Taiga was

Photo Aconcagua / FLICKR.COM LYNXThat day I I hunted wapiti, walking along morning the track, trying to approach it on lezhke. It was a beautiful sunny morning, nothing boded trouble. Climb up the slope, his eyes buried in snow, not to lose track. AT Ussuri taiga all the snow trampled trails, large and small, they agree, disagree, meander. Just need to follow to lose. Then he will have to start looking for another. I go, I preoccupied my thoughts, when I like someone stops and He speaks: «Look up». I stop.I Read more [...]
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Ohotdepartament authorized to declare

In connection with numerous appeals of citizens on the issue of changes to the rules of hunting, introduced by order of the Ministry of Russia on December 10, 2013 number 581, in terms of training (and nataski nagonki) dogs hunting breeds Ministry of Russia said:Photo by Sergey Gulyaev For any kind of hunting resources during the breeding season — a key period of sustainable existence. Most game animals breed and raise offspring in the spring and early summer.Many specialists and experts in matters of teaching dogs hunting breeds than once have developed concerns about the Read more [...]
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Pochard, or as it is called - Blue Duck, belongs to the genus dives. In addition to his nest in our area belonging to the same genus tufted duck and scaup span is.Photos William N. Beckonl-wikimedia.org Of the two dozen drakes, caught me at the previous spring hunting season, seventeen of them were krasnogoloviki. About the same alignment visited before. Therefore, we talk about them.Unlike ducks river, or so-called noble, dives during foraging dive to a depth of four meters, foraging at the bottom of the pond. Therefore, they are rarely seen on the rocks, the grass and reeds and Read more [...]
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Where to get ohotbilet?

Moscow fans of hunting will be easier to exchange or cancel your hunting license. All operations with the documents to be carried out not only in the district offices of the Department of natural resources and environmental protection, but also in the multifunctional center of public services in Moscow.Photo by Anton Zhuravkova I have contacts to leading specialist Media GBU MFC Moscow Oleg Rodionov and it provided an accurate list of addresses on the MFC this moment.According to the press service of the Department of Natural Resources and environmental documents clearance Read more [...]
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POPC — to protect hunters

In the last issue we gave the announcement Treatment Association RosOkhotRybolovSoyuz to the Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, SE Don on the amendments to the Rules of hunting in the Russian Federation. Given the importance of the issues raised, we have decided to bring all the appeal of the President fully POPC.Photo by Sergey Gulyaev Dear Sergey Yefimovich!AT «Rossiyskaya Gazeta» April 9, 2014 order was issued the Ministry of Russia from 10.12.2013 № 581 «On amendments to the hunting regulations approved by the Ministry of Read more [...]
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On the scent

Is it easy to find a boar in the woods? On different occasions. Of course, where there is a forage area, and next shooting towers, and do not need to look: the villages and wait. There are occasional meetings when not looking for much, and he suddenly rise from the swamp fifteen meters, and in the trunks of duck shot. Already run shivers down your spine! But believe what happened in that year, it is difficult. But listen.Photo dreamstime.com The licenses of the regional center were taken two weeks. We isperezhivalis: hunting is open for a long time, but it is not blank, then there Read more [...]
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«Psevdoohotniche» weapons

Until the 90s of the last century, our hunter could buy only smooth-bore weapons. Cut Carbines were available only to fishers and small group of privileged people (approximately today pistols). To change the law allowed to acquire the cut hunting weapon, and it is hunting, the other options, such as: self-defense or rifles or just rifled collector - the law does not. This situation has led to the fact that the manufacturers have to certify any rifle as a hunting, whether HPE-135 (PCA) or carabiner «Maksim». Of course, it seems absurd, and it would be Read more [...]
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Work spaniel voice

Many useful hunting qualities instills your pet hunter in the upbringing of a puppy. But much of the dog laid down, as they say smart people, and manifests itself genetically-evolving as they grow older. For example, the voice. Photo by Sergey Fokin I remember accustomed to clean, ringing like a silver bell, the voice of his young spaniel. But once I worked with him Meadow, consolidating lesson learned. Specifically chose a quiet place without the people and dogs that did not prevented avocations unsuited distracted. AT some point very Read more [...]
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Why dog ​​RWC?

Hunting dog breeding in our country is experiencing and better than now, times. Perhaps this is the period from late 40s to mid-80s of the last century. Hunting ordinary citizens, and not only the elite, the availability of hunting grounds, a relatively rational control breeding, lack of commercial approach to dog breeding - all this created the conditions for its successful development.Photo Nikolai Sorokin Is not my «senile nostalgia»But, alas, lost to reality which were many and positive, and negativity. Dissatisfied occurring, as in all times, Read more [...]
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XII tournament varmint hunting

In early July, in the north of Rostov region took a fascinating hunt. Its participants competed in varmint hunting - ability to produce marmots at long range. Already twelfth tournament varmint hunting organized by Moscow hunting club «Safari». The club came up with this format, does not Only a year has taken on the burden of care and organizational costs, but and attracts sponsors, could interest the winners with valuable gifts. AT This year's top prize — Challenge Cup, awards from the organizer and prize money from sponsors, Read more [...]
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Tyunezhskaya practice

In mid-July, on St. Peter's Day, which year birch grove on the shore of the pond in Tyunezhskom hunting estate is filled with people, hunting dogs, tents and ... cheerful din. It attracts visitors and participants of the championship hunt with the practical sporting dog. Superiority on practical hunting with gun dog runs for the fifth year the day when our ancestors discovered the summer hunt. The main objective of this competition — and show tell people about tradition of hunting right cops, Spaniels and Retriever.Terms evaluation of couples Read more [...]
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Dream come true

One of the galleries of the lodge, which shows the interior painting of the Soviet period, a beautiful trophy bison from Montana (USA) saddle donated by the former president of Kyrgyzstan AA Akayev More recently, in 70s of last century, our country practically There was trophy hunting. No one not even an was that such a trophy, why it is needed, how to measure it, to preserve what is taxidermy and etc.… Fans went on hunting, animal or bird hunted, butchered them and prepared meals. AND all.AT the early '90s I was fortunate Read more [...]
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Geese fly south

At night I woke up, lying, listening to crawl on the slate of the old arborvitae branch. Suddenly, the room lit display mobile phone, screamed call, unexpected at this hour, and who made a dissonance in the usual night sounds of the old house. Photo SHUTTERSTOCK.COM You sleep? A geese that fly to south, — I barely heard not through the crackle to the place of the cheerful voice of a friend. — There is such a thing, the car had We clomalas. He gets.— Is that a seven kilometers? .. — for some reason I asked the question Read more [...]
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Why not shoot ?!

Familiar hunters, read my story, each time trying to recall the various occasions in the hunt with my participation. "Do you remember Vasilich, like you and me, then? .." Listen to what I'm trying to remember where it was when ... Photo SHUTTERSTOCK.COM The interviewee recalls something different funny cases. The longer and more convincing he says, I I begin to understand that nothing is I remember it had something to confuse, and I was there at all It was.But the case of the my partner of Joint hunting Volodya was really and G. to remember the Read more [...]
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And snow, and the wind …

End of October. The work concerns ... Occasional weekend "crammed"! It is necessary to catch pike on spinning, Gonchakov field excuse, for want mushrooms, last apples in the garden podsobrat. Early frosts reduced the list of temptations, and formed «window» I I decide to devote hunting autumn duck. I hunt usually her mid-November, more often alone, but there were favorable conditions!Storm wind Volga River, just below zero temperature, small steppe vodoyemchiki stood at Reservoir on Coastal reeds formed ice zakrayki. Read more [...]
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All good things, alas, tends to quickly end. After the successful opening, something happened that should have happened. Incredibly, fact, despite something that our territory full swing harvesting campaign, the geese were able to find on the Kazakh grain side beveled strip, which is not clear where it came from, since no people or technology we the side not saw and quietly began to fly on it. We could only admire periodically in which under his binoculars and solvability watch as geese, which is becoming more and more Read more [...]
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A couple of years ago, the team overlaid boar herd of about twenty heads, sow-The leader rushed along the fold, and the shooting line, the grandfather of Andrew with a friend rushed to the detour to catch tuck flock to the marshes. I listened intently as the shooter and peered into its zone of fire. Confidence that finally, after almost twenty years of hunting, a welcome meeting with boar is about to happen, do not He left me for a minute…Ahead in gregarious bushes was heard scuffling, began to move threads undersized young aspen. I was ready — Read more [...]
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Instructive case

In the early postwar years, my grandfather was a master hunter. Independently of the grandfather Berdan rifle, though I always while giving only two rounds, I was able to get a bunny, a few partridges and crows.Photo ben23 / WIKIMEDIA.ORG Cartridges grandfather always charged himself. A Now the fox is not I managed to get. Grandfather put me as he spoke on Faithful hole, but I have not I had the patience or He went on other — better, I believe the place.But the fox took place exactly where I put my grandfather. I received such Read more [...]
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Successful exit

The first days of November 2014 already established tradition for a long time now MOOiR team met on the hunt in one of the hunting farms of the Moscow region. This year, the water in the forest and in the fields of small, so that in many places of hunting, we managed to pass on the cars. During the first day of hunting and five pens to pass only took about ten kilometers. From pens managed to squeeze out a few moose, two herds of deer, roe deer five goals, but unfortunately, the spoils of the first day is not pleased.Although horned and were pens, and even at gunpoint, but the Read more [...]
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Its burden is not felt

That came at the end of the fall season for waterfowl. This season in our area was the province of Tula, frankly, poor. The opening began on time, the weather was great, but that's a duck for some reason, no luck. As I utryanke duck to visit all places where there is always one or two da lift. After walking a bit, I decided to try his luck at evening sunset. Day quickly changed the evening and I have to his native place, located in otvershike pond near the village. Time 20.45, has become dark. Somewhere in the distance I heard a loud slaps on water. Read more [...]
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