Dangerous pike

Photo Anatoly Mailkova On the shore of the dam came two fishermen. They greeted each other with a running near mowers and began unwinding gear. One of them (called Toll) quickly gathered and began throwing spinning lure. Casting does not produce results. Toll decided to move to another place, and one of His glory, spat on worm thrown in a creek float rod.The first casting spinners in the new location was unsuccessful. Lures flew over the water and fell into the mud near the shore. Shaking with baubles grass, Toll made a second cast. Spoon fell into the water right in the middle Read more [...]
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To the ice did not last …

Whatever frosty harsh nor it was winter, and what would be thick and solid ice formed on any of the reservoirs, even on fast rivers, still in the rapid development of spring events in the life of the ice cover begins to fade quickly. And above all, it will take place over the course of seats, in the area of ​​the confluence of the tributaries of the reservoir on the coastal areas. The most difficult and dangerous ice conditions created by the sudden warming, accompanied by rain and fog. Also fast «eat» spring ice constant warm winds that always blow away as if Read more [...]
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The first ice was a success!

Every year anglers wait — can not wait for the first ice. It would seem that what is so special: Well, frozen water on top of the low temperature… So argue pedantic scholars and computer homebody, botany.Come in ruddy cold day, nyuhni delicious air, smelling of smoke, strife fingers crooked from the mouse, and Take in hand fishing rod. She, her world will be better, At least for you… Tingle young crust of ice under the blades of the drill draped sunny gold edges and holes opens a mysterious black styn like piercing eyes through the Read more [...]
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Perch on live bait

The arrival of autumn chill invariably entails the activation of all biological processes in reservoirs. Fish, sensing a quick winter actively eaten off, fattens fat before the cold weather. Actively nourishes both white fish and predator. No wonder it is considered that the fall — fertile time for catching predator, and the colder the water — the more active predator. Pike, walleye and perch are actively chase the breeze and successfully caught on spinning bait.However, not all fishermen love boating and especially fishing lures. Many okunyatniki prefer to catch bass Read more [...]
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In a quick and quiet water

That's youngest son, Ivan grew up and was going to join the army… himself, without agenda and with flat feet. Yes to immediately reconnaissance or special forces. Worked for some system, I walked many kilometers with a group of the same stubborn and good boys are not forthcoming «mow»Namely in the elite of the army. Oh, and I asked for it, as I do at the time. Only then did the Soviet army was called.Identified son in a Marine in Sevastopol. Unrest in the heart, like any father, near Ukraine restless, but I respect the choice of the son — Man. Not «zadrot» Read more [...]
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Among the channels and islands

Each reservoir has its own history. But perhaps, in common that unites them is controversial to the feasibility of establishing artificial seas. How much there in Soviet times, it all was resolved, it is difficult to say, but development «Samaragidroproekt» somehow still led to the creation of the Cheboksary reservoir, flooding many luxurious flood meadows, beautiful forests, fields and villages with churches and cemeteries. The strong Volga villages inhabited by people yelling roosters at dawn, had babies, old people left. All this is the fate of many people. Overnight Read more [...]
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Pike last ice

At first glance, catching on winter zherlitsy may seem simple and even boring. It would seem that there may be special in this fishing: dotted «flags» and tarry, wait for a bite. But as in any fishing, there are some nuances and secrets.Vividly complexity and ambiguity of fishing on zherlitsy manifested in the spring, when biting pike become moody and fickle. How many times: sitting on the pond in the company of other zherlichnikov, bite, only one, the others are empty. What kind of miracles? Or this: catch in the pond is not the first time, you know, it would seem, Read more [...]
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Feeder bait, what is it?

Popularity feeder fishing in Russia is difficult to overestimate. Just a couple of years ago, the idea of ​​a feeder promoted to the masses a bunch of enthusiastic athletes, organize competitions and attracts everyone. I must say, they did it very well.At present, even in a remote village can be found with a simple fisherman let, but the feeder, feeder fishing understand the principles and differs from Paternoster asymmetrical loop. However, if the device and principles of construction of the feeder gear usually do not cause problems, the very preparation of the feeder groundbait Read more [...]
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Spring Fishing zhivtsovaya

Part 2. Where to find the pike, the circuit arrangement of gear.Photo Anatoly Mailkova Lovers spring catching pike zherlitsy order of magnitude larger than the hunters perch. The reason is that, theoretically, look for pike easier because they do not have to explore the huge expanse of large bodies of water. In general, a lot of pike in ponds larger than walleye. But the most important thing is that the pike in almost all reservoirs. Catch small pike in small ponds and rivers is not very interesting, although the difficulty of hunting in these conditions might like. In large bodies Read more [...]
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The main thing — not to harm the breed

Every year in Moscow and the region is carried out by various organizations canine events where estimated results of breeding work. Revealed interesting dog revalued existing producers in their age and dynamics when compared with other (including new) dogs.Photo by Yuri Loginov Disagreements with the East Siberian huskies estimates exterior (AFL) erupt each year. This occurs many reasons, including due to the lack of the most authoritative leading breeder, determining values, and I apologize in of certain costs of the work of experts, when anyone of them only canine Read more [...]
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Who, what and where gossiped …

With the production of pike perch on the Dnieper I have linked early childhood fishing experience. Often it was a real adventure, if you know the power flow on the Dnieper rapids.Since then, much water has flowed. And the fish in the river was less then, and change the way of its production. However, the interest of the Dnieper to the production walleye fishermen are not weakened. It's still the best production for spinnings. This, of course, not on the small size «Chopik» and «pencils»And about hefty fish. In the spring on the Dnieper River walleye can Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

The weather in the capital region last week was determined by the rapid passage of atmospheric fronts extensive cyclone. This was accompanied by strong winds in different directions, sometimes significant thunderstorms, decreasing the average daily temperature is still below normal, that after the recent heat clearly benefited many waters, as it were, «refreshing» water in them.Week unstable, cool and rainy weather did its job — after overheating on the eve of the water a bit cold. This became especially useful for small reservoirs, where the intensity has decreased Read more [...]
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Selecting a pond in the heat

Long distance hot weather and even in a strong wind, constantly agitating the water, leading to a rapid warming up of water bodies «bathing» state. Especially the water becomes warm in ponds, small lakes, quarries and small rivers. In some stagnant water bodies observed the rapid proliferation of blue-green algae — water «blooming».The sharp change in environmental conditions are not the best effect on the behavior of fish, and its biting: underwater inhabitants often only active in the early morning hours, then fishing is very difficult, besides Read more [...]
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Fishing from Tuapse to Abkhazia

The success of fishing on the rivers of the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus depends on various conditions. It is important to know the seasonal migration of fish and own different ways of fishing. Viewed Psezuapse, Shahe, Mzymta, Psou — rivers that originate on the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus Mountain Range and flow into the Black Sea. If you are a fisherman and enjoy relaxing by the sea with fishing, you have the chance to enjoy fishing in the mountain rivers of diverse fish. The nature of these rivers is largely similar: in the upper reaches of the stream tends Read more [...]
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Lord of the mountain rivers

For many years I rarely had to deal taimen, yes, I confess, I did not change its original and enduring love for carp. But once a fortnight lucky enough to travel the mountain taiga Heru-boat water cannon to its very origins and the upper inflow Sukpay. And he was my companion Victor ace-spinning, and he was a taimen as indifferent as I am to the carp. And in those two weeks I first got to know where and how to live the summer «Water Tiger» but his catch craftsmen.Most of all, we stayed with a deep whirlpool Krutoyarov, especially at sharp river bends where the water Read more [...]
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Spring gluhozime

Winter has passed, it is too warm and there was a little snow. Comes first month of spring. However, as often happened in the past, winter can «arri» his estate in March. Then the ponds, fish and fishermen are waiting for a short night with strong frosts and very bright sunny days when due to clear air illumination is excessive, not only on the ice but under it.This external environment is critical to nibble on the grounds that the daily heating the melt water will flow primarily through the ice in the shallows where excessive light will inhibit the fish, mainly large. Read more [...]
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Have mercy, guys!

In the courtyard of the end of February, the weather was not winter, warm and damp. I made my way to the familiar off-road forest road from childhood to her, perhaps loved Moshnovskomu lake. In the morning dawn dusk front there is something similar to the figure of a man. That's right, someone is also directed to the lake. I approach and say hello to your friends Lezhnyov Nicholas is an avid fisherman, great lake knowing and loving him. Nicholas goes to Moshnovskoe aimlessly, just walking, because the fish in this year are not taking. When he learned that I was going to catch Read more [...]
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Useful things

Part 3. Cartons, cases, boxes and bagsPhoto Anatoly Mailkova Fishing can not do without some kind of packaging for baits and lures. Plain empty jar of canned food for worms, of course, has not lost its relevance, but I would like to emphasize the following: try not to use disposable «packing» for bait. After fishing it you are almost guaranteed to leave the beach. Even at home, I pour maggots in reusable special boxes for lures.As for the bait boxes easier to use «Winter» motylnitsy foam. Even better, the box made of wood. They're stronger. But still a recognized Read more [...]
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Bits for fishing from the ice

By the end of the winter when ice thickness meter please fish with nozzles is not so simple. Urban anglers usually used those sold in fishing stores. Rural lovers of fishing from the ice extracted nozzle often hoard their own or with the autumn rainy day.BloodwormRed, sometimes bright ruby ​​color mosquito larva-derguntsa rescues fisherman all year round. Especially when fishing from the ice, when the choice of nozzles is reduced to a minimum. As the nozzle is generally used bloodworms length of 15-25 mm for bait — small larvae (10-12 mm).Save delicate larva is quite Read more [...]
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Fishing comfort

Catch on Sunday 12 kilograms of fish, I was determined that today ruthless «losharika» I leave home. Yes, and groupers, declared war on me in early December, pretty tired. These rough and unsophisticated strikes not only in the nod, but in the hand have become boring and do not cause emotions. So where do I go and why? The answer is obvious. I'm going for an intelligent and roach catch it going to their countries, and many are not understood rods. I do not hide them, but do not impose anybody.Full of competition, today we decided to achieve maximum comfort. More precisely, Read more [...]
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