Jig «fingers»

Many of my friends hunters familiar with fishing, spinning only on the lakes. That is, the morning and evening to defend in an ambush on a duck, and in the afternoon you can catch pike and perch. But such a popular spinning fishing as a jig – It passes them. I want to introduce the uninitiated with this kind of fishing. I'll try to explain what the speed wiring. Today will talk about some of the features at catching on throughout and deliberately will not touch "Materiel" - Spinning reels and woods except the characteristics thereof, in which case play a decisive Read more [...]
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During spring pike

My favorite delicacy - strawberries in June, melons in August and pike caviar in April. They are waiting for the whole year, and when you will wait – you can not eat. But really when naeshsya - the year ahead. By the way, are increasingly interested in domestic pike caviar ... Apparently, it's time to go fishing.The route is designed rather vague: we will go to the Cap Iarskaia understand, let's start with your secret lake, and then we'll see. Near Akhtuba, Volga, horny, well, a lot of any eriks and lakes. We have a browser and an agreement to stay the night at a friend's Read more [...]
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Competitions for beginners, or in search of wonderful discoveries

If you are told that participation in fishing competitions – it is not a sport, do not believe. Sport, and another one! And if you say that taking part in a fishing competition just for the sake of participation, too, do not believe it. In his heart, each participant wants to win.How to become a winner or to achieve pleasing results on fishing, particularly if the experience is not enough? We have to spy on professionals. Where? At the competition! And the pros and cons. The main thing - to stand a reasonable distance, to avoid the delicate area of ​​the game. For this Read more [...]
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Storage spinning

Hunters well. After hunting guns cleaned and placed in a special safe. And how to keep spinning? Interest Ask! Maybe, in the garage, as many? Or the country? On the mezzanine or in the closet? Vertical, horizontal? Do I have to somehow preserve? One thing – cheap spinning, and how to keep spinning for which money is set aside from each paycheck?Primarily it should be remembered that the spinners should be stored at a positive temperature, but not near the heaters, and under normal humidity. After fishing it is necessary to dry it. And do not forget to remove the protective Read more [...]
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What to catch walleye?

Our little trip along the rivers Chir Tsimla and we started with Tsimla that flows into Tsimlyansk Reservoir on the border of the Volgograd and Rostov regions. On this river like ride with the fishermen float rod, donochniki and, of course, spinning. Spring is now – it's time to look for walleye, who comes into the river.The first thing we saw – a huge number of cars parked along the banks Tsimla. This, of course, sad. But we hope that tomorrow, on Monday, most of them will leave, and we will not have to share with other anglers shoreline. With some difficulty we found Read more [...]
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Fighting «mustached bonus»

Fishermen, as hunters often face is not so, on what counted. When fishing for perch and pike-perch can bite the owner of the pool – Som. Most often it happens unexpectedly and most often the angler to this fight is not ready.For a long time I had no luck with catfish. Even all my friends were KGS poklёvki spinning. Someone taking the fight is over «mustached tadpole»Who do not, and I was totally unlucky. I was a witness and could only give advice on vyvazhivanii and take pictures of happy faces. But, knowing that poklёvki catfish are random, that the catfish Read more [...]
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Fishing from the White Cliffs

No one can say exactly when spring turns into summer. No one, except perhaps the fishermen. For example, I think the beginning of summer when zander and Bersh begin caught from the shore at the Volgograd reservoir.When Volzhskaya HPP starts reset vernal water below the dam fishing spinning finishes. Water arrives for enhanced, floating debris. As in the spring can be caught only from the shore, from Volgograd spinnings little choice: golavlevye small river, the right bank of the Don and Volgograd reservoir. I live in the north of the city, almost next to the hydroelectric power Read more [...]
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On weekdays in the small river

It is in everyday life I like most fish in a small river. After all, to find himself alone with the river – it is always a certain mystery. But this can only happen on a weekday. Neblizkaya road and the river is quite popular, and not only for fishermen, but also for canoeists.Last year, I attempted to find a treasured pit, near which have huge swim chubs. I have long winds through the river, looking at the map browser, and when found, and was ready to give serious attention to catching fish cautious - at me suddenly surfaced three kayaks. Of course, it scared away all the Read more [...]
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On the trail of the runaway pike

The hunters are well aware that such traces of the beast. So, similar to the following reserves and pike. It is important to carefully look into the surface of the water. Inspired ides fishing lures, I once came across an interesting place, which is now three years in a row gives us excellent fishing for schukam. The tactic was simple fishing ides. We jammed motor and floated down the river, making casts in different directions. And one noted at this point, as the pike one by one began to flee from the approaching boat. On that memorable day we tied the boat sticking out of the Read more [...]
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The first visit to the old Don

Always at the beginning of the summer, I try to come back to their familiar places on the Don. And now the summer, strawberries will sing – time! With fellow travelers extremely lucky, both fellow replaced after a night watch and ready to go fishing with me on a weekday. Both my «changer» like fish feeder, respectively, have brought the bait, worms and maggots. I decided to catch the only spinning.I really wanted to see how the place has changed the old proven. I really wanted to be there first this year. Rattle jig has not yet been disturbed snags. Previous Read more [...]
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Wait Do bersha?

The eternal question fisherman – not the time to cut bait? House near and stopped pecking – so why waste your time? This theme, I confess, and I care about and, most of all, fishing from the shore at the Volgograd reservoir. Over time, I began to have some observations that I want to share with the hunters, who sometimes even go fishing.Fishing waist in waterFor those who do not know, I think it necessary to tell about what a jig fishing from the shore at the Volgograd reservoir. The main catch is Bershov and perches. Need long-range throw, and even evil stone curb, Read more [...]
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People sign and fall walleye

 Photo by the author I myself am skeptical about national signs. My mother always watches for March 14: «Koli on Evdokia chicken water drunk, then Yegor Day (May 6) lamb grass feels full.» True, May 6, I always ask her, saying, sheep ate the grass? Is chicken March 14 water is not drunk? Of course, everyone is different to the national weather forecast on the signs. But in my fishing practice, there is one observation of behavior depending on walleye in Donby folk superstitions.Perhaps spinning all know that autumn – One of the best times of the year. With Read more [...]
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Without the fish — do not come home!

 When a hunter goes hunting, usually no he does not order to shoot fowl or beast. Kill something – well done, not kill – no problem. But the angler often give certain tasks. In the light of the forthcoming visit to the parents of his wife I should not confound the high title «son-in-fisher» and catch some fish.During the week, I occasionally brought from fishings some fish. Nevertheless, his wife gave the nod to the two-day fishing trip. I namorozil ice to preserve the catch, and sped away in the Volga-Akhtuba floodplain.Plans have been – «hulk». Read more [...]
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Not far to seek

Fifteen imnutah from home                                                           Photo by the author My bedroom estate is practically in the restricted area, which extends from the Volga hydroelectric station downstream. However, from my house to the mouth of the river is actually a border Read more [...]
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The April pike

It's time! It's time to go for spring pike! The ice on the lakes is gone forever, in the literal sense of the word. That is about to begin pre-spawning pike zhor.What to fish in the spring?Ten years ago on this question, I would say definitely – trolling! Every spring we made a trip on the lakes and Eric Volga-Akhtuba floodplain, as soon as it dries out enough to be able to pass on my old «Six». The most beloved and working was the legendary Spoons Atom 2. It cost 30 cents at the time. Steadily catching pike and big perch. Of course, there were other spinners, Read more [...]
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Spring Meeting on Akhtuba

The first to go through a time when beauty Akhtuba wake up from hibernation – always honorable and memorable. One thing - the mud puddle in the already punched someone rut more – to break through the first track of their SUV. I have a thermos of hot tea, spinning and spinning belt, which has everything you need for jig fishing. In March, it is not necessary to hope for a warm spring weather. Sometimes, of course, that in the morning when you start to catch the frost minus 3, and for dinner the air warms up to 18 and the weather - as a piece of summer. In such a sunny Read more [...]
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Three Meetings

Fishermen have such a thing as to go on a date with the river. Even when there is a confidence that does not promise any date «reciprocity» a catch, still want to see the river. Show her my new spinning and bait… And what if time is short, and few favorite streams? It's simple. He tells his wife that went to a river, and the time to visit two or three. This, of course, spending on gasoline. What to do if hunting – Forest captivity?I have three of these rivers, which are in the same side. All the rivers something similar and something different. Chir and Read more [...]
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Where perch bite in April?

In the morning was excellent cloudy, let's hope the day walleye biting ... rushed instead o'clock in the afternoon, once utryanku slept ... In place arrived – Tashkent! Heat or vetrinki, and we are in winter ammunition! They collected the boat, prepared to be launched. Then Andrei, who taxied the vehicle in a light sweater, said that the jacket he forgot at home ... And the heat-it was only on the shore after – The plan was to ride a few tens of kilometers down the Volga, in the calm, even at a speed of 30km / h in April okolet can ...In general, while he goes home Read more [...]
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Attention, herring!

Caspian herring, perhaps, one of the business cards of Volgograd. In the middle of the flood, it rises along the Volga to the city and starts spinning just below the dam in huge schools. That is rising. Since 2000, herring suddenly disappeared, and every year it was very small. For this reason, we stopped selling licenses for its capture.Since then, 12 years have passed. During this time, the population of Caspian herring recovered and now she comes to the second year of Saratov, and in winter for the first winter road ice fishermen see it die in the Volgograd reservoir beneath Read more [...]
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Unlucky luck

The Internet is constantly write that it is time to gnats. What she had devoured and does not normally fish. Not even Don from her prodyhu not. But turned out to be free from the everyday work day, and we decided with a friend to check the true state of affairs.I took a jig with a spinning reel and a bag with weights and lures. Sandwiches, a bottle of water and a bottle of repellent. Meeting with mosquitoes and midge was predetermined, and there's nothing you can do.With the weather we were lucky. The wind died down, the sky was cloudy curtained haze, the sun did not pester. On Read more [...]
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