Autumn on the deep touchline.

Part IPhoto: Alexey Goryainov Autumn is magnificent bream from a boat on the deep places. Since bream in cold weather keeps tight local flocks, much depends on the correct choice of the place. Often during this period leschovuyu pack can be found near the river bed piled up, which are growing zebra mussel colonies. But not only there.Leschovaya pack can stand for long periods in the silted areas rich in deposits of a large moth. Also, at a depth of around brovok can accumulate, and other food, especially if there is a bottom for and obstacles in the form of rocky ridges. There Read more [...]
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Measure of success

What is success in fishing?Photo: Anatoly Mailkov One fisherman missing a few sailor, another – and few dozen kg. Still, fishing – so interesting, fascinating, just a beautiful lesson in all respects, without it life and something I can not imagine for many years. That's why I try to attach it to the best of their relatives, friends and acquaintances. So, in general, different. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not at all. What is there to talk, to tell better than a real case.And it has managed to invite me to go fishing, and even in the winter, the husband of my aunt Read more [...]
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Spring Ice

Time disorderauthor photo Fishing in the spring each year the ice formed in very different ways, it all depends on what was the last winter – freezing or warm, early or late, with the abundance or lack of rain. All of this will ultimately determine developments in the reservoirs, the main – the duration of fishing from the ice with the arrival of the heat and activity of a particular fish. Nevertheless, this final stage of winter many anglers are waiting with great hope, as they say, «recoup» for all the failures of the last severe pores gluhozimya. Especially Read more [...]
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If you go to the creek …

Thinking about bad luck, I still did not lose couragePhoto: Vladimir Shumakov The husband of my cousin Nicholas repeatedly told that his father, an avid fisherman, could sit in the boat the whole day, and with the float rod, and it is much more difficult than with spinning.Left Bank, in the I I stepped, turned out to be muddy and firebox. As soon make a move, as the boots here the left half, and It took a lot of effort to get to solid ground. Easy shestikilogrammovuyu boat with lying in I tackle it He moved to Shadow coastal willow Read more [...]
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Dodgy Cheburashka

Only on lead can be "read" contacts predator baitPhoto: Sergey Semyonov Any spinning jig after blank bite first thing examines his bait. Look for it lonely deep furrows – traces perch pieces small brush – autograph bersha and perch like a plane or cut pieces of lead Cheburashka – Greetings from Pikes. And it is very important to realize that it was, or bite the hook, maybe touched the bait swim past a large peaceful fish? With traces of the bait, spinning can judge where the fish attacked what it was about the size and, finally, to determine the type of fish.The Read more [...]
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Ravens — thief

If you look at the Pskov region from height, it is impossible not to pay attention to a lot of lakes, rivers and streamsPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov This is a great field of activity of fishermen and people gambling on large patient even when they do not bite. One of the most unusual episodes of its rich practice fisherman told me Yuri Bakhmatov, an employee of the Western branch of power.It is so. In one weekend, armed with ice screws and taking the box with the other fishing accessories, I went to one of the last in the year subglacial fishings. Spring has come into its own, it was Read more [...]
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Banding corncrake

The specific migration routes, little is known corncrakePhoto: Petr Zverev From 12 to 19 June in Petushki district of Vladimir region worked the Russian-French expedition to study the breeding biology of the corncrake. The expedition was organized by the Department of hunting and ornithology Federal Tsentrohotkontrol edited “HORN”. C French it involved an expert on the corncrake, a member of the research group on the ecology and conservation of animal laboratory of environmental studies from the University of Anzho John Farkud.Work was carried out in the flood plain Read more [...]
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Notes zherlichnika

Many fishermen do not like to thaw with rain and sleet and often stay at home, I, on the contrary, waiting for this kind of weather like manna from heavenPike fishing on zherlitsy fascinates me every year more and more. When I started my zherlichnuyu «career», I could not even imagine that it's so reckless fishing, now do it almost exclusively.I do not want to talk in detail about any device zherlitsy or about catching tactics, nor even cause all sorts of general advice. I think most zherlichnikov have an opinion on all major issues pike on zherlitsy and persuade them not think it's Read more [...]
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Trophy carp Kuban

Trinity has passed, and that means biting the trophy carp in the lower reaches of the river channels and in larger channels of ricePhoto: Alex Murashov As a rule, the biting begins about a week before the holiday, then we should definitely be on vacation, it is not always possible…Trophy carp in ponds Kuban usual lot. This fish is the catch poachers are relatively rare. Network hit it, leaving them in a hole with a diameter of about one meter. Berdnem take the trophy carp can only dream. But we have designed and tested an ideal tackle for catching these “piglets”. Read more [...]
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Bait in warm water

Part 1. Fishing on the course.Photo: Anatoly Mailkov The bait for a long time divided into two parts – Cold and warm water. The boundary between «warm» and «Cold» water is about 12 degrees. This boundary was found by fishermen in an empirical manner, it has an explanation, but it is important that at this temperature carp fish already actively perceive and attractant bait flavors. For this reason, the bait and divide.A distinctive feature of bait for warm water is that it is other than fodder and linking components contain certain odorous substances Read more [...]
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Curly Curci

Notes to the history of the Russian BorzoiVeliiky Prince Vasily III Ivanovich. Photo: Sergey Osokin. The first written mention of dogs similar to the Russian Borzoi, many authors consider 1517 when the notes of the Ambassador of the Holy Roman Empire in the Moscow Grand Duchy of Sigismund Herberstein were first mentioned «very beautiful, with hairy ears and tails are usually bold, but not suitable for prosecution and long-distance running» dogs that are used only for persecution of birds. Herberstein calls them «kurtzi». More details Ambassador describes Read more [...]
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Hunting or murder?

The beast must be mined with the least causing injury and sufferingPhoto: Fotolia Most recently, one of the hunting forums user posted a video of their hunting. On this occasion in the forum turned heated discussion.What happened on that video? Podranok-lisovin not been able to escape, lying turnout and young vyzhlovka his ruffled. It ruffled because I could not reach or afraid. Dragged by the tail, bite in the groin, but to get, taking the place clearly did not know how. Fox made a halfhearted attempt to defend himself, dragging his hind legs, and finally just lay down and just Read more [...]
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Cost Optimization

Fishing jigs to snags - a permanent loss of baitsauthor photo And with this one way or another have to be reconciled. But you should always try to reduce the possibility of breakage and hook baits to a minimum. And still need to reduce the cost of most bait on which you'll catch where her life is very short, and at the same time without compromising fishing efficiency. About how I tried to rationalize when fishing in zakoryazhennyh Kokshaga pits, I would like to tell in this article.So our goal — the most inexpensive bait performance, minimally affected by the hold and breakage. Read more [...]
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With huskies and hounds for boars

For several years we have successfully hunt wild boar in seamlessly with the huskies and houndsauthor photo In the reeds, we often come across the raccoon dog and jackal, which our hounds chase with pleasure, because of which lost a lot of precious time hunting. Canes, who had been under the cleaver, do not want to look for wild boar in the Meadowlands – They are simply afraid of them. So first we let in huskies who top flair hear boar 250–300 meters and lift it, then shoot and extract.And then, the very next pig, put the hounds. I would like to tell you about one such Read more [...]
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Special fishing grounds

Part 2. In shallow waterPhoto: Alexey Goryainov Shallow water may be a promising area for fishing not only during the first and the last ice, but some waters in the middle of winter. Much depends on the flowing water bodies, and weather conditions. (End. Start cm. "EGR №7 on 09.02.11")For whitefish and perch shallow area is attractive because it is with the establishment of freeze for a long time is a good forage base. Scuds, nymphs, small leeches, aquatic worms live and develop normally at shallow depths. Later, with the advent of frost days, the fish moves to a depth Read more [...]
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Pike Lake Forest

Out on the ice, I do not believe their eyes: almost all zherlitsy sticking flagsPhoto: Alexander Tokarev Gone, they had shot firecrackers and champagne cork New Year holidays. At last… This idea became a major in the last days of forced idleness and prolonged. And the pocket, quite frankly, was not too burdened by following these sparkling days of fun and lavish spending. We walked as if the apocalypse be done tomorrow, but today everything is possible.[mkref = 1636]When the obsession over, it became clear that before going to work there for two days in the pockets… Read more [...]
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Jigging for perch

Buying party rocker, you will not always be able to identify defects "by eye"Photo: Vladimir Kazantsev The balance is perhaps the most productive bait for perch weighing 150–300 g (normal size), as well as humpback grouper. The size of the beams 5 cm do not advise to get involved, though the bite happen. If we consider that in the waters of central Russia perch feeds mainly on small bleak, verkhovka, Gorchakov and other fish trifle, it is recommended for fishing still be mikrobalansiry.Weather is good. Drifting snow, nipping wind penetrating to the bone. As he passed the Read more [...]
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Minnow winter

Part I. Freshwater FishingPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov In all seasons minnow was considered and is considered the best bait for catching predatory fish with different zhivtsovymi gear. It seems that this is especially true in the middle of winter, when it's time to put on postavushki burbot and walleye at the time gluhozimya generally unlikely to entice a bite on something else – here minnow as bait out of the competition. In addition, many people believe gourmet food minnows in breadcrumbs roasted to a crisp in vegetable oil; excellent cold snacks are sprats, home-cooked of minnows, Read more [...]
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Good for soup ruffs!

Part 2: Technique of catching, harvesting, storage and use as baits, cookingPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov As a gear for fishing in the waters flow without, of course, is better suited jig: she is more sensitive and allows you to catch a fast pace, and allows you to catch on nozzle lying on the bottom and on the game. Ruff, like any other fish, prefers a stationary bait, then slowly shook at the bottom, and then quickly rises. Among winter ruff is often tempted only quick game mormyshkas twenty centimeters above the bottom, so the first ruff often comes across while searching for a perch. Read more [...]
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Ukleechny match

For complementary feeding bleak suitable mixture with a pungent, sweet smellPhoto: Alexey Goryainov Bleak different from other fish fast and careful bite, so catching it usually use the most sensitive equipment primaries. However, you can successfully catch and other gear, including a fishing rod Match. Only need to properly balance the tackle and collecting fish for bait, fodder create competition.Sometimes bleak kept away from the angler. He sees a flock, but it is very difficult to get feed back far enough to catch the bait with a dull snap. Very often such a situation arises Read more [...]
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