At the beginning of the nineties the author had the opportunity to live more than a month in a remarkable place in Yakutia. Just above the river Lena from Olekminsk have Kõlli village, located on the same island. To the right of the island flowing mainstream of the Lena and the left of the taiga hills island cuts the duct. Living on an island, formally, only Yakuts. Formally, because in the course of development, the conquest of the indigenous population of Yakutia had to assimilate a lot of different blood and cultures. Past the island has not passed any expedition without floated no boat, no, Read more [...]
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How to catch a Sim

Through the thick fog appear the vague outlines of willow thickets the banks of the taiga river-nevelichka. Runs she pebbles, clear tinkling streams: the all hiding in thick grass and bush, and then suddenly it overflows the deep, mysterious Botschagow. Silence around. Peace. Just hear the ear finely sings mosquito. But Now I pull the breeze, and starts swirling, flowed somewhere milk mist, exposing the hills covered with pine forests and Blue gave a stirring smell of pine needles, resin and forbs…I like to spend time at island any Read more [...]
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Roach — our everything!

There is probably more popular in Russia Fish roach - There are many reasonsPhoto: Vladimir Sagadiyev Firstly, roach for many years was one of the most common and numerous objects of industrial fishing. Secondly, the course of the spawning roach in the river Caspian Sea phenomenon is so powerful and vivid that attracts a huge number of fishing enthusiasts.Vobla first spawns 2–3 year of age with a body length of 8 to 20 cm. The onset of puberty is not just all one generation of fish, and take several years, with males generally mature a year earlier than females. In some periods Read more [...]
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Cartridge in a brass sleeve

Fifty per cent of the produced my game falls on a cartridge with a brass sleeve. Rustic child had no choice. As a student in the '60s, he was, but only 4 of the ruble. If you have a brass shell casings could equip 100 rounds of 16-caliber Tulku The subsequent shortage forced lay aside "zhevelo" for the 12-gauge, 16 more than the CBO do.In addition to the 20 years hunted «the twenty»And to her, and brass casings would not be found in the afternoon with fire. Past experience gives reason to believe that the well-curb holder can count on the success of up to forty meters. For responsible Read more [...]
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With Punga Kuhn

Our ancestors called fishing martens hunt for a red beast. Since then, it took a lot of time and a lot, of course, has changed in our lives, but the hunt for marten has not lost its appeal. The main purpose of huskies — work fur-bearing animals. I was given time off to operation, and I decided to go to to the village mother, there to finish the winter season. AT First of all I was interested in marten. On next morning arrival, according to a clear plan, matured head I Dogs went to forest, on a the east side Read more [...]
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Hunting dog: unsupervised property of the people

REPORT OF EL Cavour at the 3rd All-Russian scientific-practical conference "Modern Problems of hunting dog breeding" GNU them. PROF.B.M. Zhitkova, Kirov, 21-23.05.2014What's going on in the hunting dog breeding, can be compared only with the Zaporizhzhya Cossack outlaws wisely liquidated by Empress Catherine the Great. Photo: Mikhail Semin First of all, I thank the conference organizers for the very fact of it. Especially since the event is organized by the country's only specialized public as an authoritative research institutes. Up to date and time of the conference on such a Read more [...]
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AP Chekhov — the great writer and passionate fisherman

(According to the letters and memoirs of contemporaries of the writer)Illustration from the archives of the editorial board Writer Ivan Belousov, a contemporary of Anton Chekhov, as recalled joint fishing with him:— I happened to Anton Pavlovich fishing carp in Melikhovo, in his own pond. Karas there and climb on the hook, as if someone intentionally hitched his — Fishing tedious. But then we wanted to hunt the river carp. Long did not hesitate shells we Oka. They find nice results in the river lagoon fishing place and sat down. I — on steeper under the willows, Read more [...]
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Fidelity Huskies

An unexpected meeting with an old friend Oleg on the All-Russia exhibition dedicated to hunting and fishing, held in Moscow at the Exhibition Center, remembered one interesting story. He told me the story, thanks to which became the proud owner of a dog breed difficult, unusual for the district of Krasnodar region. Photo randihausken / (CC BY-SA 2.0) That's how he began his story: «My friend Andrew brought Far East Siberian Husky breed dog on named Greta. Beautiful, gorgeous exterior; thick, smooth, shiny coat; and the deep blue Everyone understands Read more [...]
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«Under the sky of my Africa …»

The road goes up and down from hill to hill. The sun beat down mercilessly. Shadow was not there. Small animals grazed directly from the bushes, and Dmitri watched them and then lean to the grass, twisting their tails.Thirty years I wander through the woods,I'm not afraid of people or fire,None of the gods… But I know, I know:There is one who is stronger than me.This is the elephant in the thickets unexplored,He, like me, great and lonelyAnd plunges all passingYellowed broken tusk.GumilevHuge birds bare necks were sitting on branches of a large tree open beaks, and from the Read more [...]
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Big bream in summer

Motyl with maggots — best combination bait for catching bream. Ranked Among the huge variety of fish bream has a special — a place of honor. He grows up large, distributed almost everywhere, biting greedily actively resists when playing. When searching for a good place for fishing leschovoy should adhere to the following principles. First, you need to immediately eliminate the maximum depth of the water. FROM heating of water in the shallow field begins rapid development of aquatic organisms that make up the staple diet of fish this time Read more [...]
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In the South Seas for mechenosnymi

Recently, in our country there were many anglers who specialize in catching large sea fishPhoto by the author The greatest interest in many of them cause swordfish, marlin and sailfish fish. All of them belong to the order Perciformes. These fish are rapidly attack the bait, stubbornly resisted when playing spectacularly jumping out of the water.All kinds of marlin and sailboats are also very different from each other as the color, and other features. Black marlin — the biggest fish of the family Parusnikova. It even surpasses in size swordfish and reaches a length of 6 meters Read more [...]
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Fun hunting with a gun

What did not happen in the hunt, especially when the hunter is not one, and next to him his true eared friend.Photo: Mikhail Semin Almost like Baron MunchausenTula region, Venevsky area. Early morning. Mainly cloudy. September delicate drizzling rain. Relatively warm. Works dogs follow one another. Mostly corncrake and quail. After another nine-rack kurtshaar Nora team «pil» It raises the wing of a thick, beefy quail that with great reluctance flies in a straight line directly toward the rising sun.Should one shot after the other, and covered the stone falls into the Read more [...]
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Do you need a hunting dog teeth?

There postulate time hunting dogs are carnivores, they have, like the carnivorous Canidius, dentition should correspond to 42 teeth with correct scissor bite.I do not remember either the year or magazine «Fishing and hunting»When an article was published about the bite Canidius Voylochnikovyh where indicated that they have a malocclusion. And I, getting to hunt wolves, foxes, badgers and martens, began to regularly check their bite. And he also found malocclusion wolf, badger and a marten.The authors raise the question: if there are anomalies in nature to bite and predators live to Read more [...]
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7,62h39: Continuing the theme

And then came the moment of truth: the specialists and hunters have not reached a consensus about the effectiveness of this cartridge hunting (as, indeed, and other rounds of 7.62 mm), and officials, without further ado, have banned the use of the long-suffering cartridgeAnd then came the moment of truth: the specialists and hunters have not reached a consensus about the effectiveness of this cartridge hunting (as, indeed, and other rounds of 7.62 mm), and officials, without further ado, have banned the use of the cartridge when the long-suffering hunting more or less big game. Immediately Read more [...]
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Hunting in the Kolyma region

From the book VI Jochelson "Essay zveropromyshlennosti and the fur trade in the Kolyma district." Pb., 1898.Bow  Bow – military and hunting weapons in the region before the arrival of Russian – currently used for children and adolescents for the fun of fishing is mainly birds. These hunters and Lamuts Yukagirs already moved to almost exclusive use «diabolical onion» – gun. Interestingly, the most we can say the cultural nation County – Yakuts, bow in hand more than the primitive inhabitants of the region, because it is likely that hunting is not Read more [...]
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Beaver theme

Due to a variety of publications of authors - from hunters to the well-known scientists - readers could get acquainted with the problem of excessive numbers of beaver. It remains to recall the history of beavers. It views over throughout history has been coveted object of hunting. According to Professor Vasily Nikolaevich Skalon, since Neolithic beaver could live next to a man only if the protection of the latter. And he lived! Our ancestors otters hunted for their needs, but in a businesslike way. Age culture beaver farm thousands of years. In Siberia, where the beaver was small because of the Read more [...]
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Three hunting capercaillie

It turned out that the opening of the season came and the Great Easter holiday, and there's no way I could afford to make a shot and to deprive any person of life, and therefore adopted a compromise solution: to go on the hunt, but with the camera and the camera.Winter in the day fought with might and main in the spring, not wanting to give up their positions, maliciously making their latest attacks on the part of young beauties, giving by a new life to all living things. But that did not stop the hunting fraternity to plunge into the song of the spring celebration. I do this time to watch hungry Read more [...]
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Adventures in Kenya

There were five Russians. From Moscow to Nairobi, we arrived with a change in Doha (Qatar). Next flight domestic flight from Nairobi to Mambasa. When the latter arrived in the airport was already late at night – no stars and no moon. After Moscow frosts Africa met us forty-degree heat and high humidity, like the dark steam room descended the ladder ...Lean from the African host of the party drove a minivan. He was talkative and courteous, according to our wishes drove to the store for foreigners.  Volodya Märzen, CEO of the travel agency that organized the tour for us, was among the passengers Read more [...]
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What Laika need Yakut hunter?

In the taiga of the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) native huskies since ancient times were used only for hunting, sled and reindeer herding kept in the tundra. Even pictures can be seen on the rocky plots moose hunting with dogs.Tuva Laika Aboriginal huskies since the early 1970s, began to deteriorate everywhere, mingling with all kinds of breeds and hybrids brought. The reason, as elsewhere in Siberia, — arbitrary content. Exported from Yakutia huskies factory to create the type of Eastern Siberian huskies well proven. From Pirate (ow. Filippov NE), brought to St. Petersburg, Read more [...]
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Rainbow Feather grayling

She remembered fishing friends, probably for life, although they were on the river, you can say, accidentallyAlthough any eventualities have a natural desire – catch amazingly beautiful fish, many colors and shimmering shades.Going once again fishing on the Kola Peninsula, and is not thought to raft on the river on catamarans. She just wanted to stand on the sea, catch sea fish - cod, flounder, and then move to the lake and go fishing there. We decided to completely surrender to the steady rest, leisurely fishing, gathering berries and mushrooms, and a cognitive walk in the woods. Therefore, Read more [...]
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