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Photo by Sergey Fokin I never had to watch the draft in June, specifically. See hauling singly and in pairs flying forest waders ever in June, when being on a fishing trip, he was setting zherlitsy on the river, or go home. It happened a couple of times, my memory more than anything not retained. But as this time, – first. After all, I was directed to the Russian Accounting woodcock.I gathered quickly, driving away the thought of fatigue and aching joints, taking a can of spray. I think of a folding chair, but remembering the state he was after the last fishing, decided to Read more [...]
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And winter rolls in his eyes …

Part 3 Gluhozime - the moment of truth.Photo by the author If by gluhozimem understand the fall in activity of fish to a minimum, the low content of oxygen in the water in a particular body of water only stimulates the acceleration of the deterioration of the fish biting in it. Therefore, strictly bind the water quality of life with a sinking beneath the ice is not quite true. Apparently, regardless of other conditions trigger certain biological clock, giving the body a signal rybemu to some restructuring, due likely to the maturation of sexual products and the upcoming spawn. Read more [...]
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The first snow

Photo Anatoly Mailkova In the garage in a large container floated captive – small fish that are left from the last fishing. Weather, however, has changed. The day before the first snow fell, which, by my standards, was quite out of place. The temperature of about two degrees below zero.But despite all this, I put the car in gear, poured the water with fish in the three-liter bidonchik and went to the mouth of the river blue. For farm he turned left and drove to the favorite of the place of fishing. The upper layer of the ground was frozen, autumn unpleasant slurry was not. Read more [...]
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If the carp can not sleep …

Photo by the author Some suburban ponds anglers successfully caught it on a jig head. It is important to choose the right technique to find the games and the winter parking lot of fish.The main criterion for evaluating the pond view, will take carp here during the first ice or not, a good oxygen content in water. On this demonstrates the active behavior in the pond perch and roach. If these fish in the pond do not, then zamorny pond and carp, even if it is early stops moving. By reservoirs near Moscow, which is stable enough to catch carp in the beginning of winter, and in some Read more [...]
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The sound of the surf November

There are those who are waiting for the first frost and outlined his exit at the nearest lake or pond, which will be the first thin ice. But in the southern latitudes of our vast country, around the seas, in particular the Black, continue to actively catch into summer gear. About what kind of gear used by local fishermen Anapa and what fish they catch, and the story goes in this short article.In November, the coast can be found almost any inhabitant of the deep sea, from the Black Sea sculpin and ending shark Qatran. Not Frightening swimmers and jet skis fish warp along the coast and actively powered, Read more [...]
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To pay or not to pay for fishing? - Hey, you can not, you can not! .. Do not get up, busy! .. Hey, man! .. - Echoing peals of quiet and deserted vodoy.Ya looked around and saw quit the shores of the rubber boat. It seems there screaming. But the boat, raising buryli front of him, approached me. It quickly waved paddles worried something rower. I waited with interest.Photo by the author To pay or not to pay for fishing?– Hey, you can not, you can not! .. Do not get up, busy! .. Hey, man! .. – hollow rumblings over the quiet and deserted water. I looked around and saw Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Last week, the weather in the capital region was particularly harsh: frosts during the term increases, and weekends to do the first time this winter reached thirty degrees. Against the background of a slow pressure drop has dropped a lot of snow, blowing a very bad cold with a strong wind. So the conditions for fishing were extremely uncomfortable, especially on large bodies of water, which is now in gluhozime, and you can only count on the active behavior of at least medium-sized fish. However, in complex and difficult periods of winter always possible to find a place with special conditions, Read more [...]
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Preparations for the winter season

Part 1.Harakter freeze-up and the associated range of ponds for fishing on the ice first.Photo Anatoly MAILKOVA Ice falls into different reservoirs at different times during the final formation of a strong ice can not stretch out for several weeks. Before other stand fine and protected from the wind reservoirs, where water is cooled quickly. In reservoirs and rivers, this process is extended. Please stand up bays, then protected from the wind of the reservoir and finally the river bed areas. In the first two or three weeks after the formation of the ice around the large pond in Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Completion sezona.Foto author Thus, in Moscow and the surrounding areas a new season of winter fishing from ice can be considered valid. And he, like all the past, admittedly not like the others, suggesting this winter opening of some new approaches to fishing, baits and methods of their application. But the old experience should not be forgotten – it is a good foundation for creativity.When it comes to the new season of our glacial waters, fishermen are always trying to predict – whether for a successful winter fishing or not, or so-so. It is noticed that often the Read more [...]
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Pike season in icy conditions

Part 2 Gluhozime.Photo by Vladimir Kazantsev During gluhozimya I noticed pike that live in flowing lakes and reservoirs, trying to lead a sedentary lifestyle, instinctively feeling that the smaller move, the less waste of energy. But if in the waters of oblong spotted predator rarely go on the hunt for fish trifle in reservoirs is somewhat different. There are more active predator, especially when working on dams and sluices during intensified.WHERE TO LOOK FOR PASSIVE pike? In gluhozime, going for pike, I've always tried to visit the well-studied reservoir, while the chances of Read more [...]
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Stein perch in the middle of winter

Part 3: Deep lakes and quarries.Photo Anatoly Mailkova In general, the nature of the migration of deep bass is determined only by the behavior of its food. If a lot of young fish pond, the outputs predator occur every day, often at well-defined schedule. Knowing the place and time of release, it is easy to adapt and successfully caught trolling. The disadvantages of such fishing, I would mention its short duration, because the bite can last half an hour. In most cases, we have to bite in the morning, at dawn a minute, but is very often the case and get the evening cool. In my experience, Read more [...]
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Santa Seryoga

The street where I grew up, formerly known as Quay. Indeed, one of her shoulders is an extraordinarily beautiful river Bityug. On rutted streets of Old ladies stomped to the store and back, ladybugs were in the pasture, and home to numerous Golopuz kids ran to their important cases, and sailed along the side of the boat with the tourists and fishermen. Spring river boil, and it raced like pieces of broken sugar ice floes. Raffle, then they overtook each other, playing leapfrog, and then, fascinated by the game and forgetting speed, jumped on the road. Here they are frightened and froze, not even Read more [...]
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Zherlichnye tricks

Fishing live bait - not the new version of fishing, but it is not threatened oblivion. The number of winter zherlichnikov growing from year to year, clearly confirms this. Not being a professor of the department "History zherlitsy" I ask the indulgence readers if new to me the subtleties of such fishing someone seem forgotten old or daily routine.Photo Anatoly Mailkova Fishing live bait – is not a new version of fishing, but it is not threatened oblivion. The number of winter zherlichnikov growing from year to year, clearly confirms this. Not being a professor in the Department Read more [...]
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Hunter, who are you?

Photo by Vitaly Koshkin When there was a hunting channel in Russia «Hunting and fishing», My first thought was to organize all hunters (at least in Moscow) that they helped their philanthropic investments Leonid Kostyukova convert channel in the All-Russia, at the level of Central Television. For many years we have been waiting for, deprived of the attention of the "blue screen"! Any news, movies for all tastes insanely creepy cartoons that show the frightening children with their unformed psyche; there trite humor transmission with flat-liners and a few sports channels.But Read more [...]
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"Naked conclusions" do, of course, should not be, but some of the articles published in periodicals, allow us to make well-founded conclusionsPhoto: Fotolia AT «HORN» Number 6 (2011), put my note on the effects of coarse and fine fractions on the wall of the barrel in the choke constriction in the shot. The paper shows the experimental results obtained in TsKIB and kindly provided to me by the organizers of tests.Beyond this morning there was a question about the behavior of fractions of different diameters in the barrel. On this issue, and it turned quite a sharp controversy Read more [...]
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A few words about the early spring angling

By the 220th anniversary of his birthSergey Aksakov (1791-1859) - a writer, a classic of Russian literature, fishing and hunting, the author of the famous "Memoirs of an angling fish" (1847).In the old days, that is, during youth and adulthood, I do not know either early spring or late autumn fishing. Only in my near Moscow, on the banks of the river Warri, which is being dammed, it seems at first glance a respectable river, only on its picturesque banks I fully recognize and fully appreciated and early spring and late fall angling. I evaluate and appreciate their high: one is hunting, which I Read more [...]
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Find your biting «point»

Cool "points" can be both permanent and temporaryPhoto: Anatoly Mailkov I called the evening a fisherman friend. He said he was on a fishing trip, but nothing to brag too much. Although more than a dozen holes drilled, to change the place of fishing. But I caught a few small «Tails». I replied that I was also on a fishing trip and, as it turned out, in the same pond. But I was pleased with the result: more than four kilograms caught bream. This explained that during the time of catching constantly sitting in one place – on its long-proven and familiar Kleve «point». Read more [...]
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Marten from hollow

The first time I saw so close martenPhoto: Gregory Odintsov With the first fallen snow suddenly remembered one of the hunting last winter and the recent newspaper article «With crow on marten». Author engaged in the hunting of fur-bearing animals – not an easy view of our favorite activities, – She deserves respect. And if until recently the result of a hunting brought to our brother is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also a real asset in the form of materiel, received for Deposited skins, but today there was only the aesthetics.A few years ago I bought Read more [...]
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On account of winter and its improvement

Identification of the daily activity of the trace animals can easily move from the recorded tracks to the number of individualsPhoto: Alexander Nazarov Winter trip accounting of game animals (3MU) Glavohotoy was recommended as the primary post-harvest to determine the number of animals for the sake of large areas. It is held at a pre-planned straight-line routes, evenly covering the different types of hunting grounds and provides a general picture of biotopic placing game animals. I would like to dwell on the shortcomings in the handling of credentials.Winter trip accounting is Read more [...]
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With a fishing rod at the end of the winter season

Part 2: Stationary FishingPhoto: Alexey Goryainov In early spring when the nights are no, no and yes there are severe frosts, fish often prefers to stay at great depths and distance from the coast. At this time, it can be successfully caught in the open areas of water bodies, using special gear. (End. Start cm. "EGR №11 from 09.03.11")White fish in open rivers with cold winter water often adheres to the areas where close to the shore has steep stairs. It will not necessarily be brow channel even more on channel touchline she holds less, since there is usually a strong Read more [...]
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