In the Perm region of the hunter shot the dog with a gun

Witnesses claim that during a hunting dog stepped on the trigger gun lying on the ground. At this time the barrel has been directed to one of the men.In the Perm region shot from a gun dog his master hunter. This version of the murder sounded from the testimony of eyewitnesses state of emergency, he told Tass on Friday, an investigator for particularly important cases of the investigation department of the city of Berezniki SU IC in the Perm region, Dmitry Valdaytsev.Dead leaves behind a wife and little daughter. According to local media, the grief-stricken woman, knowing what had happened on the Read more [...]
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In winter, in the Irkutsk region are expected to appear bears rods

Of the possibility of this winter bears rods from settlements Priangarye warned at a press conference on September 22 Deputy Head of the Service for the protection and use of wildlife, Irkutsk region Valery Zagoskin.According to the speaker, to chase bears Settlements starvation caused by the dry summer and autumn. «The weather conditions have led to crop failures and the absence of berry harvest pine nuts – bear the main food during the accumulation of fat before hibernation. In such circumstances, the bear moved to the settlements, where gardeners growing vegetables and berries, which Read more [...]
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Hunter — means a good man!

I think many would agree that the word "hunt" an association, rather far from the standard of the educational process: the wood, the pursuit of wild animals, tired and happy people sitting around a campfireIndeed, many perceive hunting as a hobby rather than a serious profession, and until recently worked in the hunting grounds are people very passionate their work, but without professional education. But to become a true specialist, requires professional knowledge and competence.Therefore, today more and more in the requirements for applicants, the hunting farm indicate not only experience, but Read more [...]
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Photography: Passerine

Dear colleagues, Here are the results (of course, in between) eighteen months of my passions: photoshoot. In order to comply with a certain system, I allowed myself to create this topic (as well as and the next), giving it a bit of pseudo-scientific overtones. That is, I want to upload photos not just from time to time. Everyone knows that the great Carl Linnaeus long ago created a classification of living things on Earth, and as a basis, it still exists.In this topic, I want to lay out pictures of little, but of the living trophies caught me on a camera. And, with your permission, I will try to Read more [...]
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Saving Private hunters. Indictment A.Dovydenko

Dear readers. The editors published a range of materials relating to illegal hunting, which occurred on 6 February 2010. Recall the essence. Alexander Dovydenko hunters saw out of the woods at the garden of the partnership "Glider"Located in the Dmitrov district of Moscow region, a group of people went snowmobiling and sleigh. They are boxes with hunting dogs and moose carcasses on which hunting is permitted only until 31 December. The editors published a series of materials (see below links) relating to illegal hunting, which took place February 6, 2010 with the participation of senior Read more [...]
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The ethics of hunting

I want to talk about hunting several seemingly abstract terms. But whether it will be abstract, if my goal - to observe the behavior of the hunter on the hunt. I will try to get away from the platitudes that drinking is not good, and aim at the stomach neighbor ugly.Photo: Sergei Narozhnova Actually, very much different thoughts lined up in my head, when I decided to write this article. Only talk about hunters and hunting, not noticing the many negative changes in the nature of Moldova, and in society, it is impossible. Perhaps it would be better to call these notes «What Read more [...]
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For ducks on small rivers

The benefit that a lot of these rivers, and they are compared to the Oka and Klyazma coasts little frequented by hunters. The success of hunting depends on the knowledge of the terrain and the nature of the river (the presence of rapids, fords, whirlpools, rapids, the location of flooded or steep banks, their forest cover, etc.). The prevailing impression of lightness sto- len ducks on a narrow, winding river, with plenty of overgrown banks is not entirely true.Photo: Mikhail Semin Sto- len by nettles through willow or alder, strewn with fallen leaves and broken branches, it will Read more [...]
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Saving Private hunters. Opinion on the criminal case against A.Dovydenko Russian Academy of Law

AT Dovydenko The editors published a series of materials (see below links) relating to illegal hunting, which took place February 6, 2010 with the participation of senior officials:Saving Private hunters. The expert opinion of the expert in the case A.DovydenkoSaving Private hunters. Indictment A.DovydenkoSaving Private hunters. Opinion on the job description A.DovydenkoFootage arrest poachers:jwplayer.key="BHAtKTdWGA7Jm6Ku6hQiZH2sKSZPKmVUoQ8Kqg==";var playerInstance2923 = jwplayer("myElement2923").setup({file: "",image: "",flashplayer: Read more [...]
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Grandfather Mazzei from the Kerch

Name Kerch Hunter Vasily Kononenko well known to many Crimean (and not only) hunters - fans exciting hunting wild geese. Vasily moonlights as a gamekeeper in a private hunting leases on the Kerch Peninsula, where almost every fall and winter arrive on ozimku large flocks of these birds. Uncle Bob is jokingly called Kononenko friends and acquaintances, a truly professional-Gusyatnikov organizing usually productive hunting for visitors. However, I want to tell and present (see photo) are not the trophies Kononenko, who are used to seeing.Icy and snowy February 2012 turned out to Read more [...]
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Shot for which ashamed

At the beginning of winter, we arrived at a big company Dolgolugovskoe hunting area, located relatively close to Moscow on Shchelkovo highway. Then there was enough hares and hounds raced well.Photo: Vladimir Motkova In fact, now there is both, so only hares somehow «reeducate» and  They stopped running in circles, apparently realizing that it was too dangerous for them. Raised dogs, they fuck right now in a straight line until we get rid of the persecution. But then they behaved more as normal.We were definitely lucky with the weather – It was a classic Read more [...]
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A little about the humane shooting

It is gratifying to note that the culture of hunting, including in the field of weapons is growing. Nevertheless, we have to admit that there are still people in our lands, believe that their rifle dump any animal under any circumstances. At the same time they do not have a clue about any specific ballistics bullet cartridge, nor about the anatomy of the beast.Many hunters in a friendly conversation at a halt discussing where best to aim, shoot a bullet to the guaranteed «put» beast. But few in this case comes to some same conclusion. Some are convinced that you need to shoot in the Read more [...]
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Denying life

Hunting, if this hobby seriously, takes forever and becomes a passion (sorry for the pathos) noble and necessary. Special relationships and behaviors existed among the Russian hunters. First and foremost, equality hunting. It is worth remembering the works of Leo Tolstoy, when the gentleman who committed blunders in the hunting business, justified before the fortress huntsman, without even thinking about the huge differences in social and financial position. Yes, and the landlord does not occur to deny the common man hunt on their lands. There were acted concepts such as conscience, shame, decency, Read more [...]
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Dangerous if the boar?

Dangerous if the boar for a man? I think that for a normal, peaceful man is not dangerous. The fact that the forest people are very sensitive and he is trying to avoid meeting people, which is why we so rarely see it, even though we live in the neighborhood.From personal experience in sport hunting economy with high numbers of wild boar, I made a firm belief that these animals may pose danger to us only in two cases: when the mother protects her cubs in the first months after birth (spring and early summer); when a wild boar wounded and very angry, and his assailant accidentally tucked a man come Read more [...]
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Ambush hares

This hunt is good. there is no need to keep hunting dogs, time to negotiate with his comrades, provides for transport ohotbazy, boats, stuffed animals, flags, etc. Here are the main requisites gun white camouflage cloak, high chair, hunting spotlight, jacket and boots.Hunting, of course, carried out in late autumn and winter. Strong binding to any month is optional. November and December are good that the animal is not to heat (not fired), and many more. In February, hares begins rut, they no longer move and increases the likelihood of their perevidet.Places Ambush. The old management (L. Sabaneyev) Read more [...]
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Accident prevention

Other hunters have different attitudes to the dangers of human in the wild. Some considered dangerous large animals, meetings which take place under certain circumstances.Really serious threat may be from a, a large stag moose during the rut, wounded or guarding a herd of chopper, pig with piglets, wounded and hunted bear, bear with cubs, mother and who does not want to give you the way old bear – master. All this is true.But of all the above well-known dangers of me for no small has 25 years of experience in hunting, it is not rare in remote locations, and rich animal, only one had a chance Read more [...]
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Driven hunt

Most hunters hunt pens associated with winter time - white trail. But not only snow-free November and December, that in recent years are not uncommon, but a number of hunts held at an earlier date by chernotropu, forced to reconsider its attitude to the driven hunt, as a purely winter pursuits and understanding of almost compulsory participation in pens four-legged helpers . Summer shelters for birds, mostly pheasant, hare in September, is not a complete list of summer-autumn battue hunting. Like any hunting, and especially the collective demands of the hunter not only strict compliance with the Read more [...]
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Quiet! Boars in salary

Hunting for wild boars subject of many interesting stories. Yes, otherwise it can not be. In addition to excellent meat, hunting gives him valuable trophies (fangs, head, skin), gives a lot of vivid impressions and thrills. Production boar in various ways. When he was working hunters in Ukraine, many of which I have used and are well known. I will try to name the most common and give them a brief description.HUNTING ambushIt is podkaraulivanii boars at night in places, something attracts them. Some farms boars ravaged collective farm maize. At the request of the chairmen of collective farms on Read more [...]
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Judge Naplekova, in fact, justified poachers

Hunt inspectors given time. The trial showed that laws exist for orphaned and needy, the rest live on concepts."Excoriation with corrupt judges" (1499) Gerard David Today in Dmitrov city court judge Tatyana government representative read out the verdict Naplekova district gosohotinspektoru Alexander Dovydenko. Verdict — recognize employee environmental structure guilty of abuse of office. Punishment — three years probation. Hunt inspectors also deprived of the right to occupy this position and other positions at the state and municipal service, to change their Read more [...]
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Pick forest

In the age-old pine trees, standing on the edge of the overgrown trivia Sich and assume every time throughout the life of the first onslaught of the elements, from the storms and misery broke-broke in the forest loam at this very morning, the main root of the rod (Fang-root), but man, nochuyuschy on its perpetual Ohnište beside her, did not know about it and therefore was doomed. No external signs of mortal illness was not seen, and indeed the pine, for all his desire to save the acquaintance, to tell, to forestall a disaster befell her could not. Tree with sight was normal, as thousands of pine Read more [...]
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