On the marshes

The nerves of the hunter must be strong. Especially Hunter singleauthor photo The main feature of the hunting season for geese in autumn 2010 was a long break in the waves of the span. The first wave of the northwest was on September 27 and the second – 2 October. Further, in our places long dominated anticyclone: ​​almost 23 October, it was still warm, sunny. You could say: «Bad weather is good». But good for recreation, not for hunting geese. Span turned strongly stretched.I have always said that the geese on the wings often bring rain. This goose weather Read more [...]
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The effectiveness of steel shot

The question of the transition from lead shot to steel is not so simplePhoto: Andrey Zuev The hunting literature periodically publish articles on the replacement of lead shot steel. With this in mind, I want to highlight some of the problems associated with its use.Before considering the advantages and disadvantages of steel shot, you need to assess the possibility of placing it in the pocket. This is due to the fact that the density of lead by 1.45 times greater than the density of steel. So I made some experiments and calculations. For this we were taken balls with a diameter Read more [...]
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Brave Rooster

Partridge - it's probably the only kind of chicken, where the male takes an active part in raising chicksPhoto: Mick and Sylvia BRENNAN Several years ago I happened to be visiting relatives of his friend Ruslan hunting area in Efremov, Tula region. Prior to the opening of hunting was still about two weeks, and the trip was mainly devoted to the study and exploration of surrounding areas, which is necessary for a successful hunt.The day was quite hot and winding for a whole day over seventy kilometers of UAZ off-road, we are very thirsty. We decided to go to the spring, which is Read more [...]
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The exhibition «Arms and hunting»

The Turks are very actively developing our arms marketauthor photo From 14 to 17 October in Moscow at Gostiny Dvor is a traditional international exhibition «Arms and hunting», Which brought together many of the leading weapon and cartridge firms in different countries. Of course, it is a holiday for gunsmiths. However, for the majority of Russian hunters imported weapons is not available because of the high prices. So I looked more closely at the stands of manufacturers of relatively inexpensive weapons.TURKEY OPENEDI love the Turks. They learned how to make a modern Read more [...]
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Rules must be taken, and quickly!

AT «HORN» Number 21 for the year 2010, my article «Why disappear «Turgenev» hunters», In the opening paragraph which I expressed doubts about the positive results from taking place in the Russian hunting industry changes. Today, however, I must admit: the emergence of developed in the bowels of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment Project «Hunting rights in the Russian Federation» It revived in me a hope for the future of our hunting.Of course, the draft of the new rules is not perfect, and, of course, there are critics and opponents Read more [...]
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Do we need sport cops?

We offer our readers become expert-Union category Kurbatov Valerian Vladimirovich. The article was written in the last century, in 1984, but the issues and problems voiced in it, are relevant to the present day.Photos of Marina Kuzina beauty — a powerful set of eye, causing a deep moral satisfaction of man.E. DyugusseWe offer our readers become expert-Union category Kurbatov Valerian Vladimirovich. The article was written in the last century, in 1984, but the issues and problems voiced in it, are relevant to the present day.It is widely known that the British rock Pointing Read more [...]
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Moscow pointer

Poynter is known to breed English, bred in the XIX century. For more than a hundred years from the approval of the first standard (English Pointer Club) it is no appearance or for other purposes has not changed. But in every country there exist breed group of dogs who have only their inherent characteristics and the nature of the exterior of the breeding inside. In the section Pointers now there are many interesting bloodlines, which I want to tell.Photo by Yuri Hvischuka First — blistanovskie blood is a dog that is output Alexander Blistanov, is small in stature, snub-nosed Read more [...]
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Flushing played Cup

The first Open Championship Kovrov district of the Cup duck club of Russian Spaniel in the end took place!author photo Summer this year, we all know, was hot. In several areas, including and Vladimir, introduced emergency. In these circumstances, to hold the next traditional competition of hunting dogs could not duck the question.It's a pity and a shame: ready, willing spanielisty Kovrov club ROS to this landmark event planned for them, and so on you – ban! Fire hazard! In such conditions, was being prepared for field trials of its partners eared hunting Kovrov spanielisty. Read more [...]
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Woe from Wit

Judges and experts in dog breeding, we often work theorists and dreamersPhoto: Alexei Obolensky I knew that the hunting dog breeding we have a complete mess: and «lime» pedigrees and diplomas obtained at the table, not in the woods, and biased, often low-skilled judging at fairs and progress ancestors of their dogs, and so on. But it turns out, all the more pitiable: judges and experts in dog breeding, we often work theorists and dreamers, but not professionals. That is the conclusion I came to read my article reviews «Prohibition of hunting dogs without pedigree» Read more [...]
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The benefits and harms of purebred dogs

Photo: Anton Zhuravkova I read in the rooms «HORN» become a hunter of the Pskov region Anatoly Evmenova, in which the author raises a number of issues and requested to express their opinion of people involved in a common affair with him. This publication is very interesting to me, so I hasten to respond.As the author I am not familiar, it should say a few words about yourself. Beagles do not hold, hold any other group of hunting dogs — greyhounds, and for a long time — 28 years. Most efforts to spend our national breed: Horta and the southern Russian steppe.These Read more [...]
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Kemskaya spring

For several years, I can not imagine myself without the Russian North. Once issued short vacation days, be sure the food on the ground in North Karelia to rest, gain strength and new experiences, enjoy the harshness and beauty of this is very attractive to the heart and soul of nature. I used to go to the north of Karelia in different seasons, but spring somehow it was not possible. But this year is still going, and the opening of the hunting season coincided with my vacation.His story about the peculiarities of spring hunting in the north of Karelia, I'll take the example of Kem region, where Read more [...]
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Those who are near

50th in a row exhibition of hunting dogs was held in Vologda in March this year. Half a century of time - is not only an occasion to remember the past, but also the time to ask: how over the years developed a hunting dog breeding in the Vologda region? Photo Galina Katanov Catalogues and pictures contain very interesting information, it is only to analyze the figures in the peer image and ponder comments made in various years canine experts.Fifty years or older?Although the exhibition officially numbered as on the fiftieth account for Indeed there Read more [...]
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Business — chuck

In the "hunting of the Russian newspaper" recently published a lot of articles on self-supplies of ammunition at homePhoto: Shutterstok There were also critical materials, which expressed the thought that this occupation — an anachronism that are engaged primarily hunters of the older generation of habit, and attempts to save money. But many authors, referring to the question is yes, shared valuable recommendations they have acquired in the course of self-equipment cartridges. Yours truly also repeatedly published articles about self-equipment and ammunition, it would seem, Read more [...]
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Will the spring hunting in Kalmykia?

Inter-regional meeting on the protection and use of waterfowl June 15, 2010, in the capital of the Republic of Kalmykia, Elista, the interregional meeting on the rational use of resources waterfowl and protection of rare species.The meeting was held in the conference room of the Government House of the Republic of Kalmykia. The initiators and organizers were made by the Ministry of Natural Resources, Environmental Protection and Energy Development of Kalmykia and the Institute of Ecology and Evolution. AN Severtsov RAS.Welcome letter to the meeting came from the Southern Federal University, Moscow Read more [...]
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What are you guys doing?

Letter to the EditorPhoto: Sergey Gulyaev The hunting season for fur-bearing animals in 2009–2010. me and my comrades came to hunt the two cases, which I hasten to tell the readers and may be found in real hunters sympathy and understanding.Everything was as always rise at four in the morning, despite the fact that went late. Breakfast, feeding the hounds, their paddock, as one had to go about a half hour in the car, a friend, who only five months, to stay at home. And now, in the middle of the sixth meeting with friends at the appointed patch. It does not take into account Read more [...]
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Water Rescue

Somehow, by clicking the TV remote control during the next commercial break, I came across the news on video, which was filmed in open water rescue dogs. Seizing front paws for ice, good-sized black dog has no hope of escape from the sadness in his eyes stared at the people crowding on the beach and do nothing to save her. Photo kellybdc (CC BY 2.0) I was ready to give in address the crowd all I I think about them, do not forgetting to use profanity, but as it turned out, not judge, but not lest ye be judged! It turns out that clever zabugornye seem American, Read more [...]
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Horta greyhounds in the Saratov region

Number of animals in our area is small - it happens that somebody six days passes without raising the hare.Photo: Olga Panasenko In 2006, when I first had to take part in the organization of regional field trials of greyhounds on a free animal, breeding of greyhounds was in full decline. Section virtually non-existent, at the regional exhibition brought 6–12 dogs to the test rural borzyatniki did not come, not knitted recorded.Tom had a number of objective reasons, among them financial problems: rural hunters have traditionally kept a lot of dogs and exhibitions, and especially Read more [...]
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Forgotten Russian hunting

Over the weekend, the first decade of December finally managed to get out to hunt in the village for two hundred and eighty kilometers from Moscow.Last December, as well as several previous ones, the snow has not yet spoiled, so the hunt was planned in uzerku. I thought I'd look for a rabbit in the forest islands in the middle of fields, so try to take on the grouse spruce forests along streams, but most simply want to look like, see, breathe slowly to cool winter air.Walk was a success, but the first day of the trophies are not pampered. Apparently, already whitened hare got into the forest timbering Read more [...]
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Well, what could be hunting when night again swept up the whole yard! But the agreement was, leaving at eight o'clock, thermos tucked, and the entire complex hunting belongings at the door.Neaten snow from the windows "Niva", as my friend smokes Petrovich impatiently at the gate. We stopped by for the third member of our team Michael and the crew is fully staffed. - Hare no longer get up - sadly pulls Misha. - And if they get up, swept up anyway - echoes Sasha. - Guys, what if we do today chanterelles? - I suggest. - Have to - easily agree Aleksandr Petrovich. Mikhail is more reserved, but I have Read more [...]
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The opening of the hunting — a holiday of the soul

This is a long-awaited day - August 17, the opening of hunting for swamp game! We were waiting with great impatience. Summer turned hot, with no rain. Photo by Dmitry Kashirina And of course, it affected the lands. Dry meadows. Inventory showed that all the birds accumulate in a very strong field, where it was just a little damp. I was surprised that under the Archangel in early July, in the evening, I heard the quails, who beat loud enough. But once started mowing (the 20th of any month), it has been found difficult.We hunt mowed water meadows, where grazing cows from one year Read more [...]
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