Shoot so shoot!

Memory stores each hunter is a beautiful shot, made them extremely difficult conditions, which are required to show respects to friends, neighbors and descendants of the steam room.Photo by the authorMemory stores each hunter is a beautiful shot, made them extremely difficult conditions, which are required to show respects to friends, neighbors and descendants of the steam room. Some hunters will remember two or even three of these shots. But there are those who simply know how to shoot. Well, always. But why?Why should I blush and angry, because it expended some in front «sympathizers» Read more [...]
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Grouse, trout and gold Kolchak

Shoot them in flight is better not to try - grouse flies so fast and at such a short distance that miss almost assuredPhoto: Georgiy Mayorov Many years have passed since I first came to Sayan, but because that's how the soul hunter, that time has no power over hunting experiences, and they are always bright and expensive.We were three: my friend Vasily, his son Sergey and me. Nephew Vasily Pavlovich Anatoly took us to a remote village where they lived conservatives who on the threshold of another's self is not allowed. But in one hut old faith did not confess and abandon those, Read more [...]
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Uninvited guest

The darkness in the corners kopivshayasya forest clearing gradually enveloped the district. Only the tops of the trees behind the clouds brightened the autumn sky.Early September, the full moonless. The black hole of the night gradually swallowed and feeder, and solonetz, standing at a distance from the tower, where I nestled expecting output to feed hogs. On a white plate, attached on one of the shooting windows, it says: "The tower № 7. Yurove housing." These original name refers to all shooting towers in this respected me hunting.I sit waiting for several hours. Slowly and quietly look around Read more [...]
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About Wolves

Vasili Matveyevich Lazarevski (1817-1890) - Russian writer, statesman and public figure. Author of the book "On the extermination of the wolf livestock and game, and the extermination of the Wolf" (1876). It is appropriate to give a brief review LP Sabaneev Work V.M.Lazarevskogo "Wonderful brochure. Nothing like this had not only in our country, but in foreign literature. " WOLF saw every Wolf saw everyone: this, at first glance, large yard dog, but look closely - this is a robber, a prominent dress already on the drawing. Wide forehead - a lot of sense; standing as pipes, forward-facing ears - Read more [...]
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Capercaillie on larch

In the fall comes a time in nature when the morning frost touch larch needles, and she is said to hunters, sour, representing varnish food for grouse.This period is short – a week or so. In the future, the needles turn yellow and fall off, leaving bare branches until spring. And most interesting is that of the thousands of larch wood grouse choose for some features as they know one or two. Tastes of birds are not changed over the years, which is used by hunters.He knew of the existence of two such larches and me. A couple of days ago I went to the woods, the trees found traces arrives grouse Read more [...]
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In White Russia

Of course, the exotic Africa or Latin America - it's interesting. But fun is not cheap. And if you want to hunt wild boar and the ordinary fowl, where to go? And here it is appropriate to remember our closest neighbors - Belarusians. Photo by Dmitry Kashirina Moreover, that plus this tour a lot. No language barrier, the Russians do not need a visa, it is easier with the paperwork, and go far. Tell you more about the features of hunting tourism in Belarus, our correspondent asked the Acting Director of the Republican Unitary Enterprise Ohotohozyaystvennogo «Belgosohota» Read more [...]
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It was in the early 60-ies. We lived in the Kuban region, on the shores of the Kerch Strait. My father - a soldier, was fought across Europe to Berlin; Returning from the war, he became interested in hunting, was an avid hunter and always wanted to buy a hunting dog.Photo prc1333 / (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0) This case was presented to him, and He bought market Kerch a sporting pointer hunting dog breed. When he crossed over to the her ferry across the Kerch Strait on Kuban land, the last bus has already left. There was only one — Read more [...]
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Summer on Fire

Let us remember 2010, when Moscow hung over the smoke from the fires. Its density in the morning was such that it was difficult to see neighboring houses a hundred meters. It's the smoke from burning peat and forest fires.Photo by Dmitry Kashirina Summer time record dawned hot and dry. Forest fires: evil or good? It seems that the answer is obvious. But not all so simple. The fires needed in nature. On the ground, burnt areas, start to grow low forests, grazing elk, wild boar and other game. Another issue is that instead of fighting a similar effect is achieved by felling forests Read more [...]
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Dog vocation

Well, no village dogs Russian beauty breed hounds, food poor, and in the rest of the time hunting dogs tend to just sit for months on the circuit before the booth, representing security dog. But the quality of their work ...And let us with the brother distribution list for the day: to make out the wood, bring water, cattle feed. And in the evening, when my father came home from hunting, I will older brother ran up to him and asked: «What have you brought?» And the father, always good-naturedly making fun of me, answered the same: «Here, you fox goodies handed» – and Read more [...]
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In search of the wolf’s lair

Not everyone liked the gray dark clouds, cold and snow in May, after the first spring heat, and only for the rangers of wolf-Mikhail Ivanovich Duzinskogo of n. Lebyazhe the snow - I wish to go. In a gloomy evening when the slanting snow on top of heap up, putting all the urgent business, he leaves on an old motorcycle in the area of ​​wolves to vytropit at dawn to the lair confusing chain of full-grown animal tracks. Jumped to maturation at the Wolf's lair taken aback, vzlaet abruptly, warning of trouble girlfriend, not cowardly run from his eternal enemy, man, and for a moment linger in splendid Read more [...]
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Is there a future for our hunt? Friends hunters! Most of us are not indifferent to the fate of our Russian hunting. Perhaps that is why the changes in hunting laws cause such keen interest and widely discussed in the press and in the kitchen. In what is being said in the kitchen, a lot of clever and useful, articles written by professionals, even more. The only bad thing: all these dates and clever ideas do not get to the legislature. How many copies of the law is broken «On the hunt ...»Now we discuss new rules of hunting, and the result? They do not listen and do not hear not only Read more [...]
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Was there a shot idle?

I probably will not be mistaken that for many printed in «HORN» there is a way of self-expression. But the motives in this case is different. I focus on two.The first friendly for people who want to share their passion for the fellow, as he seems to be a positive experience often make mistakes in their submissions on the subject of the discussion.  It remains sensitive in recognizing their own mistakes. And criticizing the other, he remains true to himself. But there are other so-called «folk avengers». Here it makes no difference under the laws of the genre who like Read more [...]
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GPS-navigator and huskies

Navigation systems for tracking hunting dogs today are widespread among the hunters. The main device that is currently in use, this Astro 320 and DC 50 collars or older models of this line.Photo Shutter button They use them as hunting so on tests and competitions for freestyle vidam.My offer a relatively simple method of evaluating the performance qualities with huskies the use of this equipment.Our method of using the GPS receiver 320 and Astro DC 50 collar on Husky is as follows: on the first stage of check capture (Detection) satellite Read more [...]
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Gray partridge in cages

Gray partridge in third place among the objects dicherazvedeniya in our country after mallard and pheasant hunting. Breeding partridges mainly engaged in hunting grounds users to maintain and increase the number of natural population, as well as for the organization of hunting guaranteed.From the point of view of hunting partridge has advantages and disadvantages. The advantages include widespread in nature and are well adapted to the conditions of existence. This allows, in contrast to the breeding of pheasant hunting, to create and maintain wild populations of partridges, where its natural abundance Read more [...]
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To fingers were intact

When shooting, particularly intensive, often goes by hunter rifle. If unpleasant sensations in the shoulder and the cheek is not easy to get rid of, then breaking into the blood of the middle finger of his right hand is pretty simple to avoid.This injury — the phenomenon is not rare when firing a hunting rifle. There are several reasons, the first of which is on the surface — is shooting heavy ammunition from a light gun or rifle with a shortened barrel, which increases efficiency. In addition, often the descent is made not the middle or the front tip of the index finger, and fold Read more [...]
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Hunting with Norn

Photo: Sergei Narozhnova Hunting with the Norn for their emotional feelings can not be compared with a jump of greyhounds in the field, with hunting with hounds, or setter, as a setter, taking the smell of the birds goes to potyazhku, slowing down, and firmly stands on the rack! What could be better? Still hunting Norn has many of its charms. Over the years, hunting with dogs I kept different breeds burrowing. But the most vivid impression left haired fox terriers, and among them was the leader of Alpha (1202 / PG p. 23 May 1982).She came from Nord (1133 / FG, owner Read more [...]
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Army or hunting?

The use of various types of weapons and ammunition for hunting debated among hunters and gunsmiths since time immemorial. Photo Fotolia Sometimes the discussion were connected to government officials. In our country, as a rule, this has led to a ban or restrict the use of hunting or other weapons or ammunition.Some bans subsequently canceled and then re-introduced. Some of them are today. Only in recent years has repeatedly imposed bans on hunting ammunition for smooth-bore weapons, equipment and buckshot round bullet, ammunition Army sample to the rifle, prohibited hunting with Read more [...]
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We will remember them

Photo: Sergei Narozhnova In the Moscow society of hunters and anglers to the author was fortunate to work with many gonchatnikami prewar and postwar pores. As the most expensive, I remember his friendship with FF Saburov, A. M. Koroleva, NS Izotov, IN Polyakov NG Sidyakovym. While still alive, they'll remember. These were the heroes of the spirit, generosity and decency. From gonchatnikov, adequately maintain a high brand of Russian hounds in the Moscow region, I particularly dear Ivan Polyakov, my teacher and good mentor in the field. I remember one day in April 1970, I arrived Read more [...]
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Now the cold evenings recall last September - golden time for hunters. This month I was pleased with the bear hunting with a warehouse.Especially fine September evening, I was going on a storage shed. With me I asked for a six-year grandson Anton. They came on their  ATV at a safe distance. Before Labasa another 2 km, then quietly went on foot. Climbed onto a storage shed (wooden playground size 1h1,5 m, knocked together from boards between 3 pine trees at a height of 3 m) and began to patiently watch the barrel in which the bait was located in 80m of a warehouse. After 2 hours of exposure Read more [...]
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Cup of Crimea with the Russian status

A truly historical can be called an open inter-individual-team competitions cops dogs partridge «Cup of Crimea", which took place on the peninsula on 27-29 March this year in the Black Sea area. Anyway, they became the first official tournament under the auspices of the RWC, held in Crimea since the return to Crimea Russia. Also, the organizers of the competition were made by the Regional Public Organization «Crimean Republican Society of Hunters and Fishermen»National Club of breed and Pointer Rostov regional public organization Canine Read more [...]
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The Survival in the wild nature - how correctly to behave, it having appeared in an emergency situation. Ability to find a way out from any situation: to kindle a fire, to put traps, to prepare food, to arrange dwelling and a lodging for the night; to learn to knit knots, to clear water, to be guided by districts, correctly to choose equipment, a knife. Also you can download directories to tourists, encyclopedias survivals, video Bear Grills to Survive at any cost (Man vs. Wild).