Fishing | The survival encyclopedia - Part 27

Lake Iasi

 Photo by the author In the Pskov region, about 15 km north of Pustoshka, there is a large and beautiful lake Iasi. Several times I fished it, but only in summer. Now here I was able to go fishing in the winter.If we talk about the catch, then the result is negative. But managed better than before, to understand – Local fishermen have prompted – as the lake lives and how to catch the fish in it.Frankly, I myself went to the lake fishing in Iasi lightly. First catch «along the grass» on spinners for standard sports technique «three stroke – Read more [...]
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White Nights Vaymugi

The idea to visit Vaymuge, a tributary Emtsy, which turn flows into the Northern Dvina, was born long before the campaign. My July canoe route consisted of two parts. First there was an alloy from the upper Vaymugi that in the south of Arkhangelsk one hundred and fifty kilometers to its lower reaches. Then came overland portage in These are the river basin, which flows through the chain of lakes under the title Siya lakes, and rafting on lakes and River up Bridge on the route Moscow — Arkhangelsk.Vaymuga is relatively short, Read more [...]
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Gorgeous shamandra, or fishing in the waters of the Bosphorus

 Photo by the author On the possibility of a visit to Istanbul it was known ahead of time, so that the thoughts of fishing at sea, which previously seemed impossible this year, do not let my imagination since the middle of summer.However, one thing to dream and another – the first time in my life in a suitcase push rod, reel and line and a minimum of necessary spare parts. In contrast to the June trip to the Volga, I could not afford to grab polmashiny angling, but in this, as it turned out, had its own charm. Looking ahead, I can say that the presence of a compact set Read more [...]
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Khanty-Mansiisk taiga

 Photo by the author With a fishing family in Yekaterinburg I met a few years ago. As expected, fishing, namely in Finland. Several successful exits on the ice, and a pleasant acquaintance grew into friendship. Meetings on fishing and hunting exhibitions, exchange of experiences on recent trips… Asked about the peculiarities of the local fishing, they usually answer: «Well, what we can have, Muscovites surprise you and the Lower Volga often travel, and grayling, and to the north of the salmon». But when once Yekaterinburg friends showed photos of anglers Read more [...]
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For river bumpkin

When the sky is cloudless and the sun was hot inflames the air in the middle of the day, I want to hide in the shadow of saving the coastal alder, fall into the high coastal grass and lay motionless, staring bleary eyes to the heavenly blue through green tree tops. However, smacking of lips carousing perches there, far away, where the forest quiet rivulet expands reach, forced to resume the catch.Small spinner silently splashed by sticking close to snags, like dry branches fell with alder cones and scratched the mirror surface of the water a meter away from the opposite shore. Read more [...]
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Fanged predator Caspian

The inertia reel of large diameter is very convenient for fishing plummet in very deep places, for casting heavy lures. The machine for a long time pylila deserted roads of Kazakhstan. AND How could I ever think about that will go on deserted shore of the Caspian Sea catch amazing, exotic for the Russian angler fish — marine walleye? Of course not!Frankly, all as is often the case, there was spontaneous. One of my friend, Vladimir Knyazev, a petroleum by profession, invited me to is a journey, and I do not no Read more [...]
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Sea trout Gloom River

After a day of alloy we have chosen a beautiful place on the canopy coast in close proximity to the roll-over. Gloom-river — Stony Tunguska is one of the tributaries of the Yenisei north of the Krasnoyarsk Territory. River and with its tributaries the south round the little-investigated most of the planet — Putorana Plateau, feeding him water lakes. AT the basin of the river and live Evenki Yakuts. Here on arrow in confluence in Kochechum Tunguska, the village is the capital of Evenkia Tour.Because there are Read more [...]
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The «Russian» Israel

Photos Kevin Bryant, DMD / FLICKR.COM When I go to the Mediterranean Sea, the boat on its periodic leave parking in the marina of the city of Ashdod, the capital «Russian Israel», Where the Russian-speaking majority. And in the sea, five kilometers from the coast, is the world's only open-sea fish farms. When it storms cages lowered from the surface below the waves. Other farms are located in the bay.The farm bred species of dorado — sea ​​bream, which is complete and on the shelves of Russia, it is brought from Turkey and the same Israel. Once I earned half Read more [...]
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A trip to Lakh

In many rivers of Sakhalin and flax local variety pike often live side by side. Friends I have met, as agreed, in the airport of Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, and Half an hour later we were already in accommodation. The first departure on fishing, we intend to carry on west coast of the island, in which the rivers this time, the stories of my friends can be a good catch and Lenca pike.We had to pass on car several tens of kilometers in the beginning of on the federal highway north, then completely «slaughter» Read more [...]
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Christmas in Borok

Photo by Dmitry Merkulov Winter this year is unusual. The behavior of fish, of course, also. Volga reach of the Rybinsk reservoir pleased earlier this year by the presence of roaches and fish activity. In recent mild winters roach in January falls into the area of ​​Bork, individual lucky – in good quantity and quality. But to be so, in the spring, all caught – of the old-timers do not remember.Bite this winter in Borok and bream that much at all unusual. Do not give up and lures predators – pike, walleye, perch. Catches are not fabulous, but quite decent. Read more [...]
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Again, I want to Ladoga

Photo by Mikhail Volkov After each successful fishing trip you think - would be nice to go back to these places. But the feeling that we would like to stay forever, I have encountered only twice. First time – Chivyrkuy Bay of Lake Baikal, the second – in the northeast corner of Lake Ladoga.Unique and the onlyFive times in recent years failed to meet the Ladoga, and did she not repeated every time the fishing was quite different. A role played, of course, the season, we arrived at different times, from June to October. But it's not only that. The lake is huge, complicated Read more [...]
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Fishing on the bottom of the Earth

Fish White blood cells.In most vertebrates, as is known, blood red, but in Antarctic waters inhabited by unique channichthyidae. They were first investigated by one of the Norwegian scientists forty years ago. It is found, for example, in Blood iron crocodile icefish — part of hemoglobin — at 25 times less than that of Conventional fish. But in her heart three times greater than that of kindred nototheniids fishes red blood. Accordingly, more and the volume of supplies the body with blood. Curiously, not breathing icefish gills Read more [...]
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Along the rivers and Usche Yaznitse

Photo by Maxim Chetverikov Fishermen fidgets can recommend simple rafting Yaznitse and Usche – one of the best, in my view, lake-river route Pskov region. It begins at Lake Yazno, then 25 km along the river Yaznitse to the confluence of the river Uschu, even as many of Usche Ostrovtsy Lake and 10 km across the lake to the village. Savino.Bus Park in Great Luke not only willing to accept orders for transportation of tourists, but also carefully carries them, which makes getting to the top of the route and return after the end of a comfortable and enjoyable.Slipway convenient Read more [...]
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Healthy sleep and a broken card

Overslept. No ... Not that I planned blown six in the morning for a few pike poklёvok. Oh them, we catch bad last night. It was my feeling that as catch can not be ...He opened one eye at 6:30 – father, generated by years of habit, not even breakfast, has escaped into the water. Well, I closed the eyes and even a couple of hours ...I woke up, had breakfast ... I heard the noise of the motor on the river. Ten minutes later, the father appears with a couple of excellent pike Kukan 2.5 and 4.7 kg. I have it almost hurt, «approximately» appreciating the largest Read more [...]
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Borok in July

July and August – vacation time, long-distance travel. If memory serves, the Rybinsk reservoir in these months I did not have to happen. Therefore, in deciding to go on three days in my favorite Borok, internally I was ready to fail.At first, my pessimistic forecast was justified, albeit with reservations. Outcome Saturday – Two pike-perch and perch one for two. It seems little, but elegant left ear. On Sunday, before lunch – sudachok bigger one. Still weak, but it turned out svezhezazharenny fantastically well. «The program is at least»Certainly Read more [...]
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Magic Lekozero

For each person, carried away the winter fishing, «the last ice» It sounds like a spell. In our vast country can afford another season to get on a fishing trip, two, or even three times. For us, the finishing of the winter season goes fishing on the Kola Peninsula, in May. These sites do not need advertising, except to say that in addition to the number and variety of fish, there is one distinct advantage. Spring can come a little earlier or later, but you can always choose a location closer to or farther from the Barents Sea, where there are suitable conditions for Read more [...]
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The first meeting with Kamsky Sudak

Kuibyshev reservoir in the confluence of the Volga and Kama — difficult for the fishing pond. A huge water mirror requires serious to attitude. Walking in ice or rowboat on open water to Most places of interest are not getting at. Strong winds are the rule rather than the exception; that fishing was not even comfortable, and a safe, all the details of fishing equipment must be handled carefully without allowing no the slightest negligence.The waters of the Kuibyshev Reservoir with each year attracts an Read more [...]
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Cleve will!

«Working» depths — piled here range 45–120 m. Small depth to avoid — where light penetrates, and where the bottom is covered with algae, so It happens hooks. The main initiator of the trip in Norway has been, no matter how Strangely enough, my wife. The thing is that a few years ago, we visited the travel Scandinavian countries, impressed by the beauty of nature and the harsh northern We would come back here again. I — at especially as I was warming dream about Norwegian famous trophy Read more [...]
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There, where live pike

Day turned out to be quite circling, because apart from the fact that it was necessary to finish the 4 new zherlitsy, still had to get bait. Of course, you can catch it on the spot, but the practice shows that in shallow wells zakormlennyh roach does not appear immediately. For this reason, it lost almost half of the day, and go a long way! It should be at least 20 pieces zhivtsov to charge our zherlitsy and then have to try to catch the bait, looking at the flags.The problem of production «cartridges»I confess as the spirit – I very rarely leave on zherlichnuyu Read more [...]
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Spearfishing in Southern Italy

The easiest way to produce fish, leading bottom lifestyle. If you are a romantic, relaxing and interesting dream love «labor» Spearfishing in the sea, go on Capri. This island, a great favorite with many of the world may give you the most unusual underwater adventures…The sun had set over the island and under the cliffs began to creep into the darkness. Going round the pile of boulders, I slowly sank into water, stretched out in front of a speargun and intensively working fins, swam over the cliff, where the waves still gold in the Read more [...]
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