News from the reservoirs

Last week, the weather in the capital region was unstable, but relatively warm, which was determined by extensive passage of the cyclone. Atmospheric whirlwind finally brought the parched land and waters a little bit of rain, and it has significantly improved the bite of the fish, which spawn completed or not yet started. And these objects catch was quite small, so the main fishing events occurred mainly in the ponds where everywhere and regardless of the weather there is a good pre-spawning biting carp, tench was caught also a good idea. However, in all fishing waters is very Read more [...]
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Makhovaia rod

Lovers of pond and lake fishing with a float becomes more and more as it is quite unsophisticated, while gambling. In addition, the fishing takes place in the quiet and picturesque locations among the mirror of water and thickets Potbelly yellow-eyed, in the window that ripples from melting on top of the fish.Young morning… Ringing silence around and the gray of the dew of the meadow from which slides at the pond mist, smelling of damp lowlands, icy nettles and mint. The warm water is the light of dawn and whispering reeds on the banks of the breath of the morning breeze. Read more [...]
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«Hunt» to decoy

In that memorable year, we, the staff of the Laboratory for forest game management VNIILM, conducted field studies in the forests of the Bryansk region. Detailed blogs have allowed hunting to recall in detail a picture of the past.Photo Shutter button Spring hunting opened separately: drakes on 9 April for ten days, and then snipe at the same time. Every morning and evening dawns, we met in huts with a stool. I got a duck taken «for hire» in the economy. She has one feature: it is almost always silent, and only when it was taken out of the basket, landed on the water, Read more [...]
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Stop whining!

It has been almost a quarter-century since then, as the reforms began. What did the authorities in hunting during this time? And nothing good. Turned the land into a loss-making commercial stalls and free public toilets. Deal lands to private owners under the slogan "Get rich!" And come up with reservations OPS could and monkey. Photo Nikolai Sorokin Fifteen years composing law for five of his rights, and who knows how many more will rule. Then they agree that it is bad, and say: «Need a new». All officials have tried to do over the years, did not work, does not work Read more [...]
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Would manners …

I slowly undress and foot walk into the water. No, too small. Turbid water, rocks on the bottom almost invisible, and yet I distinguish light sandy clearings where carefully set foot. Just a couple of steps inside, just a little, like, enough water is under the most heat. You can make first trial casting.Light wave of rod and float flops flat on quiet water. After a moment, he was clearly sticks out, straight and motionless as a conscientious hour. So, with a depth of guessing. I stand and wait for the first bite. After a few seconds the float shudders and disappears — if Read more [...]
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A variety of fishing plotvinoy

Part 3. Considerations fishing There are many ways to catch roach, and they can bring good luck fisherman. What is important is to get there at the right time in the right place, and, of course, the proper selection of gear and snap-ins is also important. It does not rule out the use of rare accessories.In summer, the weather is changeable and at certain times of the small fry can feed in shallow water, then in the deep edge, and even on the surf. To successfully catch it in such places, you need to pick a particular nozzle to cook tackle and implement appropriate fishing techniques.On Read more [...]
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The bait for roach

Fish are more common than the roach, the European territory of Russia is not found. In large and small lakes, rivers and streams, this fish is present in large quantities, regularly delighting fishermen good biting. Along with bream, roach is the most «sportswear» fish. It is considered to be a measure of skill fisherman-sportsman.The way the angler is able to adapt to the vagaries of the fish, to find the key to it, depend on the overall catches and fishing places on competition, in particular. In addition, the capture of a large roach — not an easy task. Trophies Read more [...]
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April Kola — the specificity of the search

Fans «bezmotylki»Perch, grayling, whitefish. The second half of April — the best time for expeditions to the Kola Peninsula. Anyway, in the north-eastern part. Snow is still enough for the free movement of the snowmobile, but already felt the breath of spring. With regard to this period, and talk about the tactics of finding fish in the lakes of the tundra.As a rule, you have to catch the fish in the complete absence of information. A fish caught here is different: trout, brown trout, burbot, perch, whitefish, grayling, pike. Who lives in the lake which, it is Read more [...]
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Marinka and Osman

Photo by Vladimir Suprunenko This is not the touching story of two lovers. It's about the fish, which has such a romantic name, and that dwelt in the mountain rivers of Lake Balkhash. The group marinkovyh they are: Ili Marinka, Osman and Osman spotted naked.Medium-sized fish, the maximum weight of 1 kilogram spotted Osman, bare — up to three kilograms and is marinka and larger. I happened to catch all small, 200-300-gram spotted osmanchikov. This handsome freckled lives in the most upstream, where they do not even rivers and streams with crystal clear, absolutely clear and Read more [...]
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Pretty cheerful "nine" rolled on the road Yaroslavl - Ivanovo. The driver was in a hurry, but did without disturbances and other problems are created. Highway dried up, although spring is somehow not in a hurry this year. The trip was even pleasant, hampered only accumulated fatigue. Photo Artem Efimov The machine taxied to refuel. From it came a middle-aged, pay at the box office of gasoline and double coffee. Refuel, he pulled away from the column, rubbed lamps and lanterns, and, leaning on the hood began over coffee in a paper cup. Already low evening sun illuminates the dark Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Overall weather patterns in the metropolitan area last week was the gradual retreat of the heat. This was facilitated active cyclone, which brought torrential rains and, and a fresh breeze, but it also determines the constant instability of the weather, which affects the different fish biting — Fishing success day by day were markedly different.Catching carp on paid reservoirs — ponds, lakes and quarries, where he mostly farmed, is now very popular with anglers. It attracts thrill that produces large emissions of adrenaline many times a day, leaving a strong impression Read more [...]
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Feeder on the river in August

August is one of the most popular months for fans of feeder fishing. Sensing the imminent arrival of autumn, big fish starts to gather in flocks and hard to eat. However, unlike in September, it does so at the summer places.There is a paradoxical situation — on an even run of the river with a depth of 1.5-2 meters in August, sometimes accumulates a number of bream and white bream, that's amazing. And this despite the fact that the July fishing in this place brought a couple of bream. A similar situation is created and the other white fish — roach, silver bream, chub. Read more [...]
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The bait for bream

Spring finally came into its own. Together with the heating of water is activated and fish, that's why the spring is considered the most effective in terms of fishing. Do not lag behind and fishermen — and on sunny days, and when the sky is tightened clouds, and rain-fed land, they tend to water bodies in the pursuit of fishing happiness.Among the other large white bream fish stands. Many anglers prefer to deliberately catch bream, while ignoring the other catching fish, especially predator. This is not surprising — dvuhkilogrammovy been considered a trophy bream catch Read more [...]
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Features catching different fish after spawning

Part 2. bream and silver bream.Photo Anatoly Mailkova Moscow anglers begin spring bream early enough. By the rivers of the fish biting begins somewhat later than the ide and roach. In suburban reservoirs outside the channel system, biting bream usually begins during the May holidays, and continues until the water warming up to 16-18 degrees.Search sites bream in the reservoir it is advisable to start with the shallow bays. In contrast, carp, bream spawning climbs up into the thick aquatic vegetation, and is at its edges. Another good place can be smooth and muddy coastal watering, Read more [...]
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Summer bream

Prolonged standing heat deteriorating water quality, not only in waters with no current, but also in the rivers, which at that time grow shallow and do not have time «washed» from a variety of domestic sewage and other contaminants that superheated water is fraught with even the death of the fish. For this reason, in the waters of different types of different fish starts to move en masse to those of areas where living conditions are somewhat better.In ponds with minimal water exchange — on ponds, lakes, reservoirs and quarries — a lot of fish in the heat Read more [...]
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Principles of construction of bait

Part 2 Formulations for more depth and flowPhoto Anatoly Mailkova As an example, take a fishing boat on the Volga Reservoir bream in the wiring. The depth of 12 m, for the weekend is very weak, heavy Pshenko of stationary trough is not washed away, biting weak. The yield-to-use sliding float and snap a standard bait. The bait is lowered trough at the side of the boat, and the Loop «light» bait float starts moving inventory.Place prikormleny exactly plume created, guaranteed to be the bait slowly drags the desired stream, the maximum sensitivity of the equipment, easy Read more [...]
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Garlic bait

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Around the small pond settled fishermen — no less than two dozen. Peck mainly small carp. And lazy.Unlike other ryboudov, Dzyadok from neighboring villages in a shabby jacket and rumpled cap relentlessly compete fairly respectable carp. When he left to take on a heavy tank, fishermen occupied it «a cool» place. Alas, no one did not manage to catch carp over her hands. Soon all stopped biting. The next day I ran Dedkov near the village shop with my friend the farmer, too, by the way, an avid karasyatnikom. It was he who gave me the secret Read more [...]
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Size matters

Selecting an inflatable boat and fishing gear, of course, is an individual matter, and, of course, my conclusions and advice are somewhat subjective, but I hope, for the part of the audience, they will be useful.About me and my comrades in the passion — hunters and fishermen (spinning). Favorite places — north of the Rybinsk Reservoir. Grounds — shallow bays, flooded rivers and lakes, where decent depth. Can not we be ranked in the category of trophy fishing enthusiasts: the number of bites is much more interesting than the weight of the fish caught, but a decent Read more [...]
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Printed words to live!

At the end of 2013 writers, journalists, publishers have expressed concern about the fall hunting circulation publications ("ROG» № 47). In connection with this very timely and held an urgent meeting. However, it is not clear what action would help the hunting fraternity inflamed with love for the literary way, the stories about hunting. It is not easy to understand the situation, to plan ways. Photo by Dmitry Schanitsyna Life flows mountain stream: changed abruptly and drowning in their whirlpools undertakings and the fate of generations. For the inhabitants period «average» Read more [...]
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Pescara standing water

Among the different species of fish that inhabit our waters, many of which have never been «prestigious» trophies for anglers because of their unenviable sizes. However, differing almost everywhere a huge number of these fishes «fed» all predators, fishermen extract them to be used as baits and novice anglers are a good school skills at catching the little things, acquiring the necessary skills to «serious» fishing.Obviously, such a humble inhabitants of ponds should include minnow — Hustler Stein fish motley coloring, which is always Read more [...]
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