Hares in uzёrku

Photo Boris Emelyanov Timpani swans silent in the distance,Cranes were quiet for the swampy meadows,Only a hawk circling over the red stacks,Yes, autumn rustling in the rushes.E. BagritskyIn uzerku (from the word – to behold, to see), or, as they say – «out of myself». «samotopom»You can hunt like on the hare, and the hare. But the main object of hunting in uzerku still a hare. Rusak harder to see in the prone, as its color allows it to more reliably hide from hunters.HareIt is so named because that is closer to the winter turns white. Brother Read more [...]
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Perch — fishing tactics

Photo by the author Without knowledge of the behavior of the perch in a given season, and his habits throughout the day the chances of a successful catch are small, except for those moments when you just happened to find zhiruyuschuyu pack. In this case, we'll discuss the June perch.The flow-through lakes, rivers and reservoirs grouper spawning after some time remains in the places where he brushed aside the eggs. As a rule, the coastal areas, where there are snags, and aquatic plants, the mouth of rivers and streams, as well as off-shore shallow water, underwater mounds and similar Read more [...]
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Night fishing burbot

Traditionally it is assumed that catch burbot not quite sporty and its simplicity reaches almost to the level of primitive cave hunters, fishers and gatherers. However, fishermen nalimyatnikov becomes smaller. Fiscal and self-interest, you say… It has long been known gastronomic qualities of this strange fish, which is a relative of cod alone in our freshwater rivers and lakes. Because burbot and gourmet tastes. Indeed, in a series of his fellow class are such fish as cod, haddock, saithe, pollock, saffron cod, wahn, silver hake and Pacific. Burbot liver is similar in taste Read more [...]
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African-Eurasian agreement?

On our site ohotniki.ru published an alarming message: "In Russia, in 2015 to ban spring hunting in the waters."Photo by Andrey Fedichkin It was by this time planned to ratify the Agreement on the Conservation of African-Eurasian Migratory Waterbirds. And this international document prohibits hunt prey on the migration routes of birds that pass through our country. Links supporters of ratification of the agreement, that this document will take reservations, which keep the traditional spring waterfowl hunting in Russia is questionable.Ministry of Environment has prepared a draft Read more [...]
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Raising fish in place of fishing

Photo by the author How to deliver the bait or bait fishing in the proposed location? It would seem so tough. However, experience suggests that in this case there are a lot of subtleties that determine the maximum impact on the effectiveness of specific objects of fishing. A different methods of supplying feed and even distribution of it on the bottom of the reservoir developed due to differences in the conditions of fishing.The easiest way to delivery – hand throwing balls of groundbait (when fishing on the course and at great depths), or sprinkle fertilizer fan or track Read more [...]
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Cool place southeast

Photo Anatoly Mailkova So, this publication we finish talking about the cool places near Moscow. Today, we are heading for the southeast and see where the angler can throw the bait on the territory area.First of all, it is impossible to ignore the famous necklace Meshchera Lakes: Holy, oak, Shagara, great, Ivankov, Sokorevo, Martynova, White and others. This vast system of lakes connected by canals, stretches nearly fifty kilometers along the southeastern margin of the area. All these lakes and rivers linking them Buža, Yalma, Phra rich most diverse fish. Trophies may be fishing Read more [...]
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Winter care

Part 2: The optimal set of fishing rods for trolling in the early freeze-upPhoto Anatoly Mailkova Before you equip a particular bait, it is important to decide what kind of fish, in what conditions and for what you're going to catch bait.Fishing rods for winter fishing designed for storing fishing line to control the working length of fishing line, bait and game in order to help the angler to hook in the fish. Since fish can be large or small, and the lure of heavy or light, then the rods will take a few. Moreover, for different tactics of fishing rods need different designs.Fishing Read more [...]
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Humpbacks forest lake

Photo by the author It is believed that the perch caught usually worm, and a large – to fry. Because most artificial lures spinners catchability considered zero and first room. And light jig heads with silicone lures – twisters, rippers, soft plastic bait, slugs. Willingly take on the foam and groupers fish, a variety of lures and poppers.But some forest lakes called mezhdyunnymi peat, which still occur up to three kilos of humpbacks, large groupers turn away from any bait. These powerful fishes with spines on the dorsal fin a good-sized nail, take only on live bait. Read more [...]
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Fishing superstition

Photo Anatoly Mailkova With some probability we can assume that, just as the main motive for the isolation and purification of the warrior is the fear of the souls of dead enemies, fishing, subject to the same rules, driven primarily by fear of the souls of fish that he caught or intended to catch. After primitive man seen in fish gifted soul and mind being like him, and because of this, and the fact that a person is not available, treat them with the same respect as people. And that respect people carried through the centuries. This was particularly noticeable among primitive Read more [...]
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Specialization and equipment float rod

Part 3: Fishing at various force of current and different depths.Photo Anatoly Mailkova Strictly speaking, for somehow almost always present. On the standing waters as soon as the wind blows decent power, so there is a surface current. Eviction from the surface of the water rests on the shore of undertow. Since it is warmer, then it is only spread on the surface along the coast into the wind. The stronger the wind and the smaller body of water off the coast, the stronger will be the reverse flow. By the force it can be quite comparable to the current in the river. Thus, the tooling Read more [...]
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With cross-nod

Photo Anatoly Mailkova Increasingly, water bodies can be seen from the picture, when the angler is on the shore with a rod without the float stops in certain areas, mainly overgrown with abundant aquatic vegetation with rare «portholes» clean water, and starts to catch. It is places like this and attract the angler fish as many sunny days like to stand under the floating leaves of water lilies or the prowl in search of food among the underwater «Jungle». These anglers catch a variety of fish to the bait with a cross nod. Near our holiday village is an old, Read more [...]
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Fight in two rounds

Photo Anatoly Mailkova All lovers of fishing Fisherman celebrating the Day of the calendar, and I have this holiday consistently only on 15 June. And here's why. I occasionally went fishing for pike in the river to the area of ​​the Great d.Kozly. Dam reservoir in this place and familiar to many who bring good luck, and to whom and bitter disappointment. Once the boat was fishing with spinning, I'm hooked on the lure of such a predator, that my first aluminum rod bent under the weight of the fish, and then broke at the junction of the knee. The upper part of it slid down the Read more [...]
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Summer zherlitsy

Morning ... Lake hovers and breathesauthor photoStagnation, reflected in the non-viable water coastal pines, a cane with tears of dew on the fragile stems. Through the gloomy darkness of the morning sun shone through the woods and flashed, lit up the lake. A miracle happened! ..Along the shore at the edge of the pads arranged zherlitsy. On long pine poles hang VCT flyer and line, a little rock the brisk-okunishkami live bait on them. Suddenly one of zherlitsy boiled surf, lashed the water flexible end of the pole and spun, rustled unwound fishing line flyer zherlitsy. Pause… The line stretched. Read more [...]
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News from the reservoirs

Photo by the author External factors that significantly affect the behavior and biting fish last week once again did not differ stability. First of all, the weather has been unstable, with frequent fluctuations in temperature and pressure, with wide differences of illumination due partly cloudy, with occasional showers and thunderstorms. In addition, the relatively cool nights for a long time, it seems quite stopped heating the water in most bodies of water and its temperature is stopped at the level of about twenty degrees, and in some cases even declined.The latter circumstance Read more [...]
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Caution: the same mistake!

Photo by the author That's really really can not agree with Elena Gorbunova, argues in his article («HORN» Number 25, 2012) that it is necessary to think. Unconditionally: think of everything. And it is especially hard – people with the mandate power, the solution of which depends not only the fate of millions of ordinary citizens, but also of entire sectors of national economic activity. From the very first lines of the article «Need to think. Good thinking» I had the impression that everything has already been written once read or heard. When Read more [...]
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And to think, and to do! who would have to steer the hunt?

Delving into the essence of the article Elena Gorbunova "We have to think. Good thinking "(" EGR "number 25, 2012), I became not that be nice, but just think. Photo by the author On the one hand, this article about the great achievements of the Rosselkhoznadzor obedience when he was hunting the Ministry of Agriculture. (Especially me laugh «progress» this department to monitor the production and marketing of sable on God-forsaken and abandoned by the state hunting Siberian expanses). On the other hand, it is about the horrors of the activities under the current subordination Read more [...]
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Let’s think!

Photo by Alexey Kulinich In the media articles began to appear, calling back hunting management of the country in the bosom of the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, to be exact, Rosselkhoznadzor, with the transfer of control and supervisory functions to the federal level. The main argument of the supporters of the transfer is that not all the regions coping with delegated powers in the field of hunting affairs and Rosselkhoznadzor have no possibility to effectively combat African swine fever (ASF). After discussion of the proposals with experts hunting farm and caring hunters would Read more [...]
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The mystery of the past

I suggest to honorable public one table. It is not complete, since it did not include data on the 20-th caliber. Details in relation to the fraction number 9 and 10 of uselessness, in my opinion, are not copied. "Limit sample fractions for use in chokah." This table is a long time ago I moved into his notebook, making it a record: «Limit sample fractions for use in chokah». The table is traced a pattern: the smaller the fraction, the less weight should be weighed limit. I remember that seems to be the primary source from which rewrote the table, propping mentioned Read more [...]
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With the float in different reservoirs

Fishing on float tackle in closed ponds of stagnant water and river flow has its own characteristics, which can be considered a fisherman, going to once again go fishing.Modern carbon fiber rods are made primaries, usually in the telescopic version. In addition, they require careful to himself relations and compliance with safety measures for fishing in the storm, no less important is the question of reliable fastening snap to this rod. I must say that the choice of a fastening method depends primarily on the design of the upper knee: solid, hollow or a combination.«Telescope» Read more [...]
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Carp in the hottest period of summer

Part 2 tackles and fishing techniquePhoto: Anatoly Mailkov When volatile and cautious biting, for fishing in the coastal area is best suited connector. Personally, I prefer to use a float with a load capacity of not more than 0.7 g If the bite carp weighing up to a pound, then use the line diameter of 0.08 mm, but must have left similar in design to snap on the line diameter of 0.10 or even 0.14 mm.The distribution of the elementary ogruzki — shepherd boy and the main burden, since the weight of equipment is small, and the weight of the lure may exceed the weight underherdsman. Read more [...]
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