Feeder and picker at the end of the summer. Part 3.

Tactics and technique of catching Donkey on the course without itPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov Depending on what type of fish and where you want to catch, you need to choose between the feeder and the picker. For example, if the goal is a big fish (carp, bream, tench and big bream), and a pond of stagnant water, it almost certainly stop at the feeder. The larger the expected «production», The stronger the selected gear.Powerful gear allows not only successfully fight big fish, but and throw a snap severe trough in the the maximum distance. Read more [...]
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Sabrefish in September

Sabrefish - fish living mainly in the waters of the southern regions of the European part of Russiaauthor photo However, semi-anadromous sabrefish Volga rises to Oka. Some tributaries of the Volga-mother can be detected and parking  Local residential shape of this fish. This time we will focus on catching autumn sabrefish spinning and fly fishing.Spinning, hunting for sabrefish comes mainly from In order that the diet includes not adults Only insects their the larvae, but and fish fry. Spinning tackle is thus both to exclude bite Read more [...]
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Features of the ice fishing under different conditions

Part 2: Small and medium-sized rivers.author photo In Russia, many rivers of medium and small size and the majority of them fish. But to catch a fish on a winter river is not so simple. It is necessary to take into account the different nuances and know how to read the body of water.Points concentration of fish suvodyah and demolition jets typical for medium-sized rivers. Generally, in order to successfully catch fish in the river in the winter, it is necessary to study it in the summer. During the open water and eddies suvodi find much easier. In such rivers as Pakhra, Sturgeon, Read more [...]
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Roaches ice period

Part 2: The differences in the behavior of small and large fish in big pondsPhoto: Anatoly MailkovThe fact that fish feeds of different sizes and focuses in various places, it is no secret, but it is very often overlooked. And in vain, because it is the knowledge of the habits of the success of the event. The division of the herd on the size of fish is very typical for the roach, and becomes especially clear in the cold season.Seaside or «shallow»Roach makes almost all the flock in all small and shallow waters. It eats some plants by the larvae and small crustaceans that live in the Read more [...]
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Perch and gluhozime

Very interesting in the most difficult period of winter it seems to catch perch on small rivers with a marked courseauthor photo Of course, every winter season is very different: the long held strong frosts, they often ring almost spring thaw, or neither one nor the other, and then swept blizzard, hiding thick impenetrable blanket of frozen ponds, stopping the access of air and light through the ice. It currently gluhozime with Zamora and complete absence of fish in shallow ponds and lakes. Poachers-grabbers just waiting for this moment, when the fish begin «wear scent», Read more [...]
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Autumn, bream, donk …

In the pre-winter completely change the terms of any fishingauthor photo Especially these changes visible on small rivers. Warm summer dawn used to anchor on the edge of the coastal strip of grass and,  You can tell the place catching results. Thickets of lilies and carved Elodie – conventional satellites shallow water on the ramp into the pit. It is understandable: in the shallows water warms better and full of sunlight. And if the place is just behind the rapids on the expansion of the riverbed, the water here is usually walks around and reach the often quite deep Read more [...]
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Anglers Seliger — people are different

Our fishing company tried to catch eels on the ring the peninsula, which is near the village of Lake Seliger Zalucheauthor photo Whether the time was not, whether the place was not quite right, only Eel would not bite on our made by all the rules, bottom fishing rods.Finally, once in the morning I rang the bell a long-awaited, the line tightened and Mikhalych threw on Beach wriggling like a snake, fish. Ljubomir Ivanovic bake fat eel to foil grilled, seasoned it with spices. Dinner was gorgeous: only one fish saturated the three burly men and still left Read more [...]
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From small to large and different. Part 2.

Gear and fishing techniqueauthor photo Casting distance light blesenki and technical possibilities of working with it are determined by the length and builds rods, quality rings on it, the optimal diameter and length spools fast-response coil, as the front rim spool on which is coming off a scaffold, and the diameter and hardness of line, as well as the weight of the bait.As for the rod, the This type of spinning is classified as ultralight or light with test range for the first somewhere 1-7 grams, a for the second — about 2-12 grams. The length is usually Read more [...]
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Donkey with ice

Tackle is simple but, nevertheless, sometimes working "productively"author photo When the season can be called vtoroledem, and snow will cover transparent «glass» rivers and lakes are beginning to have more confidence to take bream, white eye-SOPA and blue bream. Recent capricious in biting, but if successfully you will get to the place and time, the catch can be quite significant. And not necessarily that will take it in the morning, mainly for fishing on the ice is the rule.SOPA can completely ignore the nozzle in the morning, but then, as if recollecting himself Read more [...]
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After snowfall and blizzards

Snowy roads and light biting fish are not able to "talk" the most experienced and thoughtful anglers on fishing tripsPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov Height of snow, of course, useful for the future harvest, but fishermen and hunters creates a lot of problems: the dog can not go to the beast, and the resulting ice ponds thick drifts blocked the access of oxygen and light under the water, which dramatically reduced fish activity or forced underwater inhabitants to leave from the usual place in areas suitable for survival. However, on small and shallow ponds and lakes, fish nowhere to go, Read more [...]
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A gift of fate

It was unusual in that the fish - and its bite, and appearancePhoto: Peter Sal'kovEvery fisherman, and indeed every person, there are moments in life, or even the whole day, when he was an incredibly good things happen, incredibly lucky, everything turns out the reality surpasses all expectations. Otherwise, how some gifts from above, it will not name.AT fishing happens rarely, but always good to remember. Actually, my fishings luck several times All these days I I remember how some of the the happiest in «careers». I remember very well, and days Read more [...]
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Zhelannaya roach pervoledya

As well pervoledyu peck perch, bream, bream, pike. But for me, one of the coveted trophies is a roach, especially large. Catching it is connected with the search for points of exit of fish, a good selection and the ability to hold the bait tackle. First of all the ice formed on the shallow bays reservoirs. At this time, gathered in flocks of roach actively moves watering. This pattern can be traced: the larger roach, so pack it more disparate. Sometimes large roaches by kormnoe place, stick to it for a while. It can oblyubovyvayut shallow pits on the bottom, detached snags and Read more [...]
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Autumn 2012 in Vyatka

Outside, fluttering snowflakes, hunting with a gun in Peru is over, you can summarize. The climate in the Vyatka land began to change more clearly. It is believed that phenological summer begins with us, when it begins to bloom rose. In the sixties, its flowers bloomed around June 13. This year, the wild rose bloomed two weeks earlier.According to Tatyana Egoshina, head of the department of ecology and resursovedeniya VNIIOZ in 2011 on a scale indicator berries yield was 1.7 points, and this year 4.3–4.6 points. This was facilitated by the spring without frost and warm rainy Read more [...]
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In the Samara Bend

Photo from the author's archive In anticipation of the summer of 1964 we have the same with my friend and colleague Spinning Volodya Lochmatov originated the idea of ​​the boat trips on the Samara Bend from Zhiguli hydropower plant to the ancient village Perevoloki. The impetus for it served as a tourist map «Zhigulevskaya Circumnavigation», Presented to colleagues, contained a colorful description of the route with a map of the Samara bend and along its settlements.Zhigulevskaya around the world traveling from water tourists for many years was called Boat fascinating Read more [...]
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Raccoon Thieves

Raccoon hard lugging a backpack to her and I, full of sympathy for the brave little animal, mentally told himPhoto: Vitaliy Koshkin Behind during many years of service bodies of hunting and fishing surveillance, I had to visit most distant, deaf and wild corners of the immense Soviet Union not untouched by man. Animals and birds there are so gullible that it seems as if they are tame.Especially a lot of corners in south-eastern part of the Volga delta. Here, nature created in thick, hard jungle of reeds and shrubs trees, countless islands, Read more [...]
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In search of adventures

When you are finished working week, viscous like rubber, but on a computer monitor begins to ripple in the eyes, it is best to meet somewhere away from the city. Let's go fishing. And if to take with him to his partner «kettle»During the year asked to take it with you, the thrills provided. And now Friday evening. Phone calls is heated by an excited friend. His questions are striking in their childlike: what to take with them to eat, what to wear, take vodka or not? This stupidity exasperated, especially the question about vodka… Not only do you have to hide from the wife of Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

During freeze-up, much diversity on terms of the relatively weak frosts in the beginning of winter, fishing is not stopped, but it is possible only on the open water. And here we must clearly choose the pond, where it is still possible to rely on the proper activity of the fish to get at least some result. First of all, at some time period like fades lives in small ponds because of the rapid cooling of the water to freezing point throughout the thicker, causing the fish effect of thermal shock, and then take some time, but under the ice to fish adapted to new environment. Therefore, Read more [...]
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Winter care

Part 1: Principles of gear with jig for fishing on thin ice at different depthsPhoto Anatoly Mailkova Any gear is created under certain conditions for fishing. As long as the ice is unreliable, catching mainly conducted from shallow depths. The objects are perch and roach.As soon as the ice allows to reach any place on the pond, many fishermen immediately go to catch white bream. Very often it happens that bream are biting or not in the area, and no need to adjust to catch other fish. Perch and roach are not always and everywhere hold small places. In deep pits perch with the start Read more [...]
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From lakes to Shaturskie Kosinski

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Once again, we move in a clockwise direction, and will be on the east suburbs. If you look at a map of the area, then immediately catch the eye big blue spots Shaturskie Tugolesskih and lakes. For the first time that I visited the Lake District in the summer of 1967. And immediately I was fascinated by inviting expanses of local water bodies, their discreet, but attractive beauty. And most importantly – exciting and productive fishing. And for a long time after that I did not recognize any other lakes except Shaturskie. I well remember the time when Read more [...]
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Pre-winter, picker and carp

Part 1. Background of successful fishing. Before the dirt road suddenly for one star and frosty night it seemed to stone, and the smooth surface of the ponds will be ringing and transparent like glass, the weather at the turn of the seasons can present unpleasant surprises in the form of piercing icy wind or rain with sleet. And then many anglers consider it a blessing in the sacred weekend stay in comfort and, bored, constantly going to the window, which was wet with bare branches lashed the restless north.However, those suffering in vain. Although trite, but there is not the Read more [...]
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