Armed with a minute I'll recipes worthy of the future spoils abundant to Dichin royal and dish itself felt. To your great work in the field of battle not disappeared is unknown in the pan was not antediluvian The used casually, so bleak. Listen to me, my friends, but on a mustache shakes. We work with quails.At first a few general tips that apply to all further prescriptions. Singeing quail carcass must be handled carefully and gently, in any case, not at the stake, and not on the gas stove. You can lose precious fat, and then burn the skin. It is best to use for this purpose a cotton swab moistened Read more [...]
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Beaver in belehovski

So, today we are preparing a beaver.Take the sleeve for bakingBeaver meat soaked 12 hours changing the water at least 5 times.Then you can soak another 5 hours a solution of vinegar (optional)Take the cabbage and separate sheets, laying on the bottom of the sleevesSeasonings can be any. I took these:Cut the largest Bulgarian pepper. It will be laid meatDo not forget to salt !!We close the sleeve and put in the oven at 200 degreesBe sure to poke a few small holes sleeve. Otherwise, the sleeve will break par!An hour later, the temperature has lowered to 150 degrees. Next product looks soRemove the Read more [...]
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Duck … duck without taste

The task was simple - to remove the specific taste and smell of duck. Tina or something there, but I do not like the mallard as food. Besides stew. Stew turns out delicious.What do you need?- duck.- vanilla stick, oh, do not vanilla, and cinnamon! You can reduce, breaking in half.- narsharab. Pomegranate sauce.- apple, orange.- butter.- pepper, salt.We thrust under the skin of oil, grease sauce, spices.Inside the same + slices of orange, apple, cinnamon stick. Sutured or toothpicks to close.Cooking in the sleeve at 180 degrees for an hour. Then open, make the cut into slices the breast and another Read more [...]
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Basturma of moose

It was the desire of meat and turn it into basturma. But there was also fear. The fear to spoil the product. A better burgers ??? No! Said basturma! So basturma!The basis of the recipe took Alexander basin which «Bastruma of moose». I do everything as described, with minor deviations.Repeat all the steps of the preparation, the more there are pictures.Take the flat pieces of meat, clear of the tendons. I make sure the pieces is better to take a little more.That is long – that's how it goes, and a thickness of not less than five centimeters have to be apart. The finished product Read more [...]
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It is proven to fight

Doubt - the worst state of mind. Especially when it is the question, "settles" is not in your cranium, and in the minds of others.Any race — it is a real test for any equipment. AND not It should not believe those who say that competition in primarily benefit the pilots. Most of my friends doubted My adequacy, when they learned that I I am going to take part in one of the cars­tative Russian ATV-racing Can-Am Trophy Russia on ATV Stels ATV 600GT. Like, where we climb ?! Yes, this race, Japanese, Canadian and American ATVs Read more [...]
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Tetereva beer

This simple recipe I tried on summer birds, but I think it is suitable for spring Kosach, but it will have to put out a little longer.So, take the extracted grouse. No, no, Kurzhaar today we are not going to cook :)In cooking, I - a person lazy and not accustomed to split hairs with the cooking. Therefore, this recipe is very simple. We need a little:Burke bird: take the legs, the breast and remove the remaining flesh on the bones.These pieces are washed and further hand squeeze water from the meat, remove tissue remaining moisture.In utyatnitsu warm up the oil and fry the meat on rapid fire. Read more [...]
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Supets of moose

Good day, my friends. Soon lunch and I'm supposed to fool around a little bit :) Today we do the simplest thing can be elk. It - supets. No soup, no soup. Simple supets. Do not let the name scare you, its simplicity. The simplicity also sometimes hidden shades of beauty that does not see and does not prochuvstvuesh in slozhnosochinёnnom and fine dining. So, take the meat of moose. Meats do not regret!Thyme, rosemary, onion unpeeled WHOLENot all the thyme and not the whole rosemary, that the photo !!! Without fanaticism!!!!!!!Sharp pepper (I grow on the windowsill)Root parsley. It should be a lot. Read more [...]
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Bunny under the pool

Good day to all! Today, we remember the old Russian recipe zayki.Vse know it, but nevertheless, "repetition - the mother of learning".So take soaked rabbit:Fat – cast down. Bow – required.Bacon – if there is one.Puts rabbit care. Preferably without «lumens»and … sheltering his beloved cabbage.Coal in the Russian oven ready.All. Further – play pool!Do you like pool as I love him?Easy. Not kiksuemWe reach in due time!Here it is - smoking delikatessimus!You can eat !!ALL - Bon Appetit, my friends! Valentin Belehov15 October 2014 at 21:27 Read more [...]
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Off-road dominance

The model lineup ATV side-by-side of "Velomotors" has a new flagship - Stels UTV800 Dominator. Machine of Chinese origin, but the frame and plastic body parts are manufactured at the plant in Zhukovka Bryansk region. There are new items and complete assemblyRama and Plastic body parts are produced at Stels UTV800 the company's own production facilities «Velomotors». As they say, a persons not water drink. A Dominator accurately be called handsome. Outwardly very prosaic and even dull. For tip the front hood eyes the bare design of the front Read more [...]
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Kharcho boar

Kharcho boar relevant today! I warn you: not so simple in this recipe. I usually prefer the simplicity, but I'm not here presented as a supporter of "kratk.sestr.tal." Now therefore! Fry the meat of wild boar slightly !!!Kohl greykie nuts. Cleared. Finely grind.At the bottom of the pan spread a mixture of Melenki «4 pepper»Then spread the roasted boar on the bottom of the panFill with water and set on fire on 90…120 minutes. Meat is best to go to sleep so that the water was 3 fingers above the meat. Meat not regret! Over richness kharcho will!Fry onionsPrepare a mixture of parsley, Read more [...]
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Wild boar stewed

Thus, the ingredients: Needless meat: fatty cuts (separated advance turbot) + ribs Salo (fat) is separated from the meat. At the bottom of the pan, we lay thin slices. Few should be their. Do not have to be thick.Only the bottom close. Season with salt. Perch. The roots of all sorts of different pour on top.Which spread after the onion to bacon to pass.Again, salt, pepper, sprinkle with outlandish rootsFurther – onion boar we place, we carefully.Again, salt, pepper, «Koresh»The layers of onions and meat but we alternateAnd to do so, as long as it has filled almost to the Read more [...]
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Beaver and cabbage — Star duo!

Having read on the Internet delicious recipes beaver, and decided to try their hand at giving this cute little creatures gastronomic form.  I tried many recipes. For my taste the best obtained from the following combinations of products:-Beaver (some of it)-Cabbage-Carrot-Bow As you can see from the ingredients the dish did not elaborate. Although, as a rule, the simplest dishes are the most favorite. Who does not love fried potatoes with onion and barbecue in all its variants?Thus, pre-soaked beaver meat fry over high heat until golden brown.Then lay him cabbage and onions. Pour a little boiling Read more [...]
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Grouse. The Black Grouse.

Hello! Once, walking past shop windows alcoholic supermarket, I caught my eye, so this bottle. It was then that the idea to connect the Scotch whiskey and our Russian grouse in fotoretsepte.Simply put, you take grouse, bake, We serve a side dish and drink whiskey. All!It fits on one line, but you have to make it beautiful and to savor…That handsome, which we will bring to the table:More need fat, berry cranberries, honey mixed with grain mustard, salt and pepper.To grouse in the oven was not bored, I took another carcass grouse.At the bottom of the dishes, which we baked, we laid flat pieces Read more [...]
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Goose with apples. Grey Goose.

Hello! Today we prepare gusya.Pochemu something from childhood, for me, the phrase "roast goose" in itself means a holiday.Probably because the fried chicken, for example, we eat often, and since Soviet times the smell of fried chicken constantly hovers everywhere, even in the wagon coupe.Well, today staged a holiday. Even a double celebration because we are not the goose just bought at the store, and produced on the hunt. And let this not a wild goose fat and not as heavy as the purchase, but it is ours, and we got it, as they say «sweat and blood»And was not purchased at the local Read more [...]
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Sandgrouse fileyki

It is necessary for bystrenkomu cook over a campfire snack extracted from grouseIt is necessary for bystrenkomu cook over a campfire snack extracted from grouse.Just quickly, quickly, to tell longer ...Take grouse breast. (we beat a pellet, in the eyes, you remember :-))Cut fileyki. Bones are not required. White meat, it exfoliates itself.Salt, pepper.Melt a piece of butter.On shkvarchaschuyu skovorodochku throw pieces of tender myastsa. Quickly perevarachivaem.Fileyki very thin and fry in boiling oil immediately (do not desiccate).I'm here, I am photographed already too dry. And it should be right Read more [...]
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Breasts of grouse on the coals

You want to feel like a bourgeois? Please -Here you retsept.Pervoe, of course, takes a gun and goes to hunt grouse. Suffice zapolevat at least a couple (one with very little meat is).If today the luck on your side, to handle their trophies. Pinching is not necessary, you can simply remove the skin with feathers.Further, a sharp knife cut the flesh from the breast. Everything else can be sent to the broth.Breasts washed and marinate.The last time, for that I personally took three carcasses grouse, salt, black pepper, juniper berries (crushed!) And onion. Meat spices and sprinkled filled light solution Read more [...]
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Marsh kitchen

On the way to the lake I caught two healthy line. They are something I decided to add to your meal ...Mushrooms boil, fry and mix with onion, carrots and fry again.It turns out a kind of a funky smell yummy.Especially the onion-mushroom taste buds teases our outdoors.Once in the woods in autumn with a friend, we roasted potatoes and bacon and mushrooms, so the smell of the swamp was such that we come to some kind of cranberry, pick berries, a good distance from us.He came and said: «I feel the smell of this as a child. Fried potatoes! I'm like a dog's nose caught the air and came to smell».Well, Read more [...]
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The back of venison Baden-Baden

Why on Baden-Baden? Yes figs knows ... probably read somewhere. God be with him to Baden-Baden :-) really so you can cook at least back a hare! Give the game - the rest will follow!So: we need to carefully shaved off all the excess part of the lumbar deer, coriander, juniper berries, pepper (the more the better varieties), Tabasco sauce, vodka, olive oil and salt. In general everything shown in pictureWe must admit that even if you had absolutely all the ingredients, but do not get wild myastsa happened - the recipe will not succeed! How not combined peppers with olive oil and Tabasco sauce, it's Read more [...]
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Shank .. .. rulechka rulyushechka

I would like to offer retseptik simple but very tasty and very masculine blyuda.Muzhskogo - because as I know, only men prepare it.So, take the shank (leg) Ochchen wild boar (100 rubles / kg total).We throw in a pan, salt and pour boiling water.This is how it boils we have an hour - a half, depending on age and degree of savagery.You can throw there is what some atskie seasonings ...I imagine that you are going to say ... but I wanted to try.After the allotted time, take out subdued and obviously prettier rulechku. We give cool."Harmonically" It looks, right?If for a while until it cools Read more [...]
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Lunch of the 3 «pillars»

Cooking will be three of our forest "Whales". Namely, elk, wild boar and bear.I have deliberately not touched the deer, so as not to injure the psyche of our hunters, virtually deprived of this game. So, meet - the dish number one!Leg of a young pig in apples.For this dish, we need the following ingredientsBecause we take out a leg bone. It will be needed for the sauce. Leg rub with mustard and pepper, carrots shpiguem. Bake in the oven for one hour. Then, sheltering and give to stand in the oven until it cools down. Apples fried in butter with sugar. The procedure is not complicated, Read more [...]
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