The November half snipe

It was in the early eighties. With my classmate Vitali after graduation, we have not seen. He studied instrumental music and playing the guitar in the restaurant in the evenings, and I worked as an intern at the Department of Obstetrics at the alma mater.Photo by Alexander Grishin And once in the beginning of November, we accidentally met at society hunters queues for obtaining permits to hunt for hares. We talked, and he began to persuade me to go to motorboat last time Volga, not yet Bird and ended the season not all duck flew Read more [...]
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And again on the brass sleeve

Part twoPhoto: Anton Zhuravkov Now, about the experience and the intricacies of equipment and operation. First, the economic component. For those who do a lot of shooting (doves, quail), there is a direct sense to buy these cartridges even a fantastically high price – 40 rubles apiece. At first, the cost of the cartridge will be prohibitively high, but after 10–15 recharges the sleeve has to be free.With careful operation it will be enough for 100 shots, and even more. Just one piece of advice: check all purchased sleeve, without departing from the counter. Our producer Read more [...]
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Bunny I found in the bedroom near the balcony, and when pulled him by the ears from the tables, he was not screaming in terror, and threatening, almost cat-like, snortedPhoto: Ilya Lipin During one of the night raids conservation area I was driving a motorcycle on the service through an abandoned garden, so dense and overgrown with tall grass that my «Ural» I rolled, crushing it under her nekoshenuyu wall, both thick and soft feather bed.Suddenly from under the basket bike lurched toward a small hare, but once entangled in bulk on a grass, heart-rending screamed like Read more [...]
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Natural elixir of health

I think that there is hardly any need to recall once again that the disease is easier to prevent than to treat it. But what we do in Russia to their health? We often hear from hunters as they slept in the spring at the current capercaillie, lying by the fire on the still wet and cold spring earth as a few days went to the rubber shoes are not prosushivaya it, and others may say, «feats».  What usually ends? If such things are systematic, that chronic arthritis, radiculitis and other ailments are guaranteed.Over time, it's beginning to affect the health of the hunter, and he naturally Read more [...]
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In the summer of 1944, our 47th separate avtopolk worked for distillation vehicles, marching under the Lend-Lease from Julfa on the border with Iran to the station Beslan, near Ordzhonikidze (now Vladikavkaz).I served as a private company of the third battalion of the second. A company commanded by Senior Lieutenant Sivkov and battalion — Captain Kosorukov. He was one of those commanders for whom the soldiers are ready to go through fire and water. Tie it tight and could even harshly punish the guilty, but before the command of the regiment mountain standing behind every soldier of his battalion.The Read more [...]
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About mainspring and delusions

The reason for my replica served "Subjective notes on the TOZ-34" SF Kolmakov, the author of the aged and interesting. Photo by Ilya Mikhailov Topic TOZ-34, we will not discuss. Notes, in my opinion, not subjective, but rather objective.But there is one feature of this author. Constant mention of the beloved rifle TOZ-25 16 gauge in the deluxe version. There is nothing reprehensible in this small weakness can not see. Shotgun TOZ-25 know more than good, with all its advantages and disadvantages, which is less than the advantages.And about this gun annoy me the assurance that in Read more [...]
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Lipoptena Cervi

In late summer and autumn, visiting the forest, we are often faced with extremely corrosive insect - deer louse, or, as it is called, fly elk, moose louse. It is strongly flattened with thick leathery shiny veils of light brown flies. Due to the dense cover and flattened form, louse can withstand a lot of pressure. Body length winged adult 3–3.5 mm. The head is directed forward and also flattened, antennae are located in the deep hollows on the forehead, hardly speaking above the surface.Large eyes, made 2.5–3 thousands of facets located on the sides of the head and to occupy 25% of Read more [...]
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We have the features of no return

For the same gonchatnika true answer is unequivocal: he would go into the woods with a good hound and no guns, but is unlikely to agree to go into the woods with a good gun, but not hound ...Photo: Olga BOGODYAZH For the same gonchatnika true answer is unequivocal: he would go into the woods with a good hound and no guns, but is unlikely to agree to go into the woods with a good gun, but not hound…In recent years, dealing with many of the owners of Russian hounds away from Moscow, I am increasingly beginning to realize that the responsibility of the breed we have come, if Read more [...]
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Sakhalin bear

The story that I told one friend, long time worked on Sakhalin. There is on everyone's lips was the story of a tragedy.The interior of the island was state farm settlement. To it were to get out, geologists at the end of the route. A small detachment — geologist and a worker, — doing the job, he came to the village. By this time they did not have any supplies. Some days they did not eat. There remained only a small flask of alcohol. And at this moment he caught the eye of Bears — Pestun and yearlings. They frolicked in the meadow. Without thinking twice, he threw up three-way Read more [...]
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Boar season

The story of the hunterPhoto: Ilya Lipin It is in 1987.With a friend, I went to Sergey on the hunt to the familiar forester Peter Stepanovich drive foxes in the reeds, search marten, hare. I have had a license for the fox and marten, and Sergei hare. With us were my two huskies and Seregin nine foksik smooth.We arrived to the forester showed documents and went. The forest did not go, and he walked along the road and came to a wide marshy field. Here and there were visible clumps of reeds, where more where less. Three hundred meters from the forest stood on the mound of the old Read more [...]
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Fight small caliber rifles

No advantages of small caliber rifles to large-caliber guns there, but plenty of drawbacksPhoto by Anton Zhuravkova This article is in no way encroaches on the authority of such outstanding professionals as Alexander P. Ivashentsov and Sergey Buturlin. However, in the history of science and technology sometimes there are incidents.How AP Ivashentseva have formed the opinion that small-caliber rifles have several advantages over large-caliber guns, no one can say. In my view, the logic of reasoning was that the smaller inner diameter of the barrel, the more pressure a barrel can Read more [...]
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Pine - one of the most beautiful trees of our forests. Pinery usually bright, clean and dry. Its air is full of aromas of freshness, love and eternal wisdom. This bouquet of odors consists of volatile production allocated pine needles. People have long understood the power of healing. Shishkin, Ivan «Pinery» A large familyThe race «Pine» (family «pine») Includes about a hundred species, twelve of which are found in the wild in our country. In the culture we have them more than 50 species. Main «savages» — Pallas pine growing Read more [...]
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Moose: meetings in nature

Moose at Bryn appeared shortly after the war - obviously scared away their battle long gremevshego forest European North. Along with them came and wild boar, but at first they were lurking in remote places, without giving signs of life. In any case, the first of the newcomers, with whom I was able to meet were moose.One day in early winter skiing I saw an unfamiliar trail left by large animals: a very big step and deep dents from cloven hooves. «Is someone a cow? How far wandered!» — I thought. Peered closer: this «cow» easily defeated the well-preserved after the Read more [...]
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Prudence will not hurt

Photo: Anton Zhuravko I read an article about Sergei Bogdanov «factory Samokrutov» and «custom assembly».I do not presume to question rezulty firing such ammunition. But there are some concerns. This 1.8 g «Falcon» in 20 gauge cartridges. There is a book AP Ivashentsova «Combat shotgun and Service». Title of the book consists of two parts: «The battle» and «Service». I would like to listen to, check out the authors, long-standing practice charges 1.8 g «Falcon» 20 th caliber. That's a long time. Read more [...]
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In the full moon night

Scary to imagine what could happen if the wolf, tasted bloodPhoto: Alexander Kovalevsky – Dad, come quickly, take me out of school! I'm scared: Klimov attacked by wolves!So says housemate call her youngest daughter, who sounded on Friday, September 24, 2010.– At that moment I felt as a child mastered fear, – he says now.To tell the truth, the reasons for this were.On the first callPavel swore in the village Lyubechane paramedic working for nearly a quarter century. For the villagers, he is the authority to whom to refer difficult times, day and night. This load Read more [...]
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What kind of winter we are predicting omens?

On the long and cold winter and said the abundance of mountain ash in the autumnPhoto: Alexey Obolensky Summer stormy – winter with blizzards. Stormy summer was not. Summer is dry and hot – winter with little snow, frosty. Summer everywhere was dry and hot. If a hot July – to the cold weather in December. July was hot. Crude summer and warm autumn – for a long winter. Autumn was warm and the summer was dry. If you warm and dry September, expect a late arrival of winter. We are waiting. While in September (last year) a lot of acorns on the oak, then expect Read more [...]
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Hare’s wedding

Wedding hare (Belyakov, the pair met in the evenings to valdshnepinoy traction) I saw once in the steppe Crimea, near Evpatoria. Somewhere in the end of March or beginning of April, the leaves on the trees have not yet blossomed, but in the desert quite dry. I travel in a military unit located in the steppe. Photo by Alexander Nazarov So one morning I leave on balcony apartment on the second floor. The windows look to north, the outer part of the town. Under the balcony fence, then a narrow dirt road and farther — steppe. Stretching and overlooking Read more [...]
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Paradoxes judging FCI

February 22, 2015 we, as we like to say in St. Petersburg within the framework of the International Exhibition "Baltic Triumph" took Dane dog show "German drathaar." After that just want to take a deep breath, and sadly, it is hard to breathe ... The triumph of the exhibition was held, and after that there was only a bitter aftertaste. Photo ccho / (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) For some reason we believe that better abroad: potatoes, apples, bread, mushrooms… Even migratory game that reproduces at us, and with the flight to it gathers the best gastronomic shades. Read more [...]
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How to wean chasing deer?

In today's reality, hounds chasing deer, wild boar, elk, many hunters do not come to courtPhoto: Sergei Kudinov Leave out the fact that you have done (or not done) to make keen his dog to chase prey, but one day you suddenly realize that «such joy» you do not need, and wondered: «How to wean hound chasing deer (wild boar, elk)?»I share their own experiences, as I taught the dog to the correct and predictable behavior on the hunt.Last summer, I went to vyzhlets Russian piebald hound as young as two years old, grew up in a cage. All mastered them counted in Read more [...]
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Cartridge and exploded in a shop

Unbelievable but truePhoto: Alexander Yarkovoy Introduces the reader «HORN» photo. The remains recovered from the grenade ammunition store gazootvodki Turkish Pegasus, belongs to my young colleague and friend. Green cartridge with Five – product Novosibirsk company «Spark»That respect for high-Papkova sleeve. To incredible skukozhennaya plastic sleeve without primer – product company «Record». Here is the patron and exploded in a shop.[mkref = 652]According to the owner, he came to me for examination, was as follows. I will make Read more [...]
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