The problem of stray dogs

One of the duties hunter service is shooting stray animalsThese include dogs and cats, for various reasons, do not become a joy to their owners, and the easiest way out – put in the car so to release somewhere in the settlement. Most will return to the people, some even will find a new home. Others will shkodnichat, stealing poultry products are poorly hidden until the landlord will not use a shovel or something in the form of primitive weapons. Someone trail runs on the road under the wheels dashing foreign cars. But there is a category which, feeling the freedom to remain away from people Read more [...]
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Homemade cartridge, part two

Part two So what and why? Let's leave behind the scenes of those who see in this economic sense  and who are deprived of choice.  In the frame of those who believes that his patron at least no worse than the average for the quality of corporate patron. These people believe in a cartridge that hunting is not the last of the components of good luck. I refer to a personal experience.  Postrelivat sometimes cartridges Pozis, considering them the best available price. For the past season due to circumstances treated without due attention and suddenly discovered that the hunt for the transit Read more [...]
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The advantage of 7.62 mm

Ammunition for rifles different caliber, weight and type puli.Obladayut greater penetrative power than ammunition for shotguns After reading the article «7.62, or 9?» Art. police sergeant IE Suslov and other articles about the negative attitude to the cartridge 7,62x39, I want to answer that almost all the authors write that 7,62x39 cartridge is designed to engage the average person, concealing that were developed to destroy human «shell» bullets and punched rails.At this same time in the commercially available cartridges «expansive» and «soft Read more [...]
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Gifts spring forest

Warmed by the rays of spring forest edge and hillocks, were drawn to the light and warmth of grass-blades of grass, bugs, spiders. And that means it's time to go for the coveted trophies. License ohotbilety and money are needed.Morel conical ...Approving murmurs diners grows stronger as time to carry Nanet dish with morels, and turned into a chorus, the general roar of approval when everything got and ate this delicious dish ...SN Terpigorev. «Morels»I remember an episode from the distant childhood. I, six year old girl, returning from another mushroom hike with her Read more [...]
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With billed nose!

Spring stood out early. The snow has melted, but only in nadvoryah in the forest in the lowlands and ravines somewhere else whiten loose, spongy lumps.The sun works wonders, and the arrival of summer is getting closer.The cozy, summery heat in the Tikhon carpenter's shop. Near the bench stands a mountain of sawdust shavings, sweet-sour smell of gently tickles the nose. We talk to Tikhon about the upcoming thrust, the owner says more, I looked catch his every word.— When the pull, you can not guess — every day have to go into the forest. This is not an express train on a schedule to Read more [...]
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Notes Volgograd gonchatnika

In place Volkogonov come snowmobiles. Wolves in the steppe regions destroyed. I myself was of wolf №1 in the RSFSR, and destroyed about 1,000 wolves, was a multiple winner of the contest for the extermination of wolves, and now, in my 72 years I am able to get on in the spring brood lair. I declare that in our area (Volgograd region) wolves remaining forest, and they have disparate, single individuals and are held in swampy areas, where there are snowmobiles and hounds are difficult  take. Canes PROBLEMS AND EVALUATION These hounds are afraid of the wolf smell. Coat underdeveloped, particularly Read more [...]
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Forever bygone gun

Hunting path length in the 60 years I basically walked arm in arm with the Izhevsk shotgun. But the most sunken into the soul and leave a mark in my mind were two guns - IL-54 and IL-12. In this article, we will focus on double-barreled shotgun IL-54, I bought with it.…gun – lightning and thunder in the hands of a hunter and a certain distance makes him the lord of life and death of all living creatures. ST AksakovHistoryOn the basis of the technical documentation obtained from Germany, production was organized IZhMEHe double-barreled shotguns on the basis of eight models «Sauer» Read more [...]
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Punished for robbery

It all began on January 5 with a call logging foreman, who said that in the forest quarter, where they are working, a pack of wolves chasing a moose. In place of the departed chairman Kiknursky District society of hunters and anglers NA Peter and Paul and Huntsman II Zadvornov. When viewed from the quarterly glades hunters have found that a pack of three to five wolves really hunted for moose. After seeing the wolf tracks (and snow in the forest has been 35–40 cm), the hunters decided to set traps. But who will do it better than the most experienced specialist of wolf Ivan Ilyich Zadvornov. Read more [...]
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Estonian Hound 60 years

Already 60 years have passed, as the Ministry of Agriculture of the USSR in 1954 approved the standard Estonian hound. This was the conclusion of a large breeding operation, which was conducted under the guidance of Russian handler SN Smyelkov in Estonia. To create a cast-breed used for local blood offspring dogs beagles, Swiss, Finnish Hound, Foxhound. Photos Marcin Blaszkowski / WIKIMEDIA.ORG Estonian Hound — This dog is a short, strong, dry-type structure housing, it is characterized by such qualities as nestomchivost, excellent flair, excellent viscosity and, as Read more [...]
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About storage of guns is safe

But now I would like to raise a very important for many of us a topic related to the change in rules governing the storage of hunting weapons and ammunition.But now I would like to raise a very important for many of us a topic related to the change in rules governing the storage of hunting weapons and ammunition.We all know that a few years ago, the law expanded the limits of self-defense of a Russian citizen. We are now able to protect the honor, dignity and life in an emergency, even by destroying penetrated the home of the offender. Thus, we have the right, protecting access to your home and Read more [...]
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About threaded cartridges

Get not what they wanted, but that was just available from a financial point of view. Everything revolves around the availability in 7.62: whether the cartridge 39 or 54 - it does not matter, just to shoot and was blocked shot of a smooth barrel. Read article IE Suslov in the category «Hunting usage» «7.62, or 9?» Today, the topic is very relevant in many respects I can agree with the author, but with something to argue. Let's start with the fact that the Law on Hunting; it is bad or good, I can not judge, in another case, or rather, in the decision of the Russian Government Read more [...]
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Spring burns

Soon the snow melts completely again laid bare last year's grass. Open spring hunting. Start of spring grass burns. About the dangers that brings the grass burns, we wrote a lot, but why do they happen? Photo: Mikhail Semin I do not see arson committed out of hooliganism. It is no secret, and we patsanyata burned grass. The issue is that the villagers set fire to the specially in the spring grass. Why? In recent years, agricultural land in the suburbs are not processed and overgrown with weeds. In nekoshenoy grass freely feel rodents. A large number of rodents allows you to not Read more [...]
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Wonder boar

It was an unusually large fresh boar trail. The heart beat faster, kindled a sense of excitement of hunting, and hunting arms spontaneously felt armor. I went after him, and he went forward, leaving the bush clay smears from their sides. Flakes of foam on the branches reach up to the level of my shoulder (during rutting bulls have generously allocated foamy saliva). The boar was a moderate pace that allowed me to walk freely in his tracks without making the most of the characteristic rustling in the snow. His path crosses several large boar tracks. On the track it was clear that my boar worried: Read more [...]
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About the spring geese not only

"Geese have become wise. They are now opening up to fly! "- Joking people. Joking aside, but every hunter already thinking where to go for the opening, with what weapon, how much ammo store. Last year, the opening perfectly coincided with the beginning of mass flight of geese, therefore, in my opinion, all visitors were satisfied. I can not judge about the production, but to shoot all your heart. At dawn on the first day of hunting continuous gunfire lasted till eleven o'clock.By lunchtime, several tired arrows or ammunition was exhausted. But that's what I thought. And wrong — after lunch Read more [...]
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Meeting of the All-Russian Dog Training Tips

December 5th, 2012 the regular meeting of the All-Russian Dog Training Tips for hunting dogs.Chairman of the Board opened the meeting V.M.Kiryakulov traditional minute of silence in memory of experts and prominent figures of hunting dog breeding, departed from us in the last year.After approval of the agenda of the meeting highlighted the results of the XI All-Russian Exhibition of hunting dogs and preparation of the final catalog, which is scheduled for release in February 2013.Substantive agenda began to long-standing issues in the introduction of a single action «Evidence of a hunting Read more [...]
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Equip cartridges

With great interest I read the publication in «HORN»Signed Alexander Yarkov. In addition to its informative, they attract an extraordinary style. However, the immediate occasion for my speech was the opposition to one of the recommendations contained in the article by Yarkov «Homemade cartridge»To quote the author: «It is desirable harmonization used fractions with a diameter of choke, and according to some sources, and with the diameter of the bore, can improve the scree and add up to seven percent accuracy». The author emphasizes that «worth it».From Read more [...]
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All-Russian competition hounds

XIV All-Russian competition hounds held from 16 October to 25 October 2014 in the hunting grounds of the Kirov factory "Mayak" and OJSC "Lepse" Verhoshizhemskogo district of the Kirov region. Photo by Sergey Turkin And why in Kirov forests? Yes, apparently because Verhoshizhemskogo land area suitable for such events. AT mainly coniferous forest, even in running easily visible locations. Previously cultivated fields overgrown with dense pine self-sown.But this is not Only fir and Pine, in lowlands birch, aspen, which is very convenient for dwelling Read more [...]
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Pheasants from the huskies

From the corner of my eye I notice alertness dog sniffed, went to the strip. We, of course, has guarded - really another pheasant ?! There are 37 species of pheasant in the world, and many of them are coveted trophy hunting. Photo: SHUTTERSTOCK. Originally it was planned jointly with Friends hunting ducks. But the idea was thwarted by the urgent business trip to Stavropol Territory, and almost immediately after it was waiting for me in the plane hot country, vacation.The mission understands that the planned hunt duck will only day when Read more [...]
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Hunting, which can not be forgotten

The first hunting trophies and the first remembered for a lifetime. I remember my first hunt. Since then, it took a few decades ...Then I had a real friend – Lenka Ivanov, with whom we spent all his free time from school. I am speaking of his friend in the past tense because more than twenty years ago, he died unexpectedly at his desk at his workplace.At first we went hunting with him at the end of 9th grade. Guns we already had: I «Zimson»Produced by my father at the expense of the debt and passed me, Lyonka – two-barrel trigger Tulku.We had to decide where to go. Unfolded Read more [...]
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Tim and marten

Tim for a long time, laboriously seeking, parses and finds traces of the animal, sometimes climbing into the hollow, climbing like a climber on a treePhoto: Yuri Barnes In May of me after a long search and expectations were lucky to take in West Siberian husky puppy Moscow red color with white stripe on side. The puppy was the last, and I thought that he was not It took precisely because of the tiger stripes. I called it Tim.In August, we went for porcini mushrooms with Tim, who was five months. Just sat down to dinner, when he picked up Read more [...]
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