Fishermen — the law

Here came the turn and fishermen live by the law. A draft of the new Federal Law "About recreational fisheries". One name is happy, though on what was called human, not a law on rational use and preservation of objects related to the world of water objects of fishing, etc. and so, as we see in the hunting industry.January 11 Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin held a meeting with representatives of public organizations, recreational and sport fishing. On January 18, held a press conference in ITAR-news. It was attended by Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council Svetlana Orlova, Read more [...]
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Winter bream

Bream is undoubtedly one of the most coveted trophies. It grows fast, reaching impressive size, great going for the bait and bite throughout the year. All these features have made it a catch a special ritual to achieve success which can only devoted.During the warmer months to catch bream is not difficult, but in the winter, when the outside temperature is below zero and the thickness of the ice is steadily approaching meter mark, this task seems impossible. But this is only at first glance. Having analyzed the key features of the behavior of the fish, you can achieve quite good Read more [...]
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Happy Room

 Photo by the author Catch a fish on a hook without a nozzle! Esche recently I thought it was something incredible. Neither planted tubing or a piece of bead strings or does not inspire confidence in the success. But curiosity and perseverance led to a pleasing result.See – easy to repeat – difficult!Ice Fishing on beznasadochnuyu jig would not let me rest from last season. Caught other fishermen to fish «empty» hell or other artificial lures cause at least surprise. Maybe this fish special ?! Well Whitefish can be caught on some hornblende? This is Read more [...]
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Enchanted Hole

I've noticed many times that the most memorable fishing place is not planned and spontaneous. And this time, my friend from Moscow of a sudden, out of the blue, arrives for a couple of days in Volgograd. Whenever we had not fished. Last year around this time, was delayed in one of the fishing bases in Karshevitom. Part of our company then caught on Volozhka Belle and Sasha somewhere on the Volga in snags found a magic well from which nadergal than thick perches on the balancer. Understandably, this hole would not let him rest for a year!Without further ado, this time we decided Read more [...]
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Fishing with «vodoglazom»

 Photo by the author As written in the newspapers in the last century, «we live in an age of scientific and technological revolution». For those who do not remember or do not know what it is, decipher. STR - is a scientific and technological revolution. It is necessary to look around, it is clear, the revolution triumphed, and in the new century, we do reap its fruits. Naturally, the fishing industry has not remained aloof from the process. And almost every year delights us by something new. But from what really remember the last few years, it is possible, perhaps, Read more [...]
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So what is hunting?

In recent years, much is written about the problems of the Russian hunting. The authors examine various aspects of the development of hunting. Not being a specialist in this field, I venture to Express the opinion, taking the point of view of the Michael Semin First of all let's understand for yourself what is hunting? By definition of V. I. dal: «Hunting fishing, baiting or shooting of wild animals». A few years ago I showed a draft of an article by M. P. Pavlov. He was fundamentally do not agree with V. I. dal and offered his interpretation of the concept Read more [...]
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With buzzer for grouse

Hunting for grouse with a decoy requires from the hunter a special gift and skill. It was the ability to pick up a decoy, and properly attract, and to know the habits and behavior of forest cockerels, their Michael Semin Nikolay Alexandrovich RUMYANTSEV – simple rustic hunter from Kostroma province. He spent his entire life in his native place. Hunting grouse with buzzer studied thoroughly, and therefore in the hunting season the fowl on the table it is not translated. Today, he shares with readers «HORN» the secrets of his hunting skill.«HORN»: Read more [...]
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Where are you, the ethics of hunting?

What the man holding the gun? Of his own power, that he can do everything and that he possesses? That he is the breadwinner? Yes, they probably are. One way or another, but in man the hunter awakens an ancient, and sometimes not understood him the most passion – bring home the booty. That's okay! But... And this but – liability and hunting conscience.What it is and how to nurture, not to be sorry and hurt for all hunting tribe? How much abuse and negativity sometimes have to listen to his address, and just because you're a hunter. Why? Why is this happening? What is behind this? Why hunters Read more [...]
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Superstitions of hunters

What hunters and fishermen are superstitious people, it is known to all. The causes of these superstitions are rooted in failures in hunting and fishing, and just in everyday life. Crossed the black cat road – to failure, a woman with empty buckets – the same boy you meet around will be, etc.In everyday life I am an ordinary person, but it is necessary to pick up a gun or fishing rod, immediately begin to notice who he met, how he looked, how his wife conducted: if you are good – to failure, if a fight, – lucky. In God I do not believe, but also not displeased with It, although Read more [...]
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The choice of power and number of boat motors.

The minimum power density required for output Motorboats in planing mode, is depending on the hull shape 40~50 HP/t. in Other words, the boat will come on plane, if for each horsepower of not more than 20~25 kg its displacement. Thus, to determine the minimum required power of the motor (motors) in horsepower, you need to sum the weight of the hull, hardware, motor ( motors) and passengers with Luggage (in kilograms) and divide by 20~25. And for flat-bottomed and malotilate courts should take the value 25, and keeled seaworthy – 20. Motor of such capacity will provide economical operation Read more [...]
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Wolf attack

The Amarok Indian-language-Inuit means "the wolf" A call from the Agency: «Want to participate in testing new cars?»The unexpected proposal:  so often the journalists who write about hunting, receive invitations to a test drive.— Of course, I want!— Wait for more information.All becomes clear two days later from the letter: Volkswagen… new pickup Amarok… for the first time in Russia, a test drive in conditions hunting Southern Ural mountains, on driven hunt moose... the number of invitees is limited… Read more [...]
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Tips for choosing ATV

Many-wheeled all-terrain motorcycle in 1970 was invented by Honda. Then it had three wheels and agricultural purpose. In ten years the device has become a four-wheeled and has gained immense popularityIn the West, it spawned a whole family of small all-terrain vehicles metacyclophane - there they are called all terrain vehicles (ATV), all terrain transport. The most successful Russian-language analogue of this term - "ATVs".Why the ATV so everyone liked? It does not require a good physical training and the specific skills needed for motocross bikes. It is much more economical jeep from Read more [...]
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Path Russian hunting — a subjective opinion

... In October 2013, in the Tver region, in the afternoon, a pair of wolves (seasoned with a wolf) almost openly hides right in the village of my husky. …In the spring, even on the ice, I climbed to the island, completely cut off from the world, and after the opening of the river during the floods. And while here on Zaimka not got over the shepherds with a herd, I was then full owner. Languages ​​my stretched six vents in length and two to three in width. I kept watch in waterlogged willow geese, ducks shot spills, blocked the duct networks. Lack of people – This Read more [...]
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Successful season. The results of my hunts in the summer-autumn season 2012

Friends, today, February 8 - Birthday Sergei Yurevich Fokina, chief editor of the Russian newspaper hunting. We wish him good health, success and good luck in hunting trails. Especially for our readers Sergey prepared a report about the hunt in 2012, which offer you on our website.Hunting happiness. Photo: Sergei Fokin It was for me one of the most successful and memorable hunting seasons. So now the hunt for new tickets uniform federal sample and the new rules of hunting. About the ticket take care in advance and got it a year ago, one of the first in Moscow. Rules on the opening Read more [...]
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Hunting in ten minutes

Waking up on Sunday from the persistent whining Timka, I looked at my watch and gasped. The time was nearly nine - "Well, you give! Amateur sleep "- wrongly accused me of his faithful eared friend. Almost from each parallel unfortunately not the correct shuttle Timka, raised fat in my eye – kilogram quail. Photo by the author After washing, I hastily began to pull on his clothes, Timka did not let up and hurried, jabbing me with his wet nose irrepressible. He caught it with one hand on the scruff of the neck and the other throwing a collar on him, we rushed out the door.Outdoor Read more [...]
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MTS21-12 not only hares

After reading an article by Sergei Iordanova «Separately, about the MP-21»(to enter, click on the link) I was again surprised by his sparkling lyricism, his faith. Faith in our domestic weapons.And starting the discussion on this subject, I want to say that the gun, which he wrote S. Jordan, and I was. And there is only – MC-21-12. «Izhi» and «Tulku» in the past. For any hunting – ducks, foxes, hares, wolves. My years also flow downhill. I'm sixty. So emotion emotions, but beginners need to hunt naked irrefutable truth.Author of the publication is Read more [...]
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MTS20-01 and 16 caliber bullet Poleva

TsKIB COO Tula has developed an interesting MC 20-01 rifle and it went into a series. For TsKIB typical upscale release weapons, and now (after years of sluggish, almost single production) issued and in sufficient quantities, simple, cheap, robust gun. Somehow, it is touted as a commercial – I think it is not so. 20 minutes for the caliber krupnovat «taiga» gun. The absence of a rifled barrel malopulnogo generally negates «Promyslovo» MC 20. The standard for fishers – long-standing «Squirrel» – IL 56-3, modern «North». And what about Read more [...]
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Edifying «Lefoshe»

Described by way of exchange of experience happened to me during the "stagnation" when the Bank of gunpowder was out of the ordinary deficit and the surrounding grounds were like a Noah's Ark wildlife crowded. Before the Chernobyl tragedy was still a long ten years, and those around me the miraculous beauty appeared to have come to this world hunting nature anointing: inhaled air filled his chest like a helium-making body is weightless, and dreams of the future, get married willingly, easily carried away the place where noisy break with scree Central Asian partridges, the ginseng possession Far Read more [...]
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Holland chamber

In the first week of August 1968 on the occasion of the familiar hunter bought a hammer shotgun 12 gauge, very slightly (2.7 kg), the company "Holland, Holland." Trunks of steel, not damaskovye, length 76 cm, can be seen made taking into account the use of black powder. Lodge direct, "English", wood dark brown, even black.A friend asked me to go to the booth and check out what kind of fight. Prior to the opening of hunting season is still more than a week, and then the opportunity to rifle company with a worldwide reputation in the hands of the hold, which may be objections !? He became patrons Read more [...]
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