For some anglers is the period of anxious waiting, boredom and nostalgia for summer days, and for many others - while gambling and unpredictable winter fishing. Our journey begins in the Nizhny Novgorod region. Then in the morning the fishermen sent to the shores of the Volga bay to take their sacred places, anticipating future catch. Thaw in the yard, and this means that you can expect as a snow-white fish and a predator. Nibble must be good ...Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Foundations of fly fishing

Now we will try to learn the basics of fly fishing. Fly fishing for beginners starts with training in the meadow or in the gym as of great importance in this kind of fishing is casting technique. Instead we will fly a piece of cotton wool or a catchy thread. To start with the grip handle rods and begin our lesson from the usual cast. For this release the fly line on three rod length ...Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: Car for fishermen

The Japanese company Toyota decided to amuse numerous fishing enthusiasts and developed for their special car inflated terrain with an abundance of devices for the convenience of the fisherman. Toyota showed a concept pickup fishing, received the title of Tundra Crew Max at SEMA tuning show in the South American town of Las Vegas.The main feature of this car is a retractable rear end in which are placed the refrigerator for storage of fish caught and a huge number of compartments, drawers and niches for spinning rods and other gear. In an additional car roof rack for cargo huge dimensions. Massive Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: spinning Abakan + Carp at the Krasnoyarsk Sea (part 2)

Part 1 (33 min): What is spinning Abakan? This style of fishing was formed in 50-60 years of the twentieth century due to the massive emergence in Siberia inflatable rubber boats. Languid used spinning tackle, nepodgruzhennye spinners, sinkers on a single leash, retractable. Now many such fishing seems outdated, yet on the impact it is often so far superior to the modern methods of ...Part 2 (47 min): Now our way lies to the Krasnoyarsk Reservoir, where the acquired information is found carp. Most of the members on this site are catching only an approximate representation. And one of our professionals Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: And I always bite!

In the courtyard the month of August, everyday holiday village near Moscow, where people huddle on 6 acres. Just completed another portion of rain. And despite the fact that now forecast forecasters realized one hundred percent, but not specifically for the angler in the best side, we are going to not only prepare for fishing, and go out, and even then certainly nibudt-catch ...Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: № 41-45, chub fishing

We expect the road to the shores of the Caspian Sea. Here in the Volga delta terrain Kalmykia we discover a huge number of lakes, rivers, creeks, a bunch of the Caspian nainteresneyshih spills.Analyzing all types of lures we will have time to learn Taste Kalmyk predator. As production comes here pike and perch, walleye bit seldom that migrates channels. The most valuable are chub and asp. But catch them happen unless very patient fisherman. We'll see that we still can.  Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: № 35-40, experienced anglers Tips

We are again at the opening of the summer season. Only in this time a little different company. Well, we place more impressive - the Volga River. So there is not work without the help of an experienced spinningists, an old wizard catching predator - Oscar Sobolev.To begin with, in a dialogue with our teacher, we compare the ability of several lures for catching big fish (perch, catfish, chub, pike). In addition, in practice, we will check the reliability of the company's branded rods "Silver Stream". Specifically, we have temporarily exchange their old fishing rods on sovereign Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: 43-rd kilometer

Pond, which now took aim E, certainly has become one of the best bodies of water where anglers from Moscow regardless of experience can get pleasure. Having made a couple of turns with the routes are, our car had driven to the colorful pond. Unlike the famous pond on the 47th kilometer, where our heroes have already tried catching beauties trout fishing here special abilities we have not yet received. So it will go to investigate. After all, this pond quite young and started taking anglers only from spring of last year. First that seemed obvious after arrival - absolute cleanliness and order Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: "Cup of Galich lake" would receive a yearly

In Kostroma region in late October, there were competitions in the midst of fishermen catching lovers carnivorous fish on spinning, received the title of "The Cup of Galich lake." Administration town Galich, who had served as the 1st of this fishing tournament organizers announced that this competition will be held every year. This decision was announced during tabulation competitions and awarding favorites. The first owner of the "Cup of Galich Lake" was Dmitry Ivanov, who as a reward to get exactly the cup, made by hand by local craftsmen and four-seater tourist tent. Not Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: "Track", which we choose

In this issue you will see video applications: fishing or trolling how to catch big catfish; Volga delta - a boat trip "Transfiguration" and trophy fishing with comfortable rest, too: practical advice on fishing on the feeder for beginners fishing carnivorous fish live bait (for Chipper usual) ...­ Read more [...]
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Videos about fishing: "Tungsten" Decks

In this movie the brothers Shcherbakovs emphasis is made on the "tungsten" Decks (more precisely - a turntable with a tungsten core). One of the advantages of such lures - this compact and range. You will learn how to make the most turntables such as the right to customize the game for a successful fish, etc. ..Read more [...]
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