Topsherskie carp

Photo Anatoly Mailkova For a long time neighbor Sasha talked about some Topshere supposedly carp pet: the bait happen uvolokut chapyzhnik-in snags, it will break the vaunted carbon fiber already in three places in one fell swoop.Tihovodnaya pond fishing for me – nostalgic yesterday, the dark mirror of water, which sleeps quiet reeds chomping carp in dewy sedge and trembling hand blond boy – school truant – impatient who has taken over the butt of bamboo rods. Looking ridden feathers float, which then bends to one side, the nervous shudders and lets the water wheels. Read more [...]
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Bears and humans

How would say one experienced hunter of bears, "if you want to kill him for sure, it is necessary to fire until it has cooled down"Photo: Valery Liushkov To be afraid of the bear is quite natural for human beings. Only fools do not fear. You can not only demonstrate their own beast. And we play a game with him: he pretends that completely ignores me, I – that does not afraid of him and he could see this. In fact the situation is, of course, is not quite like in the game.The man has one feature: it gets used to everything (except the cold and midges). You get used to it and Read more [...]
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The Wolf with a gun

Just something a couple of years needed to pickup from Volkswagen received the new transmission, which dreamed of participants has his first test. Long Shots roads paved, asphalt, dirt road, broken betonka, field road — But for the public «Elemental» Germans have created this car. Very good first option pickup manual gearbox and 163-horsepower engine is still short-change draft on bottoms, and perhaps it was the main claim to him. I remember how in edition, we discussed the constitution is alive and reliability of power Read more [...]
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12 days of the New Year to live with dignity

On New Year's table of 2012 have to be fresh meat only: no canned food - preparing fresh fish, meat, seafood.From the first to the thirteenth our January Themselves recruited back issues… They took illuminations but lit candles.From the first to the thirteenth old looking for friends. Like the twelve months of the twelve days. Maybe, something will change in your life and mineThese twelve days ...Every time this song sounds lyrical performance of Alexander Abdulov, my heart is warm and wakes up the New Year and Christmas mood. At the same time like it or not, and the working attitude will Read more [...]
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Transport for hunter

Before the 1917 Revolution, the construction of roads engaged the district council. It is clear that in the days when people traveled by horse-drawn transport, a special coating is not requiredIt was enough to make the mound and maintain the road in good condition. And the money is at the Zemstvos were. Their budget was equal to half of the budget of the Russian Empire. In my home village, before October 1917, a road was built, which to this day is still observed in the forest.Admittedly, as in Soviet times, the roads in the woods watching: they cleared of fallen trees, sometimes took a bulldozer Read more [...]
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Rybinsk transformer

Big, powerful, vseprolazny snowmobile for any avid hunter and fisherman will certainly be a good acquisition. But if every fan of winter fishing need a car to get through the drifts multimeter for tens of kilometers from civilization to their cherished lurking-hole? «Rybinka» — Snowmobile «Melee». It is clearly focused on trips by packed snow and the ice on small distance. For your pleasure and without much effort to go fishing on the ice within a dozen kilometers, does not need a full snowmobile. It will fit such a device Read more [...]
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On solonetzes

In a distant, wild, so uncomfortable, dank Africa, heavy rains began, come season. And in the fertile valley of the Amur Good heavens, at this time already otshumela, otbushevala durninushkoy spring, ended a furious boil taiga bird cherry on the banks of rivers and streams, stopped gambling whirlwind dances of birds, everything began to fall into a calm state. Summer begins.Around the middle of the river Mota, forty kilometers from Tow rope, located state farm apiary. It stands on the picturesque banks of the river, taking a fairly decent area to the edge of the forest. A little further, a small Read more [...]
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Russian sable

In the general system of our country's economy trapping takes quite ambiguous position. On the one hand, the entire annual sales of "wild" furs on the amount approximately equal to the value of the contents of one of the oil tankera.S other hand, the production of commercial fur employs thousands of our fellow citizens in remote areas - that is, where it is almost the only opportunity earnings.PHOTO SHUTTERSTOCK.COM Often it is the hunting that reason that keeps people in these places.In fact, the only commodity, certainly in demand in the fur market is sable. For comparison: Read more [...]
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The first in the USSR

"Dear - garden for the eyes: the tree, turf rampart, ditch; A lot of work, a lot of glory, Yeah sorry, no directions at times." - PA Vyazemskij Yes, with the roads, to be honest, that in the USSR, that the current Russian situation is not the best. Indeed, in Soviet times, after the war, there were very few roads and driveways, and even less. But the forest road that links villages and farmland, supported by rural workers. Now this is not – no collective farms or state farms and foresters do not need it, and they are almost gone. A hunting grounds users can only Read more [...]
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Hunters from Utah

There were two. Ordinary Americans. Moose hunters. A tall, burly man, very calm. Explicit phlegmatic with a typical English name or a name - Scott. Blonde, even as it slightly with ryzhinkoy; for some reason, he seemed Irishman. On this question with his "but ACNP Inglish" I tried to get an answer to your assumption. Rescued translator. I learned that his ancestors came from Germany. However, «Shprehen communication Deutsch» followed by a fairly clear − «but». There is no way. Another one — Kirk, a doctor, a surgeon, but Hunter, too. Not at an Read more [...]
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Giants Omolon

In early summer I received an offer to the East Siberian elk hunt. This hunt I had planned for a long time, but it does not add up. But I still wanted to get somewhere far away, in such region, where nature is virgin and pure, no people, and the fruits of their life. The wetlands in the north-east of the Magadan region, on the border of the Chukotka Autonomous Okrug and Koryakia in the middle reaches of the river Omolon - just what nado.Magadan met coolness and rain. The journey began!But to get directly to the place of hunting proved to be more than one day. With a charter flight to Magadan, two Read more [...]
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Capercaillie Dawns

Capercaillie tokuyut in wilderness, hiding in the bush, in the fog, coach hide sadness and joy, love singing and even crying.  And I, and I, my love, To the native land not withhold To me it sounds, hot-zorёy Song of the capercaillie, And I, at the border below dawns I stand, in love with the son of the earth, Well, sing, sing grouse, Singers dawns. Not my fun and caring, At dawn on grouse hunting, L might ruin it a miracle? Song of wood grouse in the hours of dawn ... Capercaillie tokuyut in wilderness, Suppose you hope does not disappoint, Let your love how this song The world is full of flies Read more [...]
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What was said eye

That spring tide was unusually large. Kia cleared of ice somewhere in the 20 days of April. Continuing rains, the snow melted and an active water level in the river rose much higher than usual. Kyi herself was a dark stormy torrent of meltwater.Looking at the elements, I did not want to think about what you need to go into the abyss on a fragile little boat. But hunting is always worse than slavery.April 30 as we did then in the 90s almost every year, five of them loaded simple hunting belongings into two homemade wooden boat and with the help of the worldly-wise «Vortices» They moved Read more [...]
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Red Beast on the white snow

I know, I know: the red beast in Siberia and other northern fishing areas known as sable. Well, in Siberia! And we have no sable, but Fox is enough. And for me this wonderful animal production is always a happy event.11 species of the genus includes foxes (Vulpes). The most common member of the genus — ordinary fox. To my great regret, I went to Past great hunting a fox approach — exciting experience when, showing the wonders of caution, restraint and patience, Hunter was selected on thirty–40 meters to the sleeping on open Read more [...]
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Lethal match

The contact person fight with a bear at the person very little chance of not only winning, but also for survival. Drama, a case recently told a colleague at work suggests that in people with a combination of two qualities - self-control and luck he can emerge victorious in mortal combat. Before you tell us about the vicissitudes of a dramatic episode I consider it necessary to tell a little history. Photos from the archives of Peter Zverev Sometimes a man by his appearance and behavior can immediately draw conclusions, learn character set hobbies are more likely to determine what Read more [...]
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Hunting, which was not

Serge Ogorodnikov — he is «Garden», Solid, square, seven on eight on eight Seven muzhichina, size and power skidder in the late seventies he built this cabin.Dragged thirty kilometers, four pass and five keys welded iron stove, two axes, two-handed saw, dishes — all that is needed to Ussuri taiga normal industrialist. Cabin get the standard three to four meters without the porch, as it It happened to the warmth of the Far East.   Today, the distance from the hut to the the nearest forest road was reduced to seven Read more [...]
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Two episodes a hunt in Belarus

Which turned out to be a good evening! In Moscow, pouring in buckets, rain, then increases, the transitions in the drizzle, escorted us to the Smolensk. In Belarus, we entered a dense fog, in heavy clouds curtained the sky. The weather is also not encouraging.However, now that we have a little catch up on sleep after a long journey, have come to the hunt, there was no rain in sight, the grass was completely dry, and the wind, though persistent, was warm and summery tender.The breeze was very helpful. This wind was, as they say, «our». He blew steadily in the very right direction – Read more [...]
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In the kingdom of Tiger

The skin of the local tiger, forced to endure the harsh winter, the wool has a much longer and more dense than its Indian counterparts. The price for tiger skins lately exalted, and now a good skin can not get cheaper than 30, 40 and even 50 silver rubles.GOLD AND huntingIf the Ussuri basin is a combination of northern species of vegetation with the South, not least the diversity seen in it in relation to animal species.First of all I must say that the river Ussuri fishes so plentiful that if I started to tell different cases, all the readers would take my word for fiction. Who is easy to believe Read more [...]
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Wild turkey

The end of the '80s. I returned to regular field work in Central Research Laboratory. The usual procedure - surrender travel documents to the personnel department. Coming out of the building that housed our group immobilization, I went to the office. Slowly cross the square in front of the administration building and hear unusual sounds ...Weigh 12 kilograms large specimens of wild male turkey, female is much easier and weigh half as much.Illustration from the archives of Peter Zverev Behind the main building in the woods are the main territory of the department dicherazvedeniya Read more [...]
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Wolf howling …

Kaur Galёrka horse trotted on the barely visible trail sled, twitching ears and snorting. Dark red color face, stomach and legs silvered. In weightless frost spangles it was also up this red-red fringe, mane and tail of a horse - a good disguise for a horse, carrying hunters.Wild ungulates our forests while almost It was — Bar translated deer, elk… The need to produce food for their hungry brood and did wolves and enterprising tricky. In light sledge with carved back and with willow Postelnikov two of us. I I picked today a Read more [...]
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