Hunter captive

Recently, I started cleaning the weapon. He took a gun from the safe. Picked up the TOZ-34R and remembered how it turned out ... II've thought I somehow streamline its arsenal of hunting. Shortly before the described event has acquired semi-automatic MP 21-12. As is known, a bore of 18.5 mm. In addition to the barrel rib, like vertikalka. After the gun to prove themselves on hunting at its best, especially on the beast, I decided to hunt mainly with him. However, in the corral with him not to go with the hand – and long, and is afraid of falling into the mechanism of pine needles, leaves, Read more [...]
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He was not afraid of doomsday!

The length of rotan can reach 14-25 cm, depending on the environmental conditions, but record size fish are rare. Life expectancy – to 7 years, typically 4-5 years. Sexual maturity comes to the age of two. Spawning takes place in May-July. Fertility is about 1 thousand. Eggs. Rotan Caviar postpones for plants and a variety of items, and then laying the male guards. The best feeling in standing bodies of water with a well-developed higher aquatic vegetation. Rotan withstand partial and complete drying of the reservoir to the bottom of the freezing winter. Rotan – predator. Initially, Read more [...]
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Haste to the first — the second to be late

One frosty winter days working in her yard, I noticed just tired, no longer young hunter, heavy gait was returning from the fields. Suddenly, he stopped suddenly, looking down at his feet, stood little changed direction and began to move quickly and intently, sometimes carefully glancing around. Then he quickly climbed to the covered with snow big pile of earth, I looked around, suddenly raised his shotgun in the air thundered two hasty shots. Bursting with curiosity and envy (that day to go on the hunt failed), I climbed the stairs and immediately saw a leaping hare in my direction.Thirty meters Read more [...]
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The catch at the beginning of freeze-up?

Part 1. Small pondsIt is no secret that the ice forms first on the very small and small reservoirs, as well as in the waters that are protected from the wind. The rate of formation of ice is determined by how quickly the water cools. Therefore, the time difference of ice on the different bodies of water may be a month or more.A week ago, some reservoirs are generally shallow «marshes», Opened a lot of anglers fishing from the ice. The ice in some places reaches a thickness of 4-5 cm. You can not say that it is safe, but not critical, since the depth of fishing is not more than one and Read more [...]
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Small fishing tricks

Our lives are, in fact, consists entirely of little thingsAn important role in achieving the final result is played exactly as we took seriously and prepare for the upcoming fishing. Best Fisherman – thorough and meticulous, which is trying to prevent any mistakes even in the phase of preparations for fishing. Thoroughness and meticulousness must be our main friends who will help us in achieving the goal. True fans can consider himself the one that starts this week to prepare for the upcoming fishing every day considering his gear and putting things in order. And yet, you see, there is some Read more [...]
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«Hunting Instinct» hunting dogs

The aim of our research is to analyze the psyche of animals needed to create scientifically sound test procedures of working qualities of hunting dogsThe objectives of the research is to develop methods of psychological testing of dogs, allowing to conduct field tests to determine the suitability of the dog to a particular type of hunting.  To date, we have examined the literature precise definition «hunting instinct» we have not found. Obviously, this situation is connected with the specialization of different breeds of dogs fishing. But it should be noted that many species require Read more [...]
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Horse mackerel

Usually catching horse mackerel begin as soon as she finished ikromet, that is, from mid-AugustIf we talk about sea fishing, which in our country is very poorly developed, then surely fishing horse mackerel in the Black Sea tyrant – employment is one of the most accessible and dobychlivyh for the Russian fishing for this small, but very tasty, fatty fish inhabit the coastal resort of our sea almost everywhere. The Black Sea horse mackerel stands out in particular subspecies - Trachurus mediterra-neus ponticus and is divided into two forms - small (20 cm) and large (up to 45 cm). A major form Read more [...]
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Homemade soup on a halt

Want to do something good - Do it yourself! (English wisdom) Everybody knows about the benefits of fruits and vegetables. Understandably – other sources of vitamins and fiber needed daily person on earth not. In many nutritionists called different rates of consumption of fruits and vegetables – about 1 kg per day, excluding potatoes. However, travel and hiking, hunting or fishing often think: let instant soups, as a rule, and unprofitable, but we are in a campaign (fishing or hunting) for a week (in two weeks) went – interrupted somehow. And in vain! Leisure­– means Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

The past week was warm, the temperature rose particularly strongly to the weekend, it had a positive impact on the results of fishingUnfortunately, fish could not everywhere, as throughout the reporting period regular rains, which are to limit ground water nourished and made almost impassable even good long established country roads. In addition, all types of bodies of water, especially rivers, substantially increased the level, and in some places the water became too muddy. Of course, the ice gets up on some ponds a week earlier, melted evenly.When issued on the eve of the winter rainy season, Read more [...]
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Long evenings in the cabin

I have been hunting for nearly sixty years. Many people are grateful for the hunting science: first of all the blessed memory of his father and his father Pantelei Mikhailovich wife Pavel Ivanovich, good wonderful person, an expert on the magnificent nature, the habits of birds and animals. Throughout his life will remain in my memory long winter evenings spent with him in the taiga cabin fifty kilometers east of Chita, where I served for about fifteen years. Naturally, he talked a lot about his hunting luck, and there were many, depict the places where he had visited. And recalled the episodes, Read more [...]
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Raise champion

My little wife having a second degree - a psychologist, one clever book subtracted, "Any man after forty years of age is going through a crisis; with the stupid begin chasing skirts, and give birth to smart a dog. " The decision to take the dog came to me suddenly, in May, after the spring hunt. Not a dog, and certainly cops and necessarily Irish setter.Also in time of my youth, my father got an Irishman — best puppy from the litter-known dog breeder eminent Permian Leonid Maltsev. Dog training we have been together with sisters and Now Read more [...]
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The fight, losing grouse

In the summer of 2003, I after graduation and military department was drafted into the armed forces of the Russian Federation for a period of 2 years as a lieutenant. I have nothing against the two years of the officers, but 2 years without hunting and could not imagine, so at the first opportunity, to go for a couple of days back home, brought to the post his gun IZH-54 and fixed in the garrison collective military hunters. Since I was born and raised in the city of Severodvinsk, Arkhangelsk region, the lion's share of my hunting was carried out in the surrounding area and in the south of the Read more [...]
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Sweet hop hunting

Skim read printed text, I learned to school and immediately felt an irresistible craving for books. Uncle Basil, the elder brother of our father and a good hunter, had a little library, and in it among puny benefits agriculture and beekeeping stood a big book, beautifully packaged in a tight brown with blue stains cover - filing magazines LP Sabaneev "Nature and Hunting". She immediately interested me, and uncle, making sure my readers' abilities began to give it to me at home. I confess all read it, I completely forgot, but in my memory fragile could survive unremarkable engraving: overgrown with Read more [...]
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For ducks in Ulomu

Rybinsk Reservoir not far from Darwin State Natural Reserve (DGPZ), the boundary of the Vologda and Tver regions, Mologa Reach .. not to say that the duck was a little, but comparing to the previous year, this time hunting was poor.Mallard markedly diminished, but in August in the production of hunters occupied a prominent place wigeon, which previously came up in September. Water regime, which often depended on hunting and the number of local ducks in this year's unfavorable name was not. In general, satisfactory opening in terms of waterfowl production from the second week was characterized by Read more [...]
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Monsters night forests, fields and rivers

In the late fifties my great teachers and friends? - Vitali Bianchi and Alexei Liverovskii - published in "Literary Gazette" big lampoon "sweaty Tigers", which pointed to the numerous biological mistakes today's leading writers, while stressing that these classics - " in crimson and gold-clad forests, "that is all right, all of the natural laws.Photo: In the late fifties my great teachers and friends – Vitaly Bianchi and Alexei Liverovskii – published in «Literary Gazette» great skit «Sweaty Tigers»Which pointed to numerous Read more [...]
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Pause jigging

Success SecretsPause – a very important point in trolling. Under normal conditions of ten eight predatory fish bites necessarily occur on hiatus. And that says a lot, so the pause should be given some more attention.Here we planted trolling. It takes up almost vertically, then, when we have already returned to its former position udilnik it takes a few away and gradually returns to normal - on the line just below the baubles back well. Bites often occur when the lure is still back in position, but sometimes occur much later - after the baubles back to normal. A pause can not be shorter than Read more [...]
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Hunting season can be divided into direct and fishing activities for dushi.Mne always liked nataska young dog alone, when in store already furs and close up the performance of the contract.You can train and hiking, in the course of the hunt, but then taken over by adults of their working methods, their vices and without flaws, unfortunately, dogs do not exist. After all, each new puppy teenager waiting for something special, outstanding, which was not at all your previous pets.We are together and taiga. Excellent equipment, comfortable, well-dried shoes, delicious hearty breakfast with Sliced ​​capercaillie Read more [...]
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Hunting Badger

As badger helped to "survive" me and my brothers in the postwar years.I read in our magazine «Hunting and fishing – XXI Century» Vadim Gudkov article  «Badgers»Very interesting and useful, which, in my opinion, gives more information about the life of the badger and his home to the young hunter (and not only), who wants to or already engaged in hunting (within the law) to this, at first glance, clumsy, but very strong and agile beast.  And I like the old hunter immediately reminded of those old, terribly hungry and cold (not just to eat, but there was Read more [...]
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Who of us is a real hunter?

Once in Mogocha already being retired, I was invited by my colleague Dima on Shilka river to live in a cabin, to catch burbot zakidushka, like with a gun on the forest.It was the beginning of September. I agreed. Learning about the upcoming trip, a request with us and my son Igor, who was studying in the 8th grade. Mother would not let go first, referring to the beginning of the school year, but then agreed: three days – not so much. Making the necessary fees and load a motorcycle «Ural»We went to the Chusovinke where Dima was a boat with a motor-Kazanka. Overdrive all belongings Read more [...]
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On hunting in Russia

Article TwoAccording to specialized studies, as compared to the previously unorganized territory «9 years yield of marketable products in Gospromkhoz Glavohoty RSFSR increased 23 times. The yield of marketable products with 1000 ha land has increased by 2.7 times» (Gorbushin, Sapetina, Smirnyakov, 1974.) Reconstruction in the present conditions of game farms without the support and investment of the state at least in the early stages can be considered unfeasible task.The root cause to the sharply increased prices for transportation in all modes. In such a situation there is no opportunity Read more [...]
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