Hare: restore strength

I am often reminded of the eighties of the last century, collective hunting hare with Kum-namesakes Sergei. Nikolai Pavlovich, godivshiysya our fathers, played first violin of our campaigns. Photo: Keith MARSHALL He made us pass the uncut piece of perennial grass and bush in the middle of the field; by uncultivated piece of marshy land, tractor mill overgrown with weeds and abandoned on the edge of the village garden — past many places that can choose to dnevki hare. A dozen raised for hunting hares was the norm, often in the evening each backpack delayed nice shoulders.Rusak Read more [...]
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Autumn roach jig

How and what to catch roach autumnPhoto by the authorIn autumn, a period of significant cooling water roach fed almost exclusively by living organisms that live in water or brought to it from the external environment. At this time, for the best fishing rod with a lateral nod and jig.Since roaches are often held in the fall at the deep edge, then the fishing jig choose 6-8 meter lightweight rod. This rod makes it easy to manipulate and less tiring tackle fishing for a long time. On a fishing rod with a lateral nod and jig caught from shore or vzabrodku, sometimes using a rubber bib. Four or five Read more [...]
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Hunting for wild boar is not far off

It starts revival among hunters on ungulates, mostly wild boarPhoto: Dreamstime Aug. Sept – the height of the summer-autumn hunting «writers» on various types of game birds. Here space and for those who like hunting for a duck as the «samotopom»And in the morning and evening flights.Owners sporting dog withdrawn soul with their pets for hunting on the red game, while others can not wait to the end of September and early October, when you can find places to vysypkami woodcocks, where the forest hermits gather at favored by limited areas before flying Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

How to get a bite at the turn of seasonsPhoto by the author The first decade of October in the metropolitan area resulted in a real spectacle of the sun, heat and bright colors all outgoing golden autumn. However, the wonderful weather, it seems, not added to the appetite the fish of different type reservoirs. Probably on the background of rapid drop in atmospheric pressure, which began on the eve of the weekend days of underwater inhabitants have felt rather abruptly change the state of the environment and, perhaps, an early arrival of pre-winter with bad weather, snowfall and Read more [...]
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In search of fishing grounds

Where can I find a place for sport fishingPhoto: Anatoly MAILKOV Throughout his long life had to be a witness and later – and participant searches Penza anglers the most interesting places for sport fishing. The earliest memories are connected with the beginning of the 30s, it was held in my hometown of Penza.In the XIX-XX centuries Penza was a small provincial town with a population of about 80 thousand. People (for reference: now – more than 510 thousand.). The city stretches along both banks of the narrow river Penza, which flows in the northern outskirts of Shur. Read more [...]
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From the coast to the bait

How to catch live baitPhoto by the authorThe difference from the usual zhivtsovoy zakidushka that leashes are used and often removable metal (based on a pike). When fishing for bottom fish leash connected to the fastener and swivel is attached to 20-25cm above the sinker. Focusing on a pike, a leash attached to the better 1.5-gp from Georgia.Zywiec is pushed way «through the gills». Bleak or verkhovka («delight» chub and perch) in this way is not planted, the fish fall asleep almost immediately. They can be to pick up a dorsal fin, but the cast has to be very careful. I Read more [...]
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With faith in the potential of the Russian hunting

The new Minister Gordeev - hunter, and therefore sees and knows the problems in this areaPhoto: Sergey Gulyaev After reading in «Russian hunting newspaper» (№ 7, dated February 10, 2010) an interview with the Minister of Natural Resources Yuri Trutnev, decided to share with readers his views.It is encouraging that, unlike the former «chief» Russian hunting Gordeyev, the new Minister of the hunter, and, therefore, should see and know well the existing problems in this area. Remarkably, he did not accept hunting actively cultivated in cages, mountain packed Read more [...]
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There is a new record!

Caught a pike weighing 3 kilos 600 gramsSilver medalist Alexander Elkin 8-kilogrramovoy pike - the largest fish of the competition and a new record oblasti.Foto author During the lottery Open Cup Balakovo on fishing spinning from coast «Volzhskaya Pike — 2010», The main feature of which is the fact that credit is only pike, Big Irgiz gave participants a pleasant surprise.In the first round of the leaders broke Leonid Pak (g.Marks), caught on jig four pike weighing more than 9 kg. The largest predators drew 3.6 kg. Its main competitors are caught three pike and Read more [...]
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Karas late autumn

Part 2. float tackle.Photo: Anatoly MAILKOVUp until the carp did not come down into the deepest pit, which he usually does before freeze-up, to catch the sense, using fly-rod or plug. And it makes sense to delay the change of the flywheel on the feeder rod or tackle for long casting to the last.The explanation is very simple. The colder the water gets, the more obvious that the fish loses mobility and activity. It may be so, and it happens often that a lot of fish, it feeds on, but the bite is very cautious. Rudeness gear in such a situation causes a complete failure. Here at once it is worth noting Read more [...]
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Shotgun past century

I am trying to uncover the gun IL-54, but it is something that has not been disclosed. Out of habit repeatedly stepped on his left hand on the bottom of the receiver, and a rifle was revealed. Evening at valdshnepinoy drawn from the right barrel shotgun misfired.May. Spring hunting in the Leningrad region in full swing. I just experienced trembling moments hunting capercaillie. I'm in the hands of an ancient bird, spring songs where mammoths still listening.I am trying to uncover the gun IL-54, but it is something that has not been disclosed. Out of habit repeatedly stepped on his left hand on Read more [...]
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Take care of furs!

The end of autumn - winter - a welcome time for the hunter-laechnikaPhoto by the authorAnd not only for him – for each hunter, thinking about the production of fur animals. But to become a beast skin soft gold, the hunter must make her head and arms. The law allows us to dispose of the hunting prey in its sole discretion. Regardless of whether you are going to fabricate extracted furs or planning to deliver its procurement organization, you need to properly peel primary process. Primary processing errors are not corrected with the dressing, but only spoil the furs. I think that the quality Read more [...]
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An interesting case on the hunt

Hello, dear edition! I would like to share with the readers of "horn" interesting incident that happened with me and my dog ​​on the hunt. Photo by Andrey Anosov Everyone knows that hunting and fishing occur sometimes these cases are difficult to imagine, but some cause laughter and permanently etched in my memory. Surely everyone in his practice something like that happened. All of the following is the real truth, although some stories and look like a hunting stories. Now therefore.ExchangeEntertaining incident occurred in the Tula region Kimovsky district. With a dog we picked Read more [...]
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Help the dog for injuries on the hunt

Most watched fractures of the femoral head, shoulder, forearm and lower leg. Fractures are open (the wound) and closed, may be offset and multiple shrapnel. Often find bones crack.Photo Fotolia Most watched fractures of the femoral head, shoulder, forearm and lower leg. Fractures are open (the wound) and closed, may be offset and multiple shrapnel. Often find bones crack.FracturesMost watched fractures of the femoral head, shoulder, forearm and lower leg. Fractures are open (the wound) and closed, may be offset and multiple shrapnel. Often find bones crack. Fractures are characterized Read more [...]
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Double interested gaze

Having read all three articles Alexander Grishin "Roundtable with the Ministry of Internal Affairs" ("ROG» №№ 30, 31, 32 in 2010), I want to clarify some points. I'll start with suggestions of the participants of the round table to introduce the service "one stop shop" for weapons permits. This is quite reasonable, since the documents to the traumatic and smooth-bore weapon Muscovites, for example, get in the police department, and rifled - the police department. It was suggested correct and technically feasible idea is to transfer civilian weapons in the police department. This must Read more [...]
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Black dog

In recent years, often I recall the prophetic words of my friend Hunter - forecaster events, uttered during the "bourgeois revolution '91."Photo by Dmitry Kashirina «You mark, Vova, my word, — said a convinced tone of good-natured fellow with «rye» Hair, who was on the other side of the barricades, — It will not hunt under the Democrats. Will you, the troubadour of democracy, remembering hunting under communism».I remember. Even as I remember! You, the Jura, as the water looked. Perspicacious your mind, but I, naive, I thought that you live in Read more [...]
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Beaver: Word Hunter

Many are now writing about the beaver problem. It is advised to offer, remember the past ... And? I have here with this beast is not the last. I have not seen it on our Ussuri. And on the Red River it was not. He? Our new home, and I like the kid, for him to run.Beaver - a large rodent, adapted to the semi-aquatic lifestyle. The length of its body reaches 1-1.3 m, height at the shoulder - to 35.5 cm, weight - up to 30-32 kg. AND exercise such hunting at my age – wonderful joy with incomprehensible sadness. How sweet and sour jam.This beast I have a double feeling. Read more [...]
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Spring on Mezen

Twenty years have passed, but every year, when spring comes, I again and again think back to those early years, the events of the spring hunting of Mezen. In Mezenskaya the forest with his wife and son, I was ten years twice. Delivery to the hunting provided Arkhangelsk my friend Victor. For the first time we have taken in the taiga lake Vahram fall. Round Lake, about a kilometer across, with strongly overgrown shores abounded kryakovoy duck. Here I am sorry that because of the distance and difficult road did not bring his Russian-European Laika Nora, works great on bird. Conditions were ideal Read more [...]
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From the history of hunting woodcock

As originally Russian hunters called woodcock and snipe cravings? What to know about it and how to hunt in the old days? These questions are addressed to the editors known in Russian hunter-bibliophile Mikhail Vasilyevich Bulgakov, who kindly agreed to collect material on the subject. We offer our readers the first results of the difficult quest. Photo: Sergey FOKINA The first mention of woodcock hunting in Russian literature was found in the first printed book of hunting in Russian «Manual man practiced in the hunt, and a conversation between two friends, hermit and lesolyuba…»: Read more [...]
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After the Holy Saviour

In that year, the opening of duck hunting, it was decided to meet on kobelevskih careers. In the evening there was sore for a narrow-gauge road embankment to careers that are widely spread on the entire left "hand" of the former "glands".There were all sorts of roads in the memory, but such that pulled us to kobelevskim careers first. In fact, this very road itself could not be called — rastaskannaya abandoned and the rails, with the remains sticking out of the ground «ribs» neukradennyh sleepers. And the culprit was Serge Razumov,  a man of about forty-five, long ago lost Read more [...]
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I do not believe!

It was sometime in the magazine "Fishing and Hunting" column "Blue Fox on a branch", which published all sorts of biological incidents, mostly from various periodicals. I must say, this heading enjoyed success with readers' OiOh. " It should be noted that the various mistakes found in the pages of specialized publications, where the text should be viewed and edited by experts. I am confident that care should be taken not only to edit text (including biology, law, ethics and so on), but also pictures. Why do we have an abundance of photographs laid out game, when everyone knows that most of them Read more [...]
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